June 19, 2024

Home alone Diaries | Self Care, Shopping and try ons | Tamara Kalinic

Published May 26, 2023, 9:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

shopping Home - Home Alone Diaries Self Care, shopping and Try Ons

Hey there, internet shoppers! Today I'm going to be talking all about shopping from the comfort of your own home. Whether you're looking for some new self-care items, want to do some online window shopping, or just want to see some new clothes in action, I've got you covered.

First up, let's talk about self-care. This is something that I think we can all benefit from, especially during these times. There are so many great products out there that can help you relax, rejuvenate, and just feel good. Here are a few of my favorites:

Bath bombs are always a good idea. They're perfect for relaxing in the tub, and there are so many different kinds to choose from. My personal favorite is the Lush brand.

A good face mask is another must-have. I like to use clay masks to help draw out impurities and leave my skin feeling refreshed.

Essential oils are great for creating a relaxing atmosphere. I like to diffuser lavender oil in my bedroom to help me wind down at night.

Now that we've talked about self-care, let's move on to shopping. There are so many great online stores these days, and it's so easy to find what you're looking for. Here are a few of my favorites:

Asos is my go-to for fashion. They have such a great selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Nordstrom is another great option for fashion. They have a lot of high-end brands, but you can also find some more affordable pieces as well.

Sephora is my go-to for beauty products. They have everything from skincare to makeup to haircare.

Finally, let's talk about try-ons. This is something that I love to do when I'm shopping online. I think it's so helpful to see how an item looks on a real person before you buy it. Here are a few of my favorite places to find try-on videos:

tamara kalinic is a great YouTuber who does a lot of try-on videos. She has a really great fashion sense, and I always love seeing what she buys.

Jordyn Woods is another great YouTuber who does a lot of try-on videos. She has a very different style than tamara, so it's fun to see what she buys as well.

That's all for today, internet shoppers! I hope you found this article helpful. Happy shopping!

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ERS and welcome to another video this

