April 22, 2024

Duddy Kicks the Buddy! ... and He Talks Junk?? (Face Cam All Items Tried Gameplay)

Published June 11, 2023, 8:20 a.m. by Bethany

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So, Buddy was watching one of our videos recently and he disliked it! Well, that made fgteev Duddy so mad, he decided to Kick him! With every single item available! Oh Yeah, take that Buddy. Duddy Shows No Mercy from the First, Second, Third all the way to the final Kick! ;)

And would you believe this guy talks back!?! We must have a weird glitchy version with new phrases. ;)

Thumbs up for this video if you enjoyed! :)


Beba Ba Leep Bop Beleeda Bop Pllllhhh!

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Duddy plays Kick the Buddy, Kick the Buddy Duddy, fgteev Kick the Buddy Skylander Boy and Girl minecraft

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and then vitamin C would be for defense

but then I just call it a sea fence and

everyone knows you can't build a fence

on a c cuz its water everybody except

ctv duddy this guy right here his name

is buddy and i'm gonna kick him inside

of a box this guy he disliked my video

and i told him what what do you just do

now it's war so i could just stretch him

and fling them and throw over here oh

and when i get tired of this

roughhousing and my fingers get tired of

just flick and i'm left and right and up

and down and up and down i'll just go

here mmm-hmm go to my stuff press x out

of a ned mm-hm and then that they see

this they were here flame thrower I just

got that let's see what it does yeah eat

the flames I'm a bad person no I'm not

you shouldn't it just liked my video how

come he's not getting crispy yes so

here's my flamethrower oh yeah that's

nice oh look he's still on fire stop

drop and roll I'll give you something up

a roll boom oh wait wait oh oh

clicking on ads there huh


are you what this dude just say to me is

that all I got oh no buddy I got

something extra for you uh uh I'll have

hair in my mouth

okay hairs gone X out of the ads let's

see buddy you want some blow guns huh

bro blowing darts at you and you look

like an Apache chief bro how you like

them apples

I like them arrows mm-hmm look like you

got bunny ears yeah no time out bro

truce all right fine you okay two more

I'm seriously now I'm done that was

really fun it didn't even hurt at all oh

oh that oh that didn't hurt okay buddy

let's see if you like some more clay and

more ads let's build a more clay pyramid

hey buddy that's it buddy you know what

buddy you've left me no choice but to do

this oh oh let's trap them

let's try hey buddy oh that's it buddy

but you are just oh ha ha ha ha buddy

take this buddy

aah aah you will never defeat more cut

oh yeah who's talking now pretty sure

it's not you oh really

he said that that was the softest attack

he's ever been Kevin oh oh oh no you

didn't ok there buddy so um

you didn't like anything I gave you so

far flamethrower the blowgun and AD and

in the Claymore

how about how bad I shake you on my

screen huh you like that pop buddy you

like to be shaken up like a crazy little

drink or something like that buddy sorry

I'm letting this guy get the best of me

man I still I don't know what the doers

are so frustrating there's no way he'll

like a cold shower


tastes a coldness buddy do you do you

taste the coldness oh it's the murder

did you Cooper y'all looking at the

white side of your body to me the left

side to you is frozen look at that he's

like trying to use another always have I

helped you

oh yeah well you wanted to get huh here

a good boy yeah oh no no you don't put

birthday buddy

hey buddy cut it out I'm trying to

torture you yeah good buddy

you've been again buddy all right now

hold on buddy

there we go hold on buddy here we go

buddy wait wait wait buddy buddy buddy

stay still stay still but there we go

you stay there buddy I've got something

now I've got your favorite a not an ad

that's not your favorite is it buddy

that's weird if it is but that's it I

was trying to get your unfrozen the

toaster oh yeah where's that - oh there

it is hey buddy do you mind yet nobody

this is a fun ride yeah it's uh tickets

around me yep go death last time you

dislike my video bunny

Oh volleyball coconuts haha hey did I

tell you you can turn back to your

original color buddy

and we are boom boom boom

yeah he's done I think I think he's

learned his lesson right buddy excellent


what excellent choice he liked a toaster

this guy is excellent choice I heard you

the first time buddy all right buddy

let's see if you like to play basketball

hey no ads yeah ooh boom son boom boom


hey why doesn't his head fit in here

this that should feel good right buddy

yeah let's try oh look at that your

looks like you're stuck hey wait wait

wait buddy buddy stay good buddy don't


here I go boom oh and yeah on it ready

boom ready boom Hey look I gave him a

black eye yeah buddy I knew you'd like

this basketball thing can't move the

basketball hoop oh oh wow this guy's

this guy is really stuck in a bunch I'm

not gonna be too mean right now I'm just

I'm just gonna use a little bit of shock

therapy I could see your inner workings

I know I did this guy had bones

this guy really is strong because look

at that is raking up the cash mmm I

could do this all day

seriously I'll just grab a little pen

stylus and just tape it to the iPad

