July 14, 2024

LUST LOVE & MONEY: CALI LUV | 2022 (New Hood Movies)

Published May 29, 2023, 9:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

Looking for the best hood movies of 2022? Look no further than Airplane Gang Films! Our new film, "Cali Luv", is set to be one of the biggest hits of the year. It's a story of love, lust, and money, set against the backdrop of the California hip hop scene. It's sure to be a must-see for fans of hood movies!

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greedy underdog

100 i get mafia on credit he was looking

like he needed it he ain't even had to

say it i put 93 inside the foreign cars

i smoke and let it put my pain inside

this paint my blood from whitney houston

texas i just backed our friend they told

him i ain't going steady i hit the

button all the odds before they feel

like they can press me got them throwing

in their toes i gave them bills [ __ ]

missing they are dumb for bad feel with

justice and it's heavy put a 20 on your

head i'm stepping

what's a team with no loyalty

better question what's a team without


hold on hold on before you roll before

you roll pull me some of that [ __ ] real

quick come on man are you playing don't

be playing


look who's back what up whatever

back in town yeah how was your trip

it's boring

it looks like i like it so man you came

back from alabama pie

nah man that that since maylene died i

don't [ __ ] know damn hey just know we

appreciate you appreciate you man just

focus on getting that money now you know

what i'm saying

oh [ __ ] speaking of cash i got something

for you

yeah rico want me to pass this to you


you came through hold on man a little

something extra i owe you


we take care of our own

and i tell you

the 12's ain't checking for me not cuz

because i'm too smooth out there they

can't check

me it i feel it

it's little stevie

what's up oh what they do man

what up

oh [ __ ] hold on man let's make some

money on the back end hold up

all right you know you gotta watch the

[ __ ] rico

yeah yeah yeah

you can't be meeting me in public places


what's up man what you got for me why i

got nothing for you bro

man you know i've been i've been here

for a little bit right

y'all gambling

ain't nothing going on man we playing


gambling too little rolling dice you

know what i mean

a little something

i'm pretty good rico pay me pretty well

[ __ ]

to be honest you might want to take this

and go get you some viagra my god

i'm good pretty well

and you're gonna be better than all of

us out here

nothing wrong with some extra put that

in your pocket juice up your image

i appreciate you rooster

no doubt let's go watch this van they'll

get up out of here

the van

man with all that extra money you have

in your hand right now and the money

that you probably make you still ain't

got no new whip

that's a part of my image my man can't

be buying on new whips out here like

that i'm discreet

stay low-key

what's up rico and he not here

i saw him earlier

man i don't know what you seeing but

rico ain't here bro we chilling bro

oh you know what go ahead and go on back

i'm gonna call answer well i answered


my div up out of here man i'm gonna get

with you

i appreciate you

be safe out there

my house

i forgot to grab my dice [ __ ] i love you

i don't trust you

and um

yeah hold on man all the time it's still

selling though

get up get back down here get more money

bro hold on

it right there right there let me see

come on [ __ ] phone five six head crack

[ __ ] pay me that cash

come on man see man yeah [ __ ] play

with you bro look at that bro always

[ __ ] cheating nah son

let me tell you something about life bro

stop paying attention to the dice man

watch your money

put something up bro put up a honey

run that [ __ ] back

just run that [ __ ] take this [ __ ] it

go ahead go ahead

ah [ __ ] mate [ __ ] yup yup

buy the fight here run it up bro run it

up put your money up bro put your money

up bro put your money up hold on hold on

put your money up


what about when the leader is the

smiliest of them all


i can't stand him

it's good steve

that was a weird ass handshake but

it's something all right

what's good with you bro i got your call

what you need

you already

what's good with you stevie

i'm chilling bro

like i said what you need


don't take this package over there

not [ __ ] emmett from the 19th street


yeah that's what i'm talking about is

there a problem

oh they you know they always on some

weird [ __ ] bree


where the [ __ ] manny at

wait wait is you scared or something no

i'm trying to go see them boys nah you

good you good i'm just letting you know

they always on some [ __ ]

