April 12, 2024

Fuel Subsidy Removal, Labour Threatens Indefinite Strike +More | Politics Today

Published June 11, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

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thank you so much everyone for joining

us today what another day it's been in

politics in Nigeria and we're getting

started with some of your top stories

being a busy day filled with a lot of

visitation and meetings at the

presidential Villa that has been at the

usual occurrence since the president

balatonubu got into office today

received members of the all progresses

Congress APC other state house the

governors were led by the IMO State

Governor opusadema who only recently was

elected chairman of the progressive

Governor's Forum a president among other

things discussed the leadership of the

National Assembly state of the nation

and security take a listen to the



we need to do to do some arithmetic and


so searching

on the minimum wage

we will have to look at that

we are digging deep into the revenue

of the federal government

we must strengthen the source and

application of those forms

yes it's coming from

and security casualties

two of the items mainly security


where are these questions

and I want you

to please continue in that life

if we think together

and walk together

Nigeria of our dream is not far away


I will take the opportunity

to appeal to you

on the question on the

leadership of the national anthems

maybe get a committee

to see

the Senate President

to show that

if there are areas

I mean of

conflict of


they from there

collaborative leadership can stretching

it out and negotiate

and make a deal

but there are a few things that the the

president he did make the announcement

to the APC Governors about some of the

first apartment that he will be making

the governors also spoke after their


we're also here to reassure you

of our honor alloyed

loyalty As you move to consolidate on

the APC programs and policies

and to offer Nigeria as a new lease of


under a renewed hope agenda

not only will we support your programs

and policies

we shall assist to propagate them in our

various States

in other words we are disciples and we

are full soldiers and we are willing and

waiting to undertake whatever rules that

will be assigned to us in this regard we

are encouraged given your pedigree your

background your strength your knowledge

your leadership prowess that you bring

everything to prayer what this audience

is promising you sir is you have a total

unalloying commitment and loyalty

that's on some of the governors of the

APC that of emo who is the chairman of

the progressive governance Forum the

governor of Lagos State Governor

babajide the president

announced the Abundant of the Speaker of

the House Mr offender as his chief of

staff and named immediate past minister

of special duties and the former

Governor of benue State uh

to serve as a sacrifice to the

government of the Federation and

president made the announcement today

when he met with the APC Governors at

the State House in Abuja the first time

since his Assumption of office

he also understand the need for

governance to embark on soul searching

and review their minimum wage as a

federal government leaks deep into the

nation's Revenue with a view to

strengthen it meanwhile the speaker of

the house is

the president for finding him worthy of

being his chief of staff permission to

give his best when he assume office on

the 14th of June he made his known in a

statement shortly after his apartment

was made official by the president today

and in weeks of speculation he said

quote having spent the last 20 years in

the Nigerian Parliament and after

winning my sixth term election into the

National Assembly I shall work with Mr

President in discharge in the enormous

task ahead of him for the peace and

progress of the federal republic of


well the governor of River State News

some week has been reacting to the

appointment of Mr Miller and Senator

akume and take a listen to what he said

I'm so impressed with the appointment of

a family

look you see

what's another formation

they have a contact with legislature


and you always know the problem would be

negative and it doesn't solo therefore

there must be somebody too who has this

relationship with legislature which is

an important arm of government you

cannot throw it away

from a governor of Riverside in some



in the Nigerian labor Congress has

threatened that it will commence an

indefinite Nationwide protest should the

federal government or the nnpcl in

specific not reverse the decision to

hike the price of a petroleumal motor

spread PMS that's petrol I have the