week's one is as you can see in a full

incredible mood I'm so happy to be here

back home actually I don't even know

what last video was oh the last video

was also at home but anyway back home

for a little moment and I'm just kind of

like organizing everything around I had

like the most relaxed weekend you guys I

didn't even put a camera on I didn't

take one picture I had the most

wholesome like last night I had a bath

yesterday Phillip and I drove off to his

parents for the most incredible lunch

like I mean when your in-laws are

Italian you can imagine the kind of

Sunday lunch it's really wow so yeah had

the best weekend we watched some movies

some TV programs and documentaries and

things like that and right now it's the

new week yeah it's the new week

basically long story short I was gonna

go to Khan today for a very important

birthday but in the and I just ended up

like not being able to go because I

actually like the Mondays just sucked me

into a machine of work so I decided to

stay in especially because I would have

had to travel five hours in a car today

to con and then five hours back tomorrow

because tomorrow we have like another

trip so first things first what have I

been up to today I woke up very early I

made like a million team calls and we

also are getting very very hardcore on

the Block so I got my computer here but

I'm not going to show you to you on the

computer because I don't think you're

gonna see it very well what I'm gonna do

is I'm gonna insert a little screen

recording here of the post that we

prepared for today which is which Ms bag

to buy first now this is a question that

I don't really love to answer to because

it's like so subjective and so personal

but also I get so much that I decided to

write a whole blog post on I know if you

guys follow my blog you should because

we really put a lot of effort on kind of

keeping it like with like regular

updates and there's like a whole shop my

Instagram section and shop section and

all the like in my wardrobe section so I

hope you're gonna like it if you don't

know where to find my blog you'll find

it in the description box below that

since we're home alone well let me tell

you a little extra I don't know if your

majority of you guys know this but my

boyfriend is a Virgo and I'm a Pisces

I'm a creative one and I'm the one that

like likes to make a lot of masks he's

the very tidy one but since he's not at

home guess who made so much mess me I'm

gonna show you the mess but first things

first I wanted to show you actually my

look of the day I really like it I don't

know if you can even see it but I have

this silk skirt white T-shirt Kate beige

net and I also wore for the first time

ever today my pink Chanel classic flap

I'll insert the pictures you guys can

see it I really love that outfit I also

wore it with the chyper sandals from so

that was like my look of the day that I

really really love and I'll insert below

so you guys can see it and maybe get

some dressing inspiration but also

besides that so I'm going going on two

work trips before June commences and

then I have this like secret trip right

coming up I don't know if I touched upon

it but we have like a trip that I don't

know where we're going to at all so your

girl did what she does the best of

course as always as every morning I

checked in on my theresa.com and here is

the mess that I was talking about I just

unboxed pretty much everything and I was

gonna go through it all I was gonna try

it all and have like such a little fun

fashion show here at home especially

because Philippe was not at home so I

just do it for myself there's more in

here as well some pieces but now it was

like you know what it's never fun trying

on pieces without you guys so should we

just position the camera as I do and

give you a nice little breakdown of

everything I got let's do it ladies and

gentlemen I literally do not know where

to start first what I know is that I

have two pairs of shoes I have few

skirts trousers shorts we are basically

going to be talking about Brands like

Alaya today Laura Piana Christopher

esper Magda butram Prada a bit of

Frankie sharp a bit of everything you

know your girl likes What She Likes I

have to say that lately you guys have

also noticed this that I'm really loving

the neutral colors it's just the vibe I

also like myself more in neutral colors

and isn't that the whole point of

everything how we feel the best and like

what we like ourselves best in I think

so but spring and summer are getting me

also into this like whole in love mood

and I decided to get a little bit of

color as well I specifically noticed

that I've been wearing a lot of black

and I love black such a happy color

right it's just like such a classic Chic

color I never used to wear black okay if

you ask me like four years ago what's

the color that I don't wear I would say

black but if you ask me that today I

would probably say red just like red is

a little bit angry I don't know maybe

not but for some reason I feel like it

so yeah there's a bit of color and we'll

get we'll touch on that I just don't

know where to start honestly shall we

just get going anyway today's shopping

is to Mark a very exciting beginning of

like spring and some holidays that are

coming together I'm gonna tell you how I

plan on wearing certain pieces why I

decided to pick them Etc there's not

that much but the things are really

really top-notch okay chef's kiss my

Teresa is an incredible shopping

