Sept. 23, 2023

3 Scary REAL Sports Horror Stories

Published May 29, 2023, 8:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

Chilling Scares presents: 3 scary real sports horror stories

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are falling, the air is crisp and, most importantly, Halloween is just around the corner. What better way to get into the spooky spirit than by reading some scary stories?

And what could be more spine-tingling than tales of terror involving sports? That’s right, sports horror stories.

From cursed athletes to murderous fans, these stories will have you thinking twice about your favorite pastime. So, without further ado, here are 3 scary real sports horror stories.

1. The Curse of the Bambino

The Boston Red Sox were one of the most successful teams in baseball in the early 1900s, winning five World Series titles. But in 1918, they made a fateful decision that would come back to haunt them for over 80 years.

The team sold Babe Ruth, aka the Bambino, to the New York Yankees. And, as they say, the rest is history.

The Yankees would go on to become one of the most successful teams in baseball, winning an unprecedented 27 World Series titles. Meanwhile, the Red Sox would be cursed, failing to win a single title for 86 years.

It wasn’t until 2004 that the “Curse of the Bambino” was finally broken, when the Red Sox won their first World Series in 86 years.

2. The Black Sox Scandal

The Chicago White Sox were one of the best teams in baseball in the early 1900s. They won the World Series in 1917 and were heavy favorites to win again in 1919.

But, in what would come to be known as the “Black Sox Scandal”, eight members of the team were accused of throwing the World Series in exchange for money from a gambling syndicate.

The players were acquitted in a criminal trial, but they were all banned from baseball for life. The scandal rocked the baseball world and forever tarnished the reputation of the White Sox.

3. The Murder of Olympic Figure Skater Nancy Kerrigan

In 1994, American figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was the victim of a brutal attack. Just days before the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, she was clubbed in the knee with a metal baton by an assailant.

The attacker turned out to be an associate of Tonya Harding, another American figure skater who was Kerrigan’s main rival. Harding was later stripped of her titles and banned from figure skating for life.

Kerrigan recovered from her injuries and went on to win a silver medal at the 1994 Winter Olympics. The attack and subsequent trial were a media circus, and the story was turned into a Hollywood movie called “Tonya and Nancy: The Inside Story”.

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my girlfriend and i have been together

