April 22, 2024

$10 vs $125 Food Truck Food in Austin, Texas!!

Published June 11, 2023, 7:21 p.m. by Courtney

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Location 1: R&B's Steak and Fries

Address: 2730 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702, United States

Website: https://www.rnbssteakandfries.com/

Location 2: Burro Cheese

Address: 75 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701, United States

Website: http://www.burrocheesekitchen.com/

Location 3: Crimson Creek Smokehouse

Address: 2250 US-290, Dripping Springs, TX 78620, United States

Link: http://crimsoncreekbbq.com/

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LOCAL PRODUCERS » Chanda (IG: @feedmerightmau)


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in this video oh that looks delicious

we're going deep in Austin Texas so I'm

so tempted to take this down right now

but I would like to go to the bathroom

within the next six days discovering

food truck food you've never seen before

to me if you smoke it at a lower

temperature it's just all the flavor you

smoke a brisket because you want the

flavor you want the smoke you're gonna

get the smoke I like that you're gonna

get the smokes that sounds uh roughly

Like A Veiled Threat you're about to get

the smokes

we already made one food truck video

here in Austin and you guys loved it

check it out 90 billion views way better

than Mr Beast actually so we thought hey

why not make another one what blows me

away about the food truck scene here is

that there's just so much variety sure

New York has a lot of food trucks like

89 of them are Halal and this fall

fraction of those people will flick you

off if you try to film that that

happened to me it would have hurt my

feelings except I don't have any

in Austin it's not just about the sheer

quantity of food trucks it's about the

variety fooled from every nation people

coming from Venezuela people coming from

Mexico that's how you say Mexico in

Spanish folks from Asia or American food

crossed with other food it shouldn't

even be crossed with are you ready for a

wild food truck here in Austin Texas no

oh I was expecting you to say yes


behind me we have our first location

this is rmv's steak and fries two

brothers originally from New Jersey came

all the way here to Austin Texas to

bring locals cheese sticks here's how it

works you build your own sandwich and

you get to choose your own cheese

there's American there's provolone

orders cheese whiz and this is where I'm

stuck already they say classic is the

cheese whiz but cheese whiz just feels

so white trashy like it doesn't contain

any dairy products I think it's just oil

and flavoring well hold on at my core I

am white trash so I should get cheese

whiz right and then they have provolone

and I love provolone uh I'm gonna have

to ask them inside I'm not sure let's go

for it


on right here and I have to ask you when

you build the sandwich the first and

most important decision is what kind of

cheese to put on it correct correct I

love provolone cheese whiz the white

trash part of me is like you should get

the chemical cheese from a can and then

the part of me who is so respectable and

culinary Ambassador for the world is

like probably going provolone I think

what you should do is get provolone

cheese on it and then we'll hit it with

a little whiz drizzle and get you a

little bit of everything flavor yeah all

right whiz drizzle like won my white

page when I leave on the toilet seat

sorry I decided about the Wiz drizzle

I'd like your idealist if you find the

cheeses and uh let's get started I'm

gonna grab my meat and get started some

people don't know that the industry's

standard on meat giving at a Cheesesteak

spot is four ounces we Pump It Up four

and a half that meat kind of broken up

100 Texas grade a bean a little bit of a

seasoning we got a little bit of black

pepper got a caramelized onions over

here also we've got our mushrooms as

well there's also that fresh jalapeno

that gives it that perfect spice yeah

this looks fantastic

let's get that problem popping a nice

sharp provolone cheese just to do the

trick hit it with one more little spray

of water just to make sure it's nice and

cleaned up and then cover that up

anytime let me check this whiz and make

sure this whiz is where we want it to be

now you're with Drizzle sunny but are

I'm just gonna slide that right in there

like that oh yeah all right are you

ready for this drizzle my friend yes oh

what is drizzle oh yeah just get a nice

little cut in that funny this is your

provolone whiz drizzle onion jalapeno

mushroom and it's ready for you to

devour it glorious come on check it out

right here this is a lot of food let's

start with this right here Philly

cheesesteak fries until these are

award-winning loaded fries and they look

gorgeous you can see that mushrooms the

onions the green peppers the meat all of

