June 8, 2023

Hey, Just take this money. [Apple of My Eye : EP.039] | KBS WORLD TV 230525

Published May 26, 2023, 2:20 a.m. by Bethany

In today's episode, we learn about the different types of drama that money can buy! We also find out how to save money by investing in Apple stocks!

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(Episode 39)

This will be a waste of time if she has left already.

Who are you to say that my dad is remarrying?

That's because people saw

your dad with some woman.

Ujin mistook someone else for my dad.

And does being with a woman mean you're marrying her?

Isn't it illegal to spread false information?

Wow. Look at her

talking back to her elders with a menacing glare.

What a rotten egg.

This is just how she is.

Having grown up motherless, she has no manners.

You pick fights with classmates and their parents.

Although you're not my child,

I truly worry about your future.


What a couple of freaks.



Are you talking about us?

Of course, you're freaks.

Who do you think you are,

hurling insults at a child?

Wow. Unbelievable.

As her elders, we were only pointing out

that she was being rude.

And who are you to stick your nose in?

I'm Jandi's grandfather,

her paternal grandfather.

Her grandfather?

What do we do, Suji?

My granddaughter Geum Jandi was raised with love.

What do you know anyway

to be wagging your tongues?

Am I wrong?

She has motherless written all over her.

She's aggressive and impertinent.

Then did your mother teach you to be the way you are?

Excuse me?

I'm saying this because you have

offensive and crass written all over you.

Wow. Unbelievable.

Are you cussing me out?


Doesn't it enrage you to be told off?

You should watch yourself, old man.

You must not know who I am,

but if you keep this up, it won't do

your granddaughter or son any good.

Are you threatening me?

I'm telling you not to provoke me.

Get out of my way.

What if I don't?




Grandpa, are you okay?


I think this is it for me.

Grandpa. Grandpa, get up.

I-I can't.

I'm dying.

Ow. Ow.

Are you really hurt?

You shoved me, so of course, I'm hurt.

Ow. Ow.

That can't be.

I only nudged you.


With your huge shoulders and arms?


She must have ruptured my disk

and fractured a bone or two.


What would you like me to do?

That's for the perpetrator to decide.

Why are you asking me? Ow. Ow.

Ow. It hurts. I'm dying. I'm dying. Ow.

It's here.

I got it. I got it.

I passed.

Lee Yeju, are you unwell?

Hosik, I got it. I got it.

You only passed the CV screening.

Why are you fussing?

But I passed and got an interview.

And I've been dying to work for this beauty company.

I'll pass the interview and get this job.

I must.

You won't get it if you want it too much,

so knock it off.

You're so annoying.

But why are you here? Gangsan isn't home yet.

I came to tell him that Mr. Geum came by the academy.

He even brought a divorce petition this time, right?

Don't get me started. That caused a huge scene.

I don't know where he got that sloppy petition anyway.

It was sloppy?

Y-You must not know who drew that up.

This isn't too bad.

Grandpa, are you really okay?

Shouldn't you see a doctor?

I'm fine.

As good as new.

But I'm disappointed.

Grandma grabbed that lady by her hair,

but you only fell on your back.


do you think I did that because I'm weak?


Life must

be lived shrewdly.

You lose if you resort to violence like your grandma.

It's amateurish.

I suppose

if you had pushed it, Dad might have gotten fired.


What do you mean?

The thing is, Dad works at that lady's house.

I see.

So that's why that broad threatened me.

And she's very rich.

Very rich?


Then should I have asked for $3,000 instead of $300?

- What? / - Huh?


why did you take the money if you're not hurt?

Isn't that a scam?

It's not a scam.

She almost gave me a heart attack.

I-It was

compensation for my emotional distress, okay?

I get it.

Something similar happened to me.

Something similar?

My art instructor almost ran me over...

Nah. I won't go into it.

I'm ashamed.

So how much did you get?


Dad found out, so all I got was chewed out.

My dear child,

you take after me in so many ways.

You're resourceful and cunning.

And you're a natural-born dancer.

I am?


don't tell your dad what happened today.

It's a secret?

Yes, it's a secret.

This is for you.

Wow. It's the new Pink Blue badge.

Grandpa, you're the best.

Then shall we part ways here?

Why? You won't come to the house, Grandpa?

Things tend to

get long-winded when I run into your grandma.

Okay. See you next time.


