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Published June 1, 2023, 4:20 a.m. by Bethany

If IPTV isn't working this could be the reason. ISP Blocks have become pretty common in peak times, so mid-day Saturday for instance.

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listen don't forget comment your jokes

down below right so hello again

everybody and welcome back

i've been getting tons of comments tons

of messages in regards to iptv

and them saying that it's not working

and one of the most common reasons

for this is because of the new iptv

blocking order i'm going to tell you

about that now

and we're going to tell you what it is

right so that being said

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button and let's crack up


right so first of all i want to say this

isn't a post if you sell iptv this isn't

a way for you to sell yours don't

comment your service get in touch with


i can do a good deal hey message me here

this isn't a way for you to sell

this is a way for me to tell people who

use iptv

what might be the issue with theirs and

why it's not working so if you do

comment your [ __ ]

you get blocked and your comment removed

and last thing we've got to say is we

don't condone

illegal streaming right so the new iptv

blocking order what is it

why is it happening and what does it do


this is mainly going to happen at the

weekend you're going to find that you if

it's a

i'm going to call it that just so i

don't keep saying iptv and then they

pick up on it

and then remove the video but if it's a


you're gonna find that the weekend

mainly it stops working you'll try

loading up the app and you'll just get a

loading wheel and it'll say

playback error and it just won't work

now this isn't gonna happen for every

service and it's not gonna happen

in every region but i am making this

video so those that is happening too

are aware of what's happening and if

it's not happening to you at the moment

do bear in mind that it may happen

in the future so i've done a post on

this on my website i will link it down

below if you'd rather read through it

than listen to me

and then what you're going to see here

is during certain times you may find you

can't watch any streams and people are

starting to wonder why

the main issue is because of an iptv

blocking order blunt

blunted granted to the premier league by

high car

now this has been happening for quite a

few years but now it's becoming more

noticeable because a lot more people

have started to use ipativo

and also because people can't go and

watch the cult play at the stadium they

all started to watch it on the tv

so more and more people are buying ipads

avert because they just can't justify

the cost

of paying for various different tv


that add up to quite a lot of money so

obviously when people are using

this form of streaming the broadcasting

companies are losing out on a hell of a

lot of revenue and obviously they're

going to do

everything they can to stop this so how

the blocking order works and how it

affects you

it's pretty straightforward once you

hear it so the aim of the iptv blocking

order is to stop people watching live

games via illegal services you might

find your iptv

only stops working at certain times and

there's also a reason for this

the blocks aren't permanent and they're

only active during live game times

so on saturday you may find it's not

working between 12pm and 7pm

then once all the live matches finished

the blocks will no longer be active

so this is what started happening a few

years ago

during live game times so like i said on

a saturday on a sunday maybe midweek

maybe a monday evening

between those times where live games are

being broadcast

your isp will start blocking that stream

or that url to that ipad to the service

if we just flick back over here as you

can see from torrent free court they're

a really good source this is where i

actually found out the news at first

and what you will be able to see is that

the blocking order did run out in july

2020 but however the isp

i'm not gonna say it now reports that

new permissions has been granted by the

high court by a sealed order

which will cover the 2020-21 season

this particular isp will be required to


various target servers notified to them


fapl or its appointed agent for the

duration of the fapl20 2021 competition


while yet to publicly report the new

order all the other major isps which are

internet service providers

will be required to follow suit so at

the moment it's only saying that one


isp has the blocking order in place but

it does

look like all the other isps are going

to follow so a lot more people may start

seeing these blocks over the coming


i just want to say as well i know mia

mia's it won't go down

i haven't been out of bed that long but

i can't train it

let me know of a decent air product that

you'll use

i need one now like i said this may not

happen to every service

every ipa to the service is different

but this will happen to the majority

no doubt about it and like i said don't

be commenting down below with

hey come and get my service my service

is really really smooth

get in contact with me here you can buy

it here it's not for that this is purely

to let people know

why they might be why they might be

why they may be having issues with the

ipita v

but all is not lost yes there is a way

of bypassing blocks and things like that

i can't really tell you about it on here

but if you go to the post i will link

down below

you will see a section here where it

says how to stop this happening

and i do wonder how long it will take

these blocking orders

i can't talk and i do wonder how long it

will take for these blocking orders to

take place

when people are using a vpn because at

the moment all people have to do is

connect to a vpn to fix

it and there's no particular vpn needed

for this any vpn will work

and i will leave links in the

description down below to the vpns i

recommend they are affiliated links you

do get discounts

and i do get a little bit of commission

it supports the channel

right so i'm going to go now i hope this

video has helped you if you have been

looking around thinking why isn't it

working what

what's happening with it i hope this has

just shed a little bit of light yes

in some cases it could be the ipad of a

service itself

but most commonly it will be to do with

these blogs

and let me know in the comment section

down below what you think about this

right oh so that being said i hope you

enjoy the rest of your day

don't forget to hit that subscribe

button down below and i'll see you soon





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