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Published May 26, 2023, 9:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

shopping home - shop with me ikea shopping for the first time home decor shopping home inspiration by Karrie Lynn

shopping for a new home can be overwhelming, especially if you've never done it before. But don't worry, we're here to help. In this article, we'll take you through everything you need to know about shopping for a new home, from finding the right location to getting the best deal possible.

The first step in shopping for a new home is to figure out what you can afford. Take a look at your budget and see how much you can realistically spend on a new home. Once you have a number in mind, you can start looking for homes in your price range.

The next step is to find the right location. You'll want to consider things like the commute to work, the quality of the schools in the area, and the overall safety of the neighborhood. Once you've narrowed down your search to a few neighborhoods, you can start visiting open houses.

At an open house, you'll be able to see the inside of the home and get a feel for the layout. Pay attention to things like the condition of the floors and walls, the size of the rooms, and the overall flow of the house. If you have any questions, be sure to ask the real estate agent.

Once you've found a few homes that you like, it's time to start negotiating. The goal is to get the best deal possible on your new home. The first step is to get pre-qualified for a mortgage. This will give you an idea of how much money you can borrow and what interest rate you'll be paying.

Next, you'll need to make an offer on the home. The real estate agent will help you with this, but it's important to remember that you're not obligated to accept the first offer that you receive. If you're not happy with the terms of the offer, you can always counter-offer.

The last step in the process is to close on the home. This is when you'll sign all of the paperwork and officially become the new owner. Congratulations! You've just purchased your new home.

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hey everyone welcome back to a new Vlog

today I'm actually going to bring you

guys along with us shopping at Ikea for

the very first time I have never been

I'm extremely I'm so excited I can't


I am so excited because I wanted to go

for years

but just never had the time

um and the kids are on Christmas break

so I was like you know what let's make a

day out of it we'll go

um check it out see what they got every

time I watch an Ikea video I just

I feel like I'm missing out so we're

gonna go and um I thought I would bring

you guys along share what I can I'm also

going to look for bookcases so that's

what I'm actually going for

I tried to order them from Ikea and have

them shipped here it was

it was the free shipping I was like no

ma'am I will drive and I will go myself

so that's that's the plan send it to

head out but we're gonna run through

McDonald's really quick to get the kids

some breakfast because they're hungry


you're not hungry

oh that's your milk well we're fixing to

go I'm just trying to clean up

all right we are off we're headed to

McDonald's first everyone's gonna get a

sausage cheese biscuit

um we were just talking about what we

wanted and usually we always get

burritos but this time we're all craving

like an actual breakfast sandwich so

we're gonna grab some breakfast and then

hit the road

have a good day

oh look

huh can I stop yeah

look how good yummy

fixing to eat on the ride

there we are

we made it I don't like these roads

they're so scary

not the thing

all right so we just made it here we're

fixing to go in and check it out I'm

actually like really nervous because I

have never been and I don't like you

know how you just don't know what to do

that's kind of hard to do

so I see the entrance signs we're gonna

go the right way


and have fun you ready

bird is so close


hold on I don't know

I don't know where we're going we're

gonna try

second floor I don't know


there's like no signs that tell you

where to go so hopefully

all good

this buggy is so cool look at it

oh I don't like this all right let's go

yep we found the spot

we're here

look how cool

I like the little couch

it's cute like this little room

this is pretty isn't it

are you waving yeah I actually love this


look how pretty it's fake that's a fake

door baby that's a fake door

oh I like this

this would be such a cute little like

tiny Space Room oh this is nice 269

this is called a

haga I'm not really sure

oh I love these I really want to get one

of these

dang they have all kinds of couches here

I know this is so nice I love it

you don't go up there baby

I like this little couch

this is nice

this one's a thousand dollars

I know oh that's like my couch right

over there go straight ahead this buggy

is hard to push because it

you got it

that one's 1100.

