May 30, 2023

Sports in Russian language

Published May 26, 2023, 3:20 p.m. by Courtney

Anna Russian is a sports journalist and commentator who covers sports in the Russian language. She has worked for various Russian media outlets, including sport-Express, Sovsport and Match TV. In her career, Anna has covered a wide variety of sports, including football, hockey, basketball, tennis and figure skating.

As a sports journalist, Anna has a deep understanding of the importance of language in sport. In Russia, sport is a very important part of culture, and the Russian language is an important part of that. For many Russians, sport is a way to connect with their heritage and to feel a sense of pride in their country.

The Russian language is also an important part of the international sports world. Many of the world’s top athletes are from Russia, and many of them compete in international competitions in which the Russian language is used.

Anna Russian is a strong advocate for the use of the Russian language in sport. She believes that it is important for Russians to be able to follow and understand the sports they love, and that the use of the Russian language in sport can help to promote understanding and respect between cultures.

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Hello, dear friends! Today we'll learn how to say sports in Russian, yeah? Different kinds of sport.

Sport — спорт [sport].

And what sport do we have?

Of course, football — футбол [foodbol].

Basketball — баскетбол [baskeetbol].

Volleyball — волейбол [valeeybol].

Tennis — теннис [tennees].

Hockey — хоккей [khakkyey].

Figure skating — фигурное катание [feegoornaye kataneeye].

Gymnastics — гимнастика [geemnasteeka].

Running — бег [byek].

And yoga — йога [yoga]. It can be sport or it can be philosophy. It's up to you.

Cycling — езда на велосипеде [yeezda na veelaseepyedee] or велоспорт [veelasport].

Swimming — плавание [plavaneeye].

And surfing — сёрфинг [syorfeenk].

Skiing — катание на лыжах [kataneeye na lizhakh].

And skis — лыжи [lizhi].

Борьба [bar'ba]. It can be айкидо [aykeedo],

or каратэ [karate], or box — бокс [boks].

It's main kinds of sport.

Please, write in comments more sports that you know.

And please write what sport do you like.


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