May 22, 2024

Do this before you move to China| VPN, Life Insurance & Documents| #roadto10k #teachinginchina #esl

Published June 11, 2023, 11:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Hey Regular Dzegulars 🌸

DO this before you move to China:

1. Bring all your Original documents

- Degree, TEFL, Police clearance, ID Book

2. Notify your bank and get your app set up for international banking

3. Download and subscribe to VPN

- Astrill, Express VPN

- Get started with Chinese lessons

4. Join Facebook groups

5. Ask your school to connect you with your colleagues.

6. Set up International life insurance.

7. For you mental health, don’t tell anyone your plans and how far along everything is.

Tips to get started

1. Get a passport done

2. CV and apply on LinkedIn

3. Start saving money for a TEFL & Documents +- R15000

4. Apply for a police clearance certificate

5. Make an introduction video and demo video, and have it ready

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#roadto10k #tips

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thank you so much for coming back once

again baby and if you are new here today

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okay guys so as you can see by the title

of this video I am going to be doing a

what to do before you move to China

video today now I've done a video like

this before if you didn't know already

and I decided let me do an updated one

so I'm actually going to put it as well

in the um in the bottom of this video

you guys are going to see the one that I

shot about a year ago I feel like

because I watched that video my teeth

look so different I used to stay in

Beijing and that's been over a year ago

so it's quite an old video and I thought

let me do an updated one because things

have changed some things haven't but

things have and I think it's important

for us to have this conversation because

the realities of the situation is is

that being an expat especially when

you're relocating to a country like

China you need to actually do a lot of

things prior to your move just so that

your transition is easier and life

decide is a little bearable because

there's things that will shock you

um that you can actually prepare for

before you leave South Africa or

wherever it is that you're coming from

okay so I decided to put together a list

for you guys and I have all my stuff

down here with me but I also actually

wanted to do something at the end of

this video so make sure that you watch

till the end if you're interested

interested in this so so I want to do a

tips to get started video because a lot

of you guys are still very confused

about where to start and I think you

know that information is all over my

videos all over you know all the other

content creators here in China they

really have said so many things but I

think maybe I've I've minimalized or

made those steps even smaller so that

maybe you know actually your action step

tomorrow morning to wake up to do this

is the thing that you can do first you

know what I mean that's the first thing

you can do to get your process started

so I thought let me actually minimize

the steps and actually give you guys

action steps to take

um in the future you know in the near

future rather um so yeah so that will be

at the end of this video so let's get

started with the things to do before you

move to China


um points okay so the first one is to

bring all your original documents now

I'm talking original documentation that

you need for your application here so

your degree your bachelor's degree your

tearful certificates your teaching

English is the first teaching English as

a foreign language certificate your

police clearance as well as your ID book

if you don't have an ID book an ID card

but you actually are going to need this

uh when uh if you have any problems with

your passport if you lose your passport

you can take your ID as well as other

documentation needed to the consulate

and um you actually need that to apply

for a new passport so bring your ID with

you I know some of you are thinking oh

you just need a passport when you move

abroad you don't need any other official

South African documentation actually you

do need it so bring it all with you

obviously bring it in a nice folder

waterproof folder and sorts uh carefully

when you are traveling with it and once

you move to China as well keep it in a

safe place because these are important

identification documents you know what I

mean so bring all the original stuff

with you the next thing is to notify

your bank that you are moving abroad and

start to set up your um app to give an

access to International banking so this

is something that I didn't do and I

actually had a real problem when I had

to transfer money back home home doing

things like that accessing money from

this side became like really tricky so

one thing that I would highly recommend

is going to your bank talking to your uh

banker and just letting them know this

is what I'm doing I'm moving to China I

want to save as much as possible so they

can actually give you a menu of options

that you can choose from from the bank

in terms of what type of savings account

you can have which ones give you access

while you're broad so different banks

have different options I highly

recommend FNB as well as a lot of people

I've seen actually use capitec their app

works really well besides so yeah go

ahead do your research about those two

Banks I hope you don't know more about

other countries but I do I am aware that

most of the American and British Banks

actually work uh with banks here in

China people actually bring their cars

and are able to withdraw money and

transfer money using adipay

um for us South Africans you can also

withdraw money either side

um and you can also use your app uh but

obviously you have to notify your bank

so that you know one day you're not

withdrawing in South Africa and the next

morning we're growing in like Dubai and

you'll be like hey bro what's happening

and they might even block your car

because of the suspicious

um withdrawal

so yeah sorry guys that was a message on

my laptop okay so notify your bank the

next thing is to download And subscribe

