April 13, 2024

Campervan Streaming Internet TV, IPTV, Firestick, Freeview, TV Player.

Published June 11, 2023, 1:20 p.m. by Liam Bradley

In this video we look at getting TV over the internet, the Pros and Cons and different ways to do it. Including how we use an Amazon Fire Stick.

Here is our previous video on how we get TV through an Antenna and Sat Dish.


This video series covers getting internet in your van.


This video is about the TV that we use.


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as the nights draw in and the weather

turns having some indoor entertainment

can be a godsend

i know it's not everyone's choice but tv

is something lots of people want

you may have already seen our previous

video on the tv setup in our van

which is linked up here and in the video

description this mainly covered

terrestrial tv through an antenna and

satellite tv through a dish

but more and more we've been using

streaming tv

so if you stay with us we'll talk more

about what it is

its advantages and disadvantages and

some ways you can use it

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hitting that subscribe button now

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for more details on our vans trips and

all the products we talk about

so what is streaming tv traditionally

the main way to get tv

was commonly known as terrestrial the

signal being sent from a land-based

broadcast tower

to a tv antenna then came satellite

where the signal is broadcast from a

satellite and received on a dish

for streaming or iptv the signal is sent

over the internet

so why use it there are some key


one it could be watched on equipment you

already have like your phone tablet or

laptop saving you carrying more

there's no need for tv antenna or dish

it also gives you the chance to watch uk

tv pretty much anywhere you may find you

need a vpn or virtual

private network we use expressvpn and

have found it great

if you want to try it out you can use

the link in the video notes to get 30

days free

the reason we use it is some of the

streaming services are geographically


so if you're not in the uk you can have

trouble viewing them

so using expressvpn not only means our

online activity is encrypted

making us safer when using online

banking we can also

use it to connect to a server in the uk

when we're anywhere in the world

on top of that we can also use the

service to access tv from other

countries when we are in the uk

for example we can use the us version of

netflix just by selecting a us-based


an expressvpn subscription allows you to

use the service on multiple devices

so we use on iphone ipad and on our fire

tv stick

another benefit of streaming tv is that

you get a wider range of content

particularly with the many subscription

services available

but there are some issues with streaming

tv overall the coverage if you consider

wi-fi hotspots and cellular coverage

is not as good as terrestrial or

satellite if you're using a good

terrestrial antenna or have a clear view

of the sky for a dish

your internet connection needs to be

good quality generally

at least two megabits per second or you

can end up with buffering or low quality


streaming tv does use a lot of data so

you do need a good data plan to cover it

which can cost a bit and finally keeping

on top of the apps that you're using

your logins and your subscriptions can

be a bit of a pain

but streaming tv does have its place and

can be great

so how do you do it there are four key

things you need to stream tv

and we'll look at some options for each

of these in a minute they are an

internet connection

a smart device a screen and an app

there are lots of different ways to put

these four things together so let's take

a look at some of the popular ones

for your internet connection you could

use the cellular connection in a device

that you can watch on such as a phone or

a tablet

you could create a wi-fi hotspot from

your phone or a cellular wi-fi

or even a public wi-fi hotspot for more

details about the different options on

getting internet in your van

you can check out our detailed videos on

that subject by clicking on the link on


or in the video description

as well as a device if you're using a

cellular service you'll also need a sim

and a data plan

we highly recommend smarty and use their

unlimited service at 20 pounds a month

it's truly unlimited with no throttling

and no ties

but you could also get 30 gigabytes for

10 pound a month and 100 gigabytes for


if you want to try it out and get your

second one for free you can use the link

in the video description

as it's not a contract if it doesn't

work for you you can cancel at any time

for your smart device that does the

streaming you can use your phone

tablet laptop a smart tv or a smart box

or a streaming stick like the chromecast

roku or fire tv stick

for your screen to actually watch the tv

there's obviously the one on your phone

tablet or laptop or you can use a tv or

a projector

finally you need some apps so

there's a wide choice of apps that let

you watch tv in different ways

here are a few of the more popular ones

most of the main channels provide their


app available for free which allows you

to stream their live channels and watch

on-demand content

to help you find what you want to watch

there's a couple of apps i found really


which consolidate the channels into one

app freeview i have found the best but

this is not available on all platforms

so tv player is an alternative there are

also a number of subscription services

which have even more content but

obviously you pay a monthly fee

let's take a look at a few of the

options of how you could watch streaming


the first and simplest is watching it on

a cellular connected device

like a phone or tablet that has its own

sim and data plan

you probably already got one of these so

it's as simple as adding the apps

one downside of this is that as you're

probably sat inside a van the cellular

signal could be poor or non-existent

and when the phone or tablet goes out of

date and stops getting updates and the

apps are updated by the channels

some of them might not work meaning

you'd have to buy a whole new tablet or


to tackle the signal part you could

choose to use a wi-fi or hotspot off

another device

that can be positioned for a better

signal or even have an external antenna

for both these options screen size could

be an issue wouldn't it be great if you

could take that device and connect it to

a tv

now there are hdmi leads or screen


casting which will let you show your

phone or tablet screen on a tv

unfortunately with many of the apps this

is blocked

here is a list of what i found note this

may change depending on your connection


or the version of your app the next

option is a popular one which is to go

with a smart tv

this is a tv which comes with apps for

streaming services built in

you can connect this to your internet

device this is a simple solution to set


but does have its cons as with many

smart tvs you are reliant on the

manufacturer to release the latest

version of apps

new ones for services as they're

launched or the latest operating system

sometimes you can be waiting a long time

or as the tv gets old

they may never do it meaning you have to

replace the whole tv

if you want the latest apps to work and

our last example is the solution that we


which is our netgear router providing

internet to a streaming stick

our choice being a fire tv stick and a

standard tv

or sometimes our projector although it's

a tiny bit more

complicated set up the modular approach

works for us

if we want to upgrade the mifi streaming

stick or screen we can do this


and if anything fails or goes out of

support or becomes obsolete

it's just one module to replace we can

use the fire stick to make any screen we

want smart

and we can add pretty much any app we

want to it

here's how we go about setting it up

you get everything you need with the

stick it's around 50 pounds but do look

out for special offers from amazon

as they are often reduced there's a link

to buy in the video description

installation is simply a case of

plugging in the hdmi lead

then plugging the stick into this

the stick can be powered from any usb



once the stick is booted up all you have

to do is connect it to your internet



then if it's not already installed

search for the app you want and install



here i'm using the tv player app to see

what's on

and pick a channel most of the few view

channels are available for free on this


and you can also subscribe per month to

add more premium channels

i hope you found that useful as always

do drop

any questions in the comments

thanks for watching our video and as

always if you have any questions or

feedback please pop them in the comments


if you find the video useful please like

share and consider subscribing


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