April 13, 2024

How to Download Google Play Store on Amazon Fire Tablet | No Computer (2021)

Published June 11, 2023, 8:20 a.m. by Bethany

In this video, I will show you all of the steps to install the Google Play Store on your Amazon Fire Tablet. Amazon Fire Tablets are extremely inexpensive but they don't come with the full Google Play Store installed like other android tablets. Instead, you get access to the Amazon Appstore, which probably will not have some of the apps that you want like Chrome, YouTube, etc.

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This process takes about 10 minutes but is not hard! All you need is your tablet to get this process completed. This will work on all Fire tablets produced since 2014 so why not get all of the apps that you want with no restrictions now!


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You will Need a Fire Tablet Device:

▶ Fire 7 Tablet: https://amzn.to/2XRzUCZ

▶ Fire 8 Tablet: https://amzn.to/2WFV75n

▶ Fire 10 Tablet: https://amzn.to/2NzLZLa

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this video i'm going to show you how to

install the google play store on your

amazon fire tablet coming up next


hi this is justin from simply smart

where we make smart home technology as

easy as one two three so if you're

interested in smart home technology

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like this

in this video what we're going to do is

we're going to install the google play

store on our amazon fire tablet here

now the amazon fire tablet they do come

with their own app store

so they have you know all of these apps


and you can download those

and most of them do work fine

but it's a watered-down app store you're

not going to get everything that you can

get on the google play app store first

thing we need to do is change a couple

settings on our tablet all you need to

do is swipe down from the top

so what you need to do here

is go to your settings cog in the upper

right hand corner

and we need to go to security and


and right in here you need to be sure

that your apps from unknown sources is


you can see mine was on and i just

turned it off when you turn it on you're

just going to get this message just go

ahead and click ok

once that's done we need to go back one


and click on your device options

and what we need to do here is we just

need to verify

which device we have so i have a fire hd

10 seventh generation

you're going to need to know that for

the next steps right so we have the

information that we need and now what we

need to do is go into our silk browser

this is default on your fire tablet when

you buy it and this is a web browser so

just tap on your silk

what we need to do is go to a web


so we're going to just type in www


b i t


l y

with a slash

and it's going to be a capital g

o o g l e

capital p

l a y the number four capital f

i r e

so it's going to be www dot

bit dot l y slash google play for buyer

okay and we need to do is on your

keyboard just tap on the orange round

circle with the arrow to the right now

it's going to this web address

and this is a

the ultimate guide for installing the

google play store and it's very detailed

and very easy to follow so rather than

reading all this stuff i'm just going to

kind of demonstrate these steps for you

and we're going to get this installed

and it's very easy

all you need to do is install a few

things in this in the correct order and

then everything will just work right so

i'm going to do is we need to find our

device so we have a fire hd 10 ninth

generation that's the brand new one

we have fire seven ninth generation

fire 8 hd 8th generation

this will be the one we're going to use

which is the fire hd 10 7th generation

and 8 same thing and then they also have

all of the older tablets as well we need

to do is just find your device in this

list and then all we need to do is

basically install these applications in

the order that you see on the screen


right here this first option

we just need to tap that link

and that's going to open up a new tab in

our browser

and we just need to scroll down a little


right where you see this download apk

tap that

and it takes you to a new tab and you

can see it started to download

now you just have to hit ok here

and click on the open button in the


now you just need to scroll all the way

to the bottom

and click on the install button

and then that's going to install the

google account manager

once that's done click on the done

and we can go ahead and close this tab

at the top

and now we're back to our first page

you can see that our first

link has been done because it's a darker

blue than the second link

let's go ahead and go through and do the

same thing for all these other ones here

we got the second one

find your download apk button tap that

click the ok at the bottom of the screen

and click the open at the bottom of the


going to open it

scroll all the way to the bottom

click on the install button

and click the done button

close that


all right now we have two more

we're going to tap on the first one here

here it's a little bit different now you

have an actual list

these are all the different versions

you basically just want to choose the

one that's on the top as long as it

doesn't say beta

you just tap on the little down arrow

with the line

right there

and take you to a new page

now this one looks basically exactly

what we have been listening

click on the download

apk you to a new screen your download is


go ahead and tap ok at the bottom

this one is big so it's going to take

some time and click open

and click install this is the google

play services

and this will probably take a little bit

longer to install just because of its


all right once it's done

click on the done the bottom

and we have one more close the tab

and click on the last link

and you just want to choose

the one at the top

tap that

open up the new page

we're going to download the apk your

download is starting and just click

download at the bottom of the page

and this one's pretty large too so it'll

take a little bit of time

click on the open

scroll all the way to the bottom and

click install

and this one does take a long time to

install so don't be worried don't get

out of it

just let it do its thing

all right and it's finally completed so

we're going to go ahead and click the

done at the bottom

go out to our home screen and you can do

that just by tapping the circle at the

bottom of the screen

and now you can see that our google play

store is here

now you don't want to open it now what

you want to do is you want to restart

your tablet

and once we restart it we'll be able to

test it make sure it works and install

some apps

we're going to go ahead and restart our

tablet real quick

and be right

back okay i've restarted the tablet so

now let's go ahead and go into the

google play store and see what happens

all right looks like it is working let's

go ahead and tap here so you will need

to um log in with your account

i think it has it already in there since

i'm logged in

to some other google stuff on here

but you're gonna have to log in with

that account that you have

now let's go ahead and download some


so let's download

google chrome

and install that

and accept

that is installing

and let's go ahead and install youtube

as well

search for youtube

and tap that

and install

and accept

now if we go back out to our home screen

once those are completed

it should show on our home screen

there is google chrome

and we're just waiting on youtube now

go ahead and open google chrome and see

what happens

except that

and you can see it's

already got my google account in here

i'm going to have all of my settings

just like i have on all of my computer

and youtube is here now too

if we tap on that

and log in to my account here

and you can see it's working

so that is pretty much all you need to

do to install the google play store

basically you need to turn on apps from

unknown sources

make sure you know exactly which device

you have

download and install those four links in


restart your tablet and that's it you're

good to go

i hope you found that video helpful if

you did don't forget to like share and

subscribe if you have any questions

leave them in the comment section and

i'll be sure to get back to you as soon

as possible and i will see you in the

next video


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