April 12, 2024

COOL BATHROOM GADGETS CHANGED MY LIFE || Crazy Must-Have Toilet Gadgets and Hacks by 123 GO! FOOD

Published June 11, 2023, 8:20 a.m. by Bethany

When you’ve gotta go, you gotta go!  But you always be comfortable in the toilet.  That’s why we’ve came up with these awesome hacks.

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let's be honest we all spend time in the

bathroom so we want it to be nice and

clean that's why I have this Hand hack

for a sparkling toilet using a drill

makes it so much easier just make sure

you use a brush attachment

just look at that it's gleaming now if

you'll excuse me I need some privacy

oh my gosh this class is taking so long

I really need to pee who can answer this


here excellent no I need the toilet

why is this happening let's make this

quick I admire your enthusiasm I have no

idea what I'm supposed to be doing oh

I'll just write anything I don't have

time for this


at amazing work Betty

what's wrong with her out of the way

coming through hey


Betty I've been waiting for you you'll

need to wait a little longer

I need it David your beauty is like a

rose that's the best you've got wait

I've got notes of course you do my mom

helped me write this oh I have to go

give me a moment your beauty I need a

hurry but there's five more pages your

beauty is if ugly

who cares she likes me

love pleading Let's Roll

I feel deliberate quit pointing the

thing at me to be honest she's got some

good moves oh yeah shake it clean it

okay I need to time this her dance moves

are predictable go go go go oh

yeah that's gonna give me nightmares

finally just look at that porcelain


are you kidding me this can't be

happening now what am I gonna do I

couldn't could I it's worth a shot this

is so gross I just need the trash bag

I'll place it into the toilet bowl and

now I can do my business


that feels so good

oh yeah

what a relief

wait a second

I've been waiting for you uh right this

is awkward

what a great shower it was so relaxing

oops luckily I'm home alone that could

have been embarrassing

it'll be our little secret

gotta go

time to get ready oh no not again


phew he's not there

no one saw me


I guess they did

call me Dina

hello oh

so uh shall we continue this meeting's

recorded right

there must be something I can do I'll

start by Rolling the edge of the towel

over now I need a needle and thread I'll

sew along the edge creating a seam I'll

work my way across to the other end

now I need a piece of elastic and a

safety pin I'll thread this through the

new seam I'll push it out the other side

I'll grab my needle and thread again

I'll sew the elastic to the towel I want

to make sure it's secure

then I'll cut off the excess thread

next I'll cut off the end of the elastic

in the pin just like this now I need

glue I'll put a small amount at the end

of the towel

then I'll stick a piece of velcro to it

let's try it out it's staying in place I

can even jump up and down

that's much better


mmm I love chocolate spread it's the



huh oh you want some too okay

Tina what are you doing

okay Mom it's time for bed

what a sleepy no arguing

that's it go clean up

hmm what a strange little thing

I guess I asked for that I better check

on Tina

this over with


come on you need to get clean we'll

start with your teeth

uh okay I can do that this should be

pretty easy just a little more uh that's

enough this is going to be minty at

least she's brushing her teeth hold on

Tina stop it that was awesome look at it

I'll never get bored of this


ew I love brushing my teeth stop no more

why are you looking at me like that put

the toothpaste down

gotta Dodge it oh no you don't you need

to do better than that oh


may have been a mistake oh just brush my

teeth that's more like it I have an idea

maybe this little guy will help what is

it I'll place it right here then I'll

put the toothpaste on the top


watch this I'm so confused put the

toothbrush into the mouth

and the perfect amount of toothpaste

will come out

see pretty easy

whoa it's like I'm living in the future

I want to try it that's it

it worked well done look Mom I'm doing

it that's my girl

oh I hate traffic come on move this is

the worst go use the gas pedal

so warm luckily I have this bottle of


just what I need


now if only the traffic started to move

feels like I've been stuck here for

hours I'm so bored and now I'm out of

water boom what to drive

I'm surrounded by idiots

hang on

maybe that water was a bad idea

this isn't good hurry up why did this

have to happen wait a second maybe I can

use this bottle all I need is a pair of

panties and a small water bottle I'll

cut the top from the bottle just like


next I need to cut a hole in the cap

that should be big enough now I'll

insert a rubber tube into the cap

then cut a hole in the panties

I'll push the tube through the hole

I want the bottle top to be inside the

panties then I'll push the cap through

the hole I don't want any mess inside my

car oh that's good why didn't I think of

this before

I'm never leaving home without it and no

one will ever know

more coffee Tina fill me up it's so cold

that should warm you up oh I'm looking

forward to this

I just need some heat


oh yeah how much coffee is too much oh

keep them coming who cares it's nice and

warm I could drink it all day


I'm just glad we have all these mugs

cleaning them though


I'm feeling better already

although I think I need a pee I'll be

right back

no problem maybe that last cup was one

too many

come on


what the what was that

Betty are you okay what happened the

toilet seat

it's like an ice cube ah tricky mistake

you just need to warm it up

uh seriously

maybe try this instead

but this will speed things up

you think you're so clever

yep well I have this

that'll make it nice and toasty

not so smart now huh uh Tina what

there is one small problem why do I even



I tried my best

so now what

wait I think I have it hold it right


how'd you do that

huh I need those this is more important

I'll place the leggings over the toilet

seat then I'll cut a hole in them


what do you think let's try it out

go ahead I know we're close friends but

come on

oh it's nice and warm what a great idea

yeah where were we give me more coffee

it's so good cheers now I have to go to

the bathroom I can't hold it in

thank you

you can thank me after

I'm so tired but when Nature Calls huh

what's wrong with the light

well that's just typical I guess I'm

peeing in the dark I'll get that in the


just a little further

ouch that hurt oh my head this is

