July 22, 2024

Cooking Meat Inside Vegan Restaurants!

Published May 28, 2023, 7:20 p.m. by Liam Bradley

As the old saying goes, there's no such thing as a free lunch. But what about a free dinner? That's what some vegan restaurants are offering these days, as they attempt to lure in meat-eating customers with the promise of delicious home-cooked meals.

The tactic seems to be working, as more and more meat-eaters are finding themselves drawn to these vegan eateries. And who can blame them? After all, who doesn't love a good home-cooked meal?

Of course, not everyone is happy about this trend. Some vegans believe that by cooking meat inside a vegan restaurant, they are essentially betraying their principles.

Others, however, see it as a way to reach out to meat-eaters and show them that vegan food can be just as delicious as the non-vegan variety.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, there's no denying that vegan restaurants that offer home-cooked meat are becoming increasingly popular. So if you're looking for a delicious meal that won't cost you an arm and a leg, you might want to consider giving one of these places a try.

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kang you know what i mean

i didn't say nothing reckless yet i mean

i was getting there but barty was like

chuck and then he read my shirt and he

was like really chill out speaking of

shirt new merch coming soon august 23rd

i'll be sure to do your chores do

whatever you need to do to save up that

bread august 23rd we drop in some heat

but we're gonna talk about that later on

in the video so boys we're in austin

texas right now we literally drove three

hours to come out here to get this clip

the plan for today's video is to cook

meat and vegan restaurants people over

here in austin bro i don't know why

they're charming ultra soft over here

bro like literally the littlest things

just trigger them off so i feel like

it'll be way funnier to do it here in

austin so since we drove three hours

just to get this clip for y'all man can

you guys please just drop a like real

quick like let's get it

can you guys give the boys a light goal

for the next video a thousand likes whoa

way more than that really that's light

work for them

that's cyber sean numbers

50 000 yeah 50 000 likes boys let's do



oh okay


i like this place

it's my first time trying the vegan


counter culture for your first vegan

experience exactly i want you guys to

say my virginity


okay i've been a meat guest my whole

life so instead of gobbling meat i want

to gobble you know some eggplants and


yeah when you put it that way i know


were you able to pull up the menu no one

can you just give me the best that's

your favorite okay i hope he doesn't

take it personally it's just a prank bro

it's just a prank

i'm just face rocking it


right now oh

awesome bro thank you man thank you

looks good


i wanna give the chocolate suck real



it's good but i feel like it's missing


can you point that in for me

appreciate you

what are you doing with the georgia girl

oh i'm just gonna like cook up my stuff

real quick that's not gonna work i can't

let you do that why not it's not

something we're gonna allow today but

it's like beyond meat




it's been though guys did you unplug me

i did yeah i'll just like start a fire

with my hands

it's time to go

i i haven't paid yet you're nothing i

just need to go but i have to pay bro

the food was good but bro i feel like if

i just add this it'll be like that much


you want it well done or like overeasy

yeah yeah yeah we don't got time for

well done today more chance to leave

well you can't call the cops with the

black lives matter sign out there i

that's what i have to do can you like go

get us a check though like because i

have to pay you bro like like it's not

an option i have to pay you it's gonna

be 2056. damn

so anyway you actually can like just

kick us out instead i didn't expect it

to be that expensive i'm not gonna help

you like that okay have a great day what

about the two no

you don't want to i would not like a tip

from you today no thank you bro i want

to give you the two

i'm gonna grab your camera and smash it

on the ground like whoa

you went from t-pain to p diddy like

real quick you went from william

to uh to baby like immediately

no i didn't personally abuse it like i

just got the leftovers bro can you not

say i'm the baby can you say i'm a

little nausea bro like that kind of hurt

my feelings the baby bro don't say that

bro don't say that [ __ ] damn it i'm


i'm not gonna lie dude saying that i was

pulling up the baby like really hurt my

feelings you guys already know what

happened last time we tried meeting the

baby i i just want to see the baby

that's all there is no baby up here no

the baby so hopefully this is a better

experience can you just like surprise me

with something is there anything you

don't like i mean not really this is my

first time trying a vegan spot okay my

ex she really loved my meat and then she

cheated on me so much

i'm going vegan

you know

no meat for you


thank you


hold on


the succulentness the aftermath of my

face it's quite exquisite but i think

it's missing one thing

your first vegan food experience i'm not

allowed to [ __ ] slaps it

i'm just add a little samsung

we'll watch you feel i want you to trip


hey siri how long do you have to cook

one side of a hamburger for it to be

well done i don't think my george

foreman is getting like all size can i

just like throw it on the grill real


no it's beyond

me i mean yeah can i just throw it on

the grill then is that cool

like it's almost done though i know but

you can't do it in here you need to

unplug it right now i would feel you if

i had it raw but like i like my meat

well done

but you could not do that here i got

hey how you doing i'm just trying

something new like i don't think

anybody's ever tried vegan with meat

before so i'm just like trying to be

that dude like innovative

oh okay so you're not trying to like do

a collab

my name's demarcus

i cook up the best burgers in the city

on everything i swear like do you know

who 42 doug is


like i don't know how much of this goes

towards you but like

oh it all goes to you oh here you have

fun with

this welcome

no problem

they're here for me y'all they know that

this video is an absolute anger so if

you haven't already hit that like button

you guys are coming to film something

but we have somebody that like had a

very serious medical emergency oh what

happened we don't know but

as you can see the emt's here i thought

they were here for me like

there's nothing to do with y'all i mean

if y'all could not film it'd be great

yeah i mean i'm just like documenting my

first time trying vegan food

yeah yeah that's all okay um yeah i i

don't think we're letting uh letting

people film here today unfortunately

they just can't have y'all filming at

the restaurant you should not just hear

from me like because this is a banger

all right i'm gonna have to all the way

i'm sorry you guys gotta go [ __ ] i

all right boys man i hope you guys

enjoyed the video if you did be sure to

hit that like button subscribe and share

guys there's a big elephant in the room

we hit 1 million subscribers man give me

ourselves a round of applause bro

you guys are probably asking yourselves

janine why are you not so hyped bro well

should've been in the live stream

let's [ __ ] go

make sure you guys go follow me on

twitch your boy streams every monday

wednesday friday and i might sprinkle in

the occasional tuesday and thursday and

let's make it this tuesday so pull up at

9 00 p.m central time we're streaming

gtrp again and

ah man had to switch out into the new

merch y'all that's right i said earlier

in the video august 23rd but actually

it's gonna be august 24th you guys been

blowing up my line asking for it we got

the professional raw dogger we got the

homosexual we got shorts and we got [ __ ]

tyrone merch man hey man i appreciate

y'all i love you boys thanks for getting

us to a million subscribers but you guys

already know man we ain't stopping here

we ain't slowing down we're going to 10

million next man i love you boys


the baby


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