lawyer of the NLC and rights activist Mr

Feinberg Mr femi Falana with us in the

studio and it will be discussing these

issues first let me bring you up to

speed with some of your political round

of stories



eventually stays High courts in my Cody

today ruled that Senator iyocha Ayu can

no longer hold office as a national

chairman of the people Democratic party

having lost membership of the party in

his in Europe Council ward of Boku local

government area of the state a member of

the PDP in benue state Conrad tehide

uttan dragged Ali to court following his

suspension by the eager of world

executive committee after passing a vote

of no confidence on him Mr uttan sought

them on got a release a declaration that

IU is no longer fit and qualified to

hold office as a national chairman of

the PDP having lost membership of the

party in his eager of council Warden

vocal where he first registered as a

member of the party president bolatinubu

has received members of the progressive

Governor's Forum at the State House the

governors were led by the IMO State

Governor hopeless odinma who recently

was elected chairman of the progressives

Governors Forum the president told them

that the welfare of the nation will be

the focus of his administration the

President also met with former governor

of Rivers State and James iborio of

Delta and the governor of Oyo State

chain marking day the president until

the meeting behind closed doors at the

president's office in asson Villa Yobe

State Governor Mr malabuni has given

approval from the state independent

National electoral commission to conduct

elections for local government chairman

and councilors on November 25th 2023 the

executive chairman of the commissioner

Mr Muhammad Muhammad said this to

musement and political parties in the

maturity state capital he told the

political parties that election

guidelines for proper registration of

candidates will be issued soon for the

election that will hold in 17 local

government areas Governor Omar Affinity

we have adamawa state has reiterated his

promise to reward loyalty and hard work

during the last election and appoint

women and youth into key positions in

his cabinets the governor stated this

while meeting with PDP stakeholders in

Yola the animal state capital where he

assured the people that his

administration performed better than his

first term in office


has banned the city's home order in the

state effective Monday June the 5th 2023

saying such orders restrict creativity

entrepreneurship and productivity in the


briefing journalists on the outcome of

his first security council meeting with

the heads of all the security agencies

at the government's house in enugu he

however called on president to release

to Quicken the much needed healing

process in Nigeria

and finally an all progressives Congress

group in Delta state has thrown his

weight behind the president's policy on

subsidy removal and are appealing to the

Nigerian labor Congress to support the

federal government in finding solutions

to cushioning the effect on the citizens

addressing the media and worried the

leader of the group Mr Benson or Noah

Jay highlights on the gains that will be

recorded as a result of this bold step

taken by the president



thank you sir everyone so you're up to

speed with your political Roundup story

so the Nigerian labor Congress there has

been reacting under the Mets today are

with its members and has given the

federal government until Wednesday maybe

7th 7th 2023 to reverse the pump price

of petrol or risk and Nationwide

indefinite protests and strike action by

Nigerian workers the NFC president Mr

Joe ajayra announced these at the end of

an emergency meeting of the national

executive Council in Abuja where he also

asked president

to investigate payments for subsidy

under the immediate past administration

of former president buhari the Congress

insists it will not continue to

negotiate with persons without portfolio

just as human rights lawyer Mr femi

Falana describes a hike in the prize of

you as illegal

all right then let's get some views on

this one Mr femi falano Right activities

and the lawyer to the NLC is live with

us here in our studio thank you so much

I appreciate your time tonight thank you

I guess I should begin with uh the

statement that you have now been quoted

for today uh you've been quoted to have

said that uh the hiking price is illegal

what do you mean

well um

the president did say in his inaugural


that is going to run an Administration

and called on the rule of law

and that implies

that all actions of government and his

agencies will have to comply with the


the nnpc has metamorphosed

