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20 EASY FREEZER MEALS | Cheap & Tasty FAIL-PROOF Freezer Meal Planning Ideas | Julia Pacheco

Published May 29, 2023, 12:20 a.m. by Courtney

Are you looking for some easy and cheap freezer meals that are both tasty and failproof? If so, then you'll definitely want to check out this article! I've gathered 20 of my favorite freezer meal recipes that are perfect for busy families or anyone who wants to have a few quick and easy meals on hand. From casseroles to soups to slow cooker recipes, there's something here for everyone. And the best part is that all of these recipes can be made ahead of time and then simply popped into the oven or slow cooker when you're ready to eat. So why not give one or two of these a try? You'll be glad you did!

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thank you

hey there summer is right around the

corner this year and let's be honest it

is going to be super duper hot so what I

am going to be doing today is I am going

to be filling my freezer with about 20

freezer meals I'm going to be making a

variety of like slow cooker meals

casseroles and sheet pan meals so that

way when the summer hits and it's really

hot and I don't know what I'm going to

make for dinner I could just pull one of

those meals on my freezer cook it up and

it just can't get any easier than that

dinner is served and I'm also trying to

make these meals as budget friendly as

possible and as easy as possible so if

you've never made freezer meals before I

promise you could do it you got this

let's go get started to start us off

today we are making one of my favorites

this fiesta chicken casserole and if

you're new to meal prepping prepping

casseroles is super duper easy I promise

to get this recipe started you'll need

about four pounds of cooked shredded

chicken I'm just cooking my chicken up

in the instant pot then I'll shred it

from there but if you wanted to you

could cook up your chicken on the stove

or buy a rotisserie chicken and then I

added a cup of water to my instant pot

and two tablespoons of taco seasoning

I'm going to cook this on high pressure

for about 25 minutes now that my chicken

is cooked through I removed any liquid

from my instant pot then I just shredded

it up once my chicken was nicely

shredded I let it completely cool down

and then I added it into this large bowl

next I'm going to add in about four cans

of drained corn and I do want to let you

know for all of these recipes today I am

time seeing them by four so I am making

four different meals out of all these

recipes this is going to really help you

save a lot of money when you're meal

prepping and then it will save you time

because you're making so many more meals

just at one time so it's just great I

definitely suggest that I also added in

four cans of diced tomatoes with green

chilies 4K hands of drained and rinsed

black beans four cans of cream of

chicken soup and four cups of instant

white rice you do want to make sure you

use the instant white rice it makes a

difference then I added in about four

tablespoons of taco seasoning and I gave

this a really good stir I have my four

aluminum tins right here I'm going to be

adding the casserole in all of those

tins I'm going to try to do it as even

as possible and I definitely recommend

you using aluminum tins when you're meal

prepping just because you know sometimes

when you put glass in the freezer and

then you bake it from Frozen the glass

will shatter so I definitely recommend

the aluminum tins over the top I'm

sprinkling one cup of shredded cheddar

cheese over each casserole and then

cover this tightly with aluminum foil

and if you're wondering at all today

well how long will these last in the

freezer you know what that's a really

good question I always like to leave

them in my freezer for up to to three

months the quality of the food and the

flavor in the texture is just best up to

three months of course you could leave

them in your freezer longer than that I

just always recommend three months

another thing that I like doing is I

like to write on a little piece of paper

what the meal is the cooking

instructions and I just tape it right on

top of the aluminum foil the reason why

I do this is because nine times out of

ten I just forget how long to cook it

for and what's in my freezer but I put

this in a preheated oven to 350 degrees

covered in foil for 60 minutes then I

uncover it and bake it for an additional

15 minutes and this is from Frozen and

this tastes like it has not been frozen

it is so good and flavorful we like to

top it with our favorite kind of like

taco toppings it is great

now we're making this delicious

fail-proof easy shepherd's pie you're

going to want to start out with about

three to four pounds of ground beef add

it right into a large pot and break that

ground beef up and cook it through once

it's completely cooked through remove

any excess grease in your pot now I'm

going to add in about four diced yellow

onions and then for the veggies I'm

keeping it really easy I'm adding in two

12 ounce Frozen bags of peas and carrots

then you're going to want to add in one

six ounce can of tomato paste and I

learned this little trick it is the best

way to empty a can of tomato paste open

both sides and take the lid off the top

and then push the bottom part of the can

out and then boom there you go all the

tomato paste is out of the can and you

have no waste I also added in two cups

of beef broth three tablespoons of

Worcestershire sauce then for the

seasonings two tablespoons of dried

thyme two tablespoons of dried rosemary

a half a tablespoon of black pepper and

a tablespoon of salt I gave this a

really good stir to combine the

ingredients now it's time to assemble

our Shepherd's pies as you could see I'm

making four Shepherd's pies today so I'm

just going to evenly distribute the

ground beef mixture out then I'll spread

it out to the best of my abilities and

as you probably know you put some mashed

potatoes over the top of the shepherd's

pie and making this much mashed potatoes

wouldn't it be super easy so I bought

these pre-made mashed potato containers

from Walmart they were right around four

dollars and I definitely recommend you

doing it just because all you have to do

is open the container of mashed potatoes

and spread it out on top of the ground

beef layer over the top of the mashed

potatoes layer I'll add one cup of

shredded cheddar cheese and then I'll

cover each of these aluminum tins with a

tight layer of aluminum foil and then

make sure you write on a little piece of

paper you know the cooking instruction

and what this shepherd's pie is so all I

wrote is shepherd's pie and then how

