April 22, 2024

Hugh Grant and Drew Discuss Sociopathic Narcissism in Hollywood, Politics and The Undoing

Published June 11, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

Hugh Grant talks to drew about how he wanted to approach his character on HBO's The Undoing and why it was so important to be truthful in the way Jonathan Fraser believed his own narrative.

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Hugh Grant and drew Discuss Sociopathic Narcissism in Hollywood, Politics and The Undoing


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I was lucky enough to actually host an HBO panel

where you and I in depthly spoke about

your process in "The Undoing."

And I was wondering if you would tell us

about how you treated this character

in defining the multi-facets of him.

I do remember that I have felt

I was playing two characters.

And that they were both real.

Obviously the most real was guilty Jonathan,

who was a sociopath.

Narcissistic sociopath who only really loved himself.

And couldn't love anyone else,

couldn't feel for anyone else

and who is capable of killing

without feeling even a smidgen of remorse.

But there was also innocent Jonathan,

the Jonathan who presented himself to the world.

And he wasn't exactly a lie

because Jonathan had convinced himself

that that was really the real him.

And that it was not even conceivable

that this great doctor, this great healer of children,

this wonderful father, this wonderful husband,

this charming man about Manhattan

could possibly be a killer.

So all those five and a half episodes

I spend in that series saying,

"I'm, I didn't kill her.

I didn't kill her.

I may have been a little unfaithful, but I didn't kill her.

And I love you."

He believes all that.

And it was very important that he does believe it

because, you know, all the evidence pointed to my guilt

and to preserve the whodunit aspect of that series,

I needed to be convincing when I was denying my guilt.

I love it.

And a true sociopathic narcissist, if you've studied them,

that is the exact behavior.

Yeah, they believe their lies.

They create their own narrative

and they're, and it's infallible.

And the only thing that snowballs for them

is further truth actually, upon the lies.

So you can't even peel back the layers to get to the truth.

You just get so far and it just happens to be

a character trait I studied profusely

and I was just so-

Which boyfriend or husband was like that?

(audience laughs) (Drew coughs coyly)

I'll tell you where the cameras aren't rolling.

But yeah, I'm, listen, I know.

And also, you know, there's a huge amount

that goes in the political game of sociopathic narcissism.

It falls into gas lighting.

There's an extraordinary amount of behavior

that occurs from one human being

in a position of power,

or a family member

that does put on a charade that puts other people

in a washing machine.

And it's a very different.

To me, the common denominator

in all those people is narcissism.

It's incredible self love.

And you see it a lot in show business.

But you see it a lot in politics.

Which of course some people say

is show business for the ugly.

(audience claps and cheers) (Drew laughs)

I've never heard that one before,

but I'll never forget it.

Well, Hubert.

I just think my lucky stars that I get to know you

and that I still know you,

and I'm so happy for your family and your life,

and just everything that you've given to us.

And I love that you're sassy and curmudgeony.

And just send Hubert kisses off into the air.

To you and your five beautiful children

and your sexy mean, which you need probably,

beautiful wife.

(audience laughs)

(Hugh chuckles)


Well, it's been lovely to see you Drew.

I'll see you in the, what was it called?

The Waverly Inn.

But behave yourself.

I'll meet you at the Waverly Inn, baby.

HBO's original series "The Undoing"

is streaming now on HBO max.

(upbeat music plays)


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