June 23, 2024

Embedded With Drug Gangs in Honduras | Developing News

Published May 29, 2023, 7:20 a.m. by Bethany

VICE news traveled to honduras to embedded with drug gangs and document the country's ongoing struggle with gang violence.

What we found was a country that is struggling to cope with the violence that has been inflicted upon it by drug gangs. The Honduran government has been working to crack down on the gangs, but they have been met with resistance.

The people we spoke to told us that the gangs are becoming more brazen and that the government is not doing enough to protect them. They also said that the drug gangs are becoming more powerful and that they are terrorizing the population.

We also spoke to some of the gang members themselves. They told us that they are just trying to make a living and that they are not interested in violence.

However, the reality is that the drug gangs are responsible for a lot of the violence in honduras. They are involved in turf wars and they often target innocent civilians.

The situation in honduras is dire and it is only getting worse. The government needs to do more to protect its citizens from the gangs and to crack down on the violence.

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look at her face she's already been

panicked she's scared she was already

heated with metal huge pot in the head

and some rocks if you look at her face

expression I believe she told this is

her last day


my name is gorinto masuch I am a

photographer I'm born in Belgrade

choose to go to Honduras

who are a city called San Pedro Sola

which has one of the highest murder

rates in the planet I met two main gangs

a marisolatrician MS-13 and Mario 18.

it was a gang member or MS-13 he was

posing with revolver he was holding a

marijuana for sale they also was dealing

the cocaine from the same house

who were killing people by others of

their gangs and they were telling me how

many people they killed and how they

fight I didn't really like the

atmosphere and I really want to do this

shoot quick and despair

this is a gang member of Marisol Allen

he was also one of sicarias this house

was a kind of hot spot of frequent

attack of Barrio 18. one moment I was

sitting there and he jumped and went to

window the guys noticed the police car

coming close to this house he jumped to

check and I saw these pictures he was

killed before they published these


thank you


when you look at his right everybody's

on the Killer

those young kids it's like 13 14. and it

is holding nine mil

the Young

but the murder people easy these guys

trigger help will shoot you without

hesitation if he needs to

or if he's in a bad mood so that's how

it is everyone else where your parents

are what they say why you hear but


in the gang Wireless

it said it's very sad

a Crossing to Libya from Egypt when I

was based at that time as soon as I

heard the rebels take over one of the

border crossings this was the beginning

of Arab Springer prizing in Libya it was

little chaos

I enter in one of the weapon Depot of

Gaddafi Army it was weapons all over and

it was fm2s and AKs all kinds of things

properly new from the boxes they were

trying to offer me not a pistol guns

Rockets start locking here as you know

boys I don't need that

he tried to take more than he can carry

this is not a symbolism in this picture

light is for me it's a happiness he's

looking at the light this guy is Happy

of having a gun

I was traveling west to the front line

we actually find group of rebels while

we were talking to them they captured

African boys accused of being

mercenaries fighting for Gaddafi

here in this situation the kick out

photographers but they let me stay they

slept a few times they put them on the

ground they put the pistol in the head

of this boy and interrogate him

after a while they put him on a truck

back and drive him a shower he was

terrified and it's normal when some put

gun in the head you cannot feel good I

felt really sorry for this boy I really

hope he survived but who knows

the rebels were heading toward Gaddafi


one moment Gaddafi will start shelling

with multiplied rocket launchers called

grad they start coming quite close

I saw it something flying

they all of them jumped like crazy I

couldn't believe when I'm shooting

what's happening you can see a huge

piece of shrapnel almost hit three guys

and it's a miracle how they escaped you

look at this distance between his his

huge piece it's massive would cut him in

half he was a lucky man

I don't know for how long but definitely

at the day

I was covering anti-government protest

and Burundi

a late president

wanted to provide for the third term as

a president and ended up massive

protests in the streets of bujumbura

I heard there is some protest already

started in one of the neighborhoods I

went there I found a group of protesters

charging at a police officer

apparently she shot a protester with AK

in the stomach

and everyone gets angry

her face she's already in panic she's

scared she was already heated with metal

huge pot in the head and some rocks if

you look at her face expression I

believe she thought this is her last day

things are happening so quick the mob

they get angry look at his face man he's

he's totally out of himself and this guy

and this guy is totally angry that was

total chaos

did you dump her down and they drag her

it was terrible

I cannot imagine what was in her head I

thought they're going to kill her after

this the the emotions come down

I think she was not killed simply

because journalist and photographer over

there but I believe he maybe saved her


I stopped this really young it was

already war in my country

good friends were killed and they did

pretty much shaped my life in


they learned very quickly that the only

way I can survive if I exclude the

emotions when you're working

that doesn't mean I don't care or I'm

not emotional but this is the only way

to do the job and survive otherwise you

are not capable of doing it


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