you think i'm picking on you or


i'll call somebody else you know that


little bro nah you good you good i'm

just letting you know they always on

some [ __ ]

but i'ma get this [ __ ] done

but when i do this that means whatever

the [ __ ] you counting right there is

that gonna be my [ __ ]

no it ain't gonna be none of y'all you

know that what did you look man

play your position

come back a little later i need to i

need to talk to you about something see

what i mean

what kind of leader sends

his troop into unsafe territories


right here though

man this is exactly why

i don't like you

everybody's got to be there oh man just

be patient

we all got to be out here bro you don't

want to play


let me put some

get that [ __ ]



what's good my man

what's up man

[ __ ] just chilling my man

they load me up right now

headed to detroit

60 this time


you not nervous

nah but

you look like you are


what's going on my man

it hit this

i was

cracking no


yeah man

what's wrong with you

the 19th street boys took everything i

had everything they got to work

oh the [ __ ] work

i got about 90 saved up

probably just gonna have to take the l

and pay rico out of pocket

but i'm gonna get those 19 street boys

back just wait on

it it's a grown man game

[ __ ] you playing it well


you'll be up again man no time you good

i gotta dip out of here though man

i'll be back in three days

is it cool if i hold on to that

see you man

see you in a bit

be safe



this [ __ ] [ __ ] rico sent me over to

the 19th street boys the [ __ ] emmett

to go deliver his [ __ ] package

you wanna know why you sent me why

because neither you a [ __ ] rooster

was available apparently so i'm busy

doing what we were shooting dice earlier

what are you talking about i'm working

[ __ ] that's some [ __ ] you know that

right how did we get the money

rico don't do [ __ ] he's saying you

didn't do his work

that's what you talking about

[ __ ] all that how you don't get his

money back look i already i got i

already told [ __ ] rooster man y'all

got me always [ __ ] repeating what the

[ __ ] i be talking about

i told him i got 90 saved up that's it

i'm gonna have to come out of pocket

okay hey

you're gonna have to

yes you but guess what the 19th street

boys for that [ __ ] that they did

that little [ __ ] that walked up on me

in that slenderman looking [ __ ]

that snatched that bag from me and stole

my [ __ ]

oh yeah

they all gonna get this especially that

[ __ ] that pulled up the strap on



i don't know what the [ __ ] he looked

like and where he was that

you might straight [ __ ] where else

i don't know why you went there by

yourself man

and you got pushed on

no i pun i punched a small one oh i

pushed a small one

i was making sure nah but then i ran

around the corner later they ended up

i never seen one of them too



so look that's what we're gonna do we

gotta focus on getting that money back

first what i get back

now look the lobby boys they [ __ ] ready

to get infiltrated lobby boys run down

south i had 33rd

so you gonna go down there man

you're gonna see a [ __ ] in the hallway

i think his name lt or some [ __ ] tall

skinny [ __ ]

he ain't about nothing oh there's a

[ __ ] at the door

i don't know how many inside

when you go up there

he's handling your business i'll be

downstairs hold on [ __ ] hold the [ __ ]

on hold on hold on [ __ ] you talking

like you sending my ass up in there go

through this mission what you think i

would go up there

[ __ ] man you don't do [ __ ] [ __ ] i got

[ __ ] to do you see me working there's

all this [ __ ] in this kitchen what the

[ __ ] is that get back get back you're

gonna get popped in the air man

come on man

[ __ ] ain't no [ __ ] little ass kid

and secondly

if we gonna do this

you gotta do something too bro

that [ __ ] that's at the door i'm gonna

find out the information just because i

got you when i'm gonna do that [ __ ] and

i want this [ __ ] money so i gotta pay

out of my [ __ ] exactly so but take that

[ __ ] out at the door bro

all right i got you

oh trick don't let me the [ __ ] down

don't come on me on some mission [ __ ]