getting annoying I know the toilets

around here somewhere wait I found it

no oh that is so gross

I'm so tired maybe I should start

wearing a diaper the light is out again

that's okay I've got this this will

solve everything

I'll just place it under the toilet seat

then switch it on it gives off a bright

light it even changes colors pretty neat

huh it's just what I need in the middle

of the night



time to make a golden face mask

just gotta squeeze this gold bar for

some liquid gold that should be enough

now to press the button oh look at that

sparkly golden goodness

excellent my face mask is ready to use

let me just put this on so it can start

getting to work 10 minutes should be

long enough I think

and done time to take it off and check

the results

whoa it totally worked my pimple's

completely gone and my face feels so

soft and smooth and this only cost fifty

dollars whoa I definitely don't have

that kind of money to spare hey wait a

second I have this piece of lettuce

might as well give it a try what can it

hurt anyway it's nice and cool and has a

fresh scent so that's good I wonder how

long I should leave it on my face like


the boss girl hates me

huh oh oh wow I must have dozed off oh

my gosh my face


I love snacks doesn't matter if they're

salty or sweet I want them all

eat it fruits and veggies will work and

I'll wash it all down with milk I love a

good snacking session

wait a second maybe I shouldn't have

eaten so much pour so fast or so many

different things this water should help

uh that's much better or not


that's so much better now I can relax

and watch my videos

that's much better but oh no there's no

more toilet paper on this roll if you

think I'm trapped think again that's

because I've got this manual of a day

it's super easy to use too I just set it

on the toilet and add some water

there we go that should be enough

now I don't need to bother with toilet

paper I can just squeeze this ball the

Water Works to keep everything clean ah

refreshing and this bidet only cost

fifty dollars a total steal what what a

strange ad like who needs a bidet so

weird and those balloons so funny wait

huh what happened to all the toilet


crud I'm trapped in here until I figure

something out

wait there's my water bottle

paint and I have my hair pin I've got a

great idea I'll just jab a hole right

through the cap like this and now I'll

just use it on my own balloons

so refreshing I'm definitely a lot

cleaner than before

well I wouldn't say the room smells

better time to leave

I love going to the beach what a great

day for it too this looks like a good

place to set up oh look at that an

unattended bag

you're taking both of these

awesome now let's see if I can find

anything else to steal I love how warm

the sun is wait why do I feel like

someone's watching me

huh who's that over there do they have

binoculars oh

no she's totally spotted me please play

cool oh that's pretty creepy I think

I'll just pull my bag closer

you know what I I think I should hide

all my cash too


the bills would just sit nicely in here

folded up

but you know what a clean diaper is

still too tempting

time to bring out the chocolate I'll set

it on the diaper and let it melt oh yeah

that's nice and melted now to swirl it


so gross No One's Gonna look inside I'm

a total genius seriously I definitely

don't have to worry about my cash oh

she's getting up and leaving her bag

now's my chance to snatch another bag of

goodies how dumb can she be just leaving

her stuff here it's good for me though

whoa no way so hos

maybe I could just take the bag from

under the diaper nope no way dirty

diapers are just too gross oh she's

heading back this way I gotta get out of

here that was a nice little walk oh look

my dirty diaper is still here it kept my

money and bag safe from that Thief I'm

definitely gonna use this trick again in

the future

snack time



my totally gonna burn the thief's

running away so funny

it's really really hot out today but I

made it here oh but now I need something

to eat

who would have thought hiking would make

me hungry well let's see what I packed

for snacks this bag is a lot bigger and

deeper than I remember it being ah there

we go I found something and it's

underwear that's not what I need huh

don't remember packing this bear

ah there's a snack that I'm looking for

a banana but well a banana is a boring

snack no way that's Lizzy and she's got

roasted marshmallows what do you think

banana wanna get in on that okay we're

gonna need something oh that should do

nicely I need it to be opened up like

this sort of peeled right banana next up

I'll put a sheet of aluminum foil over

the can I want to wrap it around the

canned peelings there we go I made a

little metal basket for my charcoal

briquettes time to just give it a little

light and wait for it to heat all right

banana it's your time to shine I'll

split the banana open lengthwise like

this time for the best part stopping the

banana with chocolate chips and

marshmallows and now for banana to roast

on top of this great and now I've just

gotta wait for it to melt and cook okay

that should be long enough ooh look at

all that gooey chocolate and marshmallow

and banana delicious

Lexi hey hi it's me Lizzy what do you

got there because I brought a spoon

okay fine you can have some of my banana

boat thanks oh this looks so delicious

Down the Hatch oh wow this is really

delicious you're so smart thanks here

have some more too there's plenty

I think this is the right Trail right

and it's a great place to set this up

okay just do your thing chicken wing I'm

just gonna hang out

Leah you sure you know what you're doing

whoa this doesn't look right whatever

not my problem

they're kind of like nunchucks oh

what oh he's still building that thing

help I can't see these things look


how long I forgot my watch

there consider this tent pitched

um are you sure about that I'm not

sleeping in that thing sorry oh I really

gave it my best Lizzy I'm going in

I'm fine out here under the sun

plus I brought my own materials and

first up is the good old tree wrap and

these three are just perfect just go

around a couple of times then twist it

and throw it over there then pull it

through under here

and it creates a layer up top see

is Liam still in there good thing I'm

keeping myself busy second layer here we


almost done with it here


and next up I've got to settle on in

hope it's strong enough to hold me

oh yeah that's the stuff

Lizzy where did you learn how to make

that stupid tent that's the last time I

try to camp


sure riot 99.


