April 13, 2024

FORTNITE THICCtory Royale! FGTeeV Loses to Mr. Beast for $1 Million Dollars (Marvel Silver Surfer)

Published June 11, 2023, 8:20 a.m. by Bethany

I haven't found many Funny Fortnite gameplays on the Youtubes.. So me made one for us all. Give this video a BIG TOE up! :) 🔔SUBSCRIBE or Silver Surfer Can't Wear Boxers ➡ http://bit.ly/1KKE2f1 (Press the 🔔 ONLY if you're cool)

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Also in this video is our reaction to when fgteev got beat by @MrBeast and @Ninja in the Fall Guys Charity Competition.

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oh they're shooting where'd he go

we got him i can't hold it it's so heavy


yo what's up after youtubers this show

boy fgtv daddy joined by someone trying

to sneak into the chat

yo boy tv mike what's up mike all right

today we're gonna be playing duo's you

ready let's ready up but there's a

couple things that i have to address

first let's rewind to when i got

eliminated in the fall guys charity


30 minutes left we're the highest bidder

to donate to special effect to get a

fall guy's skin

if we win we accomplish multiple things

here while we're about to give back

and make a whole lot of deserving kids

extremely happy

two we get our own fall guys skin in the

game and three

we show the whole world that fgtv is a

force to be reckoned with baby

there's 43 seconds left watch mr beast


last second three two

one i'm pretty sure we just won oh my

god why bro

what no way wait what

ninja mr beast g2 esports

and aim lab all pulled together for a

million dollars

four people one skin what is that gonna

look like

little sneaky double bro four dudes

ganging up on one dude that's like a

little tiny

guy trying to hop over a fence

the most important thing though is one

million dollars went to charity so

i guess i'm just gonna be a good sport

and that's what really counts here

because that was double my bid

oh my goodness mike

the sheep i got it she's mad that i got

jumped by four people they gained up on

one person

one person man but it's all good yo a


dollars are going to charity and i had a

huge part to play in that by everyone

else making sure that i didn't win

where are we landing let's go to the new

huge purple centennial okay let's go

that's actually right the other thing we

had to address

is uh i kept calling stark robot

centennials in

the last gameplay and i'm sorry i'm

halfway done held my youtube channel

oh yeah and and that go subscribe to

clip the clutch

not clip the clutch clip it's cause i

have a list

whenever i type hey daddy what the

what the i don't want this

jump on that little glowing part is it

gonna kill me no you lie

okay here i go whoa yo i need underwear

dude i'm gonna get demonetized my shiny


what oh this thing sends you to oh one

hand at a time

no i missed it

no way no way no way


that all right i think we should

probably get some mats yeah probably

okay yeah let's go to retail wait are we

near retail row

no no all right we'll do that next round

because we're gonna die soon

how do you know because you're playing

with me

i mean you're not wrong

wait let me get a shield do you ever

have my shield you have nope

stop die die die wait if i drink this

does that make me an agent of shield

can you respond to my corny joke so it

doesn't feel so awkward

well i would if i knew what that meant

wait look mike he's praising the

almighty genius


dude she looks like sniper wolf why not

me that's what everyone

whoa oh chill out i wasn't making fun of

you all right we still don't have like

anything we're not gonna win this round

i know this is kind of tough

i hate you i hate you i hate you whoa

who do that what

wait are we gonna attack are we under

attack build build bill never sweat

there's people wait where ah

did we get him yeah i did that

they just gave you the kill because it

didn't want you to feel bad um

whatever you think man is that a loot


wait wait wait wait where in the sky oh

i thought that who's doing that

oh you are i got this bro this is a bad


wait where's all this stuff you took


yeah oh my gosh dude let's launch pad to

authority come

alright yeah where is it what

no you didn't die mike yes

why would you do that we're trying to

win a game now i have to build like a

sweat really quick to hide myself you're

such a sweat oh my gosh you just built

so much

thank you see how good i am dude i need

these undies man i'm still

showing wait i'm stuck wait

what's happening die stuck robot

yes oh energy rife i think there's real

people in here

wait really i'm gonna hide here while

you do all the work okay bud

and you think i'm not i'm really good at

building but i'm not good at killing i'm

really good at building it

chicken nugget sauce i found a rose oh

it's cabbage

can i eat it yeah a green rose makes

sense color dumb person

all right so don't forget to use my

creator code dire123pc

if you like mike more than me you can

use his sd card

fortnite item shop oh they didn't hear

it i just blanked you out during editing

by mistake

replay it no blank out no blank ah

why are you screaming you saw absolutely


ah i saw steps building themselves oh

okay steps okay

you got a kill 192 meters wow

cutie mikes i'm gonna kill the oh i got

a 21. that's nine plus ten

shots baby nope nope nope


i'm obama sweat can i have ar bullets

you're so greedy i'm a sweat

belt where are you dude really scary


no seriously i can't die without

underwear i'm really

self-conscious about the size of my butt

cheeks i don't want people to see you

while i lay down on the ground

did you lock me in there with them i did


what the yes dr jones key card wait what

that place is in the storm by now oh but

daddy look at what i got wait i need

this one

all these people die die die

wait can i use the stark thing yeah use

it oh i thought that was like a shotgun

i'm a dolphin

holy joke i thought it was a surfer ah

wait where is he let's go boys i

i killed both of them already you're too

late to the party oh

can i what i don't know

bill bill bill

what you did i want to do something

you're so weak come on daddy hurry where

are you

can i get the final shot die you sweat

it's green goblin ah you sweat

he wanted it yeah yeah yeah i got this

just pay attention mike let me show you

how to do this

yeah i just got 37. i just got 37.

