April 12, 2024

Gediminas Galkauskas, CMO of Atlas VPN, Data-driven Marketer

Published June 11, 2023, 7:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Gediminas Galkauskas is an experienced data-driven marketer, a business growth expert and the current Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Atlas VPN, a leading virtual private network (VPN) provider. Being in the industry for more than two decades now, he has held various top level positions at some of the most prominent companies in Lithuania, like leading marketing campaigns and initiatives for Modern Times Group MTG, which includes the most watched TV in Lithuania, TV3 and Head of Marketing and Product Development at 15min.

Gediminas Galkauskas Interview Questions

1. Could you please start by telling us a little bit about your background?

2. Could you share with us about your earlier career path and your motivations or inspiration?

3. About vpns and vpns for businesses

4. How has Atlas VPN changed the VPN market?

5. What new technologies have you implemented for Atlas VPN?

6. What do you believe is the most important factor for success in the VPN market?

7. How do you think the VPN market will evolve in the coming years?

8. What do you think are the biggest challenges faced by VPN providers today?

9. What new technologies will marketers need to be familiar with in order to be successful in the future?

Gediminas Galkauskas Biography

Gediminas Galkauskas holds a double Master of Arts degree in International Communication and Political Science from Vilnius University, Lithuania. Prior to joining Atlas VPN, Gediminas worked at a number of high-profile companies, including Modern Times Group MTG, AeroTime Hub, 15min.

As the Communications Manager at The Modern Times Group MTG, Gediminas managed a variety of marketing campaigns and initiatives for brands like TV Viasat, the most watched TV in Lithuania TV3, Power Hit Radio, and one of the most popular internet websites tv3.lt. He also held executive positions at multi-channel aviation digital hub AeroTime Hub and Marketing consultancy Hungry Scout.

At 15min, he held the position of Head of Marketing and Product Development, where he was responsible for marketing and developing business together with new products for the 2nd biggest website in Lithuania. He led the development of audio platform 15min Klausyk, paid content product 15max, etc.

His experience includes co-founding Pro Consulto, a boutique communications agency providing consulting and sales services to clients. And he also lectured about integrated marketing communications to the students at University of Applied Social Sciences, Vilnius.

Gediminas is a sought-after keynote speaker at marketing and tech events like Viasat Lithuania and writes a newsletter where he shares his insights on strategy, innovation, and trends in the tech and marketing sectors.

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once again we are here to profile Global