into a limited liability company it is


nnpc Limited

to that extent

the nnpc like total like EXO mobile like


operating in the oil industry cannot


increases in the prices of petroleum


that Duty

is vested in the government

so and that is what I mean

there is a judgment of the Court

which has not been set aside

a case of barbadelli Arturo and the

minister of petroleum resources this

judgment was delivered in in the federal

high court in Abuja here by

Justice adamu Bello now retired

don't defect

that nobody has the right in Nigeria

to fix the prices of petroleum products

other than the government

because you have the price Control Act

and at that time the petroleum act now

Pia Act

so you ask the nmpc

where have you got the powers

to fix the prices of petroleum product

or the price of petrol this Tamara

from 185 for their above to 540


and the clarification is important

so yesterday on the promise we had the

group CEO of the nnpc limited and this

question was thrown at him and I did ask

him remember asking him but are you not

the regulator and

um the operator in this sense uh because

now it's totally deregulated if subsidy

is gone and and he said they are not the

ones who change the price uh he said

it's the market forces no the visible

Market forces cannot under the Nigerian

Constitution another the Pia

fix the price system what agency of

government is uh leveled with that

responsibility Mr Falana under the


situation we should find ourselves since

ministers have not been appointed


president is running the country

only the president

and so decide for now the price so as

you have

you press Control Act

you have

the Pia Acts


there is no provision in our law

for Market forces to determine the

prices of any products in the country

I wanted to actually just see if I can

read through what the nnpc said in their


if we can bring back that I mean in a

conversation that we had with him he

said going forward are the prices are

going to be determined by market forces

what do you make of that scenario you

agree with the issue of the market

forces no the the nnpc


ensue this statement


it's fixed

the prices of petroleum products I mean

Petrol in Lagos I mean you know

in Abuja in in the North

right now

if I understand the GMD he was saying

that in futuro

Market forces will fix the prices but

for now

nnpc limited fix the price he said the

price list that went viral that went

around were leaked internal document of

the nnpc that nnpc did not fix it let me

read through the statement of the nnpc

uh nmpc said in this statement

adjustment in pump price of PMS yes it

says nnpc limited wishes to inform our

esteemed customers and we have adjusted

our pump price of PMS across our retail

outlets in line with the current market

realities as we strive to provide you

the quality service we are known for it

is pertinent to note that prices will

continue to fluctuate to reflect a

market dynamics we assure you that nnpc

limited is committed to ensuring

senseless supply of products the company

sincerely regrets any inconvenience this

development might of course regret we

greatly appreciate your continued

patronage support and understanding

through this time of change and growth

signed garbadeen Mohammed Chief

corporate Communications officer nnpc

limited that is what the nnpc is saying

it's it's gone viral

and this is oh yeah and that is the

basis of the you know prices we are

witnessing could it be because they are

the sole importer

of refined products

we have always condemned

it's so

a position of the sole importer because

you do not allow for competition

whereas you may want to bring your

products from Europe or America I may


to go to the Middle East

there was a time the government was

important from all over the place and I

said no

whatever has

a functional refinery

so why don't you

apart from refine from that country we

now refine about 60 000 barrels per day

I don't know what the current number is

we even go to Niger


to refine

because for 30 years


this country is the only oil producing

country in the world that Imports

petroleum products only one even with

four refineries that are not working


these guys collapse them

you are family

Reckless ruling class you think it's

intentional for the reforms because

between 1993 and 2016.

the government spent

six billion dollars

6.025 billion dollars on Tony around


of the refinery at the end of the day

the government left them at a comatose


and when President buhari came on bird

as a former because you had promised as

a former minister of petroleum resources

I'm going to fix the refinery so liberal

reminded him in 2015.


