July 14, 2024

Do You Need A VPN For Streaming / Downloading?

Published June 11, 2023, 11:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

The Best and Most Reliable VPN Services Around:

ipvanish : https://letscrackon.org/ipvanish

Express VPN : https://letscrackon.org/express_vpn

Looking for a budget powerful android box? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87nOYp38UQU

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hello again everybody welcome back right

so look at size at dog now if you look

back into the free VPN videos Jesus

Christ he's like a monster man he's only

there cook weird though it looks like a

dinosaur now a thing you know then we

school that Ed were everything right so

just a quick jog well the knees told me

again what did the grape do when it got

stood on let's out a little wine right

so a lot of people are asking do I need

a VPN a VPN is Virtual Private Network

and I'm gonna say a lot of people they

won't need one a lot of people they

could do with one you'd really would

need to use one there's a link in the

description down below of a paid premium

service ipvanish it's what I use

personally I've never had any problems

with it it's pretty fast and there is a

good service but there are free VPNs as

well but these do kill your internet

speeds so such as your download speeds

it may be 100 megabytes per second when

you're on your internet it may kill it

down to like five megabytes per second

if not less and that's with the free VPN

so that's where your kind of benefits

you from a premium service and also

there's other benefits to it so I'll

just explain it a bit more inside the

video so if you're not subscribed

already make sure you hit that subscribe

button in the back and next witticism

you know education every time I upload a

new video check out the links in the

description down below and let's crack



right so I'm just using me for KFI you

stick Bobby so this applies to firestick

any Amazon devices Android devices

phones tablets PCs everything a VPN

Camellia was done literally any device

you can think of and what a VPN does say

your IP addresses to your location so if

your say our IP address is one two or

three at home then the Internet service

provider so your internet service can

see your location and what you're doing

on your internet connection so a VPN

would change your IP address from one

two or three to say six seven eight and

it puts you into a different location so

then actually seeing what your location

is downloading watching and things like

that another thing what a lot of people

don't realize as well is sometimes an

apk or an app or a TV channel it may

only broadcasters such as the US and if

you're in based in the UK you will not

be able to watch that sure that channel

and this is where also a VPN comes in

such as Choubey TV you can't watch it in

the EU so you have to make your IP

address go to an American IP address or

anywhere in the United States so if I

went and ipvanish this is how it looks

obviously it looks a bit more advanced

on PC and I can just go on literally

country you can pick whatever country

you want your rights or your location to

be so you put your router in whichever

location you won so if I go on United

States I can just click on best city

best server or you can click actual

there or wherever you want to be and

then all you do is click on connect and

it'll start acting you like you'd expect

something to connect you if you were

connecting and that's it that that is

what you do and that is how you cash

your IP address so if you're using such

as Chile TV rgo a lot content and you

can't watch it in the UK so you have to

look like you're in the United States

same if you're in the United States so

you need to look like you're in the

United Kingdom that's all you have to do

and that's a very good thing about a VPN

as well this isn't the only thing a VPN

does and this is what people get

confused with

like a VPN yes it does change it IP

address or your location but also when

people having problems inside air P

cares with such as links I will start so

I quickly start to put a thing now ap

care the call along this so they just

mind blank then so say what's a good it

job I got to TV shows and then I'm gonna

click on that bad boy never seen it in

my life don't know what it is is it

worth a watch I don't know but now you

can see I'm starting to search the links

inside this apk and what is its dragging

sources a lot of people are experiences

such as cyber flicks as well math TV

everything like that you having problems

getting sources as you can see it

started to drag through different links

for me I'm using an IP VPN solid if

you're not getting this

what your internet service provider does

it can block websites or it can stop

your device from downloading from

certain websites it can stop your

searching for different streams and

sources and people don't realize this

either so if you're having problems

downloading or finding sources and links

inside an air pique this could be a

problem so there is a free VPN inside my

videos you can find a couple of free VPN

decide my file link it will kill you

speeds there'll be a lot slower so do be

aware of that the like I say a link for

ipvanish will be down below if you are

looking to maybe try a premium service

and/or no if I go inside file links as

well what a lot of people are being

experienced in there's a free VPN

they're looking there's another one

called turbo VPN down at the bottom so

when they've been clicking on an APK

such as sale wants a click on I'm gonna

click on a little air PK so they don't

say cages media box it says download

started a lot of people are being in an

error message and this can be because

your internet service provider is

blocking links and also a very important

part of this is torrents if you were

downloading torrent see a lot of people

use ensure box were downloading the

movie before watching it so if you're

downloading a movie your internet

service provider can see that yard

Lord in that movie and it's alright in

fact it's not that can really see that

you downloading a movie that you

shouldn't be downloading but if you are

downloading tolerance and using torrents

tolerance is a different kind of file if

you're sure box had them as well there

was a torrent option so if I say I watch

Walking Dead and it was a torrent

version when I'm watching torrent its

downloading the stream for me but it's

also a portion of it's being uploaded so

you're also distributes in that's that

link so that file you're also giving it

out and this is another thing people

I've received letters forum warnings

because people don't realize what they

are doing but like I say if you are

using just general streaming purposes

you your watching stuff on a normal

server and it's a popular one as long as

it's not torrents I think you should be

fine and also when you using act like

live TV and things like that those kind

of ap cares as well you can experience

buffering even in inside movie AP cares

sometimes buffering can be caused from

your internet service provider which is

it's unreal honestly how much of a part

they play in how you how your device

performs but when it comes to both rim

it can be through a love it can be to do

with your device and to do with just the

internet connection alone of things like

that there are a hell a lot of different

reasons white can perform live I even at

the AP cares and when it comes to live

TV it's now reliable source to use there

is IPTV which are fully rate honestly

dies awesome for live TV every channel

you can think it's awesome if you've not

heard of that link in the description

down below there's one called the Cable

Guy TV that is up that runs

flawless and the supports great and like

I said check that one out if you do want

to find a reliable source to know a lot

of people have been asking about that as

well so I just wanted to get a quick

video out there just to tell you if you

need a VPN I would say I usually say no

but now everybody else I've seen how

many people actually download the movies

and things like that and don't actually

realize what they are

watching or what they are downloading so

I would say try and stare see if maybe

buy the premium one or try out just the

free VPN first make sure you try that

because if that one works alright what's

the point in buying a premium serviced

one it's not so expensive to buy one

like I say I use it personally I I think

I hear someone like 70 60 70 pound for

two years which is good I mean that's

twitch right quick let me see it

rate switch but yeah definitely try the

free ones first if they if the killer

speeds that much in the you know I've

been much joy with it definitely more to

ipvanish if you're on PC you want to

have a good internet speed so I would

recommend that you do get such as

ipvanish for that but like I said Oh

check out the links of the description

down below any questions do comment down

below really comment down below with all

the it's well let's help each other out

and just like this video and share it

around cuz it's been very popular lately

I'll see you soon




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