destination I've been working with my

threesome I've been shopping there since

I can remember I mean I've been shopping

there before then I've been working with

them but got lucky that I get to work

with the most incredible brands in the

world they're a little tap in the back

to myself for myself I really have to

admit that my Teresa has incredible

selection of very very cool fashion

pieces of top luxury Brands and I'm just

so lucky to present you some of them so

to start off let's talk about Laura

piano I mean guys doesn't everybody need

a pair of white linen shorts this time

of the year I just stored when I saw

this there's nothing cheaper than Laura

piano right and anyway I thought just

you know like you can of course style

these with like your open walks you know

like spring at the lake lunch at the

lake type of vibe I just love this linen

you know the one that is not too thin so

that it creases with the right way that

it's been done I think these are so Chic

and I cannot wait to try them on because

I believe that this look is exactly what

I want to wear this summer every single

item that I mentioned will be linked

below and what I'll try to do is also to

tell you all the sizes that I got so for

example this shorts I got in Italian

size 38. it is usually I'm Italian 40

but I just kind of judged approximately

that this should be fine for me so you

know it is what it is I told you that

I'm also like very much loving this

white and beige Hues so there's a top

that I got it's actually a body top that

I got now this I got so this is just

like telling you how much I made a

mistake yeah and I'm looking at it and

I'm like this this doesn't look like my

size guys what happened to me I

literally got four sizes bigger top

but it's so beautiful and what's so

great at my Teresa is that what I need

to do is I need to tick on the little

return form that arrived with everything

that I ordered I need to think that I

need different size and I take a size

that I need or I write it down and

basically when I ship this back when

they receive it they will send me the

right size so that's pretty incredible

because I really love this Alia body

this will be guys this with jeans okay

and high heels that are like really

amazing that I have a pair here and then

imagine with white Blazer or imagine

like this with like a skirt and a long

white Blazer and high heels it's just so

good such a good layering piece elegant

piece but sexy sexy but elegant is the

key my phone is vibrating it's the love

of my life okie dokie talking about

elegant but sexy we all know how much I

love Magda bookshroom and I have quite a

few pieces to show you in this haul

first off is this corset every time I

wear a corset from you guys are like

tell us tell us tell us where is it from

where is it from where is it from so

ladies and gentlemen get your pants out

write it down make a note this is very

important we have this multiple rooms

for set now I got size 38 because

normally I'm like 36 but I feel like

when with corsets it's quite forgiving

to go a size up because I love it I have

a very similar one with like no cutout

in between it has the two roses on chest

area but it doesn't have the cutout in

the middle and I personally can never

have enough corsets so for example for

me my most worn are the gray one from

Magda bookshroom the Black Velvet one

from Celeron then I have like a black

lace one from Saint Laurent I I have a

few that I just love love love wearing

and I think this one will be an

incredible incredible wear especially

because I got a pair of jeans now I

don't need jeans okay but these when I

saw them they kind of reminded me of

something that I will wear over and over

and over again now I'm crazy about Alaya

lately Elia for me is just I want

everything from the brand okay really

love it okay so I got these jeans while

they look tiny but they're very stretchy

they're like dark denim and they're a

little bit flare at the bottom and I'm

thinking these jeans this corset and

like oversized black blaze will be my

perfect kind of any event that I have to

go that I want to be like elegant enough

but trendy like you know sometimes I

just don't want to wear like a dress

it's so safe I want to show my styling

capability of like styling different

brands together showing you know what I

can do and showing what is the reason

for people to follow me because I can

give them like different styling tips

and I don't know like you don't

necessarily need to get these jeans some

people might have jeans like these in

their wardrobe but for me personally I

just when I saw them I was like okay I

need to get these they seem incredible

just love them I could also wear these

with like white T-shirt ballerina flats

and a big Blazer

now there's a dress that I've been

eyeing for such a long time and it's

first I was like I'm not going to get it

because I haven't seen one in color

brown but honestly is there anything

that beats this lilac look at this color

especially because I have gorgeous lilac

pair of shoes in the same color I might

now that I have like this evening off

and I'm in such a good mood I might like

put together some outfits plan some bits

and bobs for the trip that I have coming

up because I think this dress might be

like just a perfect dress look at this

color look at this color on me now yeah

this is a winning piece there is a skirt

that I got last year in Prada and I

really love the skirt but I got it and

