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2016 KODI Best IPTV Addon Install Tutorial

Published June 11, 2023, 2:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

This is the Kodi Best IPTV Addon Install Tutorial 2016! Have you been looking all over for a WORKING IPTV addon for Kodi without success? Well! Here is the October 2016 Update for the most active IPTV for KODI with Israel Live Addon! This video takes you step by step into uploading this IPTV app to your library!

All you will need is your FUSION addon at http://www.fusion.tvaddons.ag and the Israel Live addon is in your International Repos under "Hebrew" you simply have to extract it and open up your IPTV settings and PVR-IPTV Simple Client Settings and you're all set!

Remote PVR IPTV Simple Client Zip: https://hostr.co/yFEMds0devPQ

NOTE: I would go into Settings/TV/Enable (FIRST) it will tell you that it doesn't have anything to attach to that link then go into enable your PVR Simple Client...(FYI).

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hello guys this is Thalia with blue

magic direct and I'm just going to go

realtor day want to show you how to put

in your IP TV app on your kodi platform

so basically it's going to come up like

this where you'll get basically over six

hundred and thirty-five channels that

are in this repository so that you can

go ahead and at least watch some of your

shows live within this screen is well as

a full screen if you like so I know that

we had a tough time trying to find an

updated one and so we just want to kind

of walk you guys through the steps of

getting this IPV TV platform loaded and

when you are Kodi system so that you

know that it works you know that

streaming that you can have that

capability of you're looking to get some

instant live live feed programs okay so

the first thing you want to do is you

want to go to your system go to your

add-ons okay

and then you're going to look in to my

add-ons you're going to need the most

updated code you're going to need Kodi

16.1 in order to find this because if

you look in to the sixteen and later um

you may not find this okay so it is the

PVR client it should be right in there

okay and you're gonna go to PVR IPTV

simple client okay I already have mine

in abled but I'm going to here and so it

may say and uh enable just press press

enabled okay you don't have to worry

about the configuration because this

this repository automatically configures

for this um this is a P

we are okay this it automatically does

it so you don't have to configure

anything okay just make sure that it is

enabled okay so when you go out you'll

see that this is enabled okay everything

else is disabled this is enabled okay go

ahead and get out of that okay and

you're going to go back to out just make

it simple I'll go back to your settings

and go back to your add-ons and you're

going to get your repository okay so if

you haven't already installed the TV

add-ons on fusion platform go ahead and

do that or look on our YouTube pages and

we'll have more information about how to

install the fusion platform so it should

be on here you guys pretty up-to-date

with the fusion so fusion XBMC reposts

international okay and you're going to

go down to the Hebrew repository okay

click on the Hebrew repository okay and

it's see that it already recognizes the

Hebrew repository okay so from that you

can go to install from repository okay

so it's the XBMC Israeli streaming sites

okay and go right to video add-ons and

you're going to click on Israel live

okay alright so we're going to go ahead

it was previously installed on my so I'm

just going to reinstall it enable it


so one thing that you also want to do um

is go back once you've done that

okay my computer's acting a little slow

today you're going to do is just go to

your settings go right into TV and make

sure that you click on if it's if it's

I'm not blue right here just make sure

that is enabled okay

and so it's going to be making sure that

it's loading all your channels and

everything is up to date okay

so as I said before you don't have to

worry about going back into the PVR

simple client is going to automatically

load that up for you just have to make

sure that all your buttons are clicked

okay so basically after you're all done

with that and scroll over here okay

after you're all done with that you

should be able to click on TV and this

will come up okay

and basically all your channels will

right be right in there I'm just going

to click on a few just to show you okay

um just a few more that you can go

between this is ready not just okay

business person it's pretty fluid no

bugs or kinks and no basically so if

it's not working it will tell you that

it's not working

okay it'll give you a message by the way

you don't have to wait okay the other

thing is once it is loaded to the

largest brands

that'll be quince wicket and go

physiologically first for lawyers and

courts and making things easier

beautiful lovely now that we don't just

fight for compensation work hard to get

you the care required to get you better

here it is guys

so as I said the most up-to-date IPTV

install Israel live like I said if you

do have the Kodi 16.1 is going to

automatically update for you you don't

have to go in and update um the HTTP

address file okay so that you know like

I said it provides all your channels um

you know it's not too good on like you

know the difference I would say like the

guide it kind of really has a Mitch

nudge guide you have some here you know

that you can kind of look at for what

they believe some of your tastes are but

like I said it's pretty cool it's pretty

cool and you can go ahead and explore

that and still have that function for

your Kodi you know TV add-ons platform

that it is still out there it is still

working and we just wanted to make sure

that you knew how to update that okay if

you guys have any questions again please

definitely let us know it's just going

really slow today this in case you have

any questions we're here for tech for

24/7 our support you know visit our shop

we do have the the Amazon fire box we do

advocate for that product as well as we

do have marketing materials that can

help you to basically get you started

and get you underway for anything that

you have regarding the Kodi product get

our master key program and tells you how

to install any of the Kodi platform

applications to any of your mobile

devices and if you want to do business

it shows you a full marketing strategy

to get your comment kick-started into

learning about Kodi teaching others

about Cody and just pretty much letting

people know that there's a product

out there that can help them to save

time and to save money and to joy their

future of entertainment platforms okay I

thank you guys so much for watching

again please hit the subscribe button

and hit it right now hit it hit it hit

it hit it hit it thank you for all of

your views you know we're a baby in the

game but we just were eager about the

product and we want to definitely give

you more information every single day

that we wake up we want to make sure

that everyone knows the ins and outs of

this product in this platform so thank

you guys

don't forget again to subscribe like us

give us some comments let us know how

we're doing and not until the next time

until the next time happy viewing


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