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movies are one of the most popular forms of entertainment and have been for many years. Whether you’re a fan of big blockbuster movies or enjoy a more intimate film experience, there’s a movie out there for you.

In the year 2023, movie trailers will be a big part of the entertainment landscape. has released a new trailer for the upcoming movie, “The Meg.” This movie is based on the novel of the same name and is set to be a blockbuster hit.

“The Meg” is a terrifying adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat. The film stars Jason Statham, who stars as a mercenary who is hired to take on the titular shark. The trailer shows off some amazing action sequences and Statham’s thrilling acting.

The movie is set to be released in theaters on August 10th and is sure to be a hit. If you’re looking for a movie to watch this summer, “The Meg” is a must-watch.

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you possessed a unique set of skills


you said it was clear I said the front

was clear

ah front back right wrong anyway shall

we I have another job for you so what we

got Greg Simmons a billionaire arms

dealer oh a lot very serious faces up

here in there you can't catch this fish

with conventional lures I'm sorry the

lower being Danny Francesco


and how do we get him


who's the gear very good carry on

the world needs you for your greatest

role yet who are you I'm your new

manager there's a sensitive and awkward

situation between you and your

sister-in-law I actually loved my


he made that call evidence



you're an actor

when someone pinch me please is that

Danny Francesca what's next for you I'm

playing a mysterious self-made

billionaire he just described me shadow

me do whatever I do whatever I do do

whoever Greg was buying from I was

amongst you last night

I can get inside of them

I hope you take them to dinner first

before you get inside of them


what happens he recognized your awesome

fortune that is a sexy name covers blown

what do I do the movie star's gonna melt

you stopped Annie Francesca you stopped

Simmons don't let me worry about that

what are you gonna do with that I'm

gonna shoot at them Danny

so you weren't seen by anyone yes that's

a yes to one seen by anyone yes or yes

you were seen by someone yes

what's the job we're gonna destroy their

own ukulele program


's sabotage of Iran's nuclear reactor it

covers blood we're leaving 15 minutes

stretching point

to go home and I'll be with you

the distance is not the main issue

that's what's in between

they didn't even catch my guys I'll sell

them to the highest bidder


no one is coming to rescue us

we have to get to Canada

get down

there is a fine line between sanity and

Madness that is endemic to all cultures

Terry I like your eyes

are you Dr Michaels yeah I'm a homicide

detective Lucas Boyd two kids are dead

they were butchered like Hogs

you know what these writings are don't

you here I take the power here I become

the power

Jesus Christ it's a ritual performed to

order people who pay for multi are

seeking wow

I want one with pretty eyes

your hand it's simply business

these first two and we test them getting


Chieftain are missing all across Europe

and in Spain

he's doing the same thing here

scared aren't you

it's our guy come on let's go


I wish I could see this guy's face I

want to see right now is a monster

could be coming for you

we have two officers down

drop the knife

human history is the story of one

terrible catastrophe after another


I for once would love to wake up

magically in a better world


I think the world's going to get better

today people get their energy from the


humans have set foot on Mars

cancer has been defeated


and for every question answered

another one appears

here's what you need to know about

global warmings it will all go to shit

at the end of the century we'll be dead

we'll have to miss it but we'll be

smiling in gold-plated coffee

this is not the life that I envisioned

it to be

used houses on fire is incredibly easy

to negotiate

cannot give up and go home

for one simple reason

we already are home this is our only


I think it helps to look at climate

change like a bear


a planet's been wrestling with the bear

for decades

so far the bear has been kicking our ass

what if we were able to develop

technology that would allow us to

survive maybe even Thrive you don't know

what's going to happen

it won't go the way you want

it never does

I remember being happy so what about now

are you happy now

are we bad people

stop being angry about the past the

future is now

Miami is dangerous your mother is moving

with her sister in Chicago thought you

hated your sister it's

it's These Days Marshall


we're facing the greatest evil

the world has ever known

we're gonna need a team


how are we gonna pull this off

figure it out over a drink

Dungeons and Dragons


thank you

it's the end of the world


all that's left

where are we we stick together


there are two kinds of people


and there's them





good die anyway right

I waste time


it's hard not to feel a little lost as

we begin

let's just take it all in

it when's the last time you heard

someone say something that interesting

there is nothing like having the one you

hold dearest nearest When The World

Turns cold

thanks for going to a special place with

me Carl Norco

I'm always moving forward just on to the

next don't let Fame bring out the worst

in you I wanna taste

how is everything excuse

me good thing

hi friends and welcome to paint with

Ambrosia it takes paint to a whole new



