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Published June 11, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Naomi Charles

The nfl season kicked off so to celebrate I made some fun and easy diy football themed treats. Let me know what team you're cheering for this year in the comments! Hope you enjoy this cook with me as we make Pigskins in a blanket, a snack stadium dip, and football brownies. Be sure to tag me when you make any of these recipes!

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look it's Breanna welcome back to my

channel it is officially football season

here in the US the NFL season has

officially started the college football

season has already started as well so I

wanted to do a cook with me video today

where I share some really fun football

party recipes just some really good

munchies and nibbles if you're watching

a football game and want something

really good to eat that's on theme you

could definitely twist these to be

appropriate for fall I know that

technically fall yet though even though

it's fall in the YouTube world fall is

September 23rd it's not the first day of

fall I mean now if I'm correct in the

comments but I wanted to share just some

really easy no frills recipes these are

super simple to make really fun you will

get all of the compliments that you are

a Pinterest person if you make any of

these recipes so I hope that you enjoy

them and don't forget if you try any of

them you've got to tag me over on

Instagram or tweet it at me a picture of

you making one of these recipes how it

turned out let me know if you and your

family friends love these recipes as

much as we do and yes I think that's

everything I'm going to cover check out

my blog if you want to click Subscribe

if you're new I would love to have you

here and let's start cooking

this recipe is pig skins in a blanket

haha pig skins you get it but you need

some little Smokies I got the beef kind

you can get whatever kind you like best

I know they have cheese stuffed ones too

which you could totally use in this

recipe I got the Pillsbury Crescent

dough you could get the actual crescent

rolls but they actually make a good

dough sheet so I thought that I think

it's just easier to cut for this recipe

in particular and then you need a can of

some kind of easy cheese and Cheez Whiz

is another brand but you need this to do

the little football lines on top of your

pig skins and a blanket

all right so first I'm just going to

enroll that Crescent dough and I want to

cut it in sort of long triangles so that

then when I wrap it it almost takes on

like a football shape because then once

this bakes up with my lovely can of

cheese I'm gonna make my little like

football lines on the top of this


you know I want you close maybe you're

in a loop somehow I know you're gonna be

the girl that I'll end up caught my bat

around in the style sleeves rolled up

glasses on

hey that's time my heart starts racing

all right now I'm gonna pop these into

the oven at 375 for about 10 minutes

until they're all nice and baked up


seems like everything stops

and just little fYI I only used about

half of the bag of Smokies if you're

having a really large football party you

might want to get two packages of the

crescent rolls and then that way you

could use the entire batch of your

Smokies but you could also like just add

barbecue sauce over these I've seen that

too like if you cook them up or even

have difference of like a mustard a

barbecue sauce to ketchup for any of the

extras with toothpicks but just wanted

to show that in case you're having a big

party so you know kind of how much to

plan for and because I think half the

time with food it's the presentation

that makes things on a theme and super

appealing I went to the craft store and

I just found some really inexpensive I

think these were like 50 cents a sheet

there's some green grass scrap of paper

I also thought this breeding them was

actually really cute I actually think

this is the one I'm going to use and

I've had some football parties in the

past whether it's Super Bowl or just

watching a football game and for Lana's

half birthday actually is like a

half-time football team so I just shaved

these little mini footballs and comments

that I found at the party store so I'm

gonna cut the paper and lay them on the

plates but then I'll put those pig skins

on top of so they look this little

football sitting on the field that makes

it better


okay I'm gonna set this on biggest place

and just put some of the little

footballs and helmets on there until my

pig skins are done in the oven but

honestly a big money you could use crisp

physics by Christmas scrap of paper or

Halloween scrap of paper whatever this

season is or colors of the party and

just put them on your place and that's

such a fun house just to kind of have it

be super on theme but doesn't cost you

that much money at all


to my timer in just one off and I'm

actually gonna add like two more minutes

so I would say like 12 minutes but it

could just be my oven but 12 minute okay

I think that 12 minutes was perfect at

least for my oven so I would say like 10

to 12 minutes just depending how your