oh I like the dark one look at this one

okay I'm gonna trust you don't run into

me though

let's see


the kitchen I love the cabinet colors

this is like the Moody room oh look at

the curtains how much those are real

presents are they

these are pretty

I love those I wish they had like a dark


they're like grayish blue

let's see a price tag

those are super nice

they're seriously so much to look at


we could spend like hours I love it I

love it so much

oh I like the way they did this

little collage wall that's really pretty

those are pretty curtains too

I like these my look at these curtains

they're pretty wouldn't this be cool for

the room

very colorful

I like those

oh that's a pretty kitchen those are

unique looking lights


I like this one

that one's pretty

oh it feels nice too

yeah you can no you can buy any of these

things these are only 13.99

that's a great price

I like that

very very pretty

oh this is a unique color

look at the cap oh it's a couch is it a

couch cover yes

I'm gonna walk over there too go that

way buddy come around be careful so you

don't run into anything okay

oh this couch

I like this one

it's pretty

those are cool

how do you get in it

oh there's no handles

this one's pretty it's just so much on

the table

I have a lot of stuff there this is neat

coffee table

I love this cabinet this is pretty

oh it don't open


toucan from Santa

from to Emily from Mary okay oh this

room is like really

really Christmassy in here


you want this room you like these colors


you want that

yeah okay

your own little car a little tray

that's a good idea


all right come on


I like the Moody colors I don't like the

purple on the walls though

the purple is a little too much for me

they have it oh I love this

it's so pretty

Isn't that cool yeah

I like that

oh look Maya here's a little cart that

rolls it has little bends

that's what I was wanting yeah


92 and

um yeah

we're gonna go down oh here's the


y'all are so excited oh look here's a

map this is what we need where are we

oh boy


that's really pretty

429 for that one

we're getting closer

I need bookcases that's what I'm looking

for I need to go potty okay we're gonna

go potty we gotta find a restroom

this is cool this would be a nice little

home office space

oh I've always wanted one of these

these are those little coffee things

we put coffee in there and then you like

swish it around

come on guys

Oh Maya look how this is set up with

like has like a little separation

this is pretty cool

your your room's big enough we could do

something like this

okay so it says to take a note

scan with the Ikea app

we'll just take a picture of it


it's fake it's pretend it's pretend see

it looks real don't it all right don't

mess with it put it down put it down

I love this table I want to make one but

with like thicker legs

but I love like the wood tone

8 29.


it's pretty

I like that

let's go this way

oh look how unique this is look at that

that's pretty I wonder how much it is

let's see 6 49.

I think it's a lot of money

it says display only see there right

there it's pretty cool there oh I like

the little lamp that's neat

I like this room I want to look in here

real quick

that's pretty cool

so come in here real quick

this is a beautiful bathroom I love this

oh they have a fake shower and


that's so cool

too bad they don't sell their clothes

because I really like this sweater and I

like this one too

oh and they have oh this is super cute

what brand is that


I wish they would sell their clothes

have a little patio situation

like that


me too

you're running out of energy son

I like the mustard color

yes we're gonna go down that thing

those are pretty shoes

aren't they they're cute

those are my favorite oh this is a cute


oh this would be like the perfect little

uh college students

come here

they're filled with Tahoes


I love all that stuff oh those are


is it comfy this is neat oh I love how

it does the shadow

it's so cool

she didn't have a closet this would be a

really nice option

it's expensive though

yes baby oh they have lights to put in

your closet

you have

oh I like this one


so if you're ever feeling like stuck

with your house and not knowing like

what to or how to decorate it coming to

a place like this is like a really good

option to kind of take a look and see

how other people have styled these

little spaces

um you can get so much inspiration like

I'm feeling super inspired and motivated

right now I really love this place


the lamp works

it's 3.99

I love the comforter too that's super


These are nice

okay the curtains are probably my


these are so beautiful

this is the room I want you want this

room we just copy and paste it

check it out

it's a bunk bed look at this one

oh I like this

look Kaden look at this one it has like

a little desk area and everything

is that how much it is


okay it's official I see these are all

beds Ikea has like the best prices on


I'm Blown Away

you like that one how much are these 40


oh yeah


yeah I know

so much bedding to choose from




for us yeah

oh look at the little plate and cup set


I love that


see you baby this looks comfortable is

it comfortable yeah it is

you can walk rock a baby to sleep in

there yes oh look how

cute stop

oh my gosh did it have like

this is so pretty

I love it

how much is this one 449

oh even just like little like simple one

is cute

yeah I see baby

oh I love these

I like this color

this is really pretty it's like a rust

like a really good rust color

those are those are for display

I like the little pegboards

oh these are for sale

you can buy the pegboards

the little pegboards where you can put

like your stuff on it you can actually

buy those it's 14.99



oh that's pretty 46 dollars

it's nice oh there's all kinds of bath


oh I like these towels let's go look at



those are pretty

our lowest price

oh those are softer than they look

199 for towels

I like these

what size are these 20 by 20

there's so many to choose from

oh here's all the curtains

oh yes this is where I want to be

these stood out to me immediately

they're gray but they have like a beige


I really like these a lot 59 dollars

absolutely not

oh these aren't too bad how long are

these 98

okay so these aren't bad at all

oh I like the dark brown ones

oh I like those a lot

those are fifty dollars


I like those though those are really


is it Green's not bad y'all are so cute

I see y'all are adorable

that are being so good thank you

there's lots of outdoor rugs but I don't

have a buggy so I can't carry it

oh I like the big one

that one's nice I wonder how much these


holy moly

now those are expensive

that one's neat very colorful

come on buddy let's go this way

oh look this is what Mommy needs

like a rolling cart like this

289 for all my tools

oh my gosh there's so many picture frame

puppies for 12.99

those that one down there stood out to

me let's go look at it


that one's really pretty

I like it a lot


oh this is a big old floor lamp

well I could for sure stay all day but

the kids are getting tired so we're

gonna go try to find something to eat

and then head out

that's a pretty mirror

it's 129.

