April 12, 2024

Identity Politics is More Insane Than You Think

Published June 11, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

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In today's video we take a look at the growing trend of "transableism", where people are choosing to identify as being handicapped! Nothing strange about that.

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do you have any regrets about taking

your own Vision or the process with

which you you did take your own Vision I

don't have any regrets taking my vision

I believe I should

and I'm happy the way I am whoo identity

politics ladies and Gentlemen people now

identifying as being disabled when will

it go too far welcome back to the JP

reacts Channel my beautiful Freedom

loving friend where we love to call out

the lies or practicing Corruption of

tyrants Shine the Light of awareness on

woke absurdities and highlight the

amazing work of other Freedom Fighters

speak can evoke absurdities which I

think stems from the tyrannical work of

tyrants there's a new trend identity

politics we thought it had gone far

enough cut that off be who you want to

be it'll work just trust us do it get

the blade hormones you'll be good now

people are identifying as disabled

able-bodied people identifying as a

disabled person they're identifying as

something they're not but where it

differs from like a man now saying he's

a woman these trans abled people

actually make themselves disabled so the

difference in this identity politics is

they can actually become what they want

to be we saw a clip wall watch the rest

of this of a Woman Who blinded herself

because she identifies as blind there's

been I'll take a look at some other

reports after this video but we'll

there's people who are cutting their

limbs off because they identify as an

amputee there's people who using

wheelchairs it is absolutely horrendous

my friend and it's easy for us now to

sit here and say these are mentally ill

people they they don't need to Blind

themselves they don't need to cut their

arm off what they need is help it's so

easy to say that it's politically

correct we can actually say that but the

same ideology is going on in the gender

ideology the difference is it's

Politically Incorrect to say the same

thing like calling the same thing the

same thing Politically Incorrect to do

that and not only is it Politically

Incorrect it hateful it's phobic when in

fact it's not so much of it is people

who need internal help not getting it

and they're harming themselves as a way

of trying to feel comfortable being in

their own skin with that said let's take

a look at this clip of this now blind

person on Dr Phil which a quick side

note forgive the audio it's a little bit

you'll hear some fuzz to it but it's

obviously just Bill Gates using

technology trying to censor us that's

exactly what it is so I ask for your

forgiveness do you have any regrets

about taking your own Vision or the

process with which you you did take your

own Vision I don't have any regrets

taking my vision I believe I should have

been born blind and I'm happy the way I

am she doesn't look happy

I I genuinely believe she does not feel

happy like there's nothing about like

happiness is an emotion it's energy in

motion there's nothing about her that

exudes any level of Happiness she looks

like she's incredibly drugged when

surprised me if she's on a lot of

psychiatric medication so I don't think

she's happy I think she tells herself

she's happy she's obviously now telling

other people she's happy to justify her

attempt to escape herself and by the way

like she feels like she should have been

born blind the reality is you weren't

born blind therefore you should not have

been born blind if you remotely believe

in God's will God doesn't make mistakes

like God's like oh I was actually gonna

kind of screw up your eyesight forgot to

do it would you mind taking care of it

for me yeah so there's a big difference

between what we feel should happen and

what the reality actually is a mentally

stable person can distinguish between

what they want and what is mentally

unstable person not so much to the

degree that you reject reality is the

degree that you're not going to be happy

you're not going to be fulfilled you're

not going to have internal peace but

learning to accept reality of course

like influence reality whatever way you

can like if you feel like you should be

rich and you're not you can influence

that reality you can work harder you can

start a business you can proactively do

things but when you're not rich but you

feel as though you should be rich you're

going to be in a living hell living hell

is fighting reality which is a it's a

fight you can't win you can influence

reality with some things the amount of

money you know your health your Fitness

but when it comes to like dude I I feel

like I should have been born a seven

foot tall Eskimo with black skin blue

eyes and blue hair a mentally sane

