May 22, 2024

How to install a VPN on Google TV

Published June 11, 2023, 11:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

In this video, I'll show you how to easily install a VPN on your Google TV device. Whether you want to enhance your online security, access geo-restricted content, or maintain your privacy while streaming.

Hotspot Shield (VPN) -

ipvanish (VPN) -


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hey guys in today's video I'm going to

show you how to install a VPN onto your

Google TV so the first thing you'll need

to do is scroll across to app and then

we can come down here and you can write

the name of your VPN in or we can just

write VPN and we'll see what comes up

so you can see in here there's a bunch

of popular vpns

you can pick from or if you've already

purchased one you would pick the one

you've purchased if you do need a

recommendation I have used ipvanish

before it's a very good service I used

it for a very long time but recently

I've moved over to using Hotspot Shield

the only reason I've swapped over to

this one is because I get it free with

another product but this is also a

really good one I'll link both of them

in the description below if you wanted

to check them out so you would click on

to the VPN service that you have

purchased and then click on install

if you haven't already purchased a VPN

the best way to do it would be go to

their website on your phone or on a

computer okay so now that's installed we

can click open here or if I just hit the

home button I'll show you now

where it is

just go to your apps and then see all

and we can see Hotspot Shield is right

here if we click and hold the small

middle round button we can go move

and we can move it up into the list so

you don't have to always come into this

menu to see it and then we can hit the

back button and we can see how it's here

so we'll click on Hotspot Shield

okay so I already have hot split Shield

logged in on my phone so I'm just going

to scan the QR code to log me in a lot

of the other ones will just come up with

like your email address and password to

log you in so just log yourself in okay

so now I have logged in and a lot of

these vpns are all the same the

interface might just look a little bit

different but pretty much there's a big

on off button on this one so you can

choose a location down the bottom you

can have it set to Auto or you can pick

a country that you want to connect to

um so for this demonstration we can just

keep it on auto

turn the VPN on it is a trusted Source


so our VPN is now connected and then we

can just hit the home button on the

remote to get out of that

and then if you want to just check that

it's connected you can just navigate

over here to the settings and you can


VPN is connected and if you wanted to

disconnect you could go back to the app

or you can just click on this

and go across to disconnect okay so

that's it for this video if you have any

questions please leave them in the

description below and I'll try help you

out if this video was helpful for you

hit that like button and subscribe to my

channel and I'll hopefully see you in

the next video thanks for watching bye


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