to VPN now for those of you guys who

don't know a VPN VPN is basically an app

or software or

um I don't know what to call it hold on

I'll read the definition

um so VPN is a network yes it's a

virtual private Network that gives you

access to sites and um apps that are

banned here in China and so obviously we

need that because sites are better or

um apps like WhatsApp Instagram Facebook

YouTube are bad here in China so you do

need to have access to those things want

to communicate with your family two to

see what the rest of the world is doing

what's happening around the world etc

etc so I highly recommend downloading it

and actually subscribing before you

leave South Africa because there is

situations where you actually can't get

your subscription down this side so if

you can do with that site two vpns that

I recommend would be astral and

expressvpn okay so the next point to

join Facebook groups now I know some of

you asking yourselves why Facebook okay

so Facebook is going to be your best

friend before moving to China because

there are so many groups uh for South

Africans living in China married people

living in China divorced people living

in China people with kids live in China

etc etc etc so many things so much

information that you can get from there

and all you need to do is search and

join these groups if you have questions

concerns ask

people are very good at replying and

people are very open to sharing their

experiences as well as resources that

helped them so utilize that guys

obviously you can be people like myself

and other South African YouTubers here

in China that you can use as a resource

too but I highly recommend getting

information from different sources as

well especially for situations where I

literally have no experience like having

a child and moving with a child abroad I

don't know I've never done that so it'll

be difficult for me to answer that

question for you but a place like

Facebook groups are great because there

are people who have experienced that and

have been able to

um overcome that situation and actually

move abroad with their uh dependence

okay the next thing is to ask your

school to connect you with your future


um prior to moving here okay so while

you're in South Africa they can send you

their WeChat contact they can send you

their WhatsApp whatever they can connect

to you guys on Instagram whatever the

case may be especially once you've

signed your contract and you know you're

going to that school because one you can

talk to them about apartments you can

talk to them about the school and you

can say that okay you can gossip about

the school okay so are they paying on

time what else do they do so they can

know all your drama because now you must

know your baby you must know the pros

and the cons about your baby the things

that they do and the things that they

can you know mask and make look pretty

in the interview and then when it's time

to cool our facts

so you know you can gossip with your

colleague you can tell them you're

concerned they can tell you I know

everything is fine it's just obviously

every single school has its drama guys

and it's just you know asking God to

preach in a school where they won't mess

up your paperwork they will pay you on

time they will they will pay you and

compensate you for your value and they

will appreciate you all that the stuff

really is fluff and you then become

picky about curriculum and things like

that but honestly the bare minimum or

the basics need to be covered salary

you see my value and you say what you're

gonna do and you do what you're gonna

say brother so those things are so

important when asking your colleagues

you know what I mean an accommodation

and how to live and how living life is

there like what's around the school can

we get food things like that that you

can ask your colleague you know what I

mean so yeah the next thing is so

important and a lot of you guys have

been asking me about this and it's

something that obviously has struck a

big conversation about it because

there's so many things that have

happened in uh the past few months here

in China with young ladies who are also

expecting teachers like me have passed

away and you know there hasn't been fans

to get them home they remains home and

it's been a lot of people we had to

raise funds for them to send their

bodies or send their remains home so the

one I would really recommend that you

start looking into do is getting

International life insurance now I'm

going to put on the screens all the ones

that I recommend and the ones that are

supposed to be doing research about and

the ones that I um can say you know a

lot of people have said good stuff about

them and this is mainly because you know

the obvious we are living abroad and

anything can happen and we must prepare

for that and the thing is too is that

you need to set yourself up and your

family up

um well so that they can actually not

have to worry about trying to get to

remains home and dealing with Chinese

people and the translation and and and

and and so do that as soon as possible

and start beating up about it even if

you don't start the policy immediately

but read about it have the paperwork

ready complete the paperwork if you need

to so when you do get paid you start the

the the monthly payments okay all right

the next thing I want to talk about is

for your mental health okay and this one

has remained the same it's in my

previous video but this is important do

not tell people what is happening guys

tell them when you leave when on the day

okay obviously close family yes but

people that don't need to know like

don't go broadcasting on Instagram don't

go broadcast it on Facebook

because literally things can change

overnight and with the Chinese

government and changes that they make

flights can be canceled things can

happen literally overnight so please

keep it to yourself move in silence

don't announce plans announce results

okay for your mental health and just for

you not only having to explain to people

what's going wrong because that's one of

the things that I did wrong I told

everyone I was moving to China and then

when I had to come back to South Africa