person understands reality is that they

can't influence but in an attempt to

control reality that you can't control

what we're seeing is someone who's

literally inflicting blatant harm on

themselves and we go on I do have some

regrets about the way I I did it but in

the end I'm happy the way I am Dr Phil

now just real quick transpose this into

the reality of gender ideology where you

have someone who you know objectively

may have harmed themselves more than

taking their sight they've cut things

literally off their body altering their

god-intended hormonal ratios in their

body then just imagine that scenario

where everybody is cheering oh you took

your eyesight good for you that's Brave


let's tell right now we're seeing an

authentic reaction from the audience

like you saw the audience Facebook you

see Dr Phil like he's not like oh you go

girl a good for you this isn't being


which is appropriate but when it comes

to the other thing that's being

encouraged but I would dare say this

reaction you cut what off your body this

is the appropriate reaction with all due

respect to Jewel but I am having a

really hard time really hard time

sitting so close to someone who

traumatized herself this lady's a Doctor

by the way the lady on the left is

transpose to the gender reality it might

be different like because this doctor is

not going to receive any money for you

know blindness transition surgery and

like I and you need hormones prescribed

by me every day for the rest of your

life so there's no money to be made in

blinding people or disabling Trends

transabled people uh actually and at

this time you know I mentioned I've

heard people cutting their limbs off

because they identify as an amputee I

don't think doctors are doing that

because they take a Hippocratic Oath

first Do no harm so it's you got to cut

your own arm off you gotta blind

yourself because any doctor that does

that would have their license revoked

like that Hippocratic Oath first Do no

harm that's it play here but on the

other thing doctors are like we'll do

harm because it's profitable and it's

being encouraged a woke cultural level

so we'll do harm it's it's good for

business and instead of calling it harm

and mutilation let's call it affirming

care it's the same freaking thing going

on but two completely different

reactions who damaged herself we took an

oath in medicine to help people we see

horrible tragedies every single day as

doctors and people who would give

anything to go back and restore their

Vision their health this this is the

lady who said she's happy she's happy

ladies and gentlemen the heart is

beating out of my chest I can't even

make sense of the emotions I'm feeling

because to hear someone say I've always

felt I should be blind well I've always

felt I should be the queen of England

whoa that's actually a pretty good

analogy to drive the point home she's

not the Queen of England she's always

felt she should be but she's not she

seems like she's actually accepted that

reality that equals mental stability but

I'm not going out to become

again no reaction from this very happy

person that's the end of the video

before we take a look at some other

examples of what trans-abled people are

doing which again is the same ideology

as the transgender thing I will say this

woman Who blinded herself she is an

adult I support her right to Blind


that's part of Freedom now I think she

should be protected from herself for a

therapeutic period if she had friends

and family in her life and I'm guessing

she doesn't have much of a sense of

belonging probably hasn't since early

childhood ideally they would do some

kind of intervention and sometimes when

someone needs to be protected from

themselves the most loving caring thing

to do is even if it's against their will

get them into a facility that will do

their best to help this person the way

they need to be helped you know resolve

their inner struggles trauma

instabilities so ideally that's what

would happen first but whether that

happens and then she blinds herself or

she just blinds herself that's part of

Freedom she has the right to do that and

I support her right I'm not glad she did

it it'd be different if she was 14 if

she was a child and blinding herself

it'd be like no you dear child you need

to be protected from yourself you are

not able to do that sorry wait till

you're 18 if you still want to blind

yourself sounds like a really bad

decision but you'll have the right to do

that and you're going to have to live

with the consequences of that so

inherently I don't think there's

anything wrong I think there's plenty

that's effed up about it but nonetheless

just as someone who stands for freedom I

just want to declare that I don't think

this person's right should be taken away

or any trans abled people's right should

be taken away to well behave insanely as

long as they're not hurting other people

I wish they wouldn't do it for their own

