June 17, 2024

AOC’s Big Adventure

Published May 28, 2023, 4:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

What is adventure politics?

In short, adventure politics is the pursuit of political power through adventurous or risky means. This can include everything from military coups and revolutions to electoral campaigns and international relations.

The term was first coined by political scientist Samuel P. Huntington in his 1957 book The Soldier and the State. Huntington defined adventure politics as "the employment of military means to achieve political ends."

Since then, the concept of adventure politics has been expanded to include non-military activities that are nevertheless risky or dangerous. For example, electoral campaigns can be considered a form of adventure politics if they involve going up against established incumbents or taking on difficult challenges.

The point of adventure politics is to achieve results that would not be possible through conventional means. It is a way of thinking outside the box and taking risks in order to achieve one's goals.

Adventure politics can be a dangerous game, and it is not for everyone. But for those who are willing to take the risks, it can be a powerful tool for effecting change.

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wakey wakey eggs and Bakey ah sleep in

16 hours is so hard

another day another dollar being in

Congress is tough

I gotta bulk up I love playing with my

toys before I have to go to work

time to get dressed all ready for work

it's time to wake up feel hon hello I

gotta brush my teeth oh my gosh I gotta

brush my teeth too

that is so weird I know right what kind

of toothpaste that you use I use toe

ball oh my gosh so do i that is so weird

quick what number am I thinking of um

banana oh my gosh yes I was thinking of

banana I knew it

well I gotta go I gotta go to have a

good day I will you too now that I'm in

Congress I gotta eat healthy and nothing

is more healthy than mr. t cereal I pity

the fool who don't use my cereal alright

ill hon I gotta go to Congress okay you

be a good girl no pooping in the house

okay time to go change the world

hey Rick hi Nancy oh hey um you are you

happy having here uh vodka with you

I have a capri-sun uh nevermind so what

brings you by today Nancy well I need

you to make a video and talk about how

you cook it moose licking is when you're

cooking quick encamps like juggling part

of the Buddha okay oh I don't know I

don't want to look stupid

will you do it for $25,000 $25,000 sure

I'll do it you you okay yes ma'am yeah

you yeah yeah right yeah okay yeah yes

right now you [ __ ] like a dog meow meow

good good like a good [ __ ] now you get

you a bunch of Congress yes ma'am

gee that's gonna be the Cuban son of a

[ __ ] we've ever highly but you sure

can't make an expectant I better hurry

up or I'm gonna be early to work I'm

gonna do big things today in Congress

baby charcuterie true baby charcuterie

true baby shark

baby shark I wonder what my script is

gonna look like today Congress is super

easy every day I get a new script and

all I got to do is read it

the guys at Congress are super funny I

keep telling them let go of my ears I

could do it myself

I literally have to grow a goatee so I

can hide the stretch marks well I got to

go to work now this is seriously what I

do all day come to Canada a


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