July 22, 2024

Who Can MAKE The BEST STORE At Home - Challenge

Published May 28, 2023, 7:20 p.m. by Liam Bradley

It's official, the best store at home challenge by FaZe rug is now open! This is your chance to show off your home store making skills and compete for a chance to win a $5,000 prize.

The challenge is simple, create the best store possible using only items found in your home. You can use any room in your house, and there is no limit to the number of items you can use.

To enter, simply post a photo or video of your store on social media using the hashtag #BestStoreAtHome. The contest will run from now until June 30th, and the winner will be announced on July 1st.

So what are you waiting for? Start gathering your supplies and get to work! Good luck to all the participants, and we can't wait to see your amazing stores.

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yo what is going on guys it's your boy

faze rug and today we're gonna be doing

a brothers versus sisters challenge with

the montoya twins

i think we're the actual twins here i

don't know if you can tell i don't know

i think we like actually came out the

womb together

all right so we're gonna see who can

make the better store we have a bunch of

restaurants on this wheel and whatever

you land on that's the store you have to


all right brandon you spin you want me

to be yeah come on okay okay what do you

want i used to work that subway so i

feel like my experience will help

all right hey give us subway come on


automatic dub right there guys leave in

the comment section down below who you

think is gonna win we need two different

locations on where we're gonna make the

restaurants and the kitchen is the best

location and we have another guest room

so we should like flip a coin to see who

gets what okay what do you guys want

heads or tails heads like i get you guys

are twins but how do you talk they talk

at the same same time

if you guys get heads you guys get to

choose where you want to build your

restaurant okay ready


i want

oh no you guys should pick like the

guest room it's pretty it's nice i don't


all right you guys get the kitchen we

get the guest suite okay to start off

the video we'll have an hour to build

your restaurant and make it look as nice

as possible because that factors in with

the judging

i actually still have my subway uniform

no way all right yo guys 60 minutes make

this kitchen into a mcdonald's brandon

take our subway to the other room good

luck guys

to determine the winning restaurant we

have a panel of judges there will be

three challenges throughout the video

and the best two out of three will win

it's all up to the judges all right this

is the room we got i like this more than

the kitchen it's more cozy first things

first we gotta change it to our uniforms

oh my god we're ready to get started and

decorate our restaurant i already think

we got this in the bag because we're the

cuter siblings wait where are our

uniforms brian we got uniforms at the

bottom we have to dress up like a subway


not off to the best start here but let's

get to unpacking what the hell is that


i think it should go like

dead center right here yes i think menu

should go on the stove okay yeah that

looks good put it in the middle here

that's the only decorations we have for

our restaurant

to be honest i'm starving no you can't

eat your own product grilled chicken

that's unsanitary fun

that's what now that's unsanitary why is

there freaking turkey on the floor it's

not grilled chicken okay we're just

about done but first i'm gonna lay out

some slices of cheese over here on the

cutting board

this is my cheese platter

brian brian please i love your inventory

hopefully the judges only want one


all righty all we finally finished our

mcdonald's restaurant and it came

together so well we're gonna show you

guys right now

okay so when you first come in obviously

you see the lovely mcdonald's sign in

our menu we have a tip jar that's

already full because businesses pop in

and we haven't even opened and then we

have a whole cash register like look we

have our money and everything we have

the drive-through headset our decor and

then we come this way and this is our

kitchen we have all of our boxes and

everything to set up so we can actually

put the food in the bags like we

actually work at mcdonald's and then you

come this way our chicken nuggets are

cooking up so they're not cold yeah the

plastic tray in the oven everything's

fresh over here

all right guys here's the official tour

of our subway i think we did a pretty

good job what do we got starting here

obviously gloves because we got to be

sanitary first you give them the option

you know if they want a bag of chips the

chips are always at the front in a

subway so they can choose that that is

our sandwich making station and here are

all the condiments and toppings to put

on the sandwich and if they want to

drink they can grab a drink we just

don't have a soda fountain so hopefully

they don't want to drink we got the menu

on the tv as well oh wait brian let's

not forget to tell them what is going to

separate our restaurant oh from the

twins restaurant we have something

special we got an automatic dub a

drive-through we got some go-carts here

if no one wants to come in they could

literally drive around order through

this door let's go that's going to

