April 12, 2024

Google Pixel 7 & Pixel 7 Pro FREE VPN Now Available!!!

Published June 11, 2023, 11:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

google pixel 7 & pixel 7 Pro FREE VPN Now Available!!!

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Videographer: Sarah Mendoza

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hey what's up everyone Josh Quinones

here so Google's free VPN for the pixel

7 Series is now available starting today

and in this video I'm just going to kind

of show you how you can get into it and

enable it if you want to do so now this

free VPN is going to be available in the

Google one app so let me go ahead and go

into that and as you can see right here

it's already automatically going to be

there you don't really have to update

your phone or anything like that I know

I didn't I just went into my Google one

app and boom it was right there and then

you can basically just enable it from

there so let me go ahead and click on

this if you do want to manage it as you

can see use a VPN connected your online

activity is private you can snooze it

for five minutes if you want you can

totally turn it off if you want just uh

by using the little toggle like that let

me go ahead and turn it back on with the

VPN on your Android device you can

reduce online tracking by hiding your IP

address so nobody will get a hold of

that you can stay protected from hackers

on unsecured networks like public Wi-Fi

which will definitely come in hand D

especially if you're using Wi-Fi at

places like Starbucks or like for

instance I was at the hospital not too

long ago and I was connected to their

public Wi-Fi which was not secured so

this would have definitely came in handy

if I didn't want to risk you know having

my phone getting hacked or anything like

that you can browse the web with a

secure and private connection and then

you can also go into the settings there

VPN settings are in addition to the

option you can enable VPN you can allow

apps to bypass the VPN if you would like

to do so you just click on that you can

pick the app that you want uh to bypass

that VPN get VPN protection for multiple

devices if you would like to do so I

don't believe that is free you can

explore plan upgrade to Google One

Premium to get VPN protection for

multiple devices two terabytes of

storage and other benefits across Google

using apps when the VPN is on you can

update the settings learn more most apps

will load when the VPN is on but some

won't if this happens you you can update

your settings to allow apps to ignore

the VPN you can add VPN to Quick

Settings which I have actually done so

so let me go ahead and get rid of these

notifications right here so if I go down

to my Quick Settings as you can see

right there I have it to where you can

turn it on or off by simply tapping that

toggle if you do click and hold on it

it'll take you in to basically the

settings here where you can turn the

notifications on or off you can deal

with the permissions all this extra good

stuff right here but yeah as you can see

it is very simple to enable that new

free VPN on your pixel 7 or pixel 7 Pro

device like I said it is available in

the Google one app simply just click on

it and it should be there waiting for

you let me go back and this is the home

screen right here of the Google one up

like I said it should be waiting for you

in that app if it is let me know if you

are starting to use it if you have

started using it already let me know

down in the comment section below if you

do not see it in your Google one app

also let me know down in the comments

sections below I know Google just

started rolling this out so they might

be doing it in waves to where you know

certain devices will all receive it at

once and then they'll move on to the

next wave where more devices will

receive it I'm not really sure how

they're doing this yet if everybody all

that once received it or not but if you

did or didn't let me know down in the

comments sections below and let me know

if this is something thing you are going

to be using it is great if you do want

to be on that private secured network

but thank you all so very much for

watching if you did like this video and

find it helpful make sure you give it a

huge thumbs up don't forget to subscribe

hit that Bell for notifications so you

don't miss out on any other future

videos to come thank you all so very

much for watching this is Josh Quinones

I'll see you on the next one peace out


thank you



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