June 23, 2024

How To Increase Google Reviews For Business

Published May 26, 2023, 2:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

If you're a business owner, you know how important online reviews are. Google is the most popular search engine, so it's no surprise that businesses want to increase their Google reviews.

There are a few things you can do to increase your Google reviews. First, make it easy for customers to leave reviews. Add a link to your Google Business page on your website and make sure your employees are aware of it. You can also add a "Review us on Google" button to your email signature.

Second, encourage customers to leave reviews by offering incentives. This could be a discount on their next purchase or a free product.

Third, follow up with customers who leave positive reviews. Thank them for their feedback and let them know you appreciate it. This will show that you're paying attention to what customers are saying and that you're committed to providing excellent service.

Finally, respond to negative reviews in a constructive way. Thank the customer for their feedback and let them know you're working to improve your business. This shows that you're open to criticism and that you're committed to providing the best possible experience for your customers.

By following these tips, you can increase your Google reviews and improve your business.

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I'm sure you're aware that Google my

business is a really important part of

your business online by improving your

settings and filling in various parts of

Google my business your business is

going to grow and it'll grow because

Google sees your business as relevant to

local people that are looking for your

services or products so we're going to

look at a date how can you make sure

that you get right towards the top of

the area of your service when it comes

to people searching locally and

searching for your services or products

what can you do that will increase the

odds of you getting right to the top

we're going to look at that today so

make sure you stay with me


I'm saying from Zenit design and I help

businesses like yours grow on the

internet so I use my 20 years of

experience to help you to do various

things they'll help you really get your

business off the ground and getting

clients finding now Google my business

is a great way to help you to do this so

make sure you subscribe down below and

click the bell to be notified so that if

there's any other video updates that you

need to know about you'll be the first

to hear about them so let's look at this

situation and how can we say triple the

amount of reviews that we get when it

comes to customers and clients talking

about our business so as mentioned

reviews are so important and certainly

if you can triple your reviews and

certainly get more than your competitors

it's going to have a large difference in

how Google rates you on local searches

and particularly on the maps it will

give you a greater boundary outside of

your local area so how would you

actually go about this well first of all

before you start off just if you click

on info and there's one of the things

you'll just need to make sure you've got

in place if you have done so already and

that's claimed your name which is this

part here so we see this @ symbol and

Zanic design limited is the name of my

company now if you I'm done so you need

to just make sure that you click on here

which is where your profile short name

lists is they say it make it easier for

customers to find you and follow you and

then it gives you an opportunity to

change your name if you haven't done so

you've got three times to do that per

year so you click in there the name of

the short name so I might just have as a

net for example but in this case I

wanted a full name and then you click

apply and then that is recorded for you

and it then goes under review which

again vary in mind that that's already

been agreed then that shouldn't be an

issue now what you then do is once

you've got this is give you the

opportunity to have your short code or


your name used as a landing page for

reviews and that's really important to

see I'm got there's a long winded way of

sending people to a link you've just got

a nice short link to send them to so how

do you get this link well if you go to

home and then on there on the right hand

side you've got this now get more

reviews so show your business profile

and get new reviews from your customers

and this is really the key to it all so

if I click on share profile you'll see

that that Zain limited as a net design

limited piece is part of this G page

link here or URL and that there if I

click it I then copied it so copy that

I can Facebook it I can whatsapp I can

tweet it I can share VAR email and that

is really where it all starts from you

want to just make sure you've got that

particular link or URL to then send out

to those people that we're going to

review you now just a few more things

when it comes to reviews as well when

you then ask for the review you want to

also see if you can get them to not just

write a positive review but also to get

them to use the keywords that are

relevant to your industry so if you're a

plumber you'd want them to mention maybe

the boiler that went wrong in my case

I'm a designer so I'd like them to

mention things like a Photoshop

WordPress things to do with Google my

business or Google itself or how their

rankings improved or how their business

is improved those are types of things I

want when they write to review about me

because then Google sees it's not just

me saying these are the things I do but

also the reviews also support that let's

just see what happens if we go to that

URL so I if I paste in that that short

page it then takes us to the much longer

version but notice how it takes takes it

into my company and then producers also

the immediate opportunity to fill in the

review and once you've put your

reviewing you can then click on here and

then the person can then also find

photos on their phone or their photos

and they can

in drag will drop say a screenshot of

exactly the the thing they've reviewed

so if they're reviewing for instance the

boiler they might take a photo of it if

they're reviewing reviewing my website

for example that I've built for them

they might take a photo of that so

that's why that's having them to go to a

short URL and then asking them to put

reviewing is important but also ask them

to put in an image as well now the

reason we do that as well ask for this a

photo is because that also is seen on

your photos so you can add photos

yourself but if you go to photos in your

account you'll notice these are photos

that I've added so by the owner but by

customer so wouldn't people do reviews

if they then put a review of their

website they're happiest in these cases

here you notice also that produces

people visiting 123 visitors based on

the fact that a client was pleased with

his website so these also all helped to

bring in traffic and you can see what

type of traffic comes in from photos

from clients and customers if you then

click into your insights except if you

click onto insights there you then start

to see how people are responding to some

of the things that you're doing as well

so I think that's really covered

everything really so you need to ask

people for reviews if you're asking for

review then just say to them I've done

some work for you recently I hope you're

happy with that would you mind just

filling out this review and if you do so

could you mention some of the things

that we were able to do for you that

went well and can you also perhaps take

a photo of the product or the service

that I gave you I'd really appreciate

that if you did that it's surprising how

people are really helpful if you ask

them nicely and certainly if they're

pleased now the question might come what

happens if you get negative reviews well

everyone gets negative reviews from time

to time even Google kind of says that

the average of 4.5 stars is a good

average to aim for so if you have five

stars and you're immaculate then it can

be tricky sometimes to

mints people that that hasn't been

rigged so bad reviews those things need

to be handled straightaway how would you

respond to a bad review let's just go

into that briefly if you do have a bad

review first we'll always reply to every

single review always reply to it

straight away and thank them for their

review whether it's good or bad if it's

something that they say they when happy

with then just acknowledge that say

sorry don't defend it just show that you

want to put things right and the reason

you do that is because that also then

tells other visitors that if things go

wrong you're humble enough to accept

that things can go wrong and you're

trying to put things right and people

read that and they accept that no one's

perfect it's real it kind of works well

and you'll find that people will respond

much better if they see an honesty that

they can trust as well so answer all

reviews use keywords if you can but in

an actual way and all those things

particularly reviews are going to help

to increase your rankings in Google my

business which means then you will be

shown more often on the maps and local

searches and if you can triple your

reviews you'll find it will make a

massive difference so if you currently

have ten a m-- for 30 if you currently

have 28 for 60 have a goal there ask

everyone that you've ever done work for

if they've mind reviewing things and

then see the results will certainly have

an impact on how often you're shown when

Google my business asks for your

business to be shown on the map if

you've enjoyed this or you're interested

in learning more about Google my

business and how it can benefit your

business and do make sure that you

subscribe below and that you perhaps

press the alert button so it notifies

you when we next update and give you

more insights into how you can improve

your small business on the Internet



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