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Science is the best we have / Science Comedian Vince Ebert

Published May 28, 2023, 8:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

science is the best we have

We have science to thank for many things in our lives: from the technology we use every day, to the medicine that keeps us healthy, to the understanding of the universe we have gained over centuries of research.

And it's not just the big things. science is also responsible for the little things that make our lives better, like the fact that we can now make ice cream that doesn't melt in the sun.

But of all the things science has given us, one of the most important is laughter. That's right: laughter.

Laughter is one of the most human of all emotions, and it has been shown to have a number of positive health benefits. Laughter can lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormones, and boost immunity. It can also help us to bond with others and to see the world in a more positive light.

So next time you're feeling down, or you need a pick-me-up, remember that science has given us the gift of laughter. And for that, we should all be thankful.

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my name is Finn Siebert and my accent

gives it away I'm German sorry for that

laugh I'm a German comedian and know

what you are thinking now German

comedians are like English cooks or

solver Scotsman checks and Democrats

contradiction in itself and above all

I'm a certified physicist so it's gonna

be a lot of fun tonight because we

physicists actually have a very good

sense of humor

first time I entered the lap of my

university I saw a sign saying don't

look directly into the laser beam with

your remaining life German sends off for

more German mentality is deeply shaped

by the spirit of Goethe's Faust the

desire to understand whatever holds the

world together in its innermost faults

and I felt this desire to when I was 10

I took my canary in its cage outside

during a thunderstorm just to check if

Faraday was right

and you want the bird wasn't struck by

lightning it died of a heart attack

anyway later the day I peed on an

electric fence to prove Ohm's law I'm

sure you all know they are all found off

the German resistance and during this

time I also got a pretty good idea of

how relativity theory works which says

time passes slower or faster depending

on the space or as I should I put it the

length of one minute

depends delicately on at which side of

the toilet door you are did you know

that Angela Merkel our Chancellor she's

a physicist as well and some say next to

her I'm the second German physicist who

works in comedy business and inspired by

her style my show is called sexy science

and this is definitely not a

contradiction because science is in no

way abstract or free of emotions science

is about asking thrilling questions why

is the sky blue

why is the night black why shouldn't we

eat yellow snow the basic idea of

science is very simple scientific

thinking is basically the testing of

assumptions that's it for example if I

say there's B in the fridge and I go in

check I'm behaving like a scientist big

difference to theology in theology

assumptions are usually not verified so

if I say there's been in the fridge and

don't check I'm a theologian if I check

it out I'm a scientist if I look into

the fridge find no beer and still say

it's there that's new H people are very

good at believin [ __ ] as a physicist

enough mass so what do you think of

astrology advance is always the same

sorry I don't believe in astrology

because I'm a very skeptical person

which is typical for a Scorpio

it's crazy 21% of all German men are

convinced that astrology is as valid as

quantum physics and in women it's 107

percent I was born and raised in a

remote village in Bavaria for the

Americans of area it's like Texas

without guns and the name of my hometown

is called a beautiful name isn't it

armor like the Roman god of love that's

why we have four thousand citizens

sharing three family names city of love

and it's also very Catholic area very

religious people there and I can

remember when I was a child

I was forced to go to the Holy Mass

every Sunday and of course I did only

once in my childhood did I dare to skip

and three days later the Pope died I

felt guilty for years but I managed to

get rid of my superstition because I was

curious I always wanted to know what's

behind the curtain when I was 17 me and

a few pals went to Frankfurt for the

first time and for me it was a culture

shock we walk through park and suddenly

we noticed amount of syringes lying on

the lawn and I thought to myself all

those poor diabetics

and then we went into a stripper and for

me it was like a revelation I said in

the first row staring at the stage and I

thought to myself don't dance us in the

southern hemisphere turn around the pole

in the opposite direction and that's why

I decided to study physics as a

physicist you have to deal with a lot of

stereotypes if you watch the movie

angels and demons in Germany it's it's

Illuminati right at the beginning

there's a very attractive female

particle physicist who creates an amount

of antimatter powerful enough to destroy

a big city and from a scientific

perspective this is complete [ __ ]

I've studied physics for six years but I

never met such an attractive females

with modern science we flew to the moon

we cured epidemics and we decoded our

entire DNA since then we know that every

single person in the world she has 99.9%

of their genetic material with every

other person which means we are

literally all related Germans Brits

Americans even the French isn't that


with the help of science we've come to

know very well how our entire world

works but we still have not the

slightest clue why it actually works why

there something like atoms or natural

constants or david has love we have no

idea but that's okay because science

cannot explain everything and it isn't

it all perfect it's just the best we

have once I asked the old priest from my

childhood in amoeba father what did God

do before he created the world and he

looked me straight in the eye and said

he prepared hell for people who asked

questions like this

I think this is the biggest difference

between religion and science believers

constantly provide ready-made answers

scientists constantly provide questions

why does everybody call our Catholic

priest Father except for his own

children they call him uncle

good questions are subversive creative

and uncomfortable but the answers lead

to completely new perspectives richard


famous Nobel Prize winner once said

science is a long story about learning

not to fool ourselves only 400 years ago

every hurricane every disease everything

that lie beyond the normal was thought

to be witchcraft today modern science

gives us profound explanations of

phenomena that were reason enough to

burn women for hundreds of years the

biggest gift of science is teaching us

how to free our minds so stay skeptical

be curious ask questions thank you




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