trying to send me in there get up out of

here trying to run [ __ ] man that's how

this [ __ ] bro come on man [ __ ] let me



bro let's get it i just sit in this

[ __ ] bro



yo i told you stop calling me on this


bro this the second phone you gave me

bro i have no information right now bro

manny is slick as hell but he's so

intelligent usually becomes useful in

every situation

this man

like what you see

you just doing man right

i'm going into my [ __ ] business

watch you talking to me


i got two on the couch you wanna travel

move fast

you get all this money [ __ ] where do we

get this right here

take this [ __ ] fighting that [ __ ] you

still smoke these hell no [ __ ] to try

that [ __ ] man in here [ __ ] dude

[ __ ]

[ __ ]

let's go

got my money

hey watch that attitude

sit down

no i'm good i think your man should sit

down like how are you behind me like

that that's pressure

keep your cool

ain't straight

all right

[ __ ]



[ __ ] up



this is so powerful


oh [ __ ] who is that

she thick

i can't believe that people are like

[ __ ]

i just want to highlight you for a

second is there a problem is there a


oh man what you doing later

i don't know why

because i might want to take you out or

something like that

somewhere nice like what you want to do


you want shrimp get you all the way nice

you want to have a seat real come on

sit down for a second hey

um i'm just trying to holla at you okay

what's that how's your day man they saw

me doing good yeah

you wanna rush like i can't i can't talk

to you and get to know you a little bit

well look i want to take you out

how's eight o'clock sound okay you want

to take who else out too

nobody damn that's why i'm talking to

you okay yeah but you be talking to

everybody else listen i'm giving you a

time of date

and all-in i want you to be ready by

eight minutes you play too much

i want you to be ready by eight that way

i'm gonna have you guys today 8 30. it's

my time

8 30 no no where you going

no no all right 8 30. all right

don't take too long to think about it

either call me

yeah i mean i'm the only one that did

all the [ __ ] dirty work if you ask me

that is [ __ ] always bro all you got

to do was stick him up

that's it probably i did way more than

that fam

you doing that lost rico money rico

ain't gonna put in no work

hey and i got the work for y'all [ __ ]

you got the work exactly one that did it

to get the work it wasn't for me we

wouldn't even have this [ __ ] right look

you didn't have to kill juice

that was your choice you have to live

with that

i don't really give a [ __ ] bro i'm ready

for all smoke that come my way and you

know that and why the [ __ ] you keep

looking at your phone [ __ ] i got a

business to handle we handling business

man count that money

hey so what you're gonna have to do now

you're gonna lay low for a couple months

you guys start telling me what i gotta

do you know what we gotta do

we gotta get this ac fix but we've been

in here for only like 30 seconds

man and i'm dying

man where the [ __ ] are you going so the

bathroom won't be back you got bubble

bits or some [ __ ]

what do you want from me

yo i meet with you every week bro

i mean with you every week bro

this is getting ridiculous man

i'm giving you all the information you



i don't know about that juice bro i

don't know nothing about that bro

i don't know who the lobby boys is

you said what

what the [ __ ]

oh this [ __ ] think it's a game

no honestly i'm you [ __ ] up

we're just looking at me

no man let me get him

man [ __ ] that [ __ ] i'm getting his ass

right now

where to [ __ ] that money at give me my

money [ __ ] [ __ ] you took my money off

the counter

why are you acting like that no you want

to treat me like a trap [ __ ] you won't

get trapped in the money [ __ ] you mean

you talking to the detective that's been

following me around huh

you know it's funny that i it took me a

while to put these two and two together

[ __ ]

missing you handling business huh i am

handling the business

you just snitched my [ __ ]

hey look

watch your mouth right

bro he's our friend we need him

why do you think we had that lobby boy

[ __ ] no no no no how do you think we had

that lobby boy [ __ ] and nothing happened

how do you think we get all this work in


we going doing [ __ ]

