May 30, 2023

My Supplement Routine | Skin, Beauty, Health

Published May 26, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

I'm not a health or beauty expert, but I do have a pretty solid supplement routine that I've been following for years. I'm always on the lookout for new products and ways to improve my skin and health, so I thought I'd share my routine with you.

I take a daily multivitamin, fish oil supplement, and probiotic. I also use a vitamin C serum and retinol cream nightly. I drink plenty of water and green tea throughout the day.

I eat a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. I limit my sugar intake and avoid processed foods. I exercise regularly and get plenty of sleep.

following these simple steps has helped me maintain clear, youthful skin and good overall health. I hope they can do the same for you!

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hey buddy its Angie and welcome to hot

and flashy in today's video I'm gonna

talk about supplements and vitamins

things that you ingest that are supposed

to do something for your body this topic

came up on Instagram right before the

holidays I did a Q&A so - ask me

anything and a lot of people ask me

about the supplements that I take and I

have mentioned these before in my what I

eat in a day videos and so if you watch

those you have an inkling of kind of

what I take and why I take it but people

wanted a little bit more in-depth

information plus I have expanded what I

take so that now I actually have one two

three four five six seven eight oh my

god nine supplements that I take a day

I'm actually just added to so it was

seven before this I got one for

Christmas from my dad so I have to start

taking that one because he told me to

and then I just picked up a collagen

supplement because they are all the buzz

right now and a lot of the questions

that I get lately from people are like

have you tried a collagen supplement

what do you think of them so let's talk

about supplements today I am afraid that

this is going to be kind of a polarizing

video or a controversial video because

as you know supplements are kind of an

unregulated industry it is a

multi-billion dollar industry but it is

kind of an unknown it's kind of a black

hole like there are some studies to

suggest that some of the things that I

take work and then a lot of it is like

who the heck knows but I take these

anyway in the hope that they do work

anyway so I am happy to do this video to

show you what I take I am NOT suggesting

though that everybody take what I take

that they're right for you that they're

gonna work that they're gonna do

anything you know I don't know so I'm

putting this out there with the kind of

caveat that I'm not coming at this as an

expert you guys know that I do like to

do a lot of research into the things

that I put on for my skincare and

everything but I have to admit I don't

really do that kind of research into the

supplements I mean I'll do a little bit

to start to like kind of help me to

choose which one to use but in the end

what I generally do is I figure out what

supplement I

want to use and then I go to Costco and

I buy what they have there or I go to

Whole Foods and I see what they have


most of the supplements that I do use

though there is some science behind them

there are some studies that say that

they work you know and so hopefully they

do I really didn't take any vitamins or

supplements when I was younger I started

taking a supplement when I became

pregnant with my first child because my

gynecologist had said you need folic

acid you need iron you need this you

need that and so I started taking a

supplement to provide those things that

I started with just a simple like one a

day women's and when I turned 50 I

switched that over to one a day woman's

over 50 so I take this 50 plus one a day

women's I've been taking these for years

and these are supposed to provide you

with you know your basic RDA of

everything you need now I do eat a

pretty healthy diet so I feel like I get

a lot of my vitamins and nutrients from

the food that I eat and for me that

really is the best way to get them but I

just want to make sure that I'm all

balanced out because while I do eat a

healthy diet I am kind of picky I don't

need a lot of red meat

I do wear sunscreen every day and

wearing sunscreen you have to be

concerned about your vitamin D levels so

a lot of people say like you can only

get vitamin D from the Sun it's not the

case you can get vitamin D from your

diet as well as from a supplement like

this I actually get plenty of vitamin D

even though I wear sunscreen and I do

have my vitamin D checked yearly to make

sure that it is at the right levels then

the second supplement I added in was for

my joints because when I turned 40 I

noticed that my knees started like

making a little bit of noise and started

being like a little bit sore when the

weather was you know cold or rainy or

whatever so I added in a glucosamine

chondroitin supplement so the one I end

up getting mostly is the ship move free

advanced you take two of these a day so

I do split them up one in the morning

one at night it's been 16 years now that

I've been taking this and my joints

aren't any worse can i atribute it to

this I don't know but maybe yeah so

anyway I'm kind of a walking talking

like yeah it's worked for me I've aged

16 years my joints have aged 16 years

but they feel I'd say they feel

than they did back then all right then