you're entitled to your favorite TV show

what makes this country great

you want to touch my sandals oh Carl


thank you

we're too high off we can get down from



you're almost here

thank you

this isn't like any other ghost face

what is this place it's a shrine


we've got to lure him in

we execute them


it's for you

what's up pigeon

where are we going we'd all talk about

the circle it's a secret what's a secret

exactly I give you Travis Mad Dog madam

shut up


for one

are you standing here I don't know if

that's good for me

see you later pigeon

what was the deal with the one guy

covered in tattoos okay that's his

roommate he's a software that guy goes

to college

you're not my type I'm everybody's type


so hot no one's my favorite it's too

late to close it now why are you here

I'm just trying to take you to dinner

I'll pick you up at eight

I must break you

go for it that's who you're fighting

this is your weird little way of

admitting you like me I don't like you

if he manages to lay a hand on me I'll

go without sex for a month like a bet

yeah and if I win

you have to stay with me for a month

you're on

your bags pigeon you're coming home with


don't cross this line okay Wall of China

wow what's this it's not a pen I'll tell

you that

you embody everything that is wrong with

your gender we can at least be friends

but with no benefits whoa what did I

just get out of you

there's so much about me he does

he does and I'm madly in love with you

shut up and just kiss me


give me a hug hey baby girl don't greet

her like this it's too porny



like you one day



Mr Logan situation with your son is dire

he appears before this court again he'll

be taken from your care

ful how'd you know where I lived right

under surveillance

I need your help son

oh my God

whatever it is it's not for me you've

forgotten about Tony McManus no I did


you going hunting

Ned we're good it's not yet


you did what you had to do



I'm just wondering

if you know anyone else out there in the


got the same skill set as you

you wish she was still here and not me

you wanna know I run away come on

because you don't want me Dad


we're all just met


we're not Invincible just trying to walk

a line between coverage and fear



tell me who is this guy comes in here

has the balls of jeopardize everything

we were for maybe he's a cop maybe he's

with the feds nah and with the law

no law would do what he did

the only time I worried about him was

the first time I met him

in a really bad spot with the bikers and

cartel I'm gonna find out who's working

for and then I'm gonna kill him

word on the street as he's offering 5

million for anyone who can bring it to

him well it's a whole lot of reasons

isn't it

Dallas sounds like somebody's trying to

cover the tracks you need to get out now

let's get this over with it

we got him shut him up

Alice's days are numbered when he gets

here he's gonna kill you

the blind man who made a weapon he can't

control it

I need to find Mars

need to finish this


we are going to have to take control


okay get in here

I don't know how I sleep with all these


what are you scared of

it I don't see anything

okay monster check complete




it's been around forever hidden


in the dark


it's like all those spooky monsters you

think are hiding under your bed

it's not real

what is this

the thing that comes for your kids when

you're not paying attention


you believe me

don't you

ladies and gentlemen

glad you found us and what makes you

think you'll be suited to this position

coincidence really go on well

oh bloody alone and my shoelace broke


twice a dog stole my scarf

here I am well this has been a truly

forgettable experience

I can't jump

ah you won't be working for the most

Innovative company in history

range coincidences

is that what you do here make people

fall in love

oh thank you so much that's why she's in

our Fast Track program and you Paul are



it's one of the most powerful and

coveted items ever to exist


portable door to be specific you're not

to share this with anyone can I trust

you so it goes wherever you want to go

this is

come on


come on

the portable door when you fail there

are no words to describe what Mr wells

will do to you

if you do fine this is who you come to

this company is at war with itself

we were able to influence this consumer

imagine what we can do to the masses I

can find a way out that's what I do

knock knock

closes the door keeps the door

no one here

is not a dreamer

not in a world like this

where you can have it all

we live with Miracles that are

fingertips got robots taking out the

trash we fly into the stars and that's

what I want for you and your families

that's the dream you all deserve

soon you folks will be saying wow

I love living on the moon

remember we're not just selling we're

changing lives congratulations on your

new home in the Stars

I've been thinking about moving up there

the moon might be nice

what about all them aliens well there's

no such thing

what is this what's going on did we do

something wrong

gotta tell him soon what do you think I

am I know what you are you're gonna rip

him away from everything decent everyone

else plays fast and moves why can't we



the music can't stop cause we get to

Dream On A Better Tomorrow

I want the truth


what are we selling here

I can't fix our problems


we'll find a way you and me

there are some things you should know

about Jack

and you're brighter tomorrow doesn't

start when you land on the Moon it

starts today








thank you






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