professionals Global doers global

leaders that are looking at new ways of

pushing boundaries of Business and

Technology and always trying to as well

bringing a bit of his of their

inspiration their I would say footprint

into the business world and Technology

uh one of the things we always look here


um the people that actually are doing

things and the people that are actually

pushing forward all the boundaries and

uh we've been actually having a lot of

different personalities

um I think until now I think it's the

first time we're going to be bringing

someone working in the VPN market and so

I think it's an interesting point and I

want to highlight this because people

like me that travel around the world

have to go for a lot of challenges of

understanding what is a VPN how to work

on these things and as well how to look

at this but as well I'm interested to

profile new areas of technology that is

mystifying and how this can actually

create new solutions for businesses for

professionals like us and people

listening to us that is a big audience

that I I'm very grateful to have here

but as well this mystifying and finding

new ways and new Solutions and finding

the ways they can actually help us now

on this moment and understanding

um the new details that can actually

make a difference in our businesses in

our lives and in our experiences

so I Welcome to our series

gedimina's golkauskas I think I spell it

wrong but I did my best isn't it so

um gadamines is an experience that

data-driven marketeer and business

um professional that has been growing

um and leading different uh roles around

the world but at the moment we are

profiling him as a business group of

experts and the current chief martial

officer of Atlas VPN that is a living

private Network a virtual private

Network that comes the word VPN

provider so Atlas vpm is uh one of the

the leaders in the VPN service worldwide

and uh get diminas being one of the

leaders of the organization has been in

the industry for over two decades and he

has been held in different top level

positions in most prominent companies

especially in the Lithuania and in

leading Martin campaigns as well in the

initiatives for different groups like

television Lithuania and TV3 and the end

of marketing and product development at

15 minutes there is a program as well on

the country

academinous held the double master of

arts degree in International

Communication and political science at

Williams University in Lithuania and

prior to joining Atlas vpm I work in thy

number of profile companies

um in the country as well with

International replication so as the

leader of course he leads uh in the

areas of marketing Communications is

pushing the boundaries how the different

things happening on something as

powerful as

Atlas VPN

so what is atlas vpa I'm going to be

talking about that so Atlas vpim is is

founded in 2019 with one goal in mind to

make digital privacy and security

accessible to all consumers

irrespectively of their budget and Tech

savviness the company aims to provide

the high quality VPN service that helps

users worldwide to self soft guard their

online life and access content without

censorship and restrictions and anyone

can use the atlas vpm platform in

multiple ways and actually at the moment

the service as users from one of the 70

countries worldwide so welcome to our

series there's a pleasure to have you

here thank you it's a pleasure to be

here and hello everyone so uh get emails

so one of the things I'm particularly

interesting I always love to talk about

the cultural background and of course

Lithuania is a country

um that has quite a huge reputation


um but it's not well known for people

like mini database in UK or based in

Europe or even us which part of our

audience as it is so let's start by a

bit about your background and about your

country as well if you could get us in

as well your education and profile sure

with a great pleasure um so yeah uh yeah

I was I'm local here born and raised in

Lithuania and Lithuania is a member of

you and then we are one of the fastest

growing you members and we are really a

country of Technology probably Geeks or

maybe not but uh but yeah we we love

um technology here we are also

we have few unicorns here already so one

of these unicorns North security group

that we are part Atlas VPN is part of

that North Security Group is one on

uniform another one is

uh vintage which is a second hand

fashion uh and then

expanding expanding rapidly

so this is one thing also we are known

uh worldwide as fintech Hub so that is

one of the things that might be

interested for you in in for for your

listeners and this is the listeners of

this podcast and uh another thing that

my hometown's illness is celebrating the

700th uh anniversary this year so yeah

that's my hometown and uh I graduated

yeah like like you said International uh

politics from in Business University

that my bachelor and later I continued

with uh Communications and in Masters

so yeah that that is my background and

uh that I for the first half of my

career carrier so far I was working in

Communications and public relations

um I had also my own uh PR agency and we

were working with top top clients in the

country and in the baltics in our region

and and after some time I just felt that


uh probably PR only PR is too far from

business and basically uh there are a

lot of uh business decisions that that

are made in spite of PR and not having

Communications in mind and that's fair

uh so I wanted to be closer to business