Thank you.


Whoa. You're still here?

I had to give Chairman Hwang a bath and do his laundry.

Did the parents' meeting go well?

Yes, I suppose.

Have you heard

from Jandi's grandfather today?

From my dad?

No, I haven't. Why?

At school today, your father...

Never mind. Call it a day once you're done.




Your father doesn't have

osteoporosis, right?


No, my dad doesn't have osteoporosis.

Why do you ask?

No. Never mind.

Mom, it was Sangsu who drew up

Gangsan's divorce petition.


Sangsu drew up that petition?

Yes. That's what Hosik heard.

How could Sangsu do that without asking you first?

Seondal probably pleaded with him.

Sangsu is so selfish in every way.

How is Sangsu selfish?

He is.

Despite being poor, Gangsan got everyone a gift

with his first pay, but Sangsu

doesn't even chip in for groceries.

That's not all, is it?

He always complains about the food and provokes us.

That's enough.

Sangsu has to pay for Sechan's education

and your sister's living expenses abroad.

But still.

And he is obsessed with cleanliness.

Our water bill has skyrocketed since he moved in.

The sound of him showering morning and night is

as deafening as Niagara Falls.

Enough. I don't want to hear it.

Go and tell Jandi that dinner is ready.

Mom, when Sangsu gets home, should I casually

tell him to chip in even just $100 a month?


Go and get Jandi.

Geez. Fine.


drew up the petition?

Here. A shot for you, Manager Ok.

Thank you.

And now for you, Mr. Dong.

It will be soda for me.




Wow. You must have a hollow leg.

Why did you play hard to get like a blushing new bride?

Aren't you drinking, Mr. Eun?

No. I must keep an eye on this and that.

Mr. Eun never drinks at office parties.

He stays sober so he can drive Manager Ok home.

You didn't have to share that, Ms. Park.


We can get him a rent-a-driver, so have a shot.

No. I'm a lightweight when it comes to booze,

so have my share too. Here.

Oh. I've even thought of a rent-a-driver for you.

You have? Who?

He is this dependable, at-your-service type.

Mr. Dong,

I've been wondering... What is your girlfriend like?

(Cha Yujin)

Who is it?

I'm going out for some air.


It must be his girlfriend.

The meat is burning.

I told you not to call first.

Very funny.

Do you take me for the obedient type?

Where are you?

None of your business.


I sense that you're not with your girlfriend Ok Mirae.


how long do you plan to sneak around?

What's it to you?


Then should I give you a little tip?

A tip?

I'll figure that out. I should go.

Hi, Juhyeok.

I'm calling because you popped into my head.


Mirae, you won't leave me, right?

Why do you ask?

Promise me

that you won't leave me, no matter what.

I promise, Juhyeok.

Speaking of which, could you come here?

Right now?

Yes, right now.

Where are you?

I'll be right there, Juhyeok.

Thanks. I'll text you the address.

What are you doing here?

We have an office dinner.

What about you?

This isn't your cup of tea.

He has an engagement nearby, Mr. Dong.

Exercise discretion around work people.

Don't get drunk and slip up.

Don't worry, Dad.

Let's go.

Yes, sir.

Hi, Dad.


Grandpa came to your school today, right?

How did you know?

Tell me what happened between him and Ms. Choi.

Dad, you see...

Come on.

They got into an argument.

An argument?

Why? Over what?

Ms. Choi talked down to me for being motherless,

so Grandpa defended me.

I made up with Grandpa today

and got this badge from him.

I promised him that I wouldn't tell you.


I'm stepping out.

Where are you going this late?

I'm going to see Juhyeok real quick.


Despite my objections, you'll still go and see him?



why are you yelling again?

Mirae is going out to see Juhyeok.


it is very late.

I have to go because something has come up.

I'll be careful.

I'm sorry, Grandpa.


See how she won't listen and does as she pleases?

At this rate, she is bound to cause serious trouble.

Dad, Mirae is crazy about Juhyeok.

How can we stop her?

Good grief.


- There is no answer. Connecting... / - Seriously.

You were in, Duho?

The utility bills should be due soon.

How much could you have possibly used?

It's okay.

No, that's not right.

It's really okay.

Just let me know if you have any issues with the room.

But still...

No, Duho.

Is something wrong?

You look down.

It's no big deal.

I must step out on an errand.

That was a mess.