that's me

come on baby you got to play the game

you gotta play the game man you're the

biggest [ __ ] i've ever met man hey

[ __ ] you can never [ __ ] a


so i know you [ __ ] with her you standing

you still standing here you're watching

you talking to me talking about a snitch

well you guys can hang on your truck

like that man look i know she was on

i had to make sure i was good

if i had to use it don't worry i

wouldn't i'm scared

see i ain't strapped i'm ready

make sure you got my money bro you

wouldn't get a [ __ ] but this one catch

you later

this [ __ ] really punch me

hey come back with my money bro

the right amount

[ __ ] young [ __ ] man

oh [ __ ]


it seems like we could be on top

first and foremost

it's [ __ ] rico gotta [ __ ] go

we call top door man i'm 19 street

[ __ ] just hit you though nah [ __ ] that

[ __ ] rico


and then 19th street boys you speaking

of but they don't [ __ ] get theirs

okay i got it all planned out already

[ __ ] it i mean what's the play what do

you want to do about it let's go look

big vic

i didn't call you over here my guy to

tell you the plan for you to come with


out of respect cause you my bro

i just wanted to tell you the plan that

i'm gonna go in there and i'm gonna

handle it myself

man rico man that's

that's big business right there man it's

my business they jacked my [ __ ]

i had to pull the money out of my pocket

to pay rico

and with this [ __ ] getting weaker and


and rooster only being his way to get


my uncle game oh i just wanted to go out

of respect since you're my bro

to let you know what the play gonna be

and that everything's gonna be all right

he gotta go

hey yo


what's good

yeah i need to facetime you i need to

see your face

at this point

oh you won't put me on facetime


what's good

yeah you know what i want

you say what

because i told you what i need

we learned you something right now

you know that's why you're calling me

look i'm dropping money out this

[ __ ] right now you see it no you

see it

you see it stop playing with me


i see you

and that's why you zaddy

you want me to come through


i'll come see you a little later

what you gonna be doing

you know what i want when i get there


i'ma wear what you like and i'm gonna do

that thing

you like

girl you better stop playing with me

i mean how are we gonna do this you're

gonna come to me i'ma come to you

let me know when you make it home i'll

pull right up

i got you babe just like you got me

and i'm gonna leave the door open as

usual so you can just let yourself in

call me back all right

all right be safe


all right

man these girls keep [ __ ] with me

like that

look at all this money man


i'm rico around this [ __ ]





hey yo

what's good hey yo where the [ __ ] you at

[ __ ] sitting out here putting another

plan together for us what's the play

look benny got [ __ ] up he said what

man what he had on him i don't know the

[ __ ] police got him

i don't know what that [ __ ] had hold on

bro that [ __ ] don't matter to me

oh [ __ ] man

[ __ ]

where are you at where'd they take them

mother took them over to the east side

yo man this is what this is what i'm

saying too and i keep telling y'all

[ __ ] man somebody gonna have to step

up to the plate cause you see how

rooster doing right you see him getting

pulled over and [ __ ]

[ __ ] man

all right


get all the rest of the [ __ ] that you

got on you take it to the safe house dog

this ain't we we need to come together

real quick and have a conversation

yo keep my uncle's name out your [ __ ]

mouth reek

you don't know rooster

you know what here's what i'ma [ __ ]

do i'ma take this money i'm gonna take

it over to the safe house and once my

uncle gets off the [ __ ] road me and

your [ __ ] done [ __ ]