oven cook yay and I'm just going to let

these fully cool before I can put any of

the cheese lines on them

or it will melt all over the place all

right the pig in a blanket have cooled

down so I'm just going to add with my

cat cheese my squirt spray cheese and

you have to do this very gently cuz like

a lot can spray out I'm gonna do a

little tester first it had to be very

delicate when I did a little test of how

that scored it out I'm just going to

right on top made my little line

Sugarfoot balls dream and you can see

isn't that so cute so it looks just like

a little cheesy football and I'm gonna

put it on my scrapbook paper plates or

scrapbook paper cover in place so that

they look really fun and festive for the


when you talk listen close so here is

the end result I feel like they turned

out really cute and these are actually

one of Adam's favorite things to eat so

it's fun kind of put in a little

football twist on them


give me that smile I think my hearts

turned up the pace


forgets it

yeah okay I just tasted everyone

and it was absolutely delicious



ok this next recipe is stadium dip and

again it's kind of no-frills you can

make this as homemade as you'd like it

to be or you can buy your case though

your guac spinach dip sour cream and

then whatever kind of crudité or you

know chopped up veggies or dippers that

you want for this it's totally up to

your taste but I ended up getting some

cucumbers some grape tomatoes I have a

green pepper and a red bell pepper I

have some baby carrots and some black

olives and some green olives that are

actually gonna be made to look like

little football players on the stadium

dip and then I also got some pretzels

and some tortilla chips that will kind

of all be the fans sitting around the

stadium dip so just stick with me on

this one it can be really really cute or

at least that's what I've seen on

Pinterest so I'm gonna try my hardest

that I can make it a cute as I possibly

can today all right and before I get to

shopping these off I just want to

mention I got a 2-pack of a it's a 12 by

8 inch pan on Pinterest it said 11 by 7

when I looked at it but this was the

closest size to that and you want to get

a 2-pack because I'm gonna take this

apart and by the way I covered this like

cookie sheet in tin foil just so that

everything don't have coordinates and

method but this one is just gonna kind

of sit here and be the placeholder and

then this is the one I'll actually put

the dip in and it came with a lid which

I liked because if you are going to be

serving this you could like to store the

dip and keep it cool in the refrigerator

while you kind of set everything up like

I'm going to do

all right let's get to choppin up the

veggies and I've gotta say one of the

things I do enjoy about football season

or parties just when I make anything

like this I always have a ton of Ziploc

baggies on hand and I like to get the

snack size one and I'll just throw

whatever I chopped up right into the

snack baggies and pop to the fridge and

then it's school lunches or school

snacks ready for the week so just a fun

little half you know you're going to do

the work at least save yourself some

time and some work in another area but I

know all of these are a little extra

over the top but if you've been at this

channel for a long time you know that's

just me that's just how I do things and

I don't know I feel like life is short

so why not make it as fun as possible

while you're here right okay I'm putting

all these little cucumbers it's a little

cucumber fans over on this side of the

stadium I just thought of it what I

might do so this doesn't move is like

tape it to the tinfoil so I'll be right

back I'm gonna go grab tape and do that

all right yeah that's it that should

like keep it nice and tight and I think

you're on and I'm gonna make my grape

tomatoes be easy home insane bananas

over here right and I think ideally I

just don't happen I think a rimmed like

baking tray would be ideal for this I

just didn't have one so I'm making do

because it can just set out on the

counter where I'm making this right now

and everything will be fine and dandy

and you think that side is done actually

I'm just making the decision here I

think I'm just going to save these for

another recipe I mean it would look

really cute but maybe if you are doing

low-carb I just feel like I won't have

enough space through their breath

through the tortilla chips that I want

to have with this too so I'm just not

going to cut these up right now and I

will save them for another recipe or I

can chop them up later for snacks or

something like that for school okay down

tempo cars for teachers are wonderful my

data I'm really not a potato chip girl

but tortilla chips probably this full

bag it's like really the [ __ ] go out

so good especially for like football

games anything that you eat with

tortilla chips like yes please

queso taco dip I didn't video last year

actually where I think I've shared my

favorite appetizers

um and at my bacon cheddar taco dip oh

my gosh that's like my favorite thing to

make football games do it so good

especially if you're from the Midwest

