April 13, 2024

Making Of SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE - Best Of Behind The Scenes & Creating The Animations

Published June 11, 2023, 12:20 p.m. by Liam Bradley

"Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse (2023)" Making Of | Behind The Scenes | Behind The animation Process | On Set interview With Christopher Miller, Phil Lord, Hailee Steinfeld & Shameik Moore | Funny Cast Moments | Special Effects | Outtakes | On Set Interviews | Featurette - Hinter den Kulissen | Sony Pictures | Marvel Studios | ̲A̲̲b̲̲o̲̲n̲̲n̲̲i̲̲e̲̲r̲̲e̲̲n̲ ➢ http://bit.ly/2ncNY5W (OT: SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE) PART 2 ALREADY CONFIRMED FOR 2024!


🔑 Release Date 02.06.2023 (US)

🔑 Duration: 2h 20 Min.

🔑 Link: https://www.acrossthespiderverse.movie/

P L O T:

Miles Morales catapults across the Multiverse, where he encounters a team of Spider-People charged with protecting its very existence. When the heroes clash on how to handle a new threat, Miles must redefine what it means to be a hero.


❌ Shameik Moore (Spider-Man)

❌ Hailee Steinfeld (Spider-Woman)

❌ Brian Tyree Henry (Jeff Morales)

❌ Luna Lauren Velez (Rio Morales)

❌ Jake Johnson (Peter B. Parker)

❌ Oscar Isaac (Miguel O'Hara)

❌ Jason Schwartzman (Spot)

❌ Issa Rae (Jessica Drew)

❌ Daniel Kaluuya (Hobie Brown)

❌ Mahershala Ali (Uncle Aaron)

S C R I P T:

❌ Phil Lord (written by)

❌Christopher Miller (written by)

❌Dave Callaham (written by)

❌Stan Lee (characters)

D I R E C T O R:

