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What To Include On A Data Entry Resume + Data Entry Skills

Published May 26, 2023, 10:20 a.m. by Courtney

The following is a list of the best resume tips for data entry that you should consider when creating your own resume.

When it comes to data entry, the most important thing to remember is that accuracy is key. This means that you should take care to proofread your resume carefully before sending it off to potential employers.

In addition to accuracy, another important factor in data entry is speed. Many employers require data entry employees to be able to type quickly and accurately. As such, it is important to list any relevant typing speed tests that you have taken on your resume.

Finally, it is also important to highlight any relevant experience you have in data entry on your resume. If you have worked as a data entry clerk in the past, be sure to list this experience prominently on your resume.

By following these tips, you can be sure that your data entry resume will stand out from the rest and help you land the job you want.

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if you love compiling organizing

verifying entering and updating

information to help an organization run

efficiently you may be wondering how to

write a winning data entry resume in

this video we will cover everything you

need to know to write an awesome data

entry resume

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what's unique about a data entry resume

a data entry resume is very similar to

most other resumes however it is

strategically positioning you as a top

candidate for the best data entry jobs

your data entry resume should contain

several sections let's go over each one

first is your contact information at the

top of your resume you should include

your contact information such as your

name phone number and a professional

looking email address that way a

recruiter or hiring manager can easily

contact you to schedule an interview

next is your summary or objective

statement if you have a lot of data

entry experience use this space to write

a career summary statement that

concisely describes your top

accomplishments but if you're newer to

the field go with a career objective

statement that shares your current skill

set and your previous experience that

will help you excel in this position in

either case this section should be no

longer than four lines

next is your work history section in

this section you should list your work

experience in reverse chronological

order putting your current or most

recent position first

each entry should include the company

that employed you how long you worked

there and your job title

then you should add three to five bullet

points under each role that showcases

your significant achievements

next is your education section most data

entry jobs only require a high school

diploma or equivalent so list this

information here if you have a college

degree or if you've completed some

college course work share that here as

well you could also provide the school's

name the degree you've earned if

applicable and the date you graduated

also if applicable

if you're a little light on experience

you can beef this section up a little

include your gpa as long as it's higher

than 3.5 relevant coursework and

participation in related clubs and more

what should be left off a data entry

resume leave off any photos of yourself

or anything that isn't relevant to the

job you're applying for

it's a great idea to include job skills

on your resume as well you may choose to

include a skills section on your resume

or you could incorporate these skills

throughout your resume here are some

examples of important job skills for

data entry resumes for a full list click

the link in the description below

hopefully you now understand how to

write a data entry resume but if you're

still feeling a little unsure we would

urge you to consult with a resume

writing service click the link in the

description below to learn more

after your resume is all ready to go

head over to ziprecruiter and apply for

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