that's how I get into marketing and

since then I was working for the biggest

media companies in Lithuania in internet

companies internet uh websites and then

also TV helped to launch the uh first uh

competitor to Netflix in our region


and now I'm leading the leading uh one

of the fastest if not the fastest

growing uh VPN company is marketing

fantastic so tell us about so let's look

at uh what is a VPN and uh why it

matters and as well ability company and

history of your company because it's

quite a a company quite reputable as

well profiled in big platforms worldwide

like you mentioned busy marketing

directory know about that but it's it's

been profiling some of the biggest like

force like radar and synapse and so

forth so

um in short yeah so what we do is uh

helping people to stay private uh uh and

there are many reasons why people want

to stay private basically one of the

most like uh obvious reasons is that uh

since we are our Our Lives get uh more

and more digitalized

so there are of course they are more and

more tracked and not everyone wants to

be tracked for warriors reasons right

there are some some governments are to

intrusive right there are some some

companies are too intrusive or maybe

someone just want to stay private I mean

how you find I mean show me seven

billion people I will show you seven

billion different motivations why

someone could could want uh to stay

private and and that's fear and I think

that privacy is is uh some kind of human


and yeah so what that's what we do we

provide encrypted uh security secure

connection uh for the people who wants

privacy and we in in VPN virtual private

Network Market probably we are one of

the youngest uh companies uh a lot of um

well-known competitors they are

competing in the market for the last

decade we were founded in 2019

um and since then we are rapidly growing

so just to give you some

some some context so if uh in 2022 all

with the End Market the group

approximately 18 so Atlas VPN grew 150

percent so basic almost almost 10 times

faster than the market

so we believe that uh uh we we are

really important to people even in this

highly competitive market and the reason

why well we are


like smart VPN and Smart Choice uh for

vpns so we have very affordable pricing

this is one thing but very high quality

of of service and also we have free

version so for those who like have very

very limited needs of privacy may be

very occasional or or

recreational needs sometimes so we have

also free version to try for them and

another thing what's is very distinctive

with that is that uh

quite often free versions don't have a

good reputation globally among privacy

fans because of course when you have

free service then you you you need to

monetize it somehow and uh really bad

actors bad vpns they free vpns they are

selling data and so on and so on so

we are monetizing our uh our service and

our company via premium subscriptions

but as we understand that privacy is

super important

we uh we allow The Limited version of

the same premium product for for poor

limited usage for those who are in need

of free version so that's the difference

and uh so even those who uh who care who

access our free version they have

top-notch products

and then then they they they can secure

the Digital Life uh as well so yeah

that's in brief so the VPN industry like

you mentioned is a growing industry so

in terms of uh the the the growth and in

terms of the way you've been working on

this this so for instance in 2022 the

global virtual private Network VPN

Market amounted to 44.6 billion US


and the virtual private networks are

designed to extend the network securely

from a private location such as a

business a home across a public network

as if the network were direct linked so

can you tell us for people that are less

familiar with the industry and you touch

a bit how it works and the difference

that you have towards the competition

but how are you positioned

um Atlas VPN as a differentiator because

I know that you guys have quite an

interesting area and of course the

industry has been growing quite

significant actually most of the studies

say that the the industry evaluation the

market worldwide is going to double

so a bit of a bit of the how you see the

industry and as well how your product as

differentiated you mentioned already in

terms of the security and in terms of

the flexibility that your platform has

towards other different parts but as

well how people can use your platform in

a simple way I would like people I

always like to understand very technical

things and and cut it in pieces and make

it everyone understand it because I

think it's one thing that most people

don't even know how to use or they even

don't know what is in the VPN yeah so

probably just just to start if there are

people who are not familiar with VPN

among listeners of this podcast so

um in short probably most of the people

are familiar with the vpns at work so

these are virtual private networks so if

you want to securely access your I don't

know company data a lot of uh quite

quite often you need to be connected to

some some business VPN

right so what do we do uh is basically

we are expanding on that and we are

offering like uh virtual private network

uh for anyone who is interested in any

kind of privacy uh and um so for that

you don't need uh and for that you don't

need some specific training right

so uh VPN uh industry as a whole uh went

a long way to make it as simple as

possible uh at Atlas VPN here we

understand that uh still uh there are a

