April 12, 2024

May 29 Swearing-In Ripples, 10Th Nass Leadership | Politics Today

Published June 11, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

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's Archbishop Emeritus John

cardinalica's statement questioning the

propriety of swearing in the people who

are still in court Ellis's reaction from

president-elect balatina buscan or Mr

kiamo hand down that reaction

and a coalition of minority partisan

becoming 10th assembly seemed to be

planning an upset as they vow to contest

for the office of the speaker and back

it up with what they call their greater


welcome to the program I'm kaido kikilu

here in Lagos well Nigerians walk up to

the chair news of a successful

evacuation of 370 Nigerian Nationals

majorly students from the conflict in

Sudan today well it's the first batch of

Nigerians to be airlifted by the Air

Force C-130 provided by the Nigerian Air

Force and an air peace flight from Egypt

you could see them and their families

overwhelmed some with emotions some

excited but most of them tired

especially because of that Journey how

arduous it has been for a lot of them

late last night they landed in the

country and although you see sites is a

story we've been following ever since it

broke so for these ones this is some

sort of happy twist happy ending you may

say to that story so kudos to the

government for this while we expect that

the remaining Nigerians will be brought

home safely as a matter of urgency

and top in the political scene today is

the view shed by Archbishop emeritus of

Abuja his Eminence John Cardinal

about Nigeria being in an anomalous

situation following the outcome of the

elections and that statement has been

generated in some reaction so let's get

started from that point during an

interview on our breakfast program

Sunrise daily this morning for

marchbishop of Abuja diocese while

calling for a review of Nigeria's

election Aaron process said that it does

not make much sense to be swearing in

people when they're still in court

here's what he said and more for That


and there are cases in court that has

not been disposed with

that is why we are in an anomalous


we have a declared president-elect

whose election is being challenged and

the courts are handling it

and I'm one of those who have been

saying it doesn't make much sense

to be to be swearing in people when they

are still in court

I know it has happened with governors

it is the outcome has really not been

the best of of cases

I don't think we ought to review our

election process

so as to make sure that we do have a


who will be sworn in and whom everybody

will rally around

we had hoped that technology will help


but we also see now that Technologies in

the hands of human beings

we can do better than we are doing why

is our country not moving forward

because we have not been doing things


so we must not settle for just managing

the rest of Africa is looking up to us

and they are disappointed in US

so that was part of the interview with

his Eminence earlier this morning but

not too long after that the minister of

State for labor and the spokesperson of

the APC 2023 presidential campaign

Council Mr Festus gamer who perhaps saw

this as targeted at its principle put

out a tweet and here's part of what he

tweeted take a look he said that all

issues raised against a victory of

bolatinabu in court now whether it is 25

votes in fct or the fake drug issue

Etc are not different from issues raised

against previous president-elect because

basically the complaints have always

been that the declared Victor did not

win the election fair and square or was

not qualified to contest the election

and his question is so why all this fuss

now it goes on to say it has always been

our electoral template since 1999 for

the declared winners to be sworn into

office in order to avoid a vacuum and

not to forced an unconstitutional

Contraption on the system whilst the

cases are in court

so that's part of the Tweet Mr Festus

put up earlier today in reaction uh to

his eminence's statement on the

aftermath of the election clearly that

one causing a lot of ripples well let's

give you the view of former head of

state general yakubukoan who is urging

Nigerians to accept the decisions of the

election petition tribunal well he was

speaking at a symposium in honor of

former justice of a supreme court like

justice chike in Abuja where he also

said that only an impartial and

independent Judiciary can ensure the

protection of Nigeria's democracy

move forward

as a nation

let us not forget

the role that the Judiciary plays

in nation building especially

the Apex Court

in its carrying out its duty of


the veracity

of the decisions of the lower courts

as such

we need to allow the Apex Court

the deliberations

and come up with their decisions

and as the public

and as the public to be humble

enough enough to accept their decision

as Final in order to maintain

the sanctity of the Judiciary

as individuals and institutions

I think this is very important at this


with all the litigations

Etc that are now going on

let us

give the Judiciary

the opportunity

to their work

and let us accept

their decision as it is

so it's for my head of state your book

Jacob will go on with his view uh right

there tonight on the program we are

taking a deep dive into the politics of

things remember that there's a rumble in

the ABC the national chairman and the

deputy National chairman there's been

this back and forth well the ABC had its

NWC meeting there's been an outcome but

to what level has that been able to

placate or resolve the issues in the APC

that's on the one hand the second part

is the 10th National Assembly well there

is this group called the greater

majority which says that might just pull

some sort of upset in this common uh

10th National Assembly particularly the