[ __ ]

that mean

i'm gonna need i'm gonna need to get a


i'm gonna need a

[ __ ] man

excuse me sir

would you like some help

nah i'm good officer

thank you though you sure

looks like you need some help

i don't need any help i'm just changing

the tire i know how to change the time

it's kind of hot yeah i was just saying

we can make things a little quicker you


i got some help i'm all good my man i

appreciate your help though all right

thank you have a good day

oh yeah






[ __ ] what the

oh hell no

yo what's up

yo you good


man we're gonna have a major problem

with rooster

yeah all right

all right i'll be through there later

all right




i had an incident going out the city

tire blew out

got it handled though no problem

why you told me you got robbed on 19th

street bro

like i said enrique don't matter unless

you got your money right

so what's up did i do something wrong

nah man

you good

just make sure

you come see me when it's time to pick

up right

i don't wanna no outside influence here

anything to [ __ ] up what we got going on

right here

you know what that is it's a liability

so make sure we keep this [ __ ] in the

house all right

all right

he's learning he's coming up in the game

that'll make sense right

look i don't sound suspicious i don't

want to put the brother's business out

there but he told me he had a lot of


he went in the savings and pay you back

like i said liabilities


cindy i'm gonna call you back

yeah i'll call you back


hey this is dr ogbalong good doc

i was calling to see when you would be

free to come down to see your results

oh yeah

about what

i would recommend that you come in

dog i ain't even got time to play right

now whatever it is you can tell me right


this is serious business

god i'm in motion right now so whatever

you got to tell me tell me right now i

ain't got time to play with you

listen i don't want to really disclose

this over the phone but you're hiv


you said what

i would highly recommend that you come

in to set up treatments

and so we can get some tests started

and i have a specialist on standby


what the [ __ ]

said i didn't want to disclose over the


i told him i should come in

told him you should come in

rico is filthy

after i heard i immediately got tested

and thank god

i was good

i'm glad sweetie was too i don't even

know her but i don't wish that [ __ ] on



sure man you know idiots are here ain't

nobody gonna do [ __ ] to me you look what

i did tonight

[ __ ] [ __ ]


yo people now brady's [ __ ] gone man

your ass ain't watching your

[ __ ] phone

what the [ __ ] man yes man i told y'all

bro what brain

dude so where's the money at

i left



[ __ ] man

what you want


look man i told you we can't talk

i don't have any

look i told you we can't talk on the

phone man


i don't have any information for you

right now


look i'll be there


yo what's up man

all right


all right



that's so crazy


so it's been two weeks what information

got from

look man nothing new

rico should set up tight you know this

already look man you didn't hear me i

said it's been two weeks do you think i

can take that excuse up to the chief bro

it is

look man it's the same [ __ ] he's sending

rooster across country

man just uh

same packs

here and there ain't nothing new

is rooster the only mule yeah the most

reliable and lucrative one

look man you got three days to bring

back any information otherwise we're

gonna put the blame on you no no that's

not fair life ain't [ __ ] fair all

right you got three days until you bring

back any information otherwise you're

gonna be looking over your shoulder in

the shower

the detective is tying his grip on manny

rieker operation was falling and to put

it over the top

they became too concerned about rooster


and one month alone he traveled with 400

keys from east to west coast

never even got a parking ticket





well listen to your voicemails

thinking it was some [ __ ] trying to get

in touch with you oh he's going through

my [ __ ] well yeah i can't go through

your [ __ ] no

you're not kids

i'm out of my early 20s for you to just

keep going through my phone well i

wouldn't have to go to your phone if you

weren't doing some [ __ ] on the side



stevie what up man yo widow hunk

look i don't really got too much time

right now

look i wanted to give you a call because

i feel like rico putting a target on

your back okay

is that right

[ __ ] it's

okay it's not like i'm getting any

younger you know what i'm saying

it's my time it's my time

it's not like i'm doing the right thing

out here in these streets

i don't even want to hear that [ __ ] you

ain't just gonna be laying down

look i got the extra crash i got the

extra couple grand go find your place in

florida or something

stevie i saw this coming soon

you see people are like good movies

you gotta watch

are we really about to play this game

right now

no don't play stupid where are you going

because you got your [ __ ] packed up like

you moving out or something

what do you expect me to do just sit


and do nothing

well i know the type of information that

potentially can have

son you just feeling a hole deeper and

deeper that you can't even get out of

so you can be anything in this world

rico spot ain't [ __ ]