it's too big and honestly I tried

whatever I possibly could to get this

planet Earth to find me this skirt and I

couldn't find it I still have the bigger

size but I never worn it because it's

too big so yeah when I saw this on my

face I was like I need to get it it's

this Prada pleated black nylon skirt

with leather belt with Prada triangle

hair yeah I mean yeah I love it it's

such a cute item to have and I just can

see myself styling it Millions different

ways also like nobody guys like write

this down is very important nobody has a

selection of Prada in Romeo like my

threesome does it's a fact so when I saw

this in my size which is Italian 40 I

was like yes please add to card I have

to get it I think this is an incredible

piece I got two Christopher esper

dresses the first one that I'm going to

show you has like very special sort of

like asymmetric cut out bits and prompts

but you won't be able to see it like

this I have to try it on if you need to

see it now this is one of the contenders

for my trip getaway evening dinner it's

like has these cutouts it's UK size

eight and the stones are just so

beautiful this one has little dots this

one's a little caramelly color then this

one has little dots I think it's just so

different so special again it's like

sexy but Chic it's long sleeves which

gives that right amount of balance to

the outfit like where you're showing

something but not showing something else

and nothing is vulgar like everything is

just so put together and so Chic can't

wait to wear it it reminds me actually

of another dress that I have from

Christopher esper that I wore in art

basil and you guys went crazy about it I

won it two other times after and every

time I wear it people are like crazy

about it now I also got this black dress

which reminds me a little bit of another

dress that I have actually it reminds me

a little bit of like the corset that I

have from Nancy The Jacka which is

another one of my most worn core sets I

think this could be maybe a little bit

too much for me we're gonna have to try

it I have no idea what to tell you I'm

not someone that's particularly

comfortable with wearing a lot of

cleavage I know that sometimes you

probably do see me with like plunge kind

of like I don't know like with the cut

out or a cleavage but I can only wear it

when I'm like definitely sure that

everything is secure and this has like a

lot of wire so I do think that it can be

quite a safe option but equally so if

I'm not feeling comfortable in it I'm

not gonna keep it we're gonna see how I

feel about it so far it really looks

very very very impressive and one of

those pieces that you're like when

someone wears you're like wow wow wow

but I couldn't not mention the top that

I got from Christopher esper which is

very similar to the dress that I wore in

Maldives I'll insert a picture or a reel

because I don't know if I shot a picture

I know I shot a real so this is what it

looks like okay it will ring a bell now

I had the same maxi dress but one of my

friends when I posted it was like oh my

God I love this dress like haha

something like that commented Under The

Reel and I gave it to her I'm like that

if someone likes something and I'm like

it's okay honey you love it it's yours

you know and so I was like maybe I can

try now have the top and style the top

with like white trousers it will give

like a completely different vibe I think

it's a very very cute piece I don't

think it's something that like every

single person on Earth might love but

few of you out there that like like a

bit of like extra dressing those three

pieces were for you okay now something a

little bit more classic love this skirt

very affordable I believe like under 200

even it is this gray maxi skirt and what

size did I get it in size small okay

like I said everything will be linked

below I really love this one because I

just think it's so Chic very simple now

I plan on wearing it with a white

T-shirt with the belt ballerina shoes

that's it or like slides or orange

sandals like a cap and a denim jacket

when you want to be a bit more casual

and cool but also like you know you can

just like dress it up or down very

simple piece I just need to see how it

fits it seems like it's a nice walls cut

but not like a thick wool quite nice for

this weather as you guys know natural

materials they actually can keep you

cool or warm depending on the season so

it's not like wool is only a result for

winter I think that's very important to

mention then I I got a bottom part of

bikini that I believe I have top part I

don't think I'll be trying this on

because I think like I mean it's not

like I'm shy but we'll see it looks like

this it's from Magda Buchan it's

beautiful nude color I think this color

underneath Philippe always says that

this color me looks even better than

white like this kind of nudie right just

remember it's basically the color of my

Valentino look that I wore at Paris

Fashion Week really really love it so

beautiful wow I don't know why I didn't

get the top honestly I will link the top

below as well if you want to buy this

swim because I think it's gorgeous but I

think I might have a top already I

honestly don't know like like yeah

recently I've been a little bit cuckoo

like and there's something else that I

got that isn't quite a bit of color that

I recently tried on for insta stories as

well I was shopping and I tried on like

three pieces from ugly but room and I