❌ Joaquim Dos Santos

❌ Kemp Powers

❌ Justin K. Thompson

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thank you


I think this looks great I'd like to try

one where she starts opening the door a

little sooner but her head is dragging

even more so that way we still get only

the same amount of time of her face at

the end but we see more of her body and

stuff when she's not looking away so

like right now she kind of comes into a

shot at about

um frame 1036

but I see what you're probably

struggling with like she says the line

kind of early and

then you kind of have to fill the scene

with with motion

um but I'd love to find a way to have

him just

lunge onto the thing and then draw it

jump straight out into the distance

without having to laser himself there

there's folks all over the world working

on this all the time 24 hours

thanks to time zones

and you just get the to me the the the

pleasure of it is that you will look at

a shot knowing that somebody spent like

their week trying to make that look



um and so when you watch the film you're

watching individual artists touching the

film often

um for just seconds at a time but you're

seeing all of these great contributions

team sport but the team is massive I'm

from Illinois

we're talking about it

that's cool that is new that is yeah

but maybe we can would you do would you

so you would change framing to get this

as opposed to being in super size I

think so yeah yeah we go to five

different universes I think it's yeah so

that's more now five major universes in

which each Universe has its own style

like it was from the hand of a different

artist and that's what's

special about this movie is that we can

do that in a way that other

takes on multiverses can't do is that we

can have each Universe be its own

complete distinct look and cinematic

language and it's been really fun

developing it and there's been a little

bit of time to develop and figure out

new techniques and new Innovations and

so now each world is wholly distinct and

unique and really unlike anything you've

seen before on film really good

yeah I think this is good

well let's uh show this one later too

um I'm sure they'll have a little note

but I think you're in the realm

right as long as

oh nice

you know would be really great because

you could use him as a kid to come

around here

right like runs who runs he comes into

this shot and they come around and then

he kind of looks to the guy like oh you

know and does that little thing but it

gives you some something much more to

play with sure right because yeah

exactly now this is great and then she

got them both in the shot

so you get the that sense of ambiance

cool cool right yeah yeah so it's the

same idea same idea pull the camera back

a little bit and then that way we can be

make this a moment right right it

becomes about how

how you embrace your uniqueness what you

do with your gift that really matters

it's how you wear the mask that matters

and and that's why I love uh the

messaging of across the spider verse

because it's the decisions we make it's

it's a

it's character you know the things we

stand for uh that's that's what matters

you know

that's what matters one thing I love so

much about the first film was that it


very simply about the fact that everyone

can indeed wear the mask and

this time around we we explore that that

is very much still the case uh and we

see that by opening up that world and

opening up that that idea to so many

different people and cultures

um and while that's still

remains true it's become more about this

idea of

if there are rules and they don't

necessarily apply to you you can write

your own story and we see miles do that

we see Gwen do that we see everyone do

that and of course in their own way

right so

um it's it's an expansion of that of

that idea obliterated right

um by that lighting

um so because right now it's like hard


it's hard to really tell

where she

actually is and then there's like the

really bright core it needs to stay

there so that you you I don't have the

right colors but the idea being that

she's like

really strongly lit on one side and like

and one side is like shadowed right and

it needs to be in the palette of what's

going on in the scene like that the

yellow stuff needs to take over and then

she's got like really strong heavy light

on the other side

you know that she's like trying not to

she's trying to go back to

I think there's something really pretty

about just allowing

you know a lot like I think that was the

intent was to like stop being by this

point in the film things stop trying to

be too literal and it just becomes


palette for these for these moments of


Drama We asked ourselves what's the most

expensive thing we could possibly write

um I

think that there is a value in excess

and especially

um in in these sorts of movies

it it just has to feel like it too much

like if it just felt like he was being

chased by a reasonable number of people

I don't know if it would be any miles

versus five spider people it's not that

fun it's I we wanted it to feel

it's super excessive I mean it's you

know the The Natural end of the concept

of you know an infinite number of

universes and an infinite number of

spider people and

you know and and a select bunch of those

congregating in one place that Miles

that first wants to be a part of and

then realizes he can't be a part of and

then wants to escape from

um is to have it be miles versus

hundreds of spider people and uh and it

was a really fun idea really hard to

execute yeah puts a lot of pressure on

the animation team

um there's lots of opportunities in

there too and and you know when you

watch the movie you go oh

it it feels like they had a lot of fun

so there are

many many different worlds we get to

travel to uh within this film and

yeah it's just it's um

it's so exciting to see all of the


animation Styles uh you really do feel

like you are in this movie and and

transported into each of these different

dimensions when these characters are uh

you get sort of Taken along for this

ride uh that is so

captivating visually and so breathtaking

when we watched this movie we'll see

like you know sometimes it's not so

it's not so cut and dry it's not always

black and white you know


and I love that Miles

um I love that Miles

uh doesn't care if you're colorblind or

not you know

I love that miles is gonna gonna gonna

Embrace exactly

I love that miles is going to embrace

exactly who he is and and stand on what

he stands for when you're making a movie

you want it to feel like a full

emotional experience which means you

feel more than one thing you know you

want to feel you want to be able to

laugh you want to be able to cry you

want to be afraid you want to be scared

and intense you want to have all of

these feelings so when you come out of

it you're like oh my gosh I just went

through so much and so to try and and

and make the rhythm of a movie have like

funny silly moments and intense moments

and and heartfelt emotional moments and

and and make you want to cry and laugh

and the closer those things can bash up

against each other the more you feel

like when you've come out of the theater

you've had a real a real experience

where do I begin I cannot wait for

audiences to see

this film for so many reasons for so

many reasons but I would say the main

one being just when I personally thought

it couldn't get any bigger and better

than the first one I was

so wrong this film takes on new heights

and and is just so

incredibly grounded in its emotion and

its characters and all of these story

lines there are quite a few going on but

you never lose sight of of

what this film means uh even with all of

the incredible action and animation that

just sweeps you off your feet

it's so special and exciting and

electric and and emotional again I go

back to that because it's so grounded in

that I think it's a really special film

and I just I I think that if you love

the first one you're gonna love this one

even more




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