all that walking around has me hungry oh

I can't eat with these things


I've got plenty of water to clean them

with just need a little whoa I kind of

need both hands here

oh I give up this is impossible unless

this ought to work see just like to see

Liam what is he doing


oh Liam Lizzy what's with the drama no

no oh

it's just a water jug I wanted to wash

my hands

next time try it my way poke one will


then stick a straw right into it it's

ready let's put it to the test


up you go

just release the lid and we've got

flowing water people

wow that's really clever Liz

I know you're welcome

drawing is pretty it's lovely sweetie

look Mommy there's the flowers in the

sun and the sky she's so talented my own

little Picasso I'm lucky to have such an

adorable girl

what happened this room it's a mess

tasty I like drawing

darling we've spoken about this give

Mommy the crayon we need to have a talk

this is not good for your teeth or your

stomach look at you and the painting I

need a vacation or I could try something

else take a bowl of chocolate buttons

and melt them fill the syringe with the

melted chocolate a little more that

should do it then inject the chocolate

into a straw once that's done place the

straws in the fridge


once the chocolate has set remove the

straw now to get creative use a pencil

sharpener to create a point at one end

make sure the pencil sharpener is clean

then place a crayon wrapper around the

chocolate safe and edible crayons repeat

this with different colors


hi honey mommy has some new crayons wow

they smell like chocolate it is


that's better I need to clean up again

time for a nice glass of milk

milk comes from cow's Mommy



look Mommy I finished moo her name is

Daisy she's my best friend

it's wonderful we need to hang it

somewhere don't forget to drink your


milk you I'm not drinking it

because every time

oh those pens give me an idea this might



I'll take this latex glove and prick

some holes in the fingers then use a

black pen to draw patterns on it this is

fun there it looks like a cow now I'll

pour the milk into the glove fill it all

the way up that should do it


here you go for me I'm milking a cow


the milk is coming out Mommy

I filled the glass that was thirsty work

it's so good

I can't believe that worked

sure is dark way out here


you look tired sweetheart lay down hmm

hope there aren't Bears out there

ah nice and cozy I'm so glad we're doing


he's Lily asleep already

Gotta Love A tuckered out kid on

vacation and I'm

and I'm exhausted myself

who's gonna rest my eyes


what's going on out there it's a monster

doesn't know that we're in here Mom wake

up I just fell asleep hmm if you won't

save me who will oh no


it must be a thousand degrees out here

that water sure looks appetizing yep hey

sweetie let's go in the water I'll race

ya be right there wow she sure looks

pretty on the beach this Breeze is

spectacular mom wait oh it's ice cold

you sure you want to go in hold on

what why hop on it's way better this way

cool let's do it I want to get it

I thought she'd like floating on that


wow this is really relaxing

wait I forgot to put on my sunscreen I

think that's bad but I'm So Far Away ah

hey Mommy

yes Mommy my skin is on fire it hurts oh

no that's terrible looks like you got

yourself a sunburn

oh that must really hurt but help is on

the way

there those sun rays are not going to

bother you now

much better

I just have one more idea for you come

on this way

set the raft down right over here

nice now we just need one more piece

the tent just tie it here so it doesn't

fall off in the water and make sure the

knot is tie tight and let's take you for

a test drive

easy there



oh I'm pretty good at this

hi Mom oh you look great over there

honey you don't look right at all ooh

wish I could say the same


here have a nice juicy Apple it's

crunchy and it's boring

I don't want it

got it Lily don't do that again whoa

that was so cool anyway gotta go not so

fast young lady I never get to have

anything nice

hang on I have an idea I think you're

gonna like it what

there's nothing in my hands but there is

something behind your ear how what the

how did I never never miss that

not bad huh go on try it out

so I put the Apple here

then I can use this to hold it in place

now I need to position the arm and then

switch it on whoa look at that it's

peeling the apples wow it's so quick

look at it go it's like a giant piece of


whoa great job honey

it smells great we don't need this