lot of not super tech savvy people or or

they don't think about privacy every day

like we do here at Atlas VPN so but we

want to make them uh the product as

simple as we can so they don't have any

headache using and and and experiencing

um the Privacy themselves so basically

you can well uh browse or search on app

store on iOS or Google Play on Android

so that is the probably the simplest way

to download the app and and and then get

access to privacy immediately uh well

another way well is to to to to find our

website and then to download the

applications and you can use also not on

only on mobile but you can or use it

across devices I don't know Windows OS

and so on even on TVs

uh you can use our app and yeah get

private private get privacy you deserve

so that's in in very simple terms thank

you so in terms of uh a lot of people of

course in my audience and even me uh

when are you using blockchain platform

and exchange

um or do you want you are even sending

something especially if you're not in

your country or residences becomes

really a nightmare and sometimes you

have really to work with VPN services so

let me see this case study of people in

blockchain and why it's so important the

VPN especially for blockchain

transactions and for blockchain trading

if we could actually elaborate on this

because I think it's kind of one of the

most important things especially for the

blockchain Traders and users around the

world I

don't think that it's a particular thing

for blockchain I think it's for anyone

who is making any kind of transaction

it's basically to stay as secure as

possible so let me just give you an

example I mean it's blockchain or it's

uh it's I don't know it's bitcoin's

transfer or or even simple bank

transfers so let's see let me give you

an example so you are traveling abroad

right uh so Mo I mean of course if

you're traveling in European Union which

is basically uh really well developed uh

uh Mobile 5G 4G 5G market right and it's

very very good rates there even

traveling across the countries but if

you travel somewhere out and you need a

lot of like data most most likely you

will be looking for public Wi-Fi right

and you will do that and and you have

many instances to try that so you you uh

you are exposed to public Wi-Fi in

airport while traveling then you are

exposed in the hotel you are living and

then when you go to have lunch dinner or

or just grab a grab a drink uh you are

exposed to uh public Wi-Fi in the

restaurant and the problem with public

Wi-Fi is there is that uh well any bad

actor uh basically can intercept uh your

connection and to see well in simple

terms where are you connecting and and

and to

to get your details and and then to use

it against you or or to to use it to

access your account so if you want to be


um uh on on your travels uh and

accessing the content that you want your

own content then basically VPN is a must

in in any case and I think we really


um appreciate that a lot uh I remember

my first exposure to vpns was like I

don't know uh 10 years ago uh it was

corporate VPN and it was our head of our

our digital security he was doing

trainings and he said never ever connect

to working uh working computer without

VPN in public place

because that's how that actors get

access to to your files and also it

um he or she can get access to the

company file so I learned that lesson

like uh thanks God Only from Theory

uh 10 years ago and since then I'm

following that and I really believe that


two little people are doing that and I I


encourage everyone uh especially when

using public Wi-Fi do that especially

completely open public Wi-Fi to to

connect to vpns because it's well it's

basically like uh you know uh it's the

smart thing to do when you are coming to

the road you at First Look to one side

well depending on what country you are

but you want to look want to site and

then to the other side and then you just

cross the road so it's just a smart

thing to do so uh VPN on public Wi-Fi is

just smart thing smart thing to do yeah

this is a key element and I'm glad

you're touching this is one of the

questions I have so let's look at a bit

broader in terms of who you are talking

about personal cyber security and

business cyber security because in the

end of the day like you mentioned if

you're using a public

um server Republic

Wi-Fi you are actually putting access or

giving access to potential for

everything to be hacked so can you tell

us a bit more about these things how our

vpm system uh can actually protect and

as well the guidelines because I as a as

an expert in Industry the guidelines are

really important even me I did a lot of

mistakes and that's why I want to

actually partly to interview someone a

company like cars because these things

can save millions or can actually take a

company down and of course there's it's

not just what is direct but is it

indirect there's for instance you can


issues with cyber security you can

actually be act you can actually lose

the entire thing so there's a lot of

considerations to be taken that most of

people never thought about it until

probably happens uh and uh and I think

it's like with insurance you know it's

like with insurance


so yeah if you could actually let's use

the insurance as a as a I think it's a

good one I think as an example okay if

you could just I like that like the

guidelines as well yeah so I mean um



any technology can I mean no technology

can protect you unless you you will do

some proactive studies steps right

