April 12, 2024

Kids Reveal The TV Shows They Want To See | Playground Politics | The Russell Howard Hour

Published June 11, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

From The Russell Howard Hour, the Playground Politics Kids talk about the sort of TV they want to see.

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now it's time for playground politics

did you know nearly half of kids in the

UK prefer YouTube to watching TV so this

week I decided to find out why


do you like watching on TV I normally

watch your show do you yeah oh thanks

Rick and Morty yeah wow you're watching

Rick and Morty

it's pretty full-on how can we win you

back to TV what would you need to see on

TV to get you back

um maybe you could give break a

bazooka yeah he's gonna shoot

he's gonna shoot that I mean you looked

sharp at that but you would watch it yes

if the if the TV show to win 13 year

olds was Drake hunting down Billy eilish

with the Bazooka I think we'd all watch

it 100 100

what would you like to see on TV someone

breaking their arm

because I want to know what it's like

because I'd like to see some Russells

so how about we combine the two we find

Russell Brand and we break his arm oh it

doesn't satisfy me well okay so you want

to just see lots of Russells so you want

to see Russell Crowe Russell imagine if

there's all Russells in the room it's

all Russell's in the room yeah it's just

Russell every single Russell is in this

room you want to see a room full of

rustles and what you want to do with

these Russells when they're in the room

shoot them with a minigun whoa

what do you watch on YouTube try not to

laugh videos should we try one of those

now or try not to laugh yeah

yeah okay so I'll try not to laugh


what do you want to ask where you got

the noise from yeah okay

I mean that did get me have you heard of

this thing called ASMR have you heard it

yeah I heard of that have you so I only

like it as Mom when they're eating are

you like listening to people eat it's

just try yourself that you won't

question me okay okay

what's the tortilla so basically you put

water in your mouth yeah out


like they lose so you're just slapping

someone with a food product it's funny

you won't denying that I'd like to see

that sort of stuff on the bake off like

when they don't bake the cake properly

Hollywood gets like a galosh

and then knock them out knocks him out

yeah yeah put their head in oven yeah so

you get you get snookable when you get

alongside all right it's just

and then they have different tubs of

salons and then they put the mic in it

and it hears the noise that it makes

what does it sound like somebody that's

crunching crunchy slime I thought it

would be more

no it actually doesn't sound like that

slime doesn't sound slimy no

no it doesn't sound like that neither

it doesn't sound like that

no no no

just stop that's crunchy

sound like an old man dying

that's crazy for you kids and sliming

and stretching hey I don't like slime

the kids out there like slime kids did

my clothes like stuff these kids man

they're not kids

these things



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