good but they're doing it that's part of

Freedom now I've for a while been

wanting to do a video on this whole

transable topic not because I think it's

like a big epidemic that needs to be

spoken out about but because the

transgender ideology is a big topic that

needs to be spoken up about and there's

just so many parallels because it's the

same same thing clicking over here to

cf.org transable latest trans Trend sees

people identifying as disabled okay a

troubling societal issue called

transablism is attracting attention

these days can't wait for this drag time

Story Hour look at the guy you just cut

off his his leg he's still bleeding he's

gonna read you Jack and the Beanstalk

and you can be like him huh transablism

is a newer term for b-i-i-d or body

Integrity identity disorder it's a

disorder can you say gender dysmorphia

in which a person actually identifies as

handicapped by the way news flash just

because you identify as something

doesn't mean that's what you are you're

welcome the point of changing the

identifier from a psychiatric condition

to an advocacy term trans ableism ah I

see what they're doing there instead of

like having it labeled as an intense

mental disorder as it is we'll change it

to an advocacy term you are not gender

dysmorphic you are trans you are not

mentally ill you are trans abled you are

not a pedophile you are a minor

attracted person see the correlation so

the point of changing the identifier

from a psychiatric condition to an

advocacy term is to harness these

stunning cultural power of gender

ideology to the cause of allowing

doctors to treat biid patients by

amputating healthy limbs snipping spinal

cords for those who identify as

paralyzed or destroying eyesight okay I

just learned something this first time

I'm reading this article so when they

get it changed to an advocacy term away

from like a disease a mental disorder

change it to an advocacy term now

doctors who don't have a soul instead of

the Hippocratic Oath preventing them


severeizing if you will the condition

now they can treat it now they can

actually make it worse because

Hippocratic Oath says Do no harm cool

what if we just switched the language so

now the language suggests doctor for

cutting someone's leg off you're not

doing harm you are doing affirming care

okay man I I I have a hard time calling

that anything other than the devil's

work we know the medical industry has

sold People's Health wholesale for

profit the gender ideology

nice medical stuff that harms people you

know drugs that are addictive destroy

lives destroy families drugs like uh was

a viax 60 000 people die and then it's

taken off the market the medical

industry has proven over and over again

they will happily sell your health out

sell your life out for their profit

disclaimer medicine also does some cool

stuff there are amazing doctors out

there but the industry is Tainted with

these Bad actors no question about that

some of the persons mutilate themselves

others ask surgeons for or an amputation

or for the transection of their spinal


the site adds of the shocking steps some

are taking a North Carolina college

student called transablism a cry for

attention it's definitely a cry Dylan

Mulvaney definitely a cry for Mega

attention but it is without a doubt a

cry there is someone hurting inside who

needs help they probably have Trauma

from very early childhood it is a cry

you know a lot of times when someone's

in distress they don't know how to

vulnerably say I need help with such and

such a lot of times they're in so much

distress and it's so chronic they don't

know what the thing is and they don't

know what the help is that they need and

therefore they don't know how to ask for

help they don't know how to cry for help

but this is a sign it's a cry for help

the 24 year old told Fox News digital

it's offensive to people who actually

suffer from the condition that you say

you need in order to be true to yourself

well it's Dylan Mulvaney offensive to

biological women oh he is cool well you

shut up you are transphobic you are

standing in the way of women's rights

you woman he went on it's embarrassing

and I don't know if you can be

considered a serious human being if you

alter your body like this instead of

getting the appropriate mental help you

need now this is interesting in one case

of biid person from Norway with a very

Norwegian name Jordan Victoria almeme 53

a senior credit analyst in Oslo Norway

identifies as disabled and uses a

wheelchair even though she has no

physical handicap so she hasn't cut her

legs off or been surgically paralyzed

but here's what's interesting elmy is

also transgender okay for this person

well when will enough be enough you're

trying to change your gender you're

trying to change your Mobility status

from Able Body to handicap can we see

this person needs help or are we going

to advocate for this person to go

further awesome like do wheelchair also

cut your legs up we could cut you off uh