it mixed together two different types of

liquid cheese here we go

peppery delicious soft mean heavy cheese

the only thing you got to be quick and

we're gonna get a soggy if they do a SOG

up you can always mix it with more beef

more jalapeno more onions and then here

on this side buffalo sauce foreign


give me a beer and I'll be in heaven

here this is the main event take a look

at that we got steak sticky provolone

and just a little bit of a whiz drizzle

let's try it out


full blown stretchy delicious cheesy

amount of steak inside it's not just

four ounces it's four and a half ounces

it's actually 12 and a half percent more


there's just a hint of the cheese whiz

which is nice it's super salty I mean it

is enough sodium for about a week and a

half and that's if you're a rhinoceros

oh this is how you know it's good cheese

whiz it has a skin people who draw blood

can practice on this seeing if they can

pierce the cheese let's get a little bit

of a dip all right a big messy cheesy


I love the cheese but I'm always gonna

swipe right I'm double down it's got

body you've got a cheese pulled I've

seen the cheese weighs more like a good

friend that has a truck and they help me

move every once in a while gotta keep

that friendship otherwise this is



we've come to another food truck right

here Venezuelan food this place is

called for brothers so I've never been

to Venezuela before it seems right now

it might not be the most tourist

friendly destination in the world but in

the meantime their food is here in Texas

so why not enjoy it if you're not

familiar with Venezuelan food like me

this will give you some hints as to what

you can get let's start with this the

arepas there's a gluten-free corn

sandwich served with avocado sauce and

garlic sauce Wikipedia says it is a

primary Cuisine of Colombia and


you might be wondering well it's right

here can you read sweet corn pancake

served as a quesadilla with cheese

beyond that they have Yucca my buddy Oro

who is Cuban told me Yuka means cassava

but this guy here is saying Yuka means

potato I don't know for sure I'm gonna

order that too and find out

I'm in the truck with reuben reuben is a

little bit worried because his English

he said it's just okay

English but I will try okay your English

is much better than my Venezuela yeah

let's go to speak in Spanish

see that okay today I want the four

brothers with chicken or pork what do

you like foreign



sizzling on the flat top that looks

great this is like Venezuelan Burger now

we will put the garlic sauce this is the

avocado sauce people call Wasa Kaka it's

like cilantro sauce also it's vegan good

vegan sauce right on top of that chicken

two slices of avocado I like plantains

refried the plantains and we put it on

top it's a big sandwich um in the finish

one slice of tomato we close the repair

with the Venezuelan cheese wow that is

so thick so that is it right there


yes the people call quesadilla is

going to give this a little bit of a

flip but it looks like it's already

cooked it's already up there it's needed

to heat it up


so that is gonna melt yeah you have to

melt that's thick is this the same as

how you make it in Venezuela it's the

same yeah


this food looks incredible

hey thank you so oh yes sorry right here

we have three foods I've never tried

before in my life and what's interesting

is trying to figure out what is

Venezuelan and what is kind of catering

to the American taste buds for example

this this is the Yucca now oral called

the Yuca to me it was cassava and I was

right until they take this and then they

fry it after that this is a part that

felt a little bit more Americanized so

you think the cheese they put it on top

they melt the cheese and then they put

on two different types of sauces let's

try this out


oh yeah when you do loaded fries all the

fries get soggy but cassava is stronger

than a potato so even though there's an

onslaught of sauce is here the cassava

is keeping its Integrity

right here the kachapa only two

ingredients is basically a corned meal

pancake that's already been pre-cooked

and then look at the inside that is just

a huge thick layer of cheese I'm gonna

try to do a cheese pull

yeah that's good oh my God

oh that's a good cheese pole the cheese

it's something between like mozzarella

and halloumi it is so salty dense thick


so this is a bit sweet because this has

a corn base I thought it might be dry

but I think it's been fried in so much

oil that is not dry at all

she's my new favorite

oh my God that's all the cheese that's

just falling out I'm so tempted to take

this down right now but I would like to

go to the bathroom within the next six

days but here we have the arepa

Cornflower bun on the outside cheese

we've got tomato sweet plantains avocado

chicken so much going on here okay first

of all it's ridiculously thick and the

bottom has already started to get a