anymore but wait I think I can use this

it's time to cook up something yummy

I'll put the apple peel into a pot then

add water

I want to cover the apple peel

next I'll pour in sugar

I'll give it a quick mix and wait for it

to boil

now I need to wait


it's ready a delicious apple chutney

here you go Lily it looks good I can't

wait to try it I'll spoon it onto a

slice of bread


wait I have a better idea

let's try it with an apple I'm gonna

enjoy this wow it's so good but you know

whatever at least she's eating the fruit

and I get rid of this candy what did you


I could eat this all day


that's nice sweetie you're not watching

Mom I'm trying to read look how high I

can jump mom Lily

that was a close one look at you you're

a mess

we need to clean you up huh I look good

you're covered in dirt

still don't put that thing near me see

Lily get back here you'll never catch me

oh you did

you need a bath or what

no chance I hate baths

I knew she was gonna do that

I need to get out of here hold up ooh

chocolate my favorite

chips I'll need to get my energy up

I need to lose mom these cakes look good

oh no she's dating I'm too old for this

maybe I don't need to chase after her I

have a better idea first I need a

cupcake case then I'll pour in liquid

soap now I need to wait for it to set

once it's ready I can pipe in more soap

I want it to look like a cupcake I'll

add sprinkles to make it look realistic

now I'll take it out of the case


come on Lily this is so unfair

I thought you might say that so I made

this why didn't you say so

it looks good

you need to work on your baking skills

don't eat it it's soap oh I get it

I've never seen cupcake soap before this

makes washing fun although I would have

preferred a real cupcake

there I'm all clean

uh are you okay yeah where'd you ask

I love the park the park is

yes it's a great day for a visit to the

park okay I've got a snack for you

because you've been good

I'm gonna go play okay you have fun but

be safe too

what should I do

ew a b go away no The Bee wants my Lolly

you can't have it B this isn't a bee

treat it's a Lizzy treat it's mine


and I'll get you B I'll get you good run

away oh I ran so much these are fast but

I'm faster


my finger

oh my gosh my poor little angel


don't worry I can take it out

oh gosh okay hold on let me check my


let's see this wrapper's no good and

then I've got these coins what am I

gonna do hey wait a second the coins

putty now hold still there

Splinter's gone where'd it go I just

took it out see

hey thanks Mom you're the best ever

the bees back run away yeah

hmm do boogers smell no guess not honey

I'm back from the store did you miss me

let me unpack these groceries

whoa what's she got in that bag you need

candy maybe chips

chocolate spread that's the best ever I

want that I'm gonna go get it what else

do I have in here oh

all right just a few things left some

apples I'll just put this down here oh

Lizzy you scared me oh you want a snack

Tada is this what you're looking for


it thanks Mom she's so adorable

I love that she oh yummy yummy ammo this

is the best ever I want more

oh nope that's not gonna work time to

clean her up hold still Lizzy I need to

wash her face and change your clothes

there your hair is tidy too you're ready

to go

I can't believe how quickly she made a


good thing I put a stop to that

yummy yummy

what the heck I just had the jar in my

hand oh hold still I have to clean you

up again there you go I can't believe

she's made two Messes in such a short

time wait a second I bet this bag could

be a useful solution honey give me that

I'm gonna put this bag on you there we

go now stick your arms through the

armholes why do I have to wear this oh

yay chocolate spread yummy yummy yummy

oh my she's just a little mess maker but

at least it's on a bag now


my gosh my baby she's in trouble no no I

have to find her she must be her learned

darling wait oh my gosh I was worried to

death and lipstick is not a toy and

definitely not for eating oh but that

gives me a good idea I'll just use this

Fork to remove the lipstick from its

tube next I'll melt this red chocolate

it's ready to be poured into the empty

lipstick tube


don't cry honey I have some special

lipstick for you now ooh special makeup

just for me you can even eat this one

it's so yummy I love lipstick it's my

favorite thanks Mommy



huh oh my gosh what's happening over

here honey you're making a huge mess

what are you up to hey Mom oh my how did

you even find all this junk food and