the third thing I started taking was

also by shift this is their mega red

fish oil this one is actually krill oil

because I have hereditary high

cholesterol I wanted to take a fish oil

supplement to bring my cholesterol down

I also eat a super healthy diet for my

cholesterol you're supposed to take one

of these a day so I do take one of these

a day I'm taking it at night now because

I've added in you got another fish oil

supplement in the morning but this gives

you 225 milligrams of omega-3 fatty

acids and it contains shellfish so if

you're allergic to shellfish definitely

don't take this one then the next thing

that I added was a phytoceramides

supplement phytoceramides are

plant-based ceramides and studies have

shown that if you ingest these

plant-based ceramides that they can

increase the moisture levels in your

skin I first started taking these

because dr. oz did a story on

phytoceramides and he said it was like a

facelift in a jar and so of course

people wrote in or like can you check

this out so I started taking

phytoceramides and while I didn't feel

like it actually made my face look any

different after 30 days when I took them

over the winter I could definitely feel

a difference in my skin like I live here

in New England where it is 0% humidity

in the air for the entire winter and

your skin gets so drying you're like so

itchy and you just want to like rub

yourself on a tree like a bear in the

woods but after I started taking these I

was like oh my gosh I had the first

comfortable winter I had ever had in my

own skin so I was like hey these things

are good that I think they actually do

work to hydrate you kind of from the

inside out this is a wheat based one so

if you're gluten sensitive or you know

I'm celiacs or something you really

shouldn't take these this has 300

milligrams of wheat based phytoceramides

there are rice based phytoceramides if I

take one of those a day all right then

the next thing that I added in was this

grape seed and resveratrol supplement I

don't know if you guys had seen the 60

minutes report on resveratrol but it's

supposed to be very good for anti-aging

and so I was like alright I'll take that

because I really can't drink that much

red wine to get as much

was very tall as I would want in my diet

so I started taking a supplement its

true nature grapeseed and resveratrol

and you know what's interesting about

this I was I had no expectations that it

was going to do anything for my heart

health or for my cholesterol and it's

weird because this was the only thing

that I had changed in my diet or in my

exercise routine and when I started

taking these like I had my blood work

done about three months after I started

these my cholesterol came down even more

and I was like whoa I had the lowest

cholesterol level check that I've had in

a long long time so you know am I saying

oh my god this will lower your

cholesterol I am NOT but that's kind of

I was like huh what did I change and

this was the only thing that I could

point to so now I have four new things

that I started taking probably in the

past year one of them is Co Q 10 it's an

antioxidant and I think that

antioxidants are really great for us I

think that antioxidants work in your

skincare I also think that they can work

internally as a supplement do I know

that they can not really this is also

cardiologist recommended so I think this

is also good for your heart so it's a

double bonus for me I'm taking it more

for antioxidant action in my skin so

that's why I take that one I know real

sciency stuff here when I went to see my

eye doctor this year I have been having

problems with dry eye and not only did

she recommend me the best eyedrops

called retain but she told me that I

should up my fish oil intake and I guess

there was a study done that showed that

people with dry eye taking higher levels

of fish oil kind of relieves some of the

symptoms so so then I added in another

fish oil supplement and I already had

this one in my cabinet because this is a

fish oil that I give my dog also buy

this a Costco this is the pure Alaska

Omega omega-3 wild alaskan salmon oil

thousand milligrams per so my dog has

food allergies and her skin is always a

mess and she's always got all these

infections and so I try to help her with

her dry you know itchy skin by giving

her fish oil so these are her fish oil

pills but I was like you know what the

heck I'll take them too so now I take

one of

a day in addition to one of my Reds a

day my dog takes two of these a day one

in the morning one at night I just take

one in the morning and I take my megared

at night so then another supplement for

my eyes that I just started taking this

is the one that my dad gave me for

Christmas and this is called

preservation it's made by Bausch and

Lomb and so this is really for people

with a family history or with macular

degeneration and you know I don't have

macular degeneration but apparently my

uncle has it and my father has it and my

mother has it so I definitely have

family history of it it's supposed to

reduce the risk and reduce the

progression if you do have it so my dad

gave us all these for Christmas this

year you take two days to a day of these

so I've started taking this this is very

specific to you know a genetic eye

problem so clearly if you don't have

that you wouldn't take this but if you

don't know about that with macular

degeneration apparently there were some

good studies on this a Reds - my dad has

