April 13, 2024

Firing Martha And Other Office Politics | House M.D.

Published June 11, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

house is at odds with his new employee and student prodigy, Martha, as she is too morally inclined compared to the others in his team.

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Season 7 Episode 6 "Office Politics"

Brilliant medical student Martha M. Masters (Amber Tamblyn) joins the team at Cuddy's insistence, and her first case is treating a campaign manager (Jack Coleman) who falls ill with a rash, leading to liver failure. But Masters' morality puts her at odds with house and the rest of his team. Meanwhile, house debates whether it is worth lying to Cuddy if it will save his patient's life.

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Martha M masters I'm dr. house is the

rest of the team boring bimbo and

bite-size Martha enjoys quadratic

equations Italian frescoes and her

turn-ons include learning to be a doctor

take a seat she's MIT's Jude God he

thinks she's some kind of genius say

something brilliant

oh I don't got a live Azerbaijan Baku

your Beethoven died 1827 20th decimal of

Oilers number six it's my favorite

constant she's like the internet with

breasts I don't wait the Internet has

breasts patients liver damage explains

the rash and cryoglobulins we found in

his blood but we can't explain the liver

damage shows no other signs of drug or

alcohol of you now all you got to do is

figure out which one is bimbo which one

is bite size also which monster truck

won the 2004 Thunder Nationals Hep C

makes sense tests came back negative

same for hep a and B the answer we were

looking for is Virginia giant feel free

to chime in on either conversation hate

to steal this for me

not mad would you be if I fired masters

very miss you had cause real cause cause

that a human being would consider cause

they remind them

she's got principles she's like the love

child of mine Steinem Mary Poppins

didn't even get Einsteins hair it's

worth having someone on the team who

doesn't see in the world entirely a

shades of gray it is great to you she

has a fresh perspective unless that

threatens you he does not he thought I'd

get defensive keep her out of pride

kokin Hope House I gave this a lot of

thought she deserves a chance a real

chance house is gonna fire me no he

isn't because you told him not to

butting heads with house is par for the

course House has strong beliefs and he

respects other people with strong

beliefs it's not my beliefs there's a

problem it's my personality I'm not good

at working with other people you've been

in there for less than a day I wasn't

looking for encouragement it's a fact

growing up my whole life really I spent

a lot of time by myself no one in high

school wants to hang out with a kid

that's three years younger than them and

studying Ana Saab diffeomorphisms

determining whether an unattributed

landscape is a wakelock or a writer or

I'm actually boring you right now and

yet you chose medicine which is a team

activity it's pretty gutsy stepping so

far outside your comfort zone I'm not

trying to prove anything

I just wanted to be a doctor it was

stupid nobody can do everything I was

saying to think I could be the exception

house doesn't care if you're a team

player or how ethical you are or how

high your IQ is it's all about the cases

you help him crack this one you two are

gonna get along just fine

I think I figured it out whiteout didn't

like masters now you're getting involved

in this to my previous souls have been

intimate just got fired exactly she's

gone it's over she's totally moral and

uptight which my child feel badly about

he's cheating can we get a move on you

didn't like it even before you knew

about him morals for the minute and so

on so it's something about how she

looked all right no snails let's get out

of here hello yeah what'd you find

nothing helpful but something fluids

collecting its chest hell are you guys

in jail

you're gonna come bail us out kind of


thank you all for coming down here at

this late hour

I assure you I will be brief there has

been a lot of discussion there you are I

was starting to think that my

holier-than-thou Dharam was

malfunctioning our patients liver

kidneys and lungs are failing I need you

to help me figure out why as I recall

you have three actual doctors you

haven't fired today they're in jail

what why prostitution so you're rehired

it all started in the liver but we're in

a liver if in the ducts then primary

biliary cirrhosis yeah I don't need to

hear your ideas just return the volume

primary sclerosing cholangitis nope his

vitamin A level is normal

gallbladder problems can affect the

liver cholecystitis Shh he's talking

about a patient did you just shush me

and thought he was a friend that is

until you make this hurtful hateful ad I

think he's lying

didn't said the technical term is

speaking you can violated my trust and

therefore I have no other recourse than

to fire him from my campaign thank you

and there will be no further question

thanks for your help

oh you're fighting in





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