because uh even in you know in a lot of

Crisis situations there is human factor

right so human forgot something uh

didn't do something or exactly did too

much right so in that case for privacy

basically it's it's just



it's it's about mindset right so it's

basically learned behavior and uh I I

suppose that you you need to start doing

those things it's like uh to have

checklist so a few things that you

always can do if you are accessing not

your own internet connection whatever I

mean if it's not your native uh mobile

connection basically it's smart thing to

use a VPN the same with computers right

so when you are accessing not your own

device connection basically it's smart

thing to use VPN

uh so that is probably uh

I mean you know Pareto Principle like 20

uh of effort generates eighty percent of

the result so in this case I believe

that if uh people will follow this

guideline uh I think it's like simple

effort but it generates in like 90 95

percent of all security that you can get

because then your your connection is is

encrypted and of course you always can

go into various details and so on but

here at Atlas VPN we we are thinking

about really regular users those users

who are not thinking about privacy each

and every second and for them we need to

make it simple and and the simple and

that's the simple thing if you will do

that one thing you will be much safer

than you were before and that nowadays

is that really simple you can download

our app of course I recommend that was

VPN but but I mean privacy is important

to us as a company and basically any app

any like reliable app of course will do

because there are also not very reliable

apps in VPN market so you need to choose

uh carefully and I think right now

looking at uh let's look at the case

study for instance I think you mentioned

first you're taught when you travel

abroad that you should use and I think

this is a bit of an education but

education is key so what would be the

guidelines from an industry perspective

because I'm sure that you have a lot of

case studies

um so we know now I think for people

listening to us we understand why VPN is

so important

um but as well let's look at case

studies and I'm sure some data that you

have that you want to share with us that

that might be key to understand the some

guidelines and some things what not to

do and and some things what to do I

think that would be one thing that I

would like to hear from you

um so uh in general uh there are a lot

of uh online scams right so basically

you can be exposed to online scams uh

your secure or Not non-secure Sorry

non-secure connection can be hacked and

I don't I mean um I can look while we

talk uh into particular numbers but

basically online scams uh and and a lot

of uh those bad act actions by Bad

actors generate a lot of a lot of

financial well losses right so basically

if let's say

uh that actor can get access to your uh

personal details right so it can result

and that is really really a very popular

uh case right so it can result in your

identity theft so what does that mean if

your identity theft uh if identity theft

happens and I really don't uh don't

don't don't uh uh wish that on anyone I

I know a guy who whose identity was

hacked in the United States and that

that was really pain for two years of

his life

um and so so what happens then Bad

actors they are taking credits in your

name right uh they they they uh can try


to cheat the Social Security and so on

and so on and all these things have

Financial or legal repercussions right

so uh and the identity theft Market is

is huge uh and then there are also

protections even identity theft

identities of protection exists right

and and uh so if you're like identity is

hacked which is kind of

quite often the case when you use like

how to say when you act like

irresponsibly or maybe now irresponsibly

is not the right word maybe when you act

uh not consider it not considerately


then uh

you might lose your identity it will

result in a lot of lost time of your


in a lot of money lost and then it will

be like really not a healthy experience

for you so that is probably I mean we we

can talk numbers we can talk cases but

that is probably a real real thing what

people uh are facing so let's say you

previously you asked me about the

parallel between uh VPN and insurance so

it is really about insurance because

uh so because we all think that well it

won't happen to us right

well because uh I maybe I heard some guy

but you know I'm more lucky or I'm more

smart uh but usually that goes until the

first time you are hacked or until the

first time your car uh run into another

car or or or or you know I don't know if

you have health insurance until the

first time your leg broke breaks uh so


it's like um

like let's say it goes better save than

sorry right so uh

that's I mean there are so so many uh


so many uh bad things happening in in

digital world

along the good things right so

um technology is growing but technology

is growing uh really faster than humans

can comprehend right and again uh the

the security technology privacy

technology also well develops but the

Bad actors also they are not sleeping

they they they they find workarounds and

in any technology in any product you can

find weak points

and uh well Bad actors hackers well they

think about that 24 7. so if they

somehow start to Target you and I don't

want to be to be that warmonger you know

or scare people uh but but that that is

true I mean there are people who thinks

about how to hack you 24 7.