think we're oh hi Owens or from the

Midwest it's like everything is cheese

and bacon for fall and winter and

football so good all right now I'm gonna

add a little pretzel band to this side

of the deal right so this where like the

band hangs out on one of the side I was

never cool enough to be in marching

bands but my sister was she actually got

the flag team for a little bit too

because she marched with the band it was

cool cuz our high school is actually

known for having a really amazing band

they got to go so many things they got

to go to Disney World I know they do

marks and the Macy's parade it's not I'm

gonna do some really cool stuff

so always powders my sister okay guys

100% learn from my mistake here get one

that has some sort of like lick all

around the outside of the larger try it

would make this so much easier it was a

nerve-racking slam destroyed that these

couples are gonna like fly all over the

place when I move this but I'm gonna

like not over

having it carefully move this to the

side my puzzles are very precarious

right now but it's gonna be okay vennett

slowly now coming off of this after you

make it and I did grab a ziploc bag

sized bag then I'll need for when I put

the actual stadium zip together excited

for that it looks like so so cute when I

saw it on Pinterest and all the link

like the blog that's came from sorry I

don't know what as I'm filming because I

just like pinned it and looked at it but

I will link that so that they get credit

for coming up with this I think it's

such a fun idea penny to get stuff so I

have my star trainees now the sour cream

I need to save a little bit in this

snack bag so I'm going to cut a corner

off so that I can kind of doodle the

yard line onto this dip but first it's

got a layer it up a little bit so that

it's super good but I just need a

reserve I'm just gonna do like to kind

of like heaping spoonfuls in here I'm

assuming that will be enough just pray I

don't know saying that I'm like thinking

of like crazy from Handmaid's Tale but

holy guacamole and yes that's part of

this dip we just finished the season

that show oh my gosh I'm always on the

edge of my seat it's just so creepy and

scary and like let's just pray that

never actually happens because it's

absolutely horrifying but you want a

thriller of a shell hand and tail would

be my strong recommendation I think I

got a message from somebody one time

when I like show we were watching it and

they were like how can you support that

and I'm like no nobody supports that or

if you do I mean I don't we're clearly

just like not what um but it's just it's

such a thrilling show it's like a train


you cannot help with once you start

watching it you can't help but keep

watching cuz you're like I need to find

out what happens like I need more


I need the backstory of some of these

characters like how the heck did the

world end up this way it's just like

very thrilling so I highly recommend not

sorry I'm going to stick back to cooking

with me but I just have above it out

there on something I said it's made me

think of handy its tail we just recently

finished it no all right now I've spread

the sour cream out on bottom of that

next I'm gonna do this spinach dip and

again you can do like this in a very

homemade way that is your style I just

simply like for times sake and I just

know how crazy

that's a time of year pretty much always

is for our family and also if you're

like hosting a party and having people


I'm just taking every shortcut in the

world that I know of so I bought all of

this pre-made personally I feel like you

can get really good pre-made stuff

that's still like very freshly made at

your grocery store at least of how feel

like we're pretty fortunate with the two

grocery store it's that we have here in

Cleveland we have like Heinen's and

giant equal or market districts I'm

always curious to like where are you

from like what are your grocery store

options if you feel like sharing in the

comments I always think it's interesting

it's like when I lived in Baltimore

there was none of the grocery stores

that we have here there so it's just

interesting but my point being you can

probably find some pretty awesome

pre-made tips just to save yourself a

lot of time but there's other on with

taking a shortcut because time is

precious and if that means more time

with my babies I'm gonna take it okay so

if you didn't really be there I have the

sour cream over the entire base

and then I took the spinach dip and I

kind of lined it so that it can be the

end zones and then I'm going to take

some queso and I'm going to put the case

though in the center here front this

outfit if you want me to make fresh

guacamole let me know in the comments

and maybe I can do that and in upcoming

videos you guys really like this one and

want to see more cooking or I can like

put it in you know a day in the lights

blog or something like that on this

channel - more than happy to share it

with you because I do love homemade

guacamole I feel like it's so good

sinja Baba's makes me feel like it's an

art project if I feel very creative

making it okay so here's a little bit