amputate your whole body below the belly

button that would be great uh why don't

we just beat you to a bloody pulp while

we're at it it's really hard to walk if

you have a concussion let's beat the

crap out of you you for your benefit it

will be affirming care Oh me so the

transgender transable wheelchair person

from Norway said on the morning TV

program good morning Norway I'm guessing

that's broadcast in Norway in 2022 that

it had been a lifelong wish to have been

born a woman paralyzed from the waist

down the same Source noted wow what

makes a person wish that what internal

feeling generated from unresolved trauma

does that validate in an even more

shocking case a 20 year old a 21 year

old in North Carolina a woman who

identified as blind actually took steps

to destroy her own eyesight let's get to

some truth one Arizona internist that's

a doctor called today's transablism a

delusional disorder in my opinion both

transgender and trans abled persons

suffer from a delusional disorder Jane

Orient a gen internist in Tucson Arizona

said it's hard to argue with that it's

actually easy to argue with it's dare I

say next to impossible to disprove

though that's a doctor sharing a medical

perspective on transgender and

transablism it's a delusional disorder

they're sharing that perspective

from their medical opinion without

influence from activism without

influence from intimidation what will I

be labeled if I well say the truth will

my license be taken away am I going to

get hate mail no it was pretty freaking

straightforward medical opinion and she

added the oath of Hippocrates a jurors

Physicians to do no harm mutilating in

the body is an objective harm even if it

makes the patient subjectively feel

better can I get in amen can I read that

again mutilating the body is an

objective harm true even if it makes the

patient subjectively feel better do you

get the message so the North Carolina

college student from above also said

about today's trend of transablism today

I feel like people would even encourage

mutilation for transabled people in

order to be thought of as an ally here's

the truth trying to help those people

not doing this not I'm not going to cut

your limb off but what I am going to do

is try to get you the mental help that

you need that is a true Ally someone

who's like oh this is cool you want to

be paralyzed let me just cut your spinal

cord that is not an ally that is evil

working with someone who says that

they're your ally with someone who you

say is your ally scorpions are going to

do what scorpions are going to do they

ain't your ally frog is your ally in

that old analogy be a frog so there you

have it a little coverage of a new

phenomenon in identity politics

transablism let me know your thoughts in

the comments below do you agree with the

parallels being I don't know the exact

same thing with transablism and

transgender ideology do you see a

difference let me know your thoughts in

the comments below transablism I don't

really know how relevant it is are they

going to start doctrinating kids in

school Little Johnny comes home from

third grade he's like son where's your

arm the teacher helped me cut it off

I can learn a lot from transablism about

today's transgender

situation I personally think God doesn't

make mistakes I think God allows us to

feel adversity sometimes a lot how else

do you get strong adversity is a gift

from God and sometimes adversity is I'm

not comfortable sometimes adversity is

here's what I want here's what reality

is and they're freaking different

awesome that's adversity for you to look

at not to alter reality but for you to

alter your internal state to have enough

self-acceptance to accept who you are in

reality I don't think God makes mistakes

but if gender ideology if that was true

then we would admit God makes mistakes

all the time but your itty-bitty human

mind with blue hair apparently you know

better than God or maybe God's way is

correct and your thinking is incorrect

let me know what you think in the

comments and by the way if you're a fan

of God one of the absolute best selling

designs I've got in my merch shop is

just the us got God I think we need more

God I think all these people we've been

talking about in this video they need a

lot more God in their life I think

society as a whole we need God because

without God's way we have tyrannical

ways that like to play God but I think

we can do better than that I think the

uh original version of God in the form

of well God not tyrancy not propaganda I

think that's what serves Us best so if

you'd like to grab a God shirt or a

Tumblr hat with got got on it you can

check out awakenwithjp.com the freedom

shop it's got got God and all the

best-selling classic designs to help you

wear your thinking out loud and with

that said my freedom loving friend look

forward to seeing you on our next video

but until then stay free



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