little bit soggy ah how do I get a bite

with everything here we go

I find it hard to believe that in

Venezuela the sandwiches are this big

this has to be Texas sized hmm stringy

delicious chicken you can taste the

beans the sauce cheese tomato everything

working together

I love the bread on the outside the only

issue I do see here is that I feel like

there's enough fillings in here for two

sandwiches I would say in the future I

want to be a little bit less wide a

little bit easier to get my unusually

small mouth around that is three

Venezuelan Foods I've never had before

in my life I gotta say excellent the ace

out of the ace that means 10 out of 10

in Spanish if you like to party and if

you like food then this collection of

food trucks is for you


right here on Austin's iconic rainy

streak a place packed with tourists but

not enough to drive the locals away


here my next Food Truck of choice burrow

grilled cheese where they're selling

well grilled cheese sandwiches but trust

me it goes a lot deeper than that

right now I'm in the kitchen with

Scott's kitchen they have my dream

refrigerators it is just full of 100

pounds of cheese and then you hold it on

the bottom the only thing that's missing

is a bottle of Jack Daniels where's that

Ah that's in my car hey cool yeah that's

what he does he drives around and says

hey kids take a look at this he doesn't

do that no I'm here you guys do four

different types of grilled cheese you're

getting the Waylon and Willie which is

one of our most popular and it's got a

spicy maple bacon sauce it's got

caramelized onions peppercinis colby

jack cheddar cheese on there it's got a

nice like bacony sweet profile to it

love it I love uh profiles all right

let's get into it start off with some

fresh sourdoughs we got our spicy maple

bacon sauce we make this in-house got

maple syrup bacon cilantro other flavors

in their mayonnaise get a mount on there

so now we're putting some caramelized

onions that we grilled up this morning

then we get a few peppercinis it gives

it like a little kick and then we're

hitting it with the colby jack cheddar

blend we layer it on there for this guy

it's called a salamander kind of does a

melt on it before you throw it in the


it's just to speed up the process

essentially so that we don't have to

grill it for as long so that the bread

can still be crispy but not taken to Too

Much crisps so then we're just gonna

fold her up and get some fresh butter

rub it on there so this guy on there a

little slab on top and we let it work

Scott how do you feel about that I feel

like I want to eat it I have my food

right here come and take a look it's

glorious this sourdough bread is the

ideal bread for this type of thing

because you can't have a bread that's

going to

skin it or two top that's gonna fall

apart as I open it you can see some of

those caramelized onions and the

pepperoncinis the pepperoncini is the

only part of the apprehensive because I

think it's gonna have a strong dominant

flavor I'm gonna try to fight without

the pepperoncini first let's go for it




the beginning of May have made bacon now

the pepper Genie I'm going for it

shower punching shower spicy I think I

like it overall very nice

Crimson Creek Smokehouse a barbecue food

truck slightly out of town is

strategically located across a vodka

Tasting Room

instead of the usual Texas barbecue

style where they heavily utilize salt

pepper and garlic here it's all about

Oklahoma style barbecue they give the

meat a little bit extra

Marcus and Jamie are the power couple

behind this meat making machine and he's

about to give me a tour of his Greatest

Hits right here we have a couple things

on the grill right now tell me what

we're looking at we have two Tomahawk

Ribeyes and then we have the bone marrow

this one's has smoked for about four and

a half five hours so it should have some

pretty good flavor and what do you put

that on top of on that steak right there

oh my God it's so rich was about three

and a half pounds when we started

roughly be around three pounds when we

get finished and we finished this one

off with duck fat and butter mix that we

do and then you scrape the bone marrow

on top of that this is my first time

seeing a tomahawk that's actually been

smoked for hours what is so good about

smoking this cut to me if you smoke it

lower temperature it's just all the

flavor you smoke a brisket because you

want the flavor you want the smoke

you're going to get the smoke and then

we finish it off on a hot fire I like

that you're going to get the smoke that

sounds uh roughly Like A Veiled Threat

you're about to get the smoke all right

let's do it so what we have here is

clarified butter and duck fat and what

we're gonna do we're just gonna sprinkle

a little bit on top

and then we're going to throw it on some

hot fire we're gonna have a nice big

flame we're gonna get a nice little

finish on it