all right we're gonna follow the arrows

see the arrows on the ground I'm gonna

try to repaint that

I want to take a picture of it so I can

copy it


I know you did I saw you

yummy to my tummy

right now


we transform into Lowe's no

so much

holy moly

I just don't even know where to go in


it's crazy

yep the mirror is 100.

I have a 150.

this is 244.

very pretty I like the gold I like the

cream color

I like that


y'all just jumped up into the truck and

I ripped my pants


if they rip anymore they're gonna go all

the way down here I am so bummed I

really like these but they're really old

that's probably why they ripped


and we were gonna go to one more store

but now I feel like my pants are gonna

rip open

so quick update before we take off loved

Ikea it's just so much like it's a lot

to look at very very overwhelming I feel

like there was so much to do


and it's almost like you need to go in

there with a list like you need to plan

out what you're going to buy before you

go in there because

it's just really overwhelming and it's

like you can't figure out how to get out

it's such a long walk it feels like and

I don't like the buggies it's the only

things I got to say about it I don't

like the buggy um I love Ikea love it

I'm so happy we went I'll definitely

come back but the buggy situation

not for me I'll definitely like bring a

stroller even though I don't have babies

I think a stroller would have been a lot

nicer because I could not control that

buggy to save my life I put the kids in

it and we were going all over the place

they were drifting through the store huh

yeah but we're gonna go ahead and head

out now we're gonna hit one more store

we gotta grab a few things for Dylan for

Christmas so I'll let the kids pick out

some stuff for him

and probably grab some lunch are you

eating that old biscuit

okay let's go one more thing

the kids bedroom set

um like the actual like Furniture itself

is really nice and we may come back

eventually to get Maya some like a

bedroom set or something I think that

would be nice

we built you a bed you don't need a bed

I built you a bed remember

yeah you have a nice bed sister needs a

actual I think it'd be cool to get you

one of the bunk bed ones with the desk

would you like that


okay but you're gonna get rid of your

old bed in order to get that one

yeah I know


I know


you don't want to get rid of your bed

now to get a new bed no

no have okay well I'm glad that you're

happy with what you've got I love that

I don't know how to pronounce it but

whatever is in this place food wise it

smells so good y'all don't smell that do

you are you getting a whiff of it it

smells so good and then we got stuck at

a train

it's going backwards

chewy people yeah it does that's an

Amtrak that one carries people

but I want to eat here this place smells


no it looks like it's a fancy restaurant

darling we're not very fancy right now

and I've ripped a hole in my pants I

can't go in there

okay so now I am running to Subway with

the kids we're gonna go get some lunch

um and I just gotta say uh shout out to

everyone who came up to me and said

hello today

at the stores I feel like

I'm not gonna lie I get like super


um not on purpose I just don't know what

to say I like panic I go into straight

panic mode so if you came up to me and

said hello thank you for that sorry I

acted like really weird if I did act

weird I don't know but I appreciate you

guys so much

okay so we are home now we had a great

day oh my gosh had a great day it was

very busy though we're all tired the

kids are having quiet time and I am

going to show you guys what we got real


um so first off was Ikea Ikea is awesome

I am kind of sad that I haven't went

before I don't know why it took me so

long to go but I loved it they have

really affordable furniture so much to

look at so much inspiration to see like

I don't know every little setup that

they had was just different and it was

really cool to see and I I really Thrive

off um stuff like that seeing other

people's homes and the way that they've

styled them it just gets my creative

Wheels going and I had a blast I will

definitely be going back especially by

myself when I can kind of just take a

little bit more time in each space and

really take it all in

um so it was fun the one thing I will

say is that the carts there are a pain

in the butt next time I go I might just

bring my own wagon or like a buggy or

not a buggy a stroller because I was

struggling with their carts I like we

were drifting

I could not keep control of it like it

sounds dumb but the wheels at the front

spin along with the back wheels and it

is just like I mean we were all over the

place and once the kids got in the buggy

because they got tired of walking it was

game over I literally I had to pull it

because if I tried to push it we were

going this way when I was trying to go

straight and then at one point I'm

holding it pulling it and then the kids

just start drifting this way it was

it was chaos but we did have a great



anyway let me show you what I did end up

getting I didn't get the bookcases there

by the way which I'll explain in a

minute but I'll show you what I got so I

got two little train kits these are

really awesome