for about a year now

we were both 19 at the time and i was

home alone this night

if i remember correctly it was a

wednesday when she texted me asking me

to do her a favor

now she had a younger brother dustin who

was 10

and at the time her parents were out of

town she asked me

if i could bring dustin to his baseball

game and drive him back afterwards as

she was swarmed with homework

and she said she couldn't find time to

do it herself i of course agree

yes i didn't have anything planned that

night and dustin and i actually got

along pretty well the game started at


so i showed up at 6 30 to take dustin to

the field

the whole layout of the place was really

weird you had to park in this parking

lot and walk about five minutes on this

path just to get to the field

we live in a pretty forested area so the

whole place was surrounded in trees

once we finally got to the field dustin

went off to go to his team

and i proceeded to walk over to the


the game lasted a pretty long time and

went into a few extra innings

by the time it was finished it was pitch

black outside

dustin had to talk to his coach about

something so we were the last ones to

head to the parking lot

now that the light to the field was

turned off pretty much all you could see

were trees

if i'm being honest it was a pretty

creepy setting but

we started to head back as we were

walking back a notification popped up on

my phone

it was my girlfriend asking where we

were i responded saying the game lasted

a while

but we were now heading back to the

parking lot as we kept walking down the


dustin stopped me he pointed in front of

us and said

dude do you see that i stopped

it was insanely dark but i squinted i

saw the outline of a figure standing in

the distance

as my eyes focused i noticed the dude

walk off the path into the trees

though i pretended not to see it as i

didn't want to freak dustin out

i just told him i didn't see anything so

we kept walking

as we passed the part where the figure

was i could swear i heard rustling in

the trees next to us

i didn't say anything and we just kept


about a minute later we made it to the

car i reached in my pocket to grab my


but i felt nothing my heart dropped

realizing that they had probably fallen

out of my pocket when i sat down on the


i thought about going back for them when

dustin once again pointed out that he

saw some figure on the path

at that point i realized going back for

them wasn't an option

whatever that figure was really

disturbed me i mean

it was insanely late on a wednesday

night who would just sit in the middle

of the forest

we both agreed it was best to just walk

home as it was only like a 15 minute


i just worry about finding my car keys

in the morning

so we started walking it was on a

straight stretch of neighborhood roads

with a decent amount of street lights

i looked back and that's when i saw the

figure again

this time since there was more light i

could tell it was a dude maybe mid-30s

he was just standing there underneath

one of the street lights looking up at


he was playing with something in his

hands i looked closer and realized it

was a knife

we were both extremely disturbed at that

point though we kept walking

checking behind us constantly i noticed

the guy seemed to be moving to a new

streetlight whenever i turned around

initially i thought it was my eyes

playing tricks on me but i started

counting them

and realized five street lights behind

us had quickly turned to three

i could hear the guy started faintly

making groaning sounds

i was absolutely terrified we picked up

the pace a bit and turned a corner we

were now on the last stretch of street

before we got to my girlfriend's house

that's when we heard heavy footsteps

charging down the path behind us

the guy was literally now running

towards us we immediately broke into a


once we got to my girlfriend's house we

crouched down behind a bush in the front


i spammed her phone with messages to

open the front door

about a minute later i heard the door

start to open and me and dustin booked

it inside

i immediately went to the window facing

the street and we saw the guy

the guy was now in the middle of the

street just circling around

he was still groaning i could tell he

still had that knife in his hand

he started kicking people's trash bins

over we called the police immediately

but of course he was gone by the time

they arrived

and as far as i know they never found

him i had to have my girlfriend bring me


and on the way i told her everything

later that week

her parents would thank me for keeping

their son safe and didn't hold any ill

will against me for this situation

i also went back to the field a few days

later this time with a few of my friends

and sure enough there my keys were lying

on the ground next to the bleachers

overall the whole situation was insanely


whoever was following us that night

clearly wasn't in their right mind


this was back when i played basketball

in middle school

i was in eighth grade and we had a lot

of games that season

so it wasn't uncommon to have three or

four games fit into a single week

it was a monday and we had a home game

against one of our rival schools at 8

that night

no we almost never played games that

late but

at the time our second gym was under

construction so

all the younger teams had to play before

us on the main gym which caused our game

to get pushed back pretty late

i remember the score was close pretty

much the whole game

though we lost after giving up a decent

lead in the last few minutes

we all headed to the locker room to get

our stuff which was in the basement of

the building

as i opened my locker my coach called me

to his office

so i followed him to another part of the


he wanted to talk to me about my plans

for pursuing basketball in high school

and just some general stuff like that we

talked for around 10 minutes

and when we were done i realized

everyone else had left we were the only

ones in the basement at that point

if i'm being honest it was a pretty

creepy setting i mean

i do have classes in the basement but

that was always during the day

and never alone my coach left but i

still to get some stuff from my locker

and change my shoes

i walked into the locker room got my

stuff and proceeded to sit down to take

off my shoes

as i was untying them though i swear i

could hear someone walking down the

stairs to the basement

at first i just figured it was my coach

thinking he must have forgotten


but no i saw a man in a janitor uniform

now walking around the basement

i thought it was weird as i didn't think

school janitors worked this late

but i just reasoned it was possible that

they did as i hadn't even ever been in

the school this late

so how could i have known i quickly

forgot about it and continued changing

my shoes

that's when the man walked in the locker

room with a mop in his hand

we made eye contact but i quickly looked

back down at my shoes

i could tell the dude was just staring

at me i was insanely weirded out at that


i mean the guy wasn't even using the mop

he was just holding it and staring at me

this went on for a good 20 seconds when

i heard the guy walk over to the back

exit in the locker room

now the school basement had a couple

emergency exits

one of them being in the locker room the

guy opened the door

and that's when i knew i was in some

sort of danger three other dudes wearing


all black entered the room now at this

point not a single word had been


the four guys were now just looking at

me i could feel my heart pounding

without having much time to think i got

up and ran as fast as i could up the

stairs and to the school front door exit

no i swear the whole time i could hear

footsteps chasing me

when i got to the front door i looked

behind me but there was no one there

i walked outside and i saw an illegally

parked white van right next to the


though the parking lot itself was empty

i ran home that night

and the next day at school i told my

principal about the whole incident

but he honestly didn't seem like he

cared at all so nothing ever came of

this situation

to this day i still don't know what the

intentions of those guys were

or how the first guy even got in the

building but i could tell

just by the stare alone that those guys

gave me they didn't have good intentions


i live in a small town it was a friday


and every friday me and my younger

brother would go to a nearby elementary

school soccer field play soccer with

some of our friends

my brother was 10 and i was 12.

our parents weren't that strict and for

whatever reason the school would leave

their field lights on at night so we

would always play at night

i remember it was around 8 at night when

me and my younger brother made the

half-mile walk to the field

the route we took was pretty remote


we showed up met our friends and messed

around for about an hour

that's when i noticed a car show up and

pull up into the school parking lot

i thought it was weird but didn't

mention it to anyone

we continued with our game though the

whole time i would constantly glance

back at the car

it was just sitting there with its

headlights on that's when i noticed a


get out and walk up to some bleachers

near the field

he sat down and was now just watching

all of us

my friends who were now aware of the guy

pointed him out saying how weird it was

we tried to keep playing but honestly we

couldn't knowing some stranger was


us we all agreed to cut the game short

and just walk home as most of us felt

pretty uncomfortable

so we did me and my brother headed off

back towards home

we were walking for a while and i

quickly glanced behind us

i noticed the guy stood up no we just

continued our walk

up ahead of us was an unlit dirt road

that continued for a good part of the


i looked behind us again and that's when

i saw the dude now walking in our


i panicked but quickly figured he could

have been just walking back to his car

as it was in the same direction but that

hope was quickly shot down as i noticed

the guy walk

right past his car at that point i was

almost certain he was following us

i noticed my brother knew something was

wrong looking at my expression

now the dirt road we were on went

through a forest

and had a curve at the start of it once

we got to the curve i looked back

and noticed that for this little section

of the path we were out of the guy's


thinking fast i pulled my brother into

the woods and we ducked down behind some


a few seconds passed until we could see

the man's shadow coming down the road

he walked past us but then realizing we

were no longer in front of him he turned

back around

i was now 100 certain this guy was

following us

my heart was racing but i tried to keep

as quiet as possible

after a few minutes of searching the man

did find us

and finally gave up continuing forward

on the path

we stayed in the forest for a while

before getting the courage to come out

we walked the rest of the way home with

no problems though

the next time i saw my friends at school

i told them what happened

and to my horror almost every one of

them said they had a similar experience

on their way home

we all agreed it was best just to keep

it between us and not tell our parents

thinking back to that situation still

gives me chills to this day

i don't like to think what that guy's

intentions were that night


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