ended up buying the pink dress I'll

instead picture here that I brought with

me to Maldives but then I tried the top

on at the same time this gorgeous Rose

purpley top look at this it's like a

shorter top I would say a crop top with

roses in front and Bell sleeves sort of


2010 style this top I love this color on

me I don't know like when I see it on a

shelf or on a hanger I'm like oh that's

so much color but somehow with my

coloring it just gets a little bit muted

and it looks so much more natural I

don't know I love it love it love it

love it but I didn't stop myself at this

gorgeous stop which I love and it's so

flattering I also decided to get a

matching jacket which is like very

oversized and very cool this is size 36

look how big it is the huge shoulders

this style everything like you don't

need to have or to want to wear a lot of

color if you're uncomfortable with color

I would say get a Blazer like this it

will just like introduce a little bit

into your wardrobe but it's very easy to

style this color because with the all

black outfit white gray brown like with

anything this is such an easy color to

mix and match because you don't need to

mix and match it you know what I mean

it's like an odd color to have in

wardrobe so I really really love it and

I'm very excited that I managed to get

all these pieces I just realized haven't

shown you the shoes okay so my two

favorite brands of the shoes are I would

say Jimmy Choo and Celeron that's it

there is nothing in between that I mean

there are like a lot of shoes that I

love but I think Jimmy John's Salon are

what makes the most of my wardrobe and I

just got two pairs of Jimmy choos that

are presented you on my Tick Tock and

then I was like okay there are two pairs

of Celeron that I also need which pair

should I show you first let me show you

first the new repair no actually I'll do

the other way around let me show you the

pad that I already had in my wardrobe

and I wore so much that I feel like I

need to get another pad it's a pair of

Celeron mules in this kind of classic

white color these are have served me so

well you guys very basic very classic

they go with everything and you know

what I love about them sometimes I'm

like lazy to be like lacing up a shoe

for half an hour I just put these on and

I'm out of the door and they're very

very very chic it's all about this like

quiet luxury oh they smell so good these

are really quite luxury I would say

Obviously these show nowhere what they

are but you just know that they're so

well made and they look so good I am

obsessed I in general love mules I don't

think I have enough mules in my wardrobe

but these are just one of the best out

there let's move on to another pair of

shoes that I got from Saint Laurent like

I mentioned and like I mentioned I love

meals mules I think you can never go

wrong with and these I don't have

actually I rarely have any shoes in this

color and not just that but I think I

don't have meals in this color I decided

to get these nudes look at this how

beautiful this is that like skin color

that I really really love and I

particularly love the heel which seems

very sturdy and comfortable I think

these shoes are so beautiful also like

you know I want something very muted

something simple something neutral these

gold really take the box okay I think

they're both gorgeous these are a bit

more pointy in the front I believe and

these are a little bit more rounded I

don't know if you can see that I just

couldn't decide I ended up getting them

both and I'm sure I will wear both of

these a ton so that's that when it comes

to my haul and I'm dying to know what

was the favorite piece from this whole

thing what do you think are the pieces

that I should pack with me when we go on

this like secret getaway trip holiday I

don't even know if I'm gonna Vlog that

trip because I sometimes just like to

relax and you know enjoy a weekend or

two so we'll see but anyway let me know

what you guys think I have a bit of

chaos to sort out and then we're gonna

figure out what we're gonna do and what

we're gonna have for dinner for one okay

guys we're back here hold on I need to

bring the rest of the shoes that I left

that while I was trying on all the

pieces here we are so we can nicely tidy

the rest of the Wardrobe situation

because honestly it does kind of like

drive me crazy when the wardrobe's messy

and just can't especially if it does so

you guys know I'm leaving on a trip

tomorrow right I think you know do you

know that have I mentioned it hold on

the situation is next I am going on the

LV Cruise show trip tomorrow but it's

such a pleasure I mean it's always a

pleasure first of all being invited it's

a huge pleasure it's such a privilege I

always always say this but it's even

more so nice because it's in Italy so no

flights I literally take a car and it's

like an hour and a half from my home

which is perfection okay I need to hang

these bits and Bobs do I have enough

hangers okay hold on I need to get

hangers now there was recently a point

where my housekeeper said like that I

need more hangers because there was no

more space to put any new clothes on but

then I did that big closet clear out

remember and now it's all good third and

we have lots of space and yeah I'm

trying to get in the habit of removing

the tags from clothes before putting it

in the wardrobe it's annoying but it's

very useful because it assures me that I

will not be leaving the house with a tag

