April 13, 2024

How Tech Companies Are Profiting Off Your Anger - Long Story Short | The Daily Show

Published June 11, 2023, 8:22 p.m. by Monica Louis

Wondering why you're so angry all the time? It's not a coincidence. sarah silverman explains how big companies profit off our rage and attention. #DailyShow #Comedy

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ever notice how you hate everyone who

disagrees with you

if you said yes then you're not alone

and if you said no then [ __ ] you

but you're not the only one who feels

this way

after 244 years together as a nation we

seem to be growing apart Americans are

fiercely split not only about policy but

on the basic decency of the other side

growing shares in each party now

describe those in the other party as

more closed-minded dishonest immoral and

unintelligent according to an NBC poll

62 percent of college Democrats say they

would not dorm with a republican eighty

percent of Americans now have few or no

friends across the aisle in a poll

before the last election 15 percent of

Republicans and 20 percent of Democrats

agreed that the country would be better

off if large numbers of the opposing

party just died

just died what that's crazy please think

about it the entire country would be

haunted by the ghosts of your enemies

thank you

enemies who by the way can and will

watch you masturbate

and why can't you

can't use them with someone you disagree

with politically it's it's a difference

of opinion not Airborne chlamydia

also it would be great to dorm with a

republican do you know how fun it would

be to sextile someone who doesn't even

believe in pre-marital sex

sorry don't come in we're drying our wet

spot with your all lives matter shirt


so the question is how did we as a

country become this divided let's talk

about it in our latest installment of

long story short

outrage in America isn't new it's one of

our oldest pastimes right behind

baseball and racism

but what is new is just how much money

entire Industries are making off our


starting with social media their entire

business model depends on keeping your

eyeballs on the screen until your tokis

gets numb on the toilet seat and nothing

does that better than anger I've

actually been on the toilet with my

phone so long that I pee again

all right

in 2018 an internal Facebook report

showed that their algorithm purposely

feeds users divisive content in order to

increase time on their platform we've

all experienced this I mean personally I

am way more likely to click on some

dude's transphobic rants than another

picture of my cousin's twins

don't get me wrong

both those kids are [ __ ] up in their

own truly fascinating way but

they're not keeping me scrolling till 2


and once the algorithm figures out what

pisses you off it runs with it right off

a cliff in the summer of 2019 Facebook

ran an experiment it created a fake

account for a 41 year old mom living in

North Carolina they called her Carol


Carol started off by liking a few

popular conservative Facebook pages like

Fox News Donald Trump and Melania Trump

but quickly Facebook began dragging her

down a rabbit hole of misinformation

after only two days two days Facebook

recommended Carol follow a q Anon page

and a few days later it suggested she

follow another by week 3 of The

Experiment Carol's feet had become quote

a constant flow of misleading and

polarizing content and so Facebook began

sending push notifications one

notification was actually to a Facebook

post claiming Barack Obama was born in



book radicalized the person in just

three weeks even even Isis was like why

can't we get numbers like that

and that's just one example everything

on the internet is so sweaty I bought

one credenza from West Elm in 2016 and

ever since then they've been emailing me

like five times a day and by the fifth

one they're so desperate they're like if

you check out our new throw pillows

we'll suck your


but as bad as the internet is studies

show that it's nothing compared to how

cable news increases polarization

because at least on the internet

different viewpoints sneak their way

into your feeds but nobody on Earth is

flipping back and forth between MSNBC

and Fox News

except for me


because I like to break out of my bubble

and watch the reverse mortgage

commercials from both sides

now all the major cable news networks

rile you up but no one is better at it

than Fox news they've become the top

Cable News Network by making their

viewers livid and they're not subtle

about it either this story will have you

fired up this morning U.S soldiers now

learning about the dangers of White

Privilege we have a story that will make

your blood boil Infamous social justice

Warrior Colin Kaepernick is now the

brand new face of a Nike ad campaign if

you just paid your taxes this next story

will piss you off this is going to

enrage you you're going to be outraged

when we tell you what happened prepare

to be outraged get ready to be angry the

story's gonna make you sick this story

will make you want to throw your

newspaper make your blood boiled this

next news story is going to make you so

mad you'll want to punch yourself in the


you'll be so mad you'll puke on your


you'll be so outraged by this next story

you'll rip out all your pubes in one



thank you cable news now at the top of

the anger food chain are the politicians

who benefit the most from our outrage

because politicians know that rage

equals donations that's why they're

constantly pushing stupid culture War

issues on us whether they're real or

completely made up this morning a new

warning about the dangers of

misinformation spreading online and

making its way into Political races and

this latest claim that some school

districts are providing cat litter boxes

for students who identify as cats the

first sign of the rumor in the U.S

appears to have been this Michigan

school board meeting last December where

it was discussed by a parent without

proof then shared on Facebook by a

chairwoman of the Michigan Republican

party referring to furries the false

story snaking its way across the country

and now into Republican stump speeches

have you heard about the litter boxes

stuff yeah yeah if we don't push back on

the craziness it's not going to end a

cat yeah

they put tails on and they demand that

they have a litter box in the school not

because there's actual cats in the room

but because there's kids going around

licking themselves as though they're

cats we've literally got kids who think

they're cats and dogs using litter boxes

in classrooms

no you don't

you literally don't

kids are not trying to [ __ ] in litter

boxes in school or at all I mean most

kids won't [ __ ] in toilets in school are

you kidding me

your kids might know that you [ __ ] and

that's a secret

this is how I know it's a lie because

they don't have one example of it

happening not one but that didn't stop

them from spreading it because it

benefits them so long story short if

you're wondering why you're so angry all

the time it's not a coincidence the

system is designed to provoke you and

politicians like this system because

they profit from it they survive from it

they can say anything as long as it's

what Their audience wants to believe

that's why when there was a bill that

would have required fundraising emails

to be fact checked Marjorie Taylor green

blocked it

now that was a lie I just made up

we're so ready to donate to my campaign

and once you notice how much this system

profits off your anger it's not

surprising that people would like the

other side to just die it's not

surprising that people are afraid to

dorm with the monsters who believe

different lies than us it's not even

surprising when a mob of people

believing they are righteous storm the

capital an event where ironically a

bunch of furries use Nancy Pelosi's

office as a litter box




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