um I think these are great gifts my kids

love these so

I feel like the trains themselves are

hard to find little magnetic ones and

then these came with a little train set

so I went ahead and grabbed them I

really really like

these a lot I think it's just great for

the kids to play and build their own

track so I got one for my niece for

Christmas and I got one for the kids

I also grabbed some new pillow covers

for the couch pillows we

um I love to have couch pillows but I

get tired of them quick like I'll get

bored of the print and the color and all

that in the style next thing you know I

end up putting them up and then I bring

them out and then I find new ones that I

like and I end up buying a whole pillow


honestly sometimes it's cheaper just to

buy a whole new pillow than it is to buy

the pillow covers even on Amazon I've

looked on every time I buy a pillow

cover from Amazon by the way the zipper

breaks every time never fails the first

time I wash them they're done so I ended

up seeing these and I grabbed them I

thought these would be nice either in

the living room or even for my bedroom

they are like beige and then it has like

a gray stripe on them on them I really

like them and they're 20 by 20s and I

already have the pillows to put these on

so love that

and then I grabbed this blanket I

grabbed this originally for the kids to

kind of like rest their head on while we

were in the shopping cart but it was on

sale so I went ahead and bought it

anyway it was really nice because

it's only 7.99 and it's super soft it's


it's just

the softest I don't know how to explain

softness but it's just really soft trust

me I wish you could feel it but you

cannot but it's nice it was only 7.99

and I really liked it I liked the color


so I got that um let me show you what I

got from Burlington okay

so all this stuff is for my husband for

Christmas the kids wanted to go and pick

out some stuff so I was there just to

kind of help guide them a little bit

make sure they were getting the right

size the right colors stuff like that

um so first thing they got were these

little manicure sets

oops so we got that that's one of

Dylan's gifts

we got him the Calvin Klein Obsession

for Men

he loves cologne by the way absolutely

loves it I don't wear perfume I don't

like like since I've told you this a

million times but my husband is a

cologne fanatic he always smells amazing

and I always say he smells good for both

of us because I just I cannot

um and this was only 26 dollars there

this is expensive and I feel like that

was a great great deal

my dumb butt

I just realized it's aftershave it's not

even cologne

I thought it was like spray cologne

what the heck

oh well we got him aftershave

and then I got

okay this is the this is actually spray

thank goodness the Nautica Blue this is

my favorite I love this scent so I got

him a new one of those because he is

almost out

and then

um Caden picked out a Levi wallet so

that was really cute we were at the

register and we happened to see it just

like a plain old wallet


I had the kids grab this because he

always has trouble with his feet his

feet are always sore his back's always

hurting and I know that your feet kind

of control all of that most of the time

and these were only 7.99 there so we got

him some insoles for his boots

and then we got a

sweatshirt like a pullover sweatshirt

this was on sale for 11.99

and to go with that

to get him a new pair of


so that'll just be like a little lounge

around the house outfit y'all know he

always wears his sweatpants and comfy


so that's what he got for Christmas from

the kids and then I got the two

bookshelves from Target I got the

bookshelves from Target instead of IKEA


the bookshelves at Ikea are a little bit


like they're just they're smaller and

they don't look the best quality to be

honest like they're the Billy bookcase

that everyone always talks about I

thought it was going to be a lot better

quality than these but it's just not I

mean I can even say that I have two of

them in my closet currently I love I

think when was this um the room

essentials by Target these are just good

quality bookcases and

comparing the two visually I felt like

these were a lot better deal they're

actually cheaper than the ones at Ikea

and they look better

in person too so I got two of those and

they will go on either side of my


starting that project soon

um I gotta like build them or I gotta

build these and then I gotta build a

frame trim them all out make them custom

all that so that'll be the plan for the

fireplace over there

I'm probably gonna wait for that until

after Christmas though because I don't

want to like start and like destroy my

living room right before Christmas

because that would not be great

gotta make sure that we get through

Christmas first and then I'll I'll start

that project but I hope you guys enjoyed

hanging out over the past couple hours

with me I really appreciate it or like

past 30 minutes

um I had a great time today and I hope

you enjoyed seeing like Ikea and all of


um but I appreciate you guys watching so

much I hope you have an amazing rest of

your day and I'll see you in my next one

bye y'all


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