on anyway I was telling you like it's

such a huge privilege for me I think or

anybody really who wants to work in

fashion to be invited and one of these

Cruise shows is really beautiful it's a

very very important part of like the

whole kind of like industry thing but

it's so nice when the shows are close to

your house so that it's just a little

bit I don't even know I don't know it

just feels like in the sea of travel

it's so nice and it really helps a lot

you know because tomorrow morning I wake

up I have my coffee my breakfast I do

all the calls you know like I'm having a

nice little chill day and then at some

point I can like open the luggage you

know I'm not rushing to catch a flight

link anywhere so I can just really enjoy

the day now should I really pack in the

morning or should I pack today Philippe

always tells me like don't worry pack in

the morning it's all fine you wake up in

the morning have your breakfast pack but

I always sleep better if I know that I'm

already packed especially because like

there's those little annoying things

like charges Beauty bags and things that

they're easy to forget if you don't

actually prepare them they're full so

since we're going with Louis Vuitton

we're going for two nights in total I

can obviously I have a look I have my

Louis Vuitton show look I'm not going to

show it to you because then what am I

going to show you in the next video but

it's so freaking great I think it's like

one of the best looks I'm sorry I always

say this but it's really true and so I'm

gonna prepare it but you will see it in

the next literally the next video it's

here and it's insane but what else I'm

gonna take out of my wardrobe I'm gonna

take a few other pieces that I have from

Louis Vuitton that I feel like I could

be wearing throughout this trip the

trip's going to be in a very very nice

place well it's going to take place by

Lake Majora Lago Majora and basically I

think we're going to be taking like a

boat ride we're going for the lunch we

are I'm very happy because I'll be with

like Karen senior back again we're gonna

be you know like doing all the fun stuff

I have like cute bags that I want to

bring that I want to kind of decide I

have the show bag I don't know I need to

figure out which ones I want to bring I

believe I'm gonna show that all to you

in the next Vlog so I'm not gonna do it

all now but anyway besides that there's

something that your eye did not miss and

it's something well if you follow me on

Tick Tock you've already noticed it

because I already won it but otherwise I

posted my stories the other day this uh

Cartier bag and most of you guys have

noticed it already that I've already

worn it it was something that felipo was

like carrying and you guys are like I

know what it is I know what it is and


it came in this

box I mean

what can I tell you besides yeah I'm not

gonna do an unboxing many of you were

like do an unboxing do an unboxing I was

kind of toying with that idea but then I

decided maybe not to do an unboxing


I fear that sometimes things can get

easily out of hand and especially when

it comes to very very precious items I

think maybe it's best I don't know like

I don't know at the same time I know how

much you guys enjoy unboxings and holes

and like doing all of this you know it's

not like oh I do it for myself I

literally a lot of things that I get in

my wardrobe I never even show you guys

because sometimes I'm just like oh you

know like I get one piece like recently

I got this Nancy the jacket dress how

gorgeous is this dress I mean can we

just discuss it I love that lilac color

as you can tell I just obviously added

the one that you've seen in the previous

portion of this video and you know

sometimes I just think like unboxings

are great other times I think maybe they

can be a little bit too much I haven't

shown you also recently I got new

earrings have I already thrown away the

Box no it's in the back because I keep

the Box thinking like okay maybe I'll do

maybe I'll do the unboxing so you know I

was like okay maybe I can can do it for

tick tock because sometimes also I do

them on Tick Tock if I don't do it on

here and actually this is really nice

and cute for traveling okay this is

something else on it right now but yeah

I got these have I got anything in my

ears right now no so I can show it to

you I got this gorgeous malachite

Vancleave earrings that actually match I

have both Malachi necklace and malachite

bracelet I don't know if you can see

this even and I can't see when it's on

this side because if you find that it's

on the other side hold on here I'll be

able to tell so look how gorgeous is

this Apparently one Cliff earrings are

so hard to find nowadays like you have

to special order them or pre-order them

or what not I don't even know but I can

tell you that I have one pair of

earrings like stupid earrings honestly

nothing even that special on all this

since January so either someone's doing

me really dirty advancedly if oh it's

just really so hard to get them I don't

know but these I got like immediately so

that's that I don't know let me know

what are your thoughts on like unboxings

when it's like a really nice high value

item it's tough to say but at the same

time it is my three year anniversary

this month and I did think that you know

it doesn't come like out of nowhere so

yeah I did mention this item before I

actually wanted to get it from me to me

as like a part of a big achievement or