right and if you are not spending five

minutes thinking about uh

about your own personal online uh safety

and privacy then basically it's well

it's not matter of if but it's matter of

when and and then it's when and it might

and again it then it's the difference of

scale then you will be lucky if that

will be just your credit card uh details

will be leaked uh or or something right

but it can result in in huge losses

Financial losses uh and then and so on

and there are really really uh scary

things and I don't think that um

those Bad actors you know

are thinking about uh human cost for

that because when you are in digital

right it's it's somehow it's like

surreal everything right so it's

happening nothing like something so if

you hack a person so basically you don't

see him you you don't know how how he or

she feels and that makes uh sometimes

even uh that actors can can go to really

really uh huge length of

how to say of

really awful things so let's see there

are a lot of instances when uh

unsecure like connections and so let's

see it's an unsecure system Hospital

systems are hacked

so and uh people are dying during the uh

during the the operations or because

they're there is not a

energy Supply and so so these are all

real human costs after World all but

when we are online somehow we all feel

very distant from that until it gets

real in in in our in our real life

so uh

for me those stories that I just shared

with you they are the most scary

especially those Hospital hacks when

when they lie like when they hack uh the

system and uh as for ransomware like

right right so pay something so we will

return you your all systems so that is

the most scary thing for me personally

and that's why I think that not only

persons like uh but but but also

businesses should invest a lot in

privacy and online security and

unfortunately I think we do

we all do too little of that

and as our let's say life life really

becomes more digital so let's see last

year was the first year when the digital

advertising Market was uh was bigger the

share of digital advertising was bigger

than of uh not non-digital advertising

so on TV radio and so on and so on so

all our lives are becoming more digital

but somehow our


behavior and how we act on on on online

it doesn't change that much but it needs

to change it's very good points and I I

completely subscribe about what he said

this is a big challenge when it comes

especially with education and the way we

prepare ourselves because that's kind of

where people forget and I think you

touch very good point so

um I want to wrap up because there's a

lot of more questions I have so let's

talk in terms of uh the areas of

blockchain and AI okay with blockchain

and AI um our VPN can actually look at

it so it is we discussed about cyber

security Personal Insurance the

importance of this for doing anything

related with financial activities and

business activities personal protection

let's look at how are you guys looking

into blockchain and AI specifically

um into Atlas vbn and some I think some

of the tech components that you have to

try to make your your VPN

um more stronger and secure than other

different players and as well what are

the focus on these directions so

um we are currently we are not exploring

like any blockchain

um directions for for increased security

um our product team and our Tech Team

of course who are well aware and they

they are changing uh that but now we are

concentrating on Simplicity part

basically and uh just very briefly so we

think that


I mean in general the problem with um

blockchain but it is not an easy

technology right it's not an easy

technology to grasp

and um

so uh and I think this is one of the

main challenges for blockchain for web3

because there are

a lot of uh like uh Clumsy talk and I

think that

um people I mean and it I mean people in

blockchain Industry should should think

about that how to get interfaces more

simple how to talk more simple and that

is lesson I learned here at VPN because

when you talk about privacy in a clumsy

terms when you and your product is not

user friendly it's turned off for people

they just don't I mean I mean maybe they

want to use that

but it's really for them like uh a hard

thing and some for some it looks like a

too high bar to to to to

to to jump uh through right uh and and

then and sometimes the the and and if

they don't understand something

especially in technology especially a

bit Elder people they get turned off

right so this is one of the main things

that uh drives us not to think at this

uh point about blockchain but we are

thinking here about Simplicity

accessibility and affordability so that

is where our our main main our Focus

lies so but when we talk about

artificial intelligence right so I think

it is really a next big thing here but

I mean

we are still in very early stages of

that artificial intelligence to my mind

and of course I I understand there is a

lot of excitement about chat gbt

uh but honestly and I know that is not

very popular opinion I think Chad GPT is

more of a very very smart and witty

autocomplete than it is of actual uh

actual uh

artificial intelligence and let me let

me tell you why I think so because it's

really I was um reading a lot and

discussing a lot with with people in Ai

and in our product team about uh

language learning models and basically

what you do it's basically it's very

very good at uh providing and filling in

the gaps and telling some coherent Story