the government was not reminded that

licenses issued by the over single


for establishing refineries

were simply dumped by those who got them

unfortunately the same government

was not persuaded

that's the buhari regime

to invest

through the nmpc 2.7 billion dollars in

the dangote refinery

going to be giving supplying that

Refinery 300

000 barrels of crude oil party

those who said government has no

business in

it was at that stage

president buhari as minister of

petroleum resources

why why are we doing this why are we not

fixing our own refinance

it was a dusting almost belatedly

that the government approved

that potako refiner is two of them is

fixed with the sum of 1.5 billion


be fixed with the sum of 1.4 billion

dollars so in addition to our investment

in dangote Refinery you're also talking

on 2.9 billion dollars

to fix

before any refineries of the country now

nobody is asking the question when will


repairs be completed they say Port

Harcourt will be held thereby it should

be functional by December that's the

letter to her what of kaduna and

Woody when we

've got a refresh refinery

become functional so that we can look at


these circumstances in which we have

found ourselves and then take the best

position decision if you look at the

statement of the nnpc it doesn't really

suggest that there is a fixed price no

it just said that they wanted to adjust

it and informing the public no assume

what they are simply saying

is that

you want to sell at an international



is being circulated now

to over around one dollars per liter

and I've asked myself


whereas 540 naira come from

if according to the central bank we have

not further the value

the naira so the officiary

451 naira to a dollar so if you want to

sell a transmission International price

your International license your price

why are you not talking of 451 no

and in any case as I have said

Muslim and for me

I've seen the ultimatum given by the NSC

provides the government an opportunity

to go back to the drawing table

and clear some of the confusion in the

air we arrest the president in his

inaugural speech

simply announced


a first subsidy

has been eradicated by the previous




began to sell at

the prices went to the roof

were then told no

we still have


to have subsidy subsidy till the end of


now if those who were supplied for

by nnpc Limited

at the old price

are now profiteering and unleashing

economic pain on Nigerians

and nobody's checking them why are you

not selling let's look at these issues

one after the other the issue of subsidy

yes it looks to me that there is a


I believe amongst Nigerians that there

is an evil that we cannot allow for a

too long a Time do you agree that

subsidy is an evil within the

marketplace that should be eradicated


is the failure

and according competence

of the Nigerian new colonial state

to make the refineries functional

and when they then embark on importing

petroleum products

we want we want this country will be

grounded the way you guys are going

again see gods were flying to the extent

that they come immediate pass control

like general of custom Corner

immediately went to the National


to challenge nmpc to challenge DPR your

figures are fake

the media past minister of State in the

minister of petroleum resources said

the importation

agenda it's a criminal Enterprise

so what are you talking about succeeding

you think we're subsidizing small glass

no functional state

can come up publicly that Smugglers have

taken over our country or you say oil

thiefs are operating without check no


no State

any modern State cannot say that and

then what do you do let us punish people

so for me

for me

and I think that came out

in the discussions

in their nursing meeting today

that this is not

the question will not go Greece not to

you will not go great at gender we must

now look at the economy holistically

and challenge

a reckless dollarization of the economy

why must I be looking for dollars in my

country why should some schools be

collecting dollars as fees I mean school

fees rents they collected in dollars

some things are paid in dollars for

professionals by the CBN act that is

illegal illegal section 20 the league

he's illegal it's a criminal offense

not not transaction no transaction must

be made or should be made in any

currency other than naira

made the law


so irresponsibly

if the the NLC go ahead if the federal

government says it won't what

the issue of subsidy must go and it has

to go see you see customer if they say

that that subsidy must go and the NLC

goes ahead

he's in need to causing some kind of

Anarchy for a government that is just

going to be about two weeks old for me

when workers

issue that ultimatum workers issue an


in Nigeria and wherever

it is an invitation to the government

to review his position and the

government this time around Frankly

Speaking too

we love to look at the totality of the


if we are talking of subsidy

what you call first subsidy

it's an infinitesma aspect of subsidies

in the country rich

the company

people who call captains of industry


subsidized by the government

beyond what you are calling for a

subsidy what are you talking about

between 2016 and 2022

you can Google

you can find it 60 trillion of people

brought goods to the country

without paying import duty to the

detriment of the economy

in December 29 December 19 2018

the then director of budget

Mr Bernard kabwezi address CEOs of

government Enterprises and told them you

guys have refused

to remit 10 trillion to the Federation


where the guy

saw the bank

for 50 billionaire

Avo Revitalize that bank with the sum of

1.3 trillion


380 people in this country

according to amcon

are owing 5.4 trillion because the banks

were going to collapse in 2008.