a good friend who's an eye doctor and he

recommended this based on his reading of

the studies he thought it was the only

thing that really worked so anyway

taking that now - and then something

that I just added yesterday and I am

only taking once and this is because so

many of you guys asked me about them

that I just wanted to try it

it is a collagen supplement I got

interested in these because of course

collagen with anti-aging we're all

interested in collagen and I have been

looking for information on whether or

not collagen supplements can work and of

course you know in reading all the

literature that's out there there are a

lot of studies done in mice and done in

like you know other animals that suggest

that collagen supplements can work in

human trials it looks like they actually

might work some work better than others

but then a lot of the experts that I

read they just say nope it can't survive

your stomach enzymes it's just digested

and you know passed out of your body but

then I was watching dr. Dre the other

day do you guys watch dr. Dre she did a

whole episode just on collagen

supplements and she read all of the

literature on them and while at the end

of the video she was like so based on

the literature I think there were waste

of money

I was like wait based on what you just


look so worth doing so she convinced me

to take them even though she was trying

to convince me not to take them so I was

at Whole Foods yesterday and so I

grabbed one I don't know if it's any

good I can't say I don't you know

there's all collagen is derived from

different sources one of the things she

had said one of the research things with

that collagen derived from pigs showed

to be a little bit better in one of the

studies than fish collagen but I

couldn't find any Pig collagen at Whole

Foods they only had cow or fish so this

is vital proteins marine collagen it has

12 grams of collagen per serving it's

wild caught fish non-gmo this is an

unflavored one I mean a lot of things

that whole foods were like creamers that

you would stir in they aren't they had

sugar in them

or they had flavorings like berry

flavored or chocolate you know I just I

don't like things that add a lot of

extra calories or that add a lot of

extra sodium or sugars a lot of them had

kind of a lot of sodium in them I

thought so I got the one with the

smallest amount of calories with the

smallest amount of sodium just with like

the not much in it except for the

collagen so this one is made from

snapper scales appetizing it only has 45

calories per serving which is two scoops

but in the instructions that says you

can use one or two scoops so yesterday

put one scoop in my afternoon tea it

dissolved completely I couldn't taste it

I couldn't even tell it was in there so

I was like yeah okay I could use this

but this stuff is expensive this was $45

for this only about 18 servings per

container if you use two scoops so I

figure I'll use one scoop and it'll last

me just a little over a month and I'm

hoping that at the end of the month I'll

either see a difference in my skin or

not I mean I've taken college and

supplements before for a month I took

one from neo sell and I didn't notice

any difference in my skin so I'm hoping

to see a difference in my skin with this

I don't know if I'm gonna repurchase it

I don't know if I'm gonna continue with

college and supplement but I thought I

would give one a try one supplement that

I don't take is biotin and we had talked

about that in the Instagram story it is

for growing your hair and nails and what

I find with biotin because I did try it

once a few years ago I took it for 30


and yes while my hair really did grow

longer faster and my nails grew a lot

longer a lot faster but unfortunately

all's it means that is that I have to

get my manicure and get my roots colored

much much more often it didn't make my

hair my nails any stronger and it didn't

make them any thicker it just made them

come out faster so I was like little

have to redo my roots already so those

are all my supplements that's everything

I take just wanted to tell you one funny

little story that last time I went into

my doctor's office for like my general

physical you know they have you fill out

all the medications that you take and it

says include your supplements so I wrote

down all my supplements and so then the

nurse comes in she picks up the chart

she looks at it she looks at me this is

the chart she looks to me again she goes

you were born in 62 I'm like yeah I'm 56

and she goes wow you look great so you

know of course that was going oh my god

thank you and I'm thinking she's gonna

ask me what do I use on my face or you

know do I do Botox or whatever no she

goes let me look at your supplements she

goes oh I'm gonna start taking all this

stuff you mind if I photocopy this and I

was like okay that's interesting because

here was like a person in the medical

field who instead of asking you know

what are you put on your face which is

what most people usually want to know

she was like what are you put in your

body so that's it for today's video

everybody I hope you found it helpful

and a little bit informative so if you

did give the video a like and don't

forget to subscribe to my channel as

always I thank you so much for your time

and really appreciate your watching so

have a great day and I will see you in

the next video take care everybody bye






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