oh that looks delicious we're gonna

bring it back over here at our little

Merrell bones oh thank you right now I'm

in the kitchen with Jamie and she's

gonna be preparing what rib tips so this

is the part of the spare rib that when

you cut St Louis into the nice neat

rectangle this leftover piece usually is

kept for the Pit Master snacks we turned

them into what we call Rib nuggets or

rib tips here and they in my opinion are

really the sweetest part of the pig all

right so real elegant here we're putting

that into chunks what makes this

Oklahoma style barbecue is we sauce

after the smoke and we get these good

and spicy all of these just big meaty

rib nuggets ready to go so right here we

have the pork belly burned ends it

almost looks like some kind of beautiful

braised Vietnamese pork belly but I'm

sure it tastes completely different a

little bit different but it's still

going to be a very spicy lean and fatty

combined bite of pork those are big well

oh we'll get now is some bread and some

pickles and we'll get you ready to go

thank you right here we have an

incredible wild protein pack spread and

this there's a little place across the

parking lot selling vodka and somehow I

got into my cup

anyways right here we have the pork rib

tips and then right here we have burnt

ends from the pork belly I've never even

heard of such a thing it's too big for

one bite I'm gonna cut that in half well

you don't even need a knife it's so soft

and tender take a look inside you can

see if it's pink it's white it's

gorgeous try it out


well I'm so soft and delicious the

outside is a little bit sweet it's so

different from braising it's like a

whole different texture when you braise

pork belly in Asian cooking it gets

really really soft and this is also

tender but it's like you can feel the

different layers as you're chewing it

drink some barbecue

very satisfying right here we have the

rib tips the outside is so soft fatty

and juicy that looks wonderful look how

dark that bark is on the outside but how

light and delicious it is on the inside


oh similarly delicious Smoky tender of

sweet this is heavy food and so on the

side they've got pickles

because there's vinegar in there what's

Wild because that's an appetizer for

this right here this is our big bad

Tomahawk what's amazing as they said on

the side we have bone marrow which is

basically pure fat we have duck fat

which is also pure fat and I said what

do you have to like uh cut the heaviness

she's like huh like what like bread

so we got some bread too let's take a

look at the marrow first wow the marrow

goes deep into some of these parts here

look at that this is all just super

fatty gritty Super Rich bone marrow

Smoky beefy greasy very satisfying now

that bone marrow is actually supposed to

be the dip for this it could probably be

close to rare oh my God so there are

definitely some singly parts on the

edges here incredible color this has

been smoking for hours

wow the spices are incredible it's full

of juiciness it's very tender right here

duck fat give a little bit of a dip hey

when in Oklahoma do what the Oklahomans

do let's try it out


stop that with butter oh my gosh and

unlikely Duo a perfect combination it

was so fatty I cheated like twice and it

fell down my throat and the seasonings

on here it was peppery they got their

own secret seasonings everybody gets

better but what I have to try now is

using this as a vehicle to transport

more bone marrow into my mouth



it's like eating a stick of butter and

putting some olive oil on top it is just

pure decadence to try it out


oh wow it feels all right and so wrong

at the same time I feel naughty with so

much meat and so much fat and so much

flavor it's rich but it doesn't feel too

rich I thought it'd be too much though

and I got the same easily balance it out

with one pickle for a good balance am I

gonna eat a whole 125 three pound

Tomahawk by myself yes but should I no I

should probably find some people to

share it with on craigslist do I find

all my other friends for me I've never

tried Oklahoma barbecue but after trying

this this is like the best advertisement

for Oklahoma State tourism I want to go

there I want to try the food I want to

try the barbecue and see what it's all

about just this small sampler platter

here very delicious very tempting oh

guys that is the end of the video I hope

you enjoyed it food trucks here in

Austin there is nothing like it it's

food except for it's inside a truck

instead of a restaurant it's not fun

they can drive it around like to my

house why don't they just come to my

house instead of me going to them

anyways I hope you enjoyed this video

guys thank you so much for watching I

will see you next time

oh I'm so bloated and pretending

pretending everything's fine but I feel

so sick inside oh it's too much food


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