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DIY Football Hair Bow - Stacked Boutique Style Big Hair Bow - Hairbow Supplies, Etc.

Published June 11, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Naomi Charles

DIY football hair Bow - Stacked Boutique Style Big hair Bow - hairbow Supplies, Etc.


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hairbow Supplies, Etc., featuring how to make hair accessory video tutorials with the latest trends! Sewing tutorials, hair bow tutorials, baby headband tutorials using fabric, ribbon, and more items featured from our website!

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hey this is Gwen from hairbow supplies

etc today we're going to make a football

hair bow so we have a pieces to make our

ribbon spikes I haven't made them yet

because this is a new kind of spike this

is with inch and a half ribbon each

piece is eight and a half inches long I

have six pieces here I've already got

the edges cut on an angle and sealed

with a lighter I also have an accent

though for the center a football

rhinestone button and then this is a

star slider what I've done with my

accent pieces here is if you can tell

what I've done is I take in my ribbon

and then you just take the slider and

hold it in your hand and then you put

the ribbon up through the slider and

then you bring it back down so you have

your slider on this side you would take

your ribbon on the left and bring it to

the right like you're starting to make a

hair bow and then you take this right

piece and loop it on around to your left

so it makes a cute little hair bow right

there and then you would just glue in

between just like that so that's what

I've done with these two pieces here I

also have another bow that I've made

this is my football bow I made this with

inch and a half ribbon in 26 inches of

ribbon and then lastly I've got two

pieces of ribbon this is 20 inches long

each piece and I'm going to double the

black one over the silver okay let's go

ahead and get started so we're going to

start with our ribbon spikes you cross

your right one over put some hot glue

down in the center and then cross your

other over

now we're going to make our next hair

bow so make sure that your edges are

sealed with a lighter go ahead and stack

them together now this ribbon underneath

is one and a half inches and this one

above is 7/8 so I'm sucking them and

then just take the piece on the right

and fold it over to the left take your

ribbon from the left and fold it to the

right take and turn your hair bow

grab your ribbon and bring it under and

grab the last piece and bring it up and

to your left now take your needle and

thread and push it through your ribbons

and bring it back through grab your loop

pull and wrap the thread around your bow

at least twice hold on to your hair bow

and then just pull wrap your thread back

around your hair bow twice turn and put

your needle through the back of the

ribbon a couple times just to secure

that end off

take your scissors and cut turn your

hair bow back around and just fold your

hair bow back a little bit less make

sure you get the shape that you want get

some hair spray and spray your bow and

let that sit for a few minutes and dry

now we're ready to go ahead and stack

our hair bow together so get your ribbon

spikes get some hot glue put your

largest hair bow down first get some

more glue put your other hair bow down

on top of it next get your accent pieces

put some hot glue on and we're going to

put these down on the bottom

get some more hot glue put that in your

Center hit your accent piece and put

that bow right in the middle as well

lastly get your football button put some

glue in the middle and put that in the

center of your bow turn your bow put

some hot glue down and get your lined

alligator clip and put that down on and

that's how you make an adorable football

hair bow thank you so much for joining

us and please be sure to subscribe to

our Channel have a great day



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