where is he where's that little sweat

guy you little sucker

i'm building i don't know why i have a

pickaxe i'm really battling

i need help with d by spike

thanks bud you're so dang sweet oh my

god that was hype oh my gosh

that was hype oh my gosh that was hype i

said it twice because the first time i

said the lord's name in vain

but i don't want him to be mad at me to

just show him i care

i reset it but replace the d with the sh

baby i'm going to heaven

oh god hold on mike i gotta calm down

for a second it's time to drink hollow

i did it again it's on electronics

oh god gosh it's not electronics it's on

a list oh no dude it's uh hold on

oh goodness gracious dude that round

we killed it dude

you were watching what up did i get the

final shot

yeah i told you i was good um i just get

them to like 3 hp but it's all right

buddy you need to be a team player


are you doing another round i don't know

let's just go see i

dude we don't even have like we could

literally stop the vid and it'll be so


um but first i just want to go to the

item shop i can still see the cheeks

they're literally staring at me

hell is there underwear in the shop i

can get no

can we see baby groot sapling what let's

just let's just fool around for the rest

of the vid

daddy i just got swarmed

you did yeah i got a mighty marvel


we got because we won for the first time

oh my gosh dude it says you're sitting

out what

what happened you being bad boy putting

on time

what did he do he like he ate your

applesauce yeah

michael we'll buy more applesauce okay

buddy well now i could afford applesauce

since i didn't win the charity

oh that's so wrong but you're going to

college now

where are we going somewhere new with

them a tortilla a fortia

that's a fortillo now let's not go there

the storm is gonna go there

hurray oh god oh gosh

no you ain't going anywhere

i'll drive over him you shoot him yeah

whoa oh this one wait what's up

wait what the hell he's driving away

wait what's up coming to save you mike

i lost the rim head on head on head on

no it's a rock stop him don't let him

get out

where'd he go oh my god soda oh

no we can we got him knocked him down


in the butt cheek yeah yeah i'm taking

your undies finally

he got his remo card no no

no kill that sucker butt i got him i got

him what should i grab

stop i'm trying to focus and become the

greatest fortnite player of all minutes

did you take my ar no you're a fart man

okay you're literally like a dusty old

fart in the boxers i just smirked off

that dead guy look daddy look look look

wow amazing someone's here i see them

yes got him and by got him i mean oh no

mike is this seriously up to me where

are they

what nothing

got us killed wait what oh yeah wait


no oh okay i'm about to say yes oh my

stop playing daddy

oh my gosh collect it collect it mike am

i seriously about to

reboot you oh my gosh is this a

waterfall what the heck

oh my gosh i've never done that before i

feel alive

dude this is because of the power of

james the lord

wait up am i surfing yeah oh my gosh

i'm falling down though what the heck

kind of surf was that build up into the

sky someone's going to shoot me down no

no trust me 12 seconds

oh no wait i meant to build a platform

you're breaking it use it

wait i can't i can't oh michael

stop i told you i'm not good at building

so good at building how did i get this


yeah you are oh when you work with me

you're giving me that thing

is anyone behind me i'm so scared mike i

literally feel like this is the purge

and everyone's after me i believe in you

where should i

the middle of my crack is glowing

take it show me how to use it

you're so amazing

oh my gosh michael this is all up to me

bill bill bill i'm a sweat i'm a sweat

your side to your side ah

where bill bill bill did my sweats in my

sweatshirt yeah

what is his name i still don't have


karma cruelty rocket raccoon

oh oh oh well i'm right here cheeto and

ryan eat cheeto

you insane you're mine you can't cut it

in a cheetos snack time where'd you

learn your manners from

also i'm good at building in your bag

mommy calling hello food's done okay can

you say hi to the game

hello game he said hate it or love it

the underdog is on top

i'm showing my age what's going on dude