more of a close-up of this dip and I'm

just kind of spread the guac out as

thinly perfect good so that it's kind of

went over the end zones a little more

but you get it it's like this is kind of

the unknowns and this is the field and

next I just have to take my bag of sour

cream and kind of draw the yard lines on

here all right so this isn't a bag of

sour cream I'm just gonna cut like a

very small tip of it off and then I'm

just gonna use this to like doodle no I

got it slower


they just gonna do that to make little

yard line


all right so there's my field I know

it's not accurate but you get the idea

but it's a football field and I would

also say do not plan on taking this dip

like transporting this anywhere I just

have a lot of fear that your hard work

get get ruined

I would only make this dip in your own

home that would be much more thing all

right so now I'm good it carefully

transport this and one other thought you

could definitely look if you don't like

spinach artichoke dip you could make

this with any sort of dips or layers you

want like if you wanted to mix the sour

cream with cream cheese so it's a little

bit thicker on the bottom you could

totally do that you can add salsa

another one is the dip Texaco's it cost

a couple different versions of this use

actual salsa so again it's just kind of

a whatever your taste is whatever is

easiest for you you can always add like

white shredded cheese on the top of the

sidelines like anything like that to

dress this up to be the way that you

like it

it's totally you can make it to your

taste same things and put our dippers

that you want but what I thought was

really cute I just sort of with the

final touch and this is on the dip that

I actually started Stadium difficulty

may actually saw was taking baby carrot

sticks and green olives so that there's

green helmets and black olives that

there's black helmets and like putting

them on the top of the carrots and

sticking them in so the little players

in the stadium I'm the oldest do




so my black olive team my green olive

team are in place and the dip is


that's so cute I love this Stadium death

and at least that you could make this as

healthy or as homemade as you've got the

time for and that's one of the things I

love about it it's just like really fun

and cute but you can totally make this

your own last one I got for you here in

Cleveland we're gonna call them here we

go brownies 30 football brownies and you

can make this as homemade as you want

you can make homemade brownies and cut

them into football shapes I'm going to

do is use cookie icing so it already

comes in and just a ready-to-go

dispenser and I'm gonna take positive

brownies which is just so happen to be

my favorite

anyway they're jumped out of a and I

love them so much and I'm just going to

unwrap them and use the back so you'll

still get the fun rainbow chip let's

just be on the bottom of the brownie oh

and I'm gonna use the same trick just

for presentations tape but I did with

the pigskins

and I'm just gonna cut this and line

this plate so that it looks like my

little footballs are sitting on grass


now I'm just gonna lay this chip side

down on my cutting board and use a knife

and shape it so that it looks like a

football and the bumper is you can

totally eat what you cut off that's like

what you get for all of your hard work

and then I'm just gonna take my cookie

icing and I'm gonna do a little test

right here make sure doesn't come out

too fast okay we're good and I'm just

gonna then draw the football lines on it

there you go and this by the way is the

Wilson cookie icing and I do feel like

it's very bright white and a nice

consistency for making the Lions on your



like everything


and I just wanted to kind of show you

guys fast a couple of hacks or cutting

these appropriately open these up very

gingerly they can break pretty easily

and then I just have two imaginary

points on each end of this football and

I'm just gonna kind of cut a little

triangle off of each side and then with

my knife I can just kind of round these

out a little more and with your fingers

you can kind of press in anything that

looks looser if you just need to like

shape it a little more alright these are

my three football party recipes I hope

that you enjoy this video and most

importantly I hope that you enjoy these

recipes when you make them don't forget

to tag me as you do have a wonderful

fall don't forget to hit that subscribe

button because there's a lot of our

videos that will be coming your way and

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be doing

walked over so make sure your

notification bell is turned on so that

you know when I am posting since I'll be

posting more frequently next month go

Browns enjoy football season bye love


what do you think well tasty what's the

best one the stadium dip or the

cucumbers are the best

you guys are healthy I would have gone

for the cosmic brownies no they're

called here we go brownies


holy you try to eat the food I don't

think I'm gonna be dropping anything

baby but you're good little vacuum



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