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Published May 28, 2023, 8:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

comedy and science have always been two of my favorite things. I grew up watching shows like "The Simpsons" and "The X-Files" and I was always fascinated by the way they blended humor and science. As I got older, I began to appreciate the work of comedians like Ricky Gervais and Louis C.K. who use their comedy to shed light on the human condition.

It's no secret that science is often seen as a dry and boring subject. But it doesn't have to be! In fact, some of the most hilarious and insightful comedy comes from science-minded comedians.

Ricky Gervais is one of the best examples of this. His show "Derek" is a hilarious and heartwarming look at the staff of a retirement home. But beneath the laughs, there are some very real and thought-provoking observations about aging, loneliness, and the human condition.

Louis C.K. is another comedian who uses his comedy to explore the human experience. In his show "Louie", he tackles everything from dating to fatherhood to the meaning of life. And he does it all with a sharp wit and a deep understanding of the human condition.

These are just two examples of the many comedians who are using their comedy to shed light on the world of science. So if you're looking for a good laugh, be sure to check out some of their work! You might just learn something along the way.

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i don't know if you've been to the open

air and regents park but it's like this

without a roof obviously um it's got a

stage show and lights and it's got thick

seating okay it's sort of like

amphitheater seating all the way around

the outside um and there's nothing in

the middle i've just left that wild you

can't sit there it's just like a i want

to say grassy knoll

but i'm not sure i know what a null is i

i've only ever heard that when people

are talking about the kind of the

assassination i assume it's a hillock

but i didn't want to say hillock when a

president had his brain shout out

because it's vaguely comical isn't it

you go the president's been shot oh what

from where oh look what

so they say no

and they go oh so you go oh no we shot

him and what the a knoll it adds

to the mystery


so i tell you what

spiders they're always ready aren't they

spiders always ready for action a spider

is always ready like that

completely ready all the time i mean

some animals are sometimes ready you

scare a cat and go

like that okay then it goes back to

chill they're most the time they're just

on on their side aren't they cats cats

are just chill out

head down all four limbs stretched out

in one direction you will never see a

spider like that you will never see a

spider just lying on the floor with his

head down like that

and all eight legs just out like that

what the they're always ready like


and they're always ready in every

direction like the matrix

they don't have to go what was that they

don't have to do it they've got

ten eyes and eight legs over the top

they're even ready when you don't think

they're ready you can see an empty web

you go that spider's not ready no touch

the web what touch the web

and it's there

i hate them


000 different species of spider

37 000 different species of spider i


millions and billions of individuals in

each species okay and that's just one

class arachnid of one phylum arthropoda

which there are many there could be five

million species of animal on the earth

best guess right minimum scientists say

there's so many we can't but five


and that's one percent

of all animal species that have ever

existed 99

of all animal species that ever existed

are extinct

and that remaining one percent

is five million strong take one of those

species termites

if you were to weigh

every termite alive now

it would be ten times the tonnage of

every human being on earth

and it's statistics like that that make

me think that this book isn't totally

accurate um

it's the uh

the book of noah


the children's edition um

i got this as a prize at sunday school i

used to go every week i believed in all

this until i was about eight


this is when i was four um it's an agnes

sunday school presented to ricky gervais

r-i-k-i like a mongoose

for regular attendance not even doing

anything good just for turning up

oh he's always there give him something

he'll be back thank you

let's have a look at the evidence

long long ago when god first made the

earth i'll let both those points slip we

haven't got time okay

long long ago i should just say um is 5

000 years according to the bible

according to the old testament

the earth is no older than 5 000 years

okay which puts us around the time of

the agricultural revolution uh it's

actually 4.6 billion years old let's pop

that in

4.6 billion years ago

when god first made the earth and sky

all right don't pick it up i mean it

it comes as a package really doesn't it

you couldn't

