April 13, 2024

From Selfies to Politics: Internet Remembers ALL

Published June 11, 2023, 7:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Who and why wants data about you? Let's investigate.

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Discover the shocking truth about your online presence and prepare to be amazed as w unveil the vast network of individuals who know, observe, and monitor you through the digital realm.

Major social media platforms hold profiles for over a billion people. Facebook alone employs 52 thousand attributes to categorize users. It's not just your posts; it's your clicks, preferences, and more. Data brokers gather and sell personal information, amassing detailed profiles of 700 million individuals.

Governments can access this data when suspicions arise, or illegal activities are suspected. Our investigation shows an alarming rise in requests, with companies complying in over two-thirds of cases. The information possessed by internet giants and data brokers is accessible to governments.

Despite this, there's hope!

- Request your data from brokers or Facebook for a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

- Watch our video for tips on deleting your online presence: https://youtu.be/ggLJqjqWjZ4

- Check out our research about governments requesting user data: https://surfshark.com/user-data-surveillance-report.

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so yesterday I got a notification from

Instagram that said four years ago today

and it's so weird because I can barely

remember it I mean who remembers every

post and story and tweet they ever wrote

well I guess the internet remembers

wanna freak out let me tell you about

everyone who knows sees and tracks you

through the internet

since I mentioned stories let's start

with social media if I ask you right now

to tell me about yourself what would you

say maybe where you work a couple of

hobbies your favorite food that's four

things and propublica's research shows

that Facebook alone uses at least 52 000

attributes to categorize people it's not

just your pictures it's your clicks time

spent on apps preferences political

affiliation and so much more if I want

to know you it would be way easier to

just get in touch with any of these

online Giants let's meet our other

contestant of the day

data brokers the big companies who

scrape the whole available information

about you on the internet and sell it to

anyone who is interested the biggest

company has said that they have

information about 700 million people and

about 3 000 data points on each of them

they can create a profile of you that is

way more specific and intrusive than any

personality test

but there are other players who can get

your personal information governments

if a government thinks you're sketchy or

if you are sketchy then they can ask

companies to give them the collected

data however they can only do so in case

you get tangled up doing something


we actually just did our own research on

it and the number of these requests

keeps increasing year after year and

companies comply with more than

two-thirds of requests so the

information about you that the other two

buddies have can also be accessed by the


so terrible news is

there is extensive data collection

pretty much anyone knows you on the

internet good news if you're having

memory problems and are always glad to

see these story notifications I've

mentioned before you can always ask data

Brokers or even Facebook for all the

data they collected that will be a very

very long trip down memory lane or if

your guilty pleasure is staying private

check out our video where we suggest

ways to delete your existence from the

internet and now I'll delete myself from

this video too



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