the Central Bank gave trillions to the


now those who took toxic loans

we're going we're threatening the

economy and that was how Hong Kong was

set up Asset Management corporation of

Nigeria to buy off their debts

what type of subsidy is greater than

that so no no no no so in the entrance

of the country let us look at

the economy I'm looking at the

implication of the threat of the NLC is

it not too early in the life of this

government you see again I've said it



has begun discussions

in Nigeria

which perhaps you have preceded the


was a new government

and I expect as a new government

to take advantage of the opportunities I

tell you what

there's a group of countries now

citing the dominance of the dollars in

the economy

the dollar in the economy

those countries bricks


Russia India China and South Africa

Nigeria is missing and they are

currently trading among themselves in

their own local currencies


and I've suggested this publicly


was spending 500 million dollars per

month to import petroleum products

the leadership of Kenya


with the leadership of Saudi Arabia we

are unable to mobilize dollars can we

have an arrangement so

Saudi Arabia agreed we shall be

supplying you

but you pay us in Shillings

China five years ago enter into a

currency swap alignment with Nigeria all

Nigerians who are Bangles in China pay


for our own business here per Young

they are my Fun World Bank did not allow

that arrangement

so for me this government has an


to look at the economy holistically

look at what is going on with the demand

a struggle for a new international

economic order I'm sitting

so the question is the bigger picture

we're looking at here is there is


Nigerians who are hurt and pained in the

manner in which these policy had come

and affected their lives because of the

prize hike and the price of petrol

affected transportation and immediate

effect uh on the price of Commodities

now you're looking at the situation



NLC is planning a nationwide strike and

protest that will also have effect on

the economy for sure I mean and that's

why the government was avoid this but if

the government is already meeting the

NLC so the question is that one we

wonder if there is other software ways

in addressing it on a 500 Mr father no

for me

the government as I said

we love to look at all the options on

the table one of one of which is the

Lagos State government with Orlando

I've just sent that into an agreement

with the Chinese company

to bring electric buses to Legal some of

the buses have arrived

this government debride it again this

APC legit in 2020 January 2020 announced

that we are going to migrate CNG to CNG

and the Central Bank air marked 250


to encourage companies that were going

to promote that migration so for me

these are the options on crime of course

we can say oh why can't we continue to

waste 10 billion dollars according to

them figures are also questionable we

can then look at the alternatives to PMS

so that the poor are not further

subjected to excruciate or pain Mr

father so you saying that it is illegal

the Ike and the price oh yes an

implication is that anybody selling

above one 85.5 is illegal of course are

you planning to go to court on that well

with the NSC has given some instructions

but I won't give you the details for now

Mr family now right activist and Senior

advocate of Nigeria thank you so much

indeed for your time thank you very much

I really appreciate it thank you my

pleasure we take a break and when we

come back attention will be yet another

thing that president must also be very

careful about and it's about security

before it says or does anything there

are things that he needs to do my next

guest will be given inside of that

thank you so much everyone for staying

with us and welcome back president

services for the very first time since

his assumption into our face it was a

man in the security agency's strengthen

coordination and not work at Cross

purposes at the end of that meeting the

president disclosed his own philosophy

towards dealing with security issues

which is the adoption of contemporary

security measures to advance the

country's security such as take a listen

to the summary of what was discussed

from the NSA

he has made it very very clear that all

the security agencies must comply with

the demands of coordination

with the demands of

frequent consultations

and also Timely

reports which must be acted on

he's going to embark on

a lot of reforms in terms of our

security architecture

is going to

take a closer look at our misfortunes

in the maritime domain

focusing particularly on the issues of

oil theft that he is not going to

tolerate wherever the problem is coming

from it must be crushed as soon as

possible is already mandated the

security agencies

to come up with a blueprint

thank you so much everyone you heard the

end I said let's get some perspectives

to these other one I'm being joined by

Mr Dr kabiru adamu is a security

consultant and CEO of Beacon Consulting

thank you so much indeed for your time

tonight my pleasure

president tunobu is not in general but

it looks to me that he's spoken like one

in the era cross

deer coordinate those are words that


look like someone who understand the

Dynamics of security what are your

impressions of this very first outing

with the service Chiefs so um given the

background of what he had released has

Manifesto which is the renewed hope

Insight which he lifted seven elements

and call them agenda and then given the

speech that the president gave in his

inaugural you know statement where he

lifted security to be of primary

importance and then is that a couple of

things to I think one can completely say

he's actually working the talk

everything he the National Security

advisor just mentioned are things that

were contained in that Manifesto and

that were part of this statement he made

when he told Nigerian that he was going

to prioritize security so to that extent

one is happy to hear that uh what I

think remains is the methodology it's

easy to make um you know such statements

but it will be very important as an

example to see these are the

methodologies that I intend to achieve

all of these objectives so it will be

very important in the coming days have a

sense of several things those that would

drive the leadership of the security


issues that prevented the immediate past

administration from achieving some of

the set objectives because not let's not

