April 13, 2024

BEST OF 2016! | Travel, Adventure, Sport & Lifestyle

Published June 11, 2023, 4:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

I've put together this little highlights edit of some of the best moments in 2016 on the channel, hope you enjoy and thank you for all your support and feedback!

Music: Shallou - Doubt (Summer Edit)

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alright guys welcome back to the channel

2016 is swiftly coming to an end as I've

midnight tonight it will be 2017 and as

good as it is to look at things they're

going to be coming up in the future the

end of the year is also a really good

time to reflect on past achievements and

experiences and adventures so with that

in mind I've made this little edit that

kind of recaps and shows off the best

bits the best things that happened in

2016 on this channel I hope you enjoy it

if you do please do let me know by

liking the video and commenting and if

you haven't subscribed already by doing

that also I want to thank you guys for

all your support and feedback in 2016 I

look forward to making lots more videos

with you and smashing 2017 enjoy I'm in

a hotel room and bar Samir is with me

and we're gonna have a lovely

Valentine's weekend so let the vlogging

commence thank you in the mountain and

we're starting with a spot of snow Chi

walking with none other than adventure

legend friend for now

brother versus brother challenge the

challenge being who knows me best right

so it's Tuesday evening and I'm about to

do something for the last time


let's go to the euros moving out this

place and moving into a new place


right so this is time this is done

Georgie looking forward today

dammit cheek and race that plane


we're going

okay to divine




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