noose let it shocked him all day nobody

this guy has bones so this is new to me

because he didn't break one this whole

time so kind of props to you buddy

taser again not a gnat again a Taser

again oh my gosh my taser there we go

seriously Santa now it's not the time no

Jeff presents put away or I'll let you

go bro I'm sorry about that yep you

forgive me are you dancing now oh you

got dance moves that we trying to do

yeah all right I'm done with the Taser

I've got $300 now and an ad 300 and that

what what should I spend this 300 on

we've got grenades we've got a longbow a

mace sounds fine

well this is so easy it's like taking

candy from a baby

yep and buddy's the baby if you didn't

guess it yeah he doesn't get it

me or do I buddy near do I all right

guys well not think buddy's pretty much

learned his lesson but uh I'm not done

having fun all right here we go drop all

the irons and we got this one let's see

this one oh yeah oh I'm gonna get a

hole-in-one yeah

only one here bro oh I got a boat oh I

got a birdie oh man

Morgan those are golfing terms and case

you didn't know yeah all right cool that

one's done I think he's had enough

let's try this one don't mess with the

driver bro oh wow so I think I think

that's about good I've got my anchor out

this is gonna be a great holiday season

now thanks buddy

he's your psychiatrist when you get mad

you just come here beat him up unless

you know he's the one that gets you mad

and he really deserves it you good

that's nothing secret what do we have

here bazooka grenade bazooka goon a

bazooka grenade bazooka let's see what

you could do choose it rejected every

vertical and drag your finger across the

screen Oh like this so hmm

oh I see I see how to do this yeah all

right this is fine I don't like this

this is good all right come on eat your

missiles they've got vitamin A vitamin B

a little bit of vitamin C but they're

law in vitamin D so you're gonna have to

go to Walmart and get some vitamin D

buddy because you're gonna need some

defense that the vitamin D is for its

teeth for defense unless we're talking

about actual colds and then vitamin C

would be for defense but then I just

call it a C fence and everyone knows you

can't build a fence on a see cuz its

water that's wood and you know water

doesn't take nails but sometimes it has

snails you learn a lot here on this

channel I know you do now my arm is

tired wolf buff now yeah alright

buffness that's good that's a good

workout and then when you run out of

money you first want to make sure you

see an ad that was a joke you go to the

blowgun it's correct

so when you blow through your money you

blow dart the buddy blow through your

money then blow doctor buddy in and get

your money back back get your money back

back should have in the backpack get

somebody back back clothes on the money

troilus you know my mother forgot

all the lyrics forget the lyrics someone

ran him down next time don't tell me

I'll tell you entity novels

grenades sounds good to me okay hmm how

do they detonate Oh should have seen it

for the end we could've went well went

out with a a real legit bang oh snap

it's like deja vu seriously that's it

this is a really cool one their likes

their like spicy apples that has nothing

to do with flavorful hotness I just

meant like explosive apples golden

they're Granny Smiths we've got some

meat you ever had a granny smith apple

yeah granny I always knew granny out of

temper oh oh look at granny girl look

your granny go you're a bad granny

managed amma ha one last granny all

right let's get the boomerang see what

this does

oh oh oh oh my gosh how many boomerangs

can rang in a boom if a boomerang could


sorry as a woodchuck type of thing

what face is best appropriate with this

I don't know if I did any repeats there

sorry but it doesn't appear he's getting

any more beat up so I'm gonna stop this

now F cheap TV daddy Everdeen long toe

3:49 let's see oh oh no oh sorry okay I

don't really like this one that's much

it requires too much work I just want to

beat this guy up really easy yes sorry

I'm sorry

and by the way I'm playing this from all

the requests that I've had and I forget

the name I'm sorry but if you requested

this it was most likely you so feel free

to comment that it was because of you

that I'm playing this game right now and

but he's no longer with us okay guys

well that just leaves us with this thing

here which I didn't show you which is

the desert eagle and pretty pretty

boring stuff there but then we move to

the Bushmaster let's check this out here


oh snap oh snap it's like grainy again

but without the smith apples so pretty

much has nothing to do with granny oh

wow that's cool oh yeah

the Bushmaster I'm a landscaper bro

master of all the bushes cool so guys

that was it I mean oh I think I think

he's I think he's done yeah we could

speak it stop that there all right I'm

sad I'm I'm sorry buddy I think I went a

little bit too far all right guys well

thanks so much for watching oh he's back

Oh buddy well let me just take time to

think at this game

what yeah I think I misheard you

thanks so much for watching I'm your the

worst loser ever all right yeah are you

serious like that I think is this King

um you are the worst at kick the buddy

oh no you did it


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