forget security was the primary

component of the focused areas or the

immediate pastors Administration so it

was very interesting over this

experience to listen to it's interesting

that the old God I see on hand that in

fact the minister of uh of Defense it

was still on Parade the National

Security advisor under President buhari

is still on guard and I'm the one there

for that meeting so he's using the uh

the same structure as president buhari

is using as of now but it does look like

they mentioned something very critical

which has been somewhat a red near

problem of insecure of security in

Nigeria which is coordination

much of a problem is that and from the

anger he's coming from in saying that

there must be coordination for what you


what Insight can you give us on that so

if you look at the National Security


it is quite interesting that to achieve

coordination with the existing National

Security architecture will be a little

bit difficult and so the president is

the virus of achieving coordination but

I think what is even more important is

to look at that structure and identify

the challenges to coordination within

that structure so as an example we have

at the last count I think about eight or

nine different in organizations within

the National Security structure that

have coordinating elements the one that

is recognized by virtually everyone is

the office of the National Security

advisor now that office is the

coordinating element within the National

Security structure but aside from that

office you have several ministers that

also have that coordinating element you

mentioned the Minister of Defense you

have the minister of interior you have

the minister of police Affairs and then

sorry I like my producer to put of that

image of what Mr cabrada more has that

you know try to draw up in a diagram so

our viewers can have an understanding of

how this structure works that's exactly

what you're making reference to please

go ahead exactly so

um then you also have the secretary to

the government of the Federation and to

an extent the chief is also involved in

in the coordination of security exactly

he called for Midi meetings um because

we also need to talk about the roles of

the consoles there are several consoles

that have responsibility for security

the National Defense Council the

National Security Council National

Police Council and then to an extent in

fact in this country at the point the

National Economic Council decided on an

issue that affected security remember

during the nthas it was the National

Economic Council that made that decision

I'm not sure how and why but then it it

did that so to what extent for instance

with these consoles also contribute to

security point I'm trying to make is

that there are structures that have been

made available under the cons

institution to provide for security Now

to what extent are we actually following


um you know provisions and that that now

makes the question of coordination

extremely difficult if we pick one

element of security which is pollution

you would surprise you and of course

most of our viewers to discover that

several policing agencies are spread

across different Ministries

um if you use the police itself under

the ministry of police but then um to an

extent the efcc that has a

responsibility it's under the presidency

or to an extent Ministry of justice and

then there are several other ndle that

I'm not sure where ndl is I think is

under the minister of the presidency at

some point so in that convolated

environment it makes coordination

extremely difficult so we need to look

at that structure reduce this

conversation would you say that we

should break all of this down and have a

unified I mean what works in the United

for example after the 9 11. there seems

to be a house cleaning of some sort in

the United States after that terror

attack happened well first of there was

um call it an audit to identify what

were the challenges

um effect of and there was no sharing of

intelligence among the several

organizations they are operating in

silos so they addressed that by creating

a Central Pool an intelligent Fusion

pool I think we are also discussing that

at that moment but apart from that there

were also gaps that were identified do

we have gaps at the moment we do have

gaps between the federal and state

governments there are huge gaps if if

the DSs can go and occupy the efcc

office saying that they are that is

their own office that is more than a gap

that is more like a gaffe well I mean

yeah but I mean that there are several

ramifications of that but the question

is that these are federal government

entities these are somewhat kind of

security agencies if there are problems

it doesn't have to come into the public

domain if resolving these kind of issues

and this is other issues that people say

these are sister agencies in any case

I'll be interested as an example the

supervisory bodies for these

organizations what actions have they


make sure for instance it could be just

a query there are leadership positions

at the state level for this organization

at the last count we are told that the

matter was even in court so if the

matter was in court why should they act

in the manner that they acted and then

are we taking any corrective actions in

terms of querying the individuals that

were concerned and then even if for

instance that goes beyond that the

National Assembly which has a

responsibility for oversight function so

here with the point I'm making is that

there are Provisions within our

constitution for dealing with virtually

everything and if you are able to put up

that structure you would have seen that

the structure allows for coordination if

well if only we are going to follow the

structure however the challenge remains

that even at the coordination element

there are different

levels and that we need to also look at

the Mandate for each of those levels

part of the discussion under the

president who are the administration is

the role of the office of the National

Security advisor clearly the

Constitution says the role of that

office is advisory but they have an

argument by from people that that office

has filmed operational Powers as an

example um so when for instance um you

know the counter-terrorism unit is

placed under that office the commission

for mopping up smaller lies and live

weapons is placed on that office some

elements within the National Security

structure a little bit uncomfortable