maybe it's time to just move on

i'll get with you later

talk about it

like i said

i listen to your voicemails

it turns out it was your doctor

trying to get in touch with you

he reminded you

to go to the hiv treatment center

why is he leaving you those type of

voicemails rico

hello sweetie

why you keep going through my [ __ ]

why answer the [ __ ] question

why is he leaving you voicemails

please please just come in the house


why didn't you tell me rico

you could have

had some type of respect for me to tell


are you sitting here telling me that you

love me

i do love you

you barely even spend time with me

what i'm not enough for you

yes you would love for me i want to be

with you you know i want to be with you

me and all these other girls


all these other [ __ ]

if you want to be with

baby please don't leave

don't leave no it's my fault


yo that's always sitting in this [ __ ]


[ __ ] how long you been singing for

[ __ ] i don't know i get i'll get it's

kind of early it's kind of early that's

kind of

well [ __ ]

i just came to come check up on you know

i called you a little bit earlier


now i sounded a little freaked out on

the phone

i just want to apologize um for my


i know you be telling me it's a

it's a man's game and i'm

trying to live this [ __ ] the way

you you kind of got me to do it

i don't know i just had to see you


[ __ ] you sleep


it's old man


park is on its way


get out of here


more money more money more money more

problems more money more money more


more money


yo man this is what this is what i'm

saying too and i keep telling y'all

[ __ ] man somebody's gonna have to step

up to the plate because you see how

woops are doing right you see them

getting pulled over and [ __ ]

really got too much time right now

but i wanted to give you a call because

i feel like rico putting the target on

your back okay


stevie became more strategic and firm on

his plans



but he paid damien to do it

why am i just hearing his name did you

just ask

he only flies a man when he needs you

know someone taken care of

rico doesn't do stuff on his own anymore

man he's getting sick


yeah i heard from shorty down at the

club he got aids


yeah he's starting to look it too so it

might be true

all right

here's a new phone

want to call answer

you already gave me three of these

exactly why rico's structure was



man i knew that was you

steezy okay rico's boy ah i remember you

yeah i believe i've seen you before too

i was walking through the city right

uh-huh came through and i was actually

having a rough week


i can't even lie to you i'm actually

glad i ran into you

really word

wanted to see

since i got you here now

what you got going on this week

you asked a lot of questions

i'm a persistent man

i see


i might have something going on

wow what's up

well [ __ ] [ __ ] my week ain't going too

good i see your little situation over

here ain't going ain't better

speaking so

get your number

and now i'll give you a call this week

to set up a time with you

but you got to promise me something

what you're going to be ready


ready for what

i'll see you when i see you

you're gonna have to give me a little

bit more detail


it's all going ahead let me walk you

back to your core i hope so since you

take me out this weekend

i'll make sure you're good





get off me


why didn't you tell me rico

you could have

had some type of respect for me to tell


so come on give me love

i'ma show you how to



for your body


what do you want rico

look i'm not talking about this right

now with you i told you i need my space

we're not talking about this now rico

stop blowing up my phone

look i'm out right now and i gotta take

care of some business so i'm gonna talk

to you later

don't worry about it that's none of your


like i said i will talk to you later bye

bye rico



so come



can't get

as time passed

sweetie and stevie got closer and it's

focused for the streets

a little rough at first but definitely

gotten better since i got to see

a you of energy reciprocated

i told you before i've been having a

long-ass week myself

get through a lot of [ __ ]