oh you have to already oh i would i

thought the the loading screen was

taking forever i didn't realize it was

showing me what it looks like i thought

we were actually

loading i'm a noob yeah i think i've

caught on to that

this has got to be the last game because

mommy said that food is ready and she's

going to be

fired up this is about to be the end of

the video we are strictly just trying to

see cutesy little grootsie and then head

over to retail row you're going to holly

yeah yeah yeah right now you're looking

for the dancing guy

i came all the way here to see a dancing

robot it's funny it's cool oh i see a

little sapling grill

washy i got him no i was rescued

wait wait i didn't wait i thought he was

that's not funny mike


hello i'd like your dance moves i want

you to teach me your ways

i mean no harm


what the heck kind of gnome is that i

got the sapling grew back bling

you did yeah when you rescue it you get

the back bling

i wasn't that's why you're going to

holly this round okay

yes all right so this time mike is going

to go see the dancing guy for me

and i'm going to go get baby cutesy

grootsie so i can get a back bling

yeah i'm so excited i hear him tell him

i said hi

i don't know if he remembers me but i'm

the guy that just gave him a head shot

he's dancing he's in his fields i'll

snap i'm excited

is anyone landing here with me no no

there's two people trying to steal my

group seat wait mike there's two people

trying to steal my

groot see where is he i'm in the middle

of three trees three trees

he's doing karate with the air bruh wait


i don't see they're trying to kill my

groot seat you stay away from my groove

to you naked poopsie

don't you touch my sheep no she got a

gun gun

i'm sorry we could cheer him we could

see him i missed the gun i missed it

i need back up throw it

no we could share we can see you get him

on thursdays i'll get him the rest of

the week come on

look look at my screen this is a

father's state anyways


shoot him in the butt take his underwear

please i need it still oh

tico dude i'm going to get are you


get your head in the game man we're

about to go battle i need you on your

tippy tubby tippy toes

he's right here look right here where

right here where right here

where there's no girl do i have to have

the battle pass to see it

you do have the battle pass but do i

have to have a certain level

no i don't think so do i have to be


no do i have to be sweat because i am

all i see is a gnome

got her got her got her back in the car

wait i can't drive i'm on the wrong side

switzy switzy

switzy okay it apparently i don't have

my driver's license i need you to drive

all right i'll just walk around to the

other side and drive illegally


where's your baby there's two groups

they are

walked off nah they're gonna see my

shiny cheeks hey i thought you died with

me i did that by myself

i thought we died together i feel kind

of alone now

i will trap him

oh my goodness what

no what the whoa oh

so close i'm going to eat dinner oh then

my son i try

wanted him he's like that guy saved me

i'm stuck there with these two crazy

guys don't forget to check out mike's

version of this on clip to clutch

yt yeah we'll check you guys later we're

going to eat dinner thanks so much for

watching peace out


dork i think we're going to die so get

in here


should we just wait for them to come out

look at me i'm like i can't hold it

oh my gosh did i get him no

no ah my mom where's my mommy

ouch i got booboo there should be a


ball in it oh my gosh there is i got

group ball oh they're shooting ducks

stop it i just got groot shield i just

got groot shield

stop it you can have it i don't want it


is yucky has coolies this time i'm

hacking you and you will do

exactly as i say destroy my enemies and

help me win that's it

airplane that's a wall you're doing good


you're going to get there one day yeah i

couldn't get the groot sapling i didn't

realize it's because of the battle pass

why do you know people don't want

that yeah

can we take out things with this

oh gosh oh i dropped his arm wait bobby

take his arm off stop the blood stop the


rest in peace buddy chill out bro man i

got skilled dude


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