the problem is that it has difficulties

with the facts so uh it's really like

very human-like thing in that sense that

when we don't know the facts we like to

create details that lacks so that's what

did really uh that Chad gbt do but from

what what I see uh the role of AI it is

maybe not so glamor

right but we are really uh we are really

bad like people in in to processing huge

huge amounts of data and making some

sense of that right so I really think

that AI uh can can do that for us right

to process a lot of a lot of data and

when we talk about security and privacy

so uh I can Expose and I can find those

things that uh really needs to get


and for all for a lot of a lot of data

right it's uh it is it can make uh

uh Smart Suggestions what can be

improved even when a human don't see but

then I think that uh human uh touch or

human part here is very very important

because uh

AI still lacks creativity and AI still

lacks probably the bigger scope and why

I'm thinking that I just read a story uh

I believe in Wall Street Journal there

was a story about uh the uh guy amateur

go player so go it's like board game

I was probably the biggest amount of

possible combinations from any games

possible so uh in 2017 uh some

professional go player lost to uh to to

to to artificial intelligence but best

best artificial intelligence and

and now uh uh what changed

so uh a mature player with the help of

AI played against again the best best AI

at go uh uh like recently and a mature

player with the help of AI won 14 times

out of 15. again so human won against

artificial intelligence in in the game

that basically more suitable probably

from our point of view for for AI not

for human how that happened

so he used Ai and he used AI in a very

very particular way

so he he used to find the weak


in in in in that opposition AI

so uh when that AI the helper of the

player found those weak spots and

suggested the strategy to basically the


just executed well on that strategy and

he was able to do that to expose on some

very particular weakness of artificial

intelligence and it will and it resulted

in 40 wins out of 15. so my point is

that current artificial intelligence and

it applies also to Jet GPT it's


never mind that it produces some uh well

coherent texts right but it's some

average of a lot of texts right and it's

predictable and that predictability is

really the vulnerability because if you

ask any bad actor

uh how they can hack you so basically

they will will check patterns in which

you operate

and they try to use them against you

so uh your predictability is your weak

point and for now artificial

intelligence especially four four four

four four

especially in some very sensitive Fields

is probably more a weak point than a

strong point

uh because of its predictability so in

my sense I think that Artificial

Intelligence on the other hand is very

good to look for predictability

to look for weak points and then to hand

and pass that information towards uh to

to Human

and then human needs to make well

education educated decision so I know

that it's not the most popular opinion

among tech people but uh that's I really

believe where we are we are standing now

uh I I kind of subscribed with you but

of course there's a lot of nuances on

that of course so I don't think we have

full full uh I mean we need next uh

program to to do to discuss that within

even in two or three hours exactly okay

we have a couple of hours for that

because there's a lot of layers so I

think we are passing one out so I think

my last one is so for people that want

to know more about the autism VPN where

they can find it and as well how they

can try it because I think one of the

things that I like about that to be

piano and I tested tested myself but I'm

not here with any commercial part it's

just that I'm interested to learn more

and this is a pure

um neutral interview so tell us a bit

about this because people listen to us I

think it's really important to take this

forward okay so if I understand

correctly how to find us Atlas VPN right

how to find you and how to test Atlas

VPN and so as you see those who are

watching this podcast and not listening

so here is written on one of my science

privacy is a big deal it's a really big

deal so uh if you will look uh to to for

for to to protect your privacy look for

Atlas VPN look

you simply open your app store or Google

Play and enter Atlas VPN in the search


find us download us and use that if you

are on web you can also just Atlas you

to type in atlasvpn.com

uh you will find uh our website you can

download or register and then download

uh uh for almost our application for

almost any any device uh we

quite often have deals and now the deal

uh also is running uh for because we

think that we we really believe that we

need to provide affordable privacy

that's what we do uh and uh yeah

download use that be secure and then

then I think with that comes some kind

of of Peace of Mind

and they really wish for everyone to

have that peace of mind when when

leaving our digital lives fantastic well

thank you so much it's been a pleasure

getting in us

um I wish you good luck for Atlas VPN

and for people listening to us please

learn and uh insure yourselves like they

say it's better to prevent than to

really remedy stuff like that okay thank

you so much thank you so much it was a

pleasure to be here thank you thank you




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