i'm just glad i got to spend some time

with you relax

i don't know what it is but something

about you really calms my mental in this

moving positive way



i definitely don't want to lie to you

you keep it a bug i saw you a little bit

earlier before you walked up on me

so you're on the phone you look a little


with you

yeah everything's fine it's just


we're working some things out

you think he's gone he's gonna be a

problem with two million no

[ __ ] cuz you know sweden and stevie's

down a little smoother don't it

you're good

you hungry i am

what you want to eat

uh i'm throwing some pizza some pizza

what's your favorite topping

i'm kind of basic so i just get cheese

but i'm down to switch it up try

something new

what you have in mind

i got a little surprise for you

oh really let's take a walk


yeah you were saying i enjoyed myself


bro when i see your phone man


tell you out there



i see

first you uh

take the dual empire now you're gonna

take this girl right

hold on [ __ ] how do you know who

sweetie though

man everybody know you know sweetie he

probably do too sure he probably

followed you over here so not another

[ __ ] rico's boys though i know that

look big vic the only [ __ ] person

that's following me

is some [ __ ] ass probably rookie ass


i know all of his moves everywhere he

had i got this whole thing settled

and plus

i'm [ __ ] cutting the tires with regal


it's all [ __ ] right

that's what that's the plan

that's the plan

well you know you're getting sicker and

[ __ ] so probably caught that [ __ ] from

that gentleman's club down the street

from that [ __ ] tokyo so hold on be

careful hold on hold on did you just say

the gentleman's club my [ __ ]

the only female from the gentleman's

club that i know that

will be stupid enough to even give rico

some [ __ ] like that

is [ __ ] vanessa

so the fact that

he caught some [ __ ]

he's stupid


now mind your wrinkle ass is missing and

word is out on his situation

ass right now

where is rico

i don't really give a [ __ ] about that

[ __ ] cause i ain't rolling with him or

nothing like that this ain't his [ __ ]

block no more

but i like what you just said we got

something in common oh we do yeah

how much you talking how much would you

do that [ __ ] for how much you talking

all right

i'll do 25 000

and i'll get you some burger king

i ain't gonna give you nothing until you

tell me exactly how you're gonna kill

this [ __ ] i'm gonna get [ __ ] trust

issues i'm gonna do what the [ __ ] i

gotta get done

if i say i'm gonna get something done

i'm going to get it [ __ ] done i don't

even know your [ __ ] name and you

don't gotta know my name just know how

to get it [ __ ] done


get it done by the night say less





and you already know we got some

exciting ass news stop playing

today's a [ __ ] day

architect sweetie huh

so it's official [ __ ] official let's

[ __ ] giddy

what i tell you don't [ __ ] tell you

hold it down i was gonna handle [ __ ]


and this is us for the taking let's go



boo where'd you park it

oh okay

[ __ ]

look at you all excited and [ __ ] aren't

you happy to see me

i can't smile i mean you like sneaking

out with me don't you

i'm right

[ __ ] you got a beautiful ass smile

thank you you smell good what cologne

you wearing i don't know you want to


i do

come over here now you come here

you taste good too

hold on hold on let me put my seatbelt

on cause

let's go where you trying to go

your place


when you watch others

you can be blinded from your gift

but be careful

because it's always someone watching you

trying to take your gift anyway


more money maybe money more money more

problems more money more money more

money more problems more money more

money more money more problems

more money

more money

i got more


and she let it go


gucci flap my soldier rag i'm highlight

400 degrees [ __ ] with no attitude and

lou it looks like easy

i was playing regrets before i ever

heard the edd i just told the plot to

send them past and all we need is weed

going on for 20 weeks got a master plan

like master p i put camo on my sticks my

srts they can't fatigue


snitching but they still gave him a

bigger sentence but she like rats i

think her last [ __ ] name was mickey

die but she ain't even got 10 pennies

i'm in my prime i'm 25 but this ain't

being simmons cross that line i shoot

that knife and saying the game of

scrimmage i've been grinding for a

minute re-envy my image i've been

grinding for a minute reinvent my image


more money more money more money more

problems more money more money more

money more problems more money more

money more money no problems


money more money more money more



more money


money more




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