July 14, 2024

What I Love About My Major: Sport Management

Published May 31, 2023, 3:36 p.m. by Arrik Motley

In this video, university of delaware students majoring in sport management share their favorite things about their major. UD Alfred Lerner college of Business and Economics students Cheyenne Davis, Matthew Kaminstein and Mollie Patmore talk about their favorite classes, their future career goals and more. This video is part of the Lerner college's "What I Love About My Major" video series. To learn more about our UD Lerner sport management major, visit the major webpage: https://lerner.udel.edu/programs/undergraduate-programs/majors/sport-management-bs

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I chose sports management because I wanted something that was always ever

changing and ever evolving and it was going to be something that

was sports so I would love sports so I wanted to mix sports and business and it was

going to be a good combination of both things.

So usually the classes for sport management are around 30-50 and you're really with them

across the sport management classes but also in some of the other general business classes and

you get close with them not only in the classroom but also with extracurriculars whether it's the sport management

club or in the case of interning with UD Athletics, I've gotten to know

a lot of different classmates in sport management majors through internships together and it's been a lot of

fun working with them as well.

I think my majors unique because it's on the smaller side, there's four professors

so I learned that it's really easy to make yourself known to the

professors. I've built really great relationships with all four of them

and that's been really special for me.

I know that I'll have those connections going on into the future.

My favorite class in my major has been legal aspects of sport

because you start to learn a lot about law and general law but you get an

in depth layer adding sports into it.

Dr. Williams is a great professor so I highly recommend her too.

I think I really want to be a business analyst eventually which involves a lot of data analytics and putting

that into a context and I think specifically with a sporting organization would be awesome.

I started my freshmen year working with the women's basketball team

as a manager.

You build connections, I got to travel as a freshmen

and it was really great and then at the end of my freshmen year I got asked to be a head manager so that was

really exciting. And so now I just have more responsibility, I've been asked to travel more

and it's just something that I really enjoy on campus.


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