secure us the dub no 100 we're going to

need you all to rate our subway down

below i think we crushed it i don't know

what theirs looks like though me either

for the first challenge each team will

have to make an item off their menu but

one person will be blindfolded the

siblings must work together to make the

best looking sandwich or burger okay so

we decided that micah will be

blindfolded and i will be guiding her

throughout the kitchen we're gonna do

chicken nuggets because that way we

don't have to like assemble anything

it's a win-win situation for us

where'd you go fam okay can you see

absolutely not bro

okay so open it

i don't even need to tell her anything

like she's got this i already have like

brian's floor plan remember

my head so yeah that's the counter don't

drop them because i need to serve them

do you just do a 10 piece because i one

two three nine ten okay bread uh-huh yes

oh my god now you're gonna need to get

the knife to open the bread all right

brandon says this can be dangerous how

about you just cut the bread in half

okay okay oh my gosh well if the bread

wasn't expired it would have been easier

oh no he got it dude now it's on you i

can't help you anymore you go straight

into the microphone wait oh it's already

okay you left it open

i don't know where i don't know how to

work this microwave

a little bit

okay what are we putting on the sandwich

grilled chicken yes yes here yes yes yes

uh-huh okay we could use a little bit

more chicken though okay i did good is

that enough yeah

doing a bag with 10 pieces

you already counted them i know i'm

making sure

that boiling which stacked them up

can i tell you where it is

thank you yes good good you're actually

doing good good okay you want to toast

it obviously right yeah walk uh diagonal

i don't think our oven is big enough for

the football oh it's so small it's not

sure we cut it in half okay you'll feel

the oven like it's already open okay

uh-huh you could turn it on that's not

cheating put it for what like 30 minutes

i'm joking

put the fries down

rise to your rights don't knock them


the bag nicely

all right open the thing pull that out

not too much it'll fall on your foot

please sit on the tray this is it yup

cheese is melted chicken is cooked okay

what veggies do you want throw all of

them in there you start with the lettuce

yo brian's actually doing good

we're here okay yeah and lastly is the

onion the last thing is the sauce mayo

one behind it okay there that's mayo

yeah that should be fine

tell me when to start okay okay i'll fit

in there i'm not too good at this

done let's see if you can get the

wrapping done while blindfolded oh not

bad are we pretty much done can i take

the blindfold off yeah should we get a

drink with the order or what let's give

them a drink but why not we got some

coke all right guys we got the meal

prepped here we got the judges waiting

outside and hopefully we take round one

we have prepared you the first meal

these are the montoya twins parents no

biased opinions please do my best i'm

gonna like

hold on hold on hold on wow that looks

so good oh nice oh my gosh that's a

great bite i'm actually going to skip

this part because i don't eat chicken i

will take this cucumber oh what did you

think about the sandwich it was kind of

dry other than the dryness it was it was

decent it's pretty good okay all right

cool i like that i like that yeah i feel

like you just take a bite of the bread

chicken oh okay okay i mean it tastes

good i think i could use a little bit

more chicken and lettuce it's fine we'll

take the criticism so what we're gonna

do now is you guys are gonna try the

mcdonald's and then after that you'll

tell us which one you like more for

round one since it took you guys so long

to eat that big old sandwich our nuggets

got cold it definitely looks really nice


try french fry yes there's even sauce

they're a little cold the fries are a

little soggy i'm gonna try a nugget

that's good do you try it with the sauce

you try the drink


it's chug


we're going down the line mcdonald's or

subway for the first round i'll go first

i'm gonna be so honest yes thank you so

much man i'm gonna go with mcdonald's


both meals were really good and i'm just

going to say subway yeah

let's go i think rug has been very

hospitable but these nuggets are fire


hey it's all good you guys have one

point now the comeback starts now let's

go for the second challenge the judges

will rate each restaurant based on

customer service appearance and how

clean your store is all right judges

welcome to our subway hello are these

pre-made sandwiches for us

but yeah this is our subway we have the

menu on the tv here we got all the chips

laid out one cookie because we had two

of them you can have it oh thank you

some nights you know you guys just want

to chill be in your pj you don't want to

get down at a restaurant right no our

subway actually has drive-through with


okay okay

we're just having renovation issues

right now if you do want to order on

your very own go-kart what's crazy about

it is you guys get to actually keep the

go-karts too oh that's it

absolutely it's very professional i like

it welcome to our mcdonald's our

restaurant as you can tell looks very

futuristic we got white marble

countertops super modern we have 100

tips because we do so great over here

and if you follow us right this way