long to bake this for bake it from

Frozen covered with foil in a preheated

oven to 350 degrees for 60 minutes then

uncover the foil and bake it for an

additional 10 minutes of course before

you bake it make sure you take off the

little label and the tape



pie is one of those meals that my infant

and toddler both love also this

shepherd's pie is so good when you bake

it from Frozen it definitely does not

have that Frozen taste about it it is


slow cooker freezer meals are another

type of freezer meals that are so easy

to prepare but they are just amazing

when it comes time for dinner time so

now we're making this chicken with wild

rice and vegetables I started out by

labeling all four of my large gallon

size freezer bags and as you see I am

just hooking the freezer bags onto my

baggie holders right here they're like

the green clip things if you don't have

bag holders I'll leave mine linked for

you guys in the description box below

this video If you want to get yourself

some but if you don't have any you could

also just use like large containers like

this Nesquik container or this clear

container to hold up your bags to make

it easier to put some food in them so

into each of my four bags I'm adding in

two large chicken breasts my chicken

breasts are frozen I've found it is just

easier to handle frozen chicken breast

when making a bunch of freezer meals

like this then I added in about a

tablespoon of minced garlic in each bag

next add in one cup of wild rice make

sure it's not the instant rice just the

regular wild rice


now I'm adding a half a cup of diced

yellow onion into each bag and then

you'll add in a half a cup of frozen

peas next add in a half a cup of chopped

celery and then the last veggie I'm

adding in is one cup of sliced carrots I

just kind of use like the carrot chips

that they sell at the store but any type

of carrots would really work and then

for the seasonings I added in a teaspoon

of pepper in each bag a half a

tablespoon of salt a teaspoon of dried

thyme and a teaspoon of dried oregano

that is all you have to do now you could

just seal up your bags and place them in

the freezer I do want to let you know I

made sure to write on each of my bags to

add in two cups of chicken broth when

adding it into my slow cooker I've had a

couple freezer bags in the past rip on

me when I add like broth or water into

the bag so I just made sure to write on

the bag so I didn't forget to add in my

broth but here's what it looks like when

it comes time to cooking your freezer

meal so I just add the chicken and the

veggies and rice right into my slow

cooker and then I am adding in the two

cups of chicken broth right now that is

all you have to do I'm going to cook

this on high for about two and a half

hours or until my chicken's cooked and

the rice is tender I just shredded my

chicken up in a separate bowl once it

was cooked and now I'm going to add in

about one cup of shredded cheddar cheese

the cheese is optional but I do like

adding it in and then there you go all

you have to do is serve up now this is

so good and flavorful I know it's not

the most gorgeous meal in the world but

seriously you'll be eating bowls and

bowls of this like me

now we're prepping a sheet pan dinner

and if you know me you know how much I

love sheet pan meals we're making this

sausage with veggies so I have four

packages of kielbasa sausage right here

I'm slicing it into smaller discs just

like this now for my veggies I'm just

going to cut up about five yellow onions

and eight bell peppers I'm slicing those

veggies and now I have my large gallon

size bags right here I made sure to

label my bags and now I'm placing the

bags in my baggie holder and then my

clear container and I was planning on

eating one of these sheet pan meals in

the next couple days so I just prepared

one of the sheet pan meals just on a

sheet pan with parchment paper and then

I froze it from there but into each of

the bags and on my sheet pan I added

some of the onions the peppers and then

about a pound of golden potatoes in each

bag make sure you cut the potatoes into

smaller pieces and then I placed some of

the sausage evenly into each bag and

then I added my seasonings and I kept it

simple with the seasonings just added

some salt pepper garlic powder and

oregano and then that was all you have

to do for this sheet pan dinner seal up

the bags and then place it into your

freezer and then for the sheet pan

dinner that I was eating in a couple

days I just placed it into the freezer

after giving it a good stir



this is how I recommend baking sheet pan

dinners from Frozen so just pull out a

sheet pan line it with parchment paper

spray the parchment paper with a little

bit of oil spray and then I like to take

out the freezer bag about 10 minutes

before I bake it in the oven just that

way it gives it a little bit of time to

thaw so the sausage and the peppers just

don't stick together and then after

placing it on the sheet pan I like to

spray the top of everything with a

little bit of oil spray then bake this

in a preheated oven to 350 degrees for

about 30 to 40 minutes or until the

potatoes are tender and seriously this

sheet pan dinner is so easy to prepare

it really is delicious and this dinner

is a total crowd pleaser

I love barbecue chicken so much at this

time of year so now we're preparing this

slow cooker barbecue chicken it is my

favorite slow cooker barbecue chicken

recipe after I labeled my bags and

placed them on my bag holders I added

about two large chicken breasts into

each bag I do want to let you know if

you need more chicken for your family or

less chicken you could always add more

or less then I added in a half a cup of

barbecue sauce into each bag any type or

any brand of barbecue sauce will work

next add in a third a cup of Italian

dressing in each bag again any type of

Italian dressing will work seal up the

bags and then that is all you have to do

you have four Dinners Ready to Go on a

crazy busy day it really can't get any

easier than this to meal prep this



I knew the other day was going to be an

extra busy day I had to take my car to

the shop so in the morning I pulled out

this freezer meal placed it in my slow

cooker in this cooked on low for six

hours once it was through cooking I just

shredded up the chicken and gave this a

really good stir we like to serve this

in hamburger buns but you could serve

this barbecue chicken over salads or any

way you want to it is so good I have

plenty more videos like this on my

channel so make sure you're subscribed

down below the video I'll see you in the

next one bye for now


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