um I didn't like the school and I wanted

to change and start again I had to

explain all of that to everybody and it

just was a lot in terms of my mental

health so please keep it to yourself

because it's a big life change and not

everyone's gonna be happy for you so

remember that okay all right guys so

those are the things I wanted to share

with you guys definitely if you are

someone who's here in China already and

you want to add to this list please

leave it in the description in the

comment section Let's help other people

let's make sure that people get prepared

when they move abroad okay so now I want

to talk about just five things that you

can do to get started with uh finding a

job abroad not moving but move finding a

job okay abroad teaching job

specifically okay so number one

wake up tomorrow and go get your

passport back we know our country we

know how long these things take get

yourself a maxi passport apply for one

and get it done the next thing is a CV

and take that CV and go apply on

LinkedIn okay so a lot of you guys have

been asking me about agent etc etc and I

keep telling you guys please go to

Linden LinkedIn is such a wonderful

resource to give agents to get schools

anything School anything English

teaching related is it's such a great

platform and you literally can say can

search ESL schools excuse me primary

schools in China ESL schools in China

um high schools in China

um uh Science teaching jobs in China

like your key search words are so

important okay so with that on LinkedIn

you can create a profile and you can

tell them I'm currently job seeking job

seeking and agents will DM you both

private message you hey add me here hey

add me here guys please

on LinkedIn okay and you know definitely

don't think that it's going to be at the

touch of one button and everything is

done just sit back and relax no you have

to every day set time apart uh set time

out of your day to search and apply for

jobs okay read the posts read the stocks

uh start dates read the requirements you

know what I mean like you need to put in

some time okay the next thing is start

saving money for your tefl start saving

money for your documentation process

that is going to cost you plus minus 15

000 Rand 14 20 000 because the table

itself I see the prices are going up

okay then paperwork paperwork needs to

be sent to China and you know the the

the the process with Saka and then with

your um authentication to get to the

Embassy post knitting things the little

things that you don't think about start

saving up and I know 20 000 sounds like

a lot and it is a lot okay and rest

assured that these companies will

reimburse you the school will reimburse

you so what I'm saying is also if you

can get the process started before you

actually get the job that's even better

things like the table get the tefl get

it done so that when you're in your

interview and they ask you hey do you

have a table you're like yeah you know

what I mean hey you have police

clearance yeah really do you have a

passport yeah like you need to be the

yes girl not the oh I still need to go

apply oh I still need to know nah be an

efficient hand okay and that's what I

want for us I want us to be efficient

hand so that when the school hears this

they're like oh this person is organized

this person wants to be here you know

and they will get the ball rolling as

well you know they're not gonna you know

relax also just be like ah when she gets

the sad things will happen you know what

I mean so yeah the next thing is go

apply for your police cards my tears

that is the one that takes the longest

it's the one it's the most tedious

um so I highly recommend getting that

done as soon as possible with your

passport okay and then the last thing I

would say is make an introduction video

in a demo video so and now with your CV

get that introduction video a demo video

shots edited and ready so that when the

agent message you

you know I always advice about how to

make an introduction video and then make

an introduction video you know what I

mean I have the resource for you they go

watch that video

um and read and and read rather watch

the video about how to make an

introduction video in a demo video

um you can do I know my my videos are

for online but that's exactly the same

platform that's exactly the same um

um framework you would use for a demo

video for um teaching this site in China

offline so use that same

um script and same background do the

same tprs telling you about I'm gonna

put those videos in this video at the

bottom as well so you guys can check

that out okay so those are the five

simple steps that you can start okay and

I'm gonna continue doing these videos

things to prepare you

kind of reiterating the same things over

and over

um and giving you guys updated

information as things um unfold but know

that people are coming to China people

are going and coming back now people are

things are happening things are

happening so if you haven't gotten your

stuff ready your uh uh and started and

started preparing and this is your sign

get it done get it done if you are

serious about moving and teaching in

China okay my loves so this video I

wanted to just be informative shorts

straight to the point and I hope that

was for you if you have any questions

definitely leave it in the comment

section I will uh definitely uh read

them and answer them a lot of you guys

have also been asking if I'm still

Consulting guys oh my God I have so much

on my plates but I see the emails I will


um things will get better soon once I

finish with more land and then I will

get on it um but I'm also trying to get

some help with it because it is a lot

and I'm trying to see if I can train

people to help me kind of do that but

um please do continue emailing and I

will get back to you okay uh but these

tips that I've given you also my videos

have also been a great resource for you

so please do make sure that you read

them okay so and you watched it I need

to read them

um okay my labs yeah so thank you so

much for watching I will see you guys in

the next video


thank you

thank you


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