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5 Best Free VPN for Android - No Sign Up & Data Limit

Published June 11, 2023, 11:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Free VPNs for Android are usually not fast and reliable. Most of them come with a bandwidth cap and require registration and verification before use. This whole process can turn down many users in case of emergency. That’s why in this video we will show you five of the best free vpn for Android that don't need any signup and have no data limit.

Best Free vpn for Android List: (Affiliate Link)

5. Tomato vpn


4. Turbo vpn


3. Secure vpn


2. Super vpn


1. Cloudfare



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free vpns for android are usually not

fast and reliable most of them come with

a bandwidth cap and require registration

and verification before use this whole

process can let down many users in case

of an emergency that's why in this video

we've put together five of the best free

vpns for android that don't need any

sign up and have no data limit


let's start the list with tomato vpn

first it's got 4.4 stars in the google

play store with more than 50 million

downloads primarily because of its easy

app interface and free unrestricted data

using this app is as simple as it can

get just open the app and press the go

button it will automatically connect the

nearest and fastest server for you

then you will be able to bypass

government censorship and geo

restrictions to access any blocked

websites and games like pubg free fire

and so many more no matter where you are

another feature we liked is the app's

bypass settings where you can allow

specific apps to use the vpn service or

leave it to use your original network

keep in mind that as a free vpn service

it contains ads and you won't get the

fastest speed with tons of location


but upgrading to the paid version can

remove these caps

overall we really love tomato vpn in our

extensive usage the app interface is

simple and we didn't have to worry about

running out of data


next up we have turbo vpn another free

vpn for android that most of us are

familiar with

with this vpn you'll get unlimited data

free vpn servers military-grade

encryption and so much more

this free vpn also features a one-tap

button to instantly connect to a proxy

server for providing the best

user-friendly vpn experience

equipped with military-grade aes 128-bit

encryption it can protect your network

under any circumstances not just that it

also uses the ipsec and openvpn

protocols to mask your online identity

besides that we also like the split

tunneling option which lets you decide

which apps to secure and which can

connect normally the only drawback we

found is it contains ads and honestly

it's kind of expected from a free vpn

provider other than that we don't have

any complaints regarding its performance

so turbo vpn deserves a try because of

its strong encryption unlimited data and

many more helpful features to intact

your privacy online


at the number three spot we have secure

vpn it draws our attention due to its

large number of servers high speed

bandwidth and strict no logging policy

which is quite rare for a free vpn


we also loved its well-designed user

interface backed up by fewer ads for

example when you tap on this button it

will automatically connect to a free

server but if you want to manually

select a free server you can do that too

we also loved how it showed you the

signal strength of each of these free


another cool feature is the apps filter

where you can select and deselect apps

to use with the vpn

but the most stand out feature for us is

the no logging policy meaning it doesn't

collect any data about where you go

online what you download or search for

because of that securevpn earns an easy



supervpn is yet another free vpn for

android that has received a huge 4.7

star rating on the play store with

downloads of over 100 million the

strength of this vpn comes from its easy

to use interface with no speed and

bandwidth limitation

its one click button lets you instantly

connect to a free vpn server and

encrypts your internet traffic plus it's

capable of unblocking geographically

restricted websites so no matter where

you're located you can always access

your favorite apps and websites with

this free vpn best of all this free vpn

lets you manually enable or disable

smart proxy to all of your apps smart

proxy benefits you with total freedom of

using the internet without leaving any

trays moreover all your connections are

with unlimited speed and bandwidth

considering all these features without

spending a dime super vpn is a must-have

app to try


last but not least we have

we put this free vpn on the number one

spot for several reasons it's fast

reliable has a clean and minimal user

interface that looks aesthetically

pleasing to the eyes and most

importantly it doesn't show any ads

throughout the app interface

besides that it protects your android

smartphone from various security threats

like malware phishing crypto mining and

much more

privacy is no slouch either since it

promises not to sell your browsing

history and prevents others from

snooping on you by encrypting all of

your personal data

additionally it can provide you with a

fast and reliable internet connection

with unlimited free bandwidth

simply put by cloudfare is overall the best

free vpn for android that we highly


so that was all about the 5 best free

vpns for android thanks for watching if

you found this video helpful give it a

thumbs up share it with your friends and

let us know your thoughts in the comment

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