the sky was never an optional extra it

could be

a built your planet i can't breathe

would you like an atmosphere of course i

would so

everything was peaceful everything

beautiful god made human beings too

and he wanted them to be good like

himself arrogant

but very soon they wanted their own way

they would not listen to god they became

wicked and did wicked things look at

them doing wicked things there

look at that you can't get more wicked

than that really oh off wicked

off wicked

god looking on yeah carry on see what

happens see what happens

bloke they're running off with a big bag

of money

don't put it in a bank you

god looked at them and said to himself

they are so wicked i will have to wipe

them off the face of the earth


that's your only choice is it that's you

you'll have to

straight to genocide

i was flying back

from new york 925 ba first class to

london jfk

the whole week in america leading up to

that flight on every channel on tv there

was a rolling ticker tape that said

america on red alert okay

and every bulletin said we have an intel

that there's going to be another 9 11.

this weekend

in new york or la

do not fly unless you absolutely have to

i had to i was filming

and if you fly be extra vigilant okay so

i'm there i'm the only one in the first

class lounge right and i'm still trying

to remain

philosophical about i'm thinking right

today's the day you definitely don't try

and get a bomb on the plane do you know

what i mean you think no everyone's wait

till monday right

and on there

and about

15 minutes before boarding

into the first class lounge comes this


i don't know whether he was north

african or middle eastern we had all the




everything still attached case okay

here's your middle class rational

liberal i go

i'm certainly just engaging staff in

inane conversation i'm going

flight on time they're going yeah

what's the weather like in england and

they're going oh it's like they're going

to go oh it's a big club there he is

right it didn't

didn't happen right

so now i'm stewing on this all the

things for the week leading up to it

there's going to be a nine level it's

going to be here it's going to be today

it's going to be new york oh my god

right but now i'm in two minds there's a

fight between good and evil between

rational and irrational okay


this one goes oh that's a suicide bomber

that is stupid

what do you know

that's what they look like

why'd you say that

there's a picture of him on every page

of the daily mail

very stupid cliche

then he makes a phone call i can't

understand what he's saying but he

sounds a bit angry right

this one goes oh we made a phone call

this one goes you just made a phone call

yeah but not in foreign

miss shut up stupid

oh i just wanna

why'd you think that

look at the beard

it's been checked it's been checked the

same as us

do they check the beard yeah they check

the beard they check the beard okay

and then i'm sort of it's all going

ahead and i'm sort of looking at it and

absent-mindedly sort of staring at him

and he catches me looking and he goes

like this

this one goes oh he knows

this one goes no he knows why you're

looking at him he's had that sort of

prejudice that month stop

looking at him shut the up right

but this one starts winning the fear

starts beating the rational okay she's

going well

well i said it would be today yeah i

know but what

but the statistics well they're up today

aren't they they're up

yeah but it what don't give it it won't

happen to us

they said that on 9 11.

yeah but what about all the checks well

they find new ways of getting past our

detection then we have to up our game

and that's how it

yeah you're right so suddenly now we're

one there and i think oh my god this is

it and you got a wave of nausea when you

suddenly go

oh my god this is it i'm one of the

people that witnessed is it and they're

going okay yeah let's report him this

one goes no

we can't


in case someone thinks we're racist

what what the no let's report him and be

a wrong live racist let's let's


and so

i'm there and i think

he is a suicide bomber i'm going to get

on the plane with him and i'm going to


and i'm having a little breakdown and

i'm nearly crying and all this happens

in a few moments and i look over and

he's joined by his wife who's got all

the gear and it's

and there's

two little girls right and i go oh

of course he's not a suicide

bomber if you're off to see 72 virgins

you don't take the wife and kids along



i got on the plane and i was sort of

relieved and embarrassed and i saw the

funny side of it and and of course he

wasn't a terrorist he was a businessman

and a family man he was playing with his

little girls he kept running up them

down bumping into my chair he wasn't

doing anything um

and he was sort of like scaring him and

they were screaming at top of their

voice after half an hour i was hoping

someone blow the plane up right



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