like when I reach like a milestone or a

big success

and yeah now it's here so let me know

what your thoughts are on this topic now

I'm gonna try to tidy up a little bit

here and then I'm gonna update you on

how we're doing in a moment guys I feel

like first of all I'm gonna have a bath

I have this like one of those headbands

you know I'm gonna have a bath then I'm

gonna do LED masking and then I'm gonna

do like a sheet mask I'm gonna show you

with me I'm naked so I can't really Vlog

much but you're gonna see the process as

soon as we get into it

thank you


okay guys I know this is like such a

creepy look not a cute look right but it

is what it is I am currently it's 10 33

I'm just chilling before I actually go

to sleep I got my tea I had a bath I

oiled up ah there's nothing better than

like shaving in the bath and just like

moisturizing after and then doing my LED

and doing a proper face mask on and I

want to tell you something about that

it's not about like actually making

yourself more beautiful or whatever at

all for me all of these like little

rituals are about taking care of myself

it's my love language to myself it's

like telling myself hey I'm taking care

of yourself so that like you can really

you know like it's like giving myself

time and love I've spoken about this so

much also around the Valentine's Day

like I think it's important to take this

into consideration throughout the whole

year so that is my favorite team it's

the Roy boss and chocolate with Touch of

oat milk I know like some people say

like milk doesn't go with Rooibos but I

love the combination always honestly

it's so good yeah so that's that I took

my supplements I moisturized I the only

thing left for me is to moisturize my

face after I remove the mask and to

apply the mask on my brows lashes and

that's that I literally because Philippe

was not here I'm gonna sleep with this

in my bed because I want to do another

round of red LED in the morning and just

before I get out of the bed while the

blinds are still down I like to have

like a red light it's kind of like

relaxing but kind in degrading is hard

to say so yeah that's it for tonight I

think I'm gonna finish this Vlog in the

morning so I'm gonna update you on

everything tomorrow but now good night

guys where are we we are still in the

same Vlog believe it or not and last

night I literally had the most wholesome

evening at home ever it kind of reminded

me a little bit of the evenings or the

days that I used to spend in Paris it

was just it's nothing to do with the

city itself it's just something to do

with the time of the world because we

were stuck at home and I had so much

more time on my plate I could like

really put so much attention and give

myself so much love and care because

just remember there were no events there

was no traveling or like not that much

at least and I had like all this time at

home that I could like be doing all

these masks and then later on when the

World opened a little bit or like when

Paris opened really I could go for like

all of these treatments and I could

bring you guys with me like honestly I

know it sounds a bit weird or like

cliche but I haven't got the time

anymore for all of that stuff

unfortunately the last night I had a

nice bath I then I basically like did

this sheet mask LED mask Fest and the

sheet mask and all like Millions step

routine before going to bed called my

supplements woke up this morning did

like five layers of foot cream you know

like oh all the really good stuff and I

had like a mask as well this morning

like a mask about like a serum and now I

did my makeup as you can see I've kind

of like started doing my makeup a little

bit differently with this sort of like a

faint crayon liner I don't know if you

can see but that's what it is and

believe it or not it's 2 p.m okay I'm

waiting for Philippe to come home I have

not started packing and Philippe needs

to repack because he's coming from a

trip he's gonna be at home for like 30

minutes and then we're gonna leave to

the lake with Louis Vuitton yeah what

can I tell you I mean I spent like

morning working so I didn't really Vlog

much this morning I was going to Vlog

today but literally since the moment I

woke up I took my time to get out of the

bed because normally I get up like

before you know like everything and

anything but now I was like you know

what I'm gonna take it easy I did my LED

mask again this morning I really like

enjoyed kind of like slow morning and

then I went into speed of like doing so

many things I was working on the blog

like scheduling because I will be away

on the trip so I was scheduling blog

posts for while I'm gone so that you

guys have content while I'm gone so make

sure to go and check the Vlog okay I'm

really doing a lot and my team is doing

so much like everything they can to

actually make it interesting for you

guys to keep coming back so bookmark it

sign up to the newsletter do whatever

you want to do but it means a lot to us

I'm not gonna lie it really really does

so yeah that was basically my morning

and now I was gonna Vlog the whole like

packing but I realized that would be

probably boring because you guys are

going to see as I'm unpacking When we

arrive to lagomanjore so that is it I'm

gonna finish this Vlog here because I

need to start the next one right away I

hope you enjoyed it and I hope I'm gonna

see you in my next one bye guys


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