- Yes, I remember. / - Right?

It was a close call.

- Let's drink. / - Okay.




Mirae, how did you know where we were?

Oh. Well...

You're Miss Mirae, right?

How are you? I'm Deputy Manager Eun Sangsu.

We met at the garden party at Chairman Hwang's.

Yes. Hello.


Please sit down.

Thank you.

Thanks for coming.

Are you Mr. Dong's girlfriend?

Ms. Park, mind your own business.


- Pardon? / - Pardon?

Manager Ok,

your sister is Mr. Dong's girlfriend?




Mr. Dong was dating Chairman Hwang's granddaughter?



Seondal darling,

I'm so impressed that you paid

for dinner.

Yes. Seondal, you're the best.

Hyejeong and Juhui, since our bellies are full,

how about we go and boogie?

- Sounds good. / - Sounds good.

Let's go.


What are you doing here?

Who's this?

Your son?

You ladies, go on in.

I'll join you in a flash.

Wow. Your son is gorgeous.

Come with your dad if you can.

He doesn't take after you.

How did you know where I was?

Jandi told me that

you made money by blackmailing her classmate's mom.


I merely imposed a fine

because she was being rude to our Jandi, okay?

Nevertheless, how could you do that in front of Jandi?

Never mind. Just give me the money

so that I can return it to Ms. Choi.

There's nothing to return.

It was only $300.

Come on.

It's gone.

Show me your wallet.

What wallet?

I don't have a wallet...


Pork ribs and cold noodles for three plus a $20 tip.

Look. I have nothing left.

How could you spend it all, Dad?

I'm under a lot of stress because of the way you live.

I need an outlet, don't I?

By the way, you saw those ladies, right?

I'm still a chick magnet at my age.

Geum Seondal has still got it.

Hang on. I have a call.


Hi, darling.

Dad, Dad, Dad.

Yes. I know.



He is driving me mad.

Where will I find the money?

I can't use our rent money.

Yes, Sangsu.

Right now?

He has had a lot to drink.

How are you getting home?

By subway.

Will you be okay?

I can hold my liquor, so no problem.

Manager Ok, she has a hollow leg.

Look how long her legs are.

She can drink all the waters of the Pacific.

Why isn't he here yet?

Is he coming?

Maybe we shouldn't have called him.


Sangsu. Sangsu.

Here he is.



You were here too, Ms. Ok.


We're sorry for asking you to come.

We were going to get a rent-a-driver.

Manager Ok,

my brother-in-law is 100 times better.

He is a fantastic driver.

Smooth and comfortable.

He even has a commercial driver's license.

We're sorry to trouble you this late.

It's okay. I'll do it.

Sangsu, where is the car?

Mr. Dong's car is in the parking lot in the back.

Okay. Let's go then.

Mirae, don't go.

Stay with me tonight.


What do we do?

I'll go with him.

Jaehyeon, I'll make sure Juhyeok gets home safely.

Tell Mom not to worry, okay?


I guess it's okay since Mr. Geum is going too.

Gangsan, take good care of Miss Mirae and Mr. Dong.

I'll be home after driving Manager Ok home.


I'll give you the cab fare later.

You must give it to me.

I will.

Miss Mirae, get home safely.

Thank you. I'll see you again.

Good night then.

- Thank you for your help. / - No problem.

Let's go.

Take care, Mr. Dong.

Mr. Dong, hang on.

I'll help him.


Where do you think Mr. Dong

and his girlfriend are going?

Nowhere. They're going to Mr. Dong's house.

What are you thinking?

You and your dirty mind.

Manager Ok, where is your car?

Mine is over there.

Let's go then.

I'll get you home safe and sound.

Ms. Park, get going.

- Bye, Ms. Park. / - Good night.

Mr. Dong. Mr. Dong.

We're here.

Your car keys.

Juhyeok, are you feeling better?

Where are we?

The parking garage of your apartment building.

Oh, right.

Mr. Geum drove us here, Juhyeok.

I see.

Oh. Money.

No, it's okay.

Take it.

I drove you home out of concern.

It's okay.

Just take it.

Everyone seems to know about

Mr. Dong and your sister.

This morning, they were dating. Now, they're engaged.

Everyone knows about you and Juhyeok.

Do you really not know what I want?

Not bad.

Don't call first.

She is my daughter.

Don't hurt her again by bringing up our family history.


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