April 21, 2024

Could YOU Become The FLASH? - Science Behind Superheroes

Published May 26, 2023, 7:20 a.m. by Naomi Charles

In a world of superhero movies, it's easy to forget that there's real science behind the superpowers we see on the big screen. But what if it were possible to become a superhero? Could you really run faster than a speeding bullet or leap tall buildings in a single bound?

the answer, according to science, is maybe.

Humans are capable of some pretty amazing feats, and with the help of technology, we may one day be able to do even more. For example, there are already devices that can help people with paralysis walk again. And researchers are working on artificial intelligence that could one day be used to create real-life Iron Man suits.

So, while we may not be able to fly or shoot webs out of our wrists just yet, the science behind superheroes is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality. Who knows? Maybe one day you could be the next superhero.

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could you become the flash let's run


science behind the flash his name is

Barry Allen and he is the fastest man

alive in a freak accident involving

chemicals and lightning Barry Allen was

given SuperSpeed enabling him to become

the superhero the flash fighting

alongside Justice League and protecting

central city but could this really

happen could you become the flash

ironically there's no fast answer still

let's try and simulate what would happen

if you were like Barry Allen so how

exactly did Barry Allen gain SuperSpeed

well Barry it's what's called a forensic

scientist forensic scientists are a

special type of scientists that study

forensics forensics is basically the

field of DNA study all that usually

forensic is involved in law enforcement

so Barry could also be called a police

scientist although that's a more general

term so we know that Barry work with

chemicals as certain chemicals needed

for his profession will get to which

ones in a little bit here so in the

origin story lightning strikes the

chemicals he's working with and the now

super turns chemicals under his body and

supercharged him giving him SuperSpeed

but could this happen to you well while

a lot of flash is theoretical this is

actually one of the more plausible

answers see there's the substance known

as hydrogen peroxide hydrogen peroxide a

big conductor of electricity but it does

a little more not only does it conduct

hydrogen peroxide is a main ingredient

in making what's called a fuel cell a

fuel cell is basically a machine that

acts like a giant battery using certain

fuels and hydrogen peroxide to power

itself so it can create energy and you

know it's got to be the biggest

Quinton's in the world here hydrogen

peroxide is a chemical often used by

forensic scientists to disinfect

anything they can pull evidence from so

it's likely that if you are working on a

crime as a forensic scientist you would

be working with hydrogen peroxide

when the lightning strikes your hydrogen

peroxide it does become supercharged

and since lightning does make quite a

mess it's possible this applies hydrogen

peroxide could enter your body through

your mouth maybe a wound you have or

maybe even your eyes and pores so it is

possibly you could fry since the

hydrogen peroxide is luckily

supercharged now but there's also a

possibility you don't fry why you may

ask let's take a step back to fuel cells

a fuel cell is almost an infinite

process aside from creating energy for

whatever it's powering fuel cells

actually create the very thing they need

to fuel themselves and keep going on

being a battery

what is this fuel you may ask water the

fuel for fuel cells is hydrogen and

oxygen what happens is the electric

charge in hydrogen peroxide gives the

fuel cell protons and electrolytes that

it needs to create energy it also needs

hides with an oxygen to work with those

electrolytes and protons to create that

same energy the protons carry some of

the hydrogen into the oxygen where it

creates water that then leaves the fuel

cell if you let your lights stay put and

create a positive or negative charge

depending on the charge needed for the

hydrogen and oxygen to create energy so

what does all have to do with you

becoming the flash well your body is

about 60% water by the time that you're

fully grown to be fair that's a lot of

water if you've got hydrogen peroxide

that's supercharged in your body and

it's creating protons and electrolytes

your body can essentially become a fuel

cell for itself

keep in mind water is h2o meaning it's

made of two hydrogen molecules and one

oxygen molecule these two thoughtfully

err they are the main energy makers in

fuel cells with supercharged hydrogen

peroxide you become a fuel cell for

yourself using up water in your body to

make energy and then simply reusing that

water to do the same thing the only

issue would be the temperature of your

body a lot of fuel cells were not like

800 degrees Fahrenheit or something

crazy like that and that would kill you

right well we'll get to how that would

be avoided in a second here so what does

this all mean for you

well theoretically you would now be your

own source of infinite energy by this

logic you could in fact use SuperSpeed

in more ways than one

on command you'd be able to cool down

and heat up your body to almost an

infinite degree you can do this because

your body already is able to cool down

and heat itself up but on a smaller


you've got infinite energy you can do

both to basically an unlimited amount

meaning you would not overheat and

technically you couldn't freeze to death

either you'd be able to make your body

just go faster in general even as well

as make what's called your perception go

faster for those who may not know

perception is how fast you're able to

actually understand what you're

observing so when I look at a black

shirt in my mind identifies the shirt as

being black that's my perception at work

preceding things can be hard when things

are going too fast though when you're on

a roller coaster I doubt you identify a

person with specifically red shoes that

have blue stripes here and there from a

distance however if you are just

standing still you could perceive that

almost instantly from the same distance

however in your case if you are become

the fuel cell for your own body you

could quicken any process that you have

control over inside your body this

doesn't just you can make your legs go

faster which you could but it would also

mean that your perception could go

faster so if you were to go let's say

200 miles per hour with your super speed

you'd look incredibly fast other people

and don't get me wrong that is

incredibly fast but your perception

would be keeping up with your body so to

you it would look like you're jogging

and 200 miles per hour

wouldn't even be your limit in fact you

wouldn't have a limit since your body is

now a source of infinite energy you have

that infinite amount of energy at your


however there is one problem the faster

you run the more particles in the air

you are exposed to now normally that's

not an issue but if you were speed

select the flash it would be the faster

you go the more force those particles

exert on you it's called

Newton's third law of motion for every

action there is an equal and opposite


basically the faster you run against the

particles in the air the more the

particles are going to push back to try

and equalize the energy being exerted

this would actually hurt you and if you

went too fast it would literally rip you

to shreds in mere seconds so is there a

way around this well there's two

possibilities one is that your body

would have some kind of magnetic force

field around it that could propel oxygen

particles now I know you're all

wondering why I took that big of a jump

force fields aren't those like not real

well believe it or not we're since I've

shown that humans do have some kind of

force field around them and can even

feel something without touching it using

this force fields energy kind of like

seeing something on the corner your eye

and know what to do about it

the only problem is that the air is

magnetically neutral meaning that a

force field wouldn't be able to repel it

so force field is out the other

possibility maybe a vacuum vacuums in

this case are basically areas that

altogether lack particles they are the

emptiest space you can imagine the heat

in your fuel cell body combined with the

heat from the friction between you and

the ground created if you were to go

fast enough could possibly create a

vacuum around you since he can use up

oxygen however neither of these would

work unfortunately I mean the vacuum

itself might happen but the flaw in both

theory is that then you wouldn't have

any oxygen your body doesn't produce

oxygen and even though your fuel

somebody's making water humans can't yet

take the oxygen out of water and use it

to breathe like fish can so you would

just suffocate and die slower and if you

were be torn to shreds with the same

oxygen that you needed not to die

so unfortunately while the flash is

theoretically possible it wouldn't end

up working out could you be exposed

supercharge chemicals that gave me super


sure could you use at SuperSpeed

technically yes but you'd be gone in a


hey everyone hope you enjoyed watching

this episode of science pirate

superheros if you guys did make sure to

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comment on what superhero or super

villainy guys I'm going to do next and

also big thanks to Zayn little for

commenting about this one this episode

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does some progressive on his channel so

you guys go check them out and yeah as

much to leave a comment as for what

episode you guys want to see in the

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