here's our lovely clean kitchen

hello i think he's taking your tip yeah

what are you guys talking about

at somewhere you buy a sandwich you get

a free go-cart we thought those chips

are fresh no we just oh yeah

no no you can keep them this is where we

fry our fries i am loving this customer

service i know they're pretty amazing

well thank you so much mcdonald's we

hope you're mick loving it all right

judges we're back you guys think

i'm gonna give it to subway on this one

we all got go-karts he gave me a free

sandwich subway was nice i really

enjoyed the atmosphere mcdonald's had

marble tops and a cheese board i think

i'm gonna go with mcdonald's on this one


it's all down to pops here though in

both restaurants the employees are very

uh clean subway tickets yeah

let's go baby

it's one to one so it's down to the last

and final challenge to see who wins the

entire competition for the final round

we are doing the twin challenge where

each team will wear one shirt and use

one hand to complete a different meal in

five minutes we got our first customer

going through the drive-through hey

welcome to subway sir how you doing good

man can i get some of those uh nachos

that i've seen on your video oh yeah i

made some subway nachos it was a life

hack we can make some delicious that's

on the secret menu hey you got us for

the last round see how the nachos turn

out all right coming right up welcome to

mcdonald's can i get a big mac please

i'm actually nervous for this because we

actually have to cook the meat

oh no no no no

so we put the paper on we open the nacho

cheese doritos

that's all it comes here there's another

bag what the

this should be enough oh wait wait wait

glows you think he's like baking out

there it's so hot maybe i can form it

where did our customer go

look how juicy it is it's going to fall

apart when i flip it try it

oh my god

how many uh scoops of queso oh

go ahead

gotta cheese this bad boy up okay

mozzarella cheese

we put more cheese than the actual

nachos if he's lactose this is not good

sir i'm gonna have you pull up to the

table over there and we'll bring them

out as soon as they're done thank you

sir all right thank you we'll see you

soon all right oh my gosh it looks so

bad it's just boring

i don't know if that looks right okay

that's almost certain it's so floppy

only using one hand is so hard to be

different let's put it like whole really

yeah trust me is this gonna fit in there

this doesn't look right if the paper

doesn't melt into the food we're good

oh no i'm about to cook another one this

one's done put it on the keyboard and

then just round it out

this is cooking so much faster let's put

the sauce on the ones these are even oh

my gosh they're not even open

my head that's going to produce that's

perfect i just need a butter knife

that's a lot

oh my gosh ew my they put it on the bun

that's the patty okay

oh it smells like parchment paper oh oh

wait okay we might have just did


oh hold on hold on hey oh smells like oh

smells like cheese cheese this is our

finished product if we had the right

ingredients we would have made it better

but i think we're still taking the dub

oh oh



this is something i wouldn't even like

try it's so tiny you can put the other

one put it on the clean board yeah

that is load it up with pickles everyone

always likes extra pickles okay

yes sir

are you ready all right it's juicy it

looks good though it looks like actual

big mac let's head on now for the final

round this is it what is that freaking

big mac so you can recognize what we

made yeah because it's so basic

what it's nachos y'all didn't even try

all depends on what it tastes like well

no the presentation is a part of it

we're gonna go ahead and start with like

the losing dish okay cool there you go

all right here we go yeah you can go

first oh yeah

family bike

yeah it's really good he said it's

really good really good

that was a baby bite no but it's really

good it's really good

hold on hold on save some appetite for

the nachos oh no

i like the presentation of that oh sorry

it's fine it's fine that's a good bite

it tastes like it looks all right

i feel like it's good because they're

doritos right

yeah oh yeah this is it

she likes it she likes it i'm not mad


yeah would you say it's delicious it's

not bad so like if you saw that on the

menu would you be like get me one of


it's good what if we pay you to eat it

this is the final round there's no more

bribes this is like a legitimate answer

it's time to see who won the entire

competition and who opens the actual

better store i feel like my judging's

not fair i didn't really eat any of the

meat but i'm gonna base my decision off

of just presentation customer service

and let's share your way

i'm going to give this to ferraris and

face right yeah

don't leave it down to pops again she is

i gotta go with the big mac

it's delicious i'm about to finish it so

that's one-to-one oh


got the gold card you ordered the nachos

this is it right here i've tried them


and uh


they don't even celebrate we knew first

of all twin telepathy number one to ten

right now three two one seven no

okay one to ten count us down okay three

two one

hey the montoya twins are the winners of

this challenge

everyone make sure you subscribe to

their youtube channel thank you guys for

coming out


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