you've got it all over your precious

face too it's made you break out we

can't have that now can we look at all

these blemishes on your skin

oh my I barely them did that really just

happen so disgusting all right that's it

we have to do something about this all

this junk food and garbage is coming

with me oh

my look honey I have some snacks for you

healthy fruit now I can finally get back

to my book

gross fruit

is she looking no I think she's

distracted now's my chance huh what are

you doing Mom

nothing honey just reading my book okay

I'm drawing a picture of our house I

knocked off the colored pencils sorry

Mom it's fine I'll pick them up for you

there we go back where they belong


this has given me a clever idea I'll

just slip my can of soda right in here

and then using a straw I can sip in


huh Mom what are you doing I'm just

adjusting your colored pencils that's

all okay if you say so

let's see I've got my hat now I need my

jacket David's videos are just the

absolute best I can't put my phone down

this one's a total Riot whoa

ouch my head ow that hurts so bad maybe

I should have put my phone down no way

David just fell too oh Falling Down is

the worst why are my laces tied together

like that my poor head oh David I feel

that you know what there's definitely a

solution to this problem just let me

grab them and here they are aren't they

cute and colorful here let me show you

how they work they're used to replace

your laces see they're stretchy so they

can secure your shoe without tying not

to mention they look pretty great too

you can personalize your sneakers with

the colors you choose aren't these just

the best and they only cost forty

dollars wow what I've never even heard

of these before but I can't afford them

hey well maybe I can use these colored

zip ties instead so long shoelaces I'm

replacing you with zip ties here we go

I'll just slide the end through the two

holes and then into the other end time

to tighten it and then snip off the

extra there we go I got the same effect

but stuff I already had at home no more

balls for me now back to David's videos

boring boring seen it before there's

nothing interesting to watch today oh

hey there's David he's an early you know

he's definitely pretty cute I wish he

had a new video to watch

oh my gosh he's doing it he's removing

his hat uh he has the best hair ever

it's so dark and thick oh uh hey Molly

she's staring at me again weird

okay that's it today is the day I make

my move David hi huh what's that oh it's

Molly again she clearly wants to talk to

me sorry girl you're not really in my

league if you get my drift what is he

talking about my clothing what's wrong

with it maybe if I watch one of his

older videos I'll understand what he's

talking about ew David what are you

wearing that's way too plain Goodbye Oh

man she's totally right though but don't

worry I have a fix that's right I've got

my own portable printer not only that

this one comes with its own app where I

can pick the design

smiley face it is now I'll just let it

get to work here it goes it's printing

on my shirt just a little more and it's

done excellent work printer now my shirt

isn't playing anymore oh hey glare

wow David where did you get that shirt I

love it and this can be yours for fifty


ah well there's no way I could afford

something useful like that hmm I bet I

could do something with the sign okay

let me give this a try I've got my shirt

design and some tape I'll use the tape

to make sure the sign stays in place

perfect and now that it's secure it's

time for the next step I'll just pour

some of this oil onto the back side of

the paper sign ooh I can already see the

words but I want to make sure I don't

miss any of them now I just want to make

sure that the oil is evenly spread and

now it's ready for me to peel off oh my

gosh look the words totally transferred

onto my shirt this looks great time for

me to put it on wow I totally love this

shirt okay now it's my chance to try

again David hi huh uh it's Molly again

didn't she get the message the first

time wait what's that she's got a new

shirt on what does it say no way Molly

check this out our shirts have the same

message on them that's Bonkers right you

want to go get lunch with me wait me

really yes I'd love to great let's head

to the cafeteria

remember to share this video with your

friends and remember to subscribe to our

channel for more useful videos just like

this one

thank you


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