about that because those are operational

powers that that office is assuming when

it's mandate is clearly advisory or

these are the things so there are those

who argue that that office for example

has been manned sometimes by the

military and some of our problems

internally and locally and more of less

policing and that those who have argued

that those schools who are of the school

of thought that the NSC office should be

someone from the intelligence of the

policing cycle what are your views on

that so if you look at the structure

that I I put up the military only

occupies at best five out of about 29 of

those several structures what I'm trying

to make is that the entire security

Paradigm uh the security sector defense

yes it's important but it is a minute

part of the security architecture and in

our own case our challenges are internal

security matters so the best suited

persons to address those internal

security matters are persons who

understand internal security instead of

policing and civil engagement exactly

and that either falls in the realm of

the police or the intelligence

organizations no doubt the military is

absolutely required it's important it's

a Optical component of that National

I mean I've heard some experts and

apologies I've had some experts say look

we cannot make that the military are

trained to use force and at the moment

Nigeria is not facing any imminent uh

threat to our externa or to our

territorial uh the Integrity of our of

the territory of Nigeria and as such my

major problem are internal scrubbles

within one ethnic Pharma Elders clutch

and these are something that you can

actually handle without actually

shooting one bullet and so it needs a

lot of honors research an application of

some civil engagement definitely and if

you notice them of recent politicians

have brought in non-kinetic Warfare and

that's what they are actually speaking

about there is a realization even among

the political class that this

non-kinetic or soft power is actually

required but I don't want um you know to

live here with the impression that

kinetic power is not normal it is needed

because the kind of threats we Face the

the nature of the Weaponry that the

threats elements are using uh

military-grid weapons when we have trade

elements that are carrying you know

surface to air uh you know RPGs and

others then we really need military

capacity but the point is that military

should be part of a national security

Arrangement and if you look at that

National Security Arrangement the

military represents only like I said

four out of about 29 and so

um the coordinating element left if I

would advise I would say it's best

suited for an internal security

expertise that understands internal

security that is able to use soft power

to address Grievances and the other root

causes that that lead to security

intelligence as an example it's vital

and absolutely important to addressing

National Security challenges and so

there are those who say that if the


need to get things right the kind of

personality appoints he is made a first

few appointments today the sgf and the

issue of regional concentration also was

put in place and at the North Center the

agitation president from southwards uh

the vice president from the north is now

we have a not Center person uh for the

sgf uh that the economy and the security

it cannot afford to play politics with

it it has to use professionals I agree


um professionals who understand the

Dynamics that drive insecurity in

Nigeria as an example the twin issues of

ethnicity and religion and then the

several other you know drivers of

insecurity the social economic

challenges climate change and the lack

of adaptability and frankly yes we have

a crop of Military Officers that are

well trained and frankly uh the that

establishment represents probably one of

the most elitive

organization within in the country but I

did suited for internal security issues

I don't think so do they have a role to

play Within that yes they do have a role

to play and frankly we've tried them for

how many years now the last few

appointments in the office of the

National Security advisor have all been

military I'll look at where we are today

so why don't we look at Fountain Hills

and then ensure for it they are carried

along and they have a place but then

let's give the other you know expertise

um a chance to to play so yes I agree

totally that it's time perhaps that we

look at either from the police

or the all the intelligence the

agitation as being State policy

Community policy and that do these are

the areas the house of reps

under friend came up with the idea and

saying that there's a organizing Summit

and came forward with the idea that

there is a need for a more intelligent

manner in which to approach this

insecurity in the nation if president

tinubu is watching right now in terms of

because appointments is imminent so if

you are going to advise him right now

about the kind of NSA he needs to

appoint what would he be saying to him

number one a professional uh with both

academic and then experience in the area

of national National Security who

understands the requirement of modern

security and data in this instance is

absolutely important not somebody who is

not afraid to embrace data who

understands that intelligence in modern

um in modern

um you know security sector is really

not about just human intelligence but

also using several components AI as an

example is quite prominent that at the

moment the number two is the person's

ability to manage and understand the

diversity that Nigeria on represents and

the number three is for the charisma of

that individual we've had in the past

persons who occupied that office that

because of their Charisma they were able

to address and manage security

challenges before even the president was

involved so no and the last one is the

ability of that person to coordinate

elements within the national

coordination thank you so much indeed I

mean Universe if you are I mean I've

been experiencing a problem and using a

similar style then and the problem

persists there's a need to rethink that

strategy thanks so much Dr Kabir adamu

for your time tonight security thank you

for having me I'm the CEO of Beacon

Consulting thank you so much indeed

thank you for having me I appreciate it

but that's our show this Friday I'll see

you again on Sunday at 8pm


thank you


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