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Published June 11, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

What could possibly be worse between politicians wanting to build a state prison next to Disneyland and Donald Trump's dragged indictment case? | The Daily Show with Jordan Klepper every Tuesdays - Friday at 23:30 CAT on Comedy Central, DStv Ch122

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from New York City the only city in

America it's the shows and invented news

this is The Daily Show with your host

Jordan clever

feels like there's a lot of alpha male

energy going on politics right now

everywhere you look in the news there's

an alpha male whipping his pecker out

marking his territory punching walls

instead of crying real tough guys guys

like Ron These boots are made for

walking to santis who's

it was down in Florida Waging War on a

cartoon mouse this morning the ongoing

feud between Florida Governor Ron

DeSantis and Disney is intensifying

DeSantis now floating the idea of the

state developing land next to Disney

World come to think of it now people are

like well there's what should we do with

this land maybe try to do more Amusement

uh Parks uh someone even said like maybe

you need another state prison who knows

I mean I just think that the the

possibilities are are are endless okay

a state prison next to Disney World

can you imagine what poor Walt Disney

would say if he saw this I mean first

he'd have a lot to say about all the

Jews and black people allowed in the



but after he sorted all that out he'd be

very upset

that may sound like a petty move by a

wannabe dictator but there's a prison

next to Disney World an inherently bad


I say no as long as they lock it they

they lock up strictly those Disney

adults we're going to be totally fine

I know you're trying to make adulthood

feel like childhood but guess what

there's nothing for you past 30.

it wasn't the only alpha male on the

alpha palooza main stage yesterday

there was also Jim Jordan now last month

a lot of Jordan fans here

last month Jim Jordan's bro Donald Trump

was indicted by Manhattan district

attorney Alvin Bragg for no reason

besides committing crimes but

Tim Jordan wasn't

yesterday he

Alvin Bragg and Bragg's own

yard right here in Manhattan the house

Judiciary Committee held a rare field

Hearing in New York billed as an

examination of crime in Manhattan Ohio

Congressman Jim Jordan rallied against

Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg

the policies being implemented by this

district attorney are going to ruin this

great City

you know I'm surprised one that he

admits New York is a great City

never thought I'd hear that and two that

he actually held a hearing on crime I

was pretty sure ignoring crimes was Jim

Jordan's whole thing

and considering the murder rate

this is The Daily Show


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