House of Representatives and would also

be focusing on the governance side of

things it's going to be a very very

interesting conversation on the program

tonight definitely

but just before that let's now bring you

other trending political stories I will

return for the big issues of the day



after Ramana

our state has inaugurated the state's

independent electoral commission with a

charge in them to discharge their duties

and according to the author of their

office by conducting free fair and

credible local government elections

meanwhile the opposition part of the

people's Democratic party in the state

has described the inauguration as

belated sailing to soon make its

position known on whether to take part

in the exercise or not

to consider this as an important duty to

our state

I also assure you of our full supports

to conduct local government

States has Earthly incoming government

to complete unfinished projects the

governor stated this during the

commissioning of road projects in

Metropolis according to him his

administration has completed all the

inherited projects across the state we

completed most of them

there could be small percentage that we

have not completed and that is


and we therefore will leave behind

some of the projects that were not being

able to complete a former acting

chairman of the people's Democratic

party in Austin State Mr Sunday BC has

emerged a substantive chairman of the

party in the state Mr BC emerged as

chairman emerged as secretary during the

party's Congress which was held in

oshogodi state capital three delegates

from each ward in all local government

areas in the state participated in the

ballot speaking after his emergence the

new chairman Sunday BC promised to

deepen Unity among members of the party

in the state Governor demola adeleke

urged all the PDP members in the state

to work together with the new executive

for the peace and progress of the party

when you have a United party then the

governor will be able to concentrate

there won't be any distraction that is

what I will ensure and cooperate with

the governor and bring everybody the

party together the Senate is joining the

House of Representatives and the ecowas

Parliament in appealing to the central

Criminal Court Old bayley London for

leniency in the sentencing of Senator

Ike and his wife Mrs Beatrice this

Senate's decision to appeal for

clemencies after a federal lawmaker

Senator chipuka utazi raised the motion

during Wednesday's plenary session and

the motion Senator Watashi recalls that

Senator was a former deputy Senate

President for 12 years and the former

speaker of the ecowas parliament and has

made great contributions to the

development of democracy in Nigeria West

Africa and Beyond this unit is not in

any way appealing against the conviction

of the akure models nevertheless it is

joining if you joining them in their

allocates play

by asking for clemency in the coming

centers in two days away in a similar

development in Social cultural

organization of Igbo indigence is

appealing to president muhammadu buhari

to intervene in the case of the former

deputy Senate President Senator Ikea

imagine addressing the news conference

in Abuja the leader of the group Mr

Bernard ushi also has a National

Assembly to look into the matter as one

of urgent importance and Prevail on the

government of the United Kingdom to

Temple Justice with Mercy


United Kingdom at the United States of


the introvert of Nigeria's former debt

to sleep residents

we are here the House of Representatives

is asking the independent National

electoral commission to develop a system

to delete dead voters from the voters

register this was the resolution of the

house after a motion of urgent National

importance by a member representing

yagba Federal constituency honorable

Mr bjd was drawing the attention of the

house what he describes as

irregularities observed during the

general elections honorable abejide who

moved the motion says his late father's

name was seen in the inec register the

lawmakers for the urge the Electoral

commission to deregister any voter who

doesn't vote in two election cycles that

develop a mechanism or software


where families who lost loved ones that

reported the demise of a particular PPC

number so that it can be deleted from my

neck register pulling units and walls

the Nigeria labor Congress in IMO state

says the directives of the national

leadership of the body led by Mr Joe

agero that all Affiliates of NLC and TUC

in email States should withdraw services

and embark on an indefinite strike

action will not stand as no work in the

state will participate in the strike

action addressing news many nowhere they

must take Capital the chairman of the

IMO State joins negotiating Council

Basel iwu speaking on behalf of the NLC

TUC and other affiliate unions says

email workers have not seen any need to

embark on strike actions following the

harmonious relationship between them and

the IMO state governments my information

all the immune have been granted their

arrears of promotion which has limited

over 10 years


has done this





but locked and loaded now let's get into

the first leg of our conversation it's a

very interesting scenario playing out in

the common 10th assembly specifically

the House of Representatives now unlike

the outgoing ninth assembly no single

party has the clear-cotton majority of

180 members or more so let's take a look

at the composition of the House of

Representatives particularly and this

has been compiled by a good friends at

Civic Hive you you'll see that as at the

last check the APC that's the old

progressives Congress which used to have

that clear-cut majority now has

176 of the members elect for the common

10th assembly the PDP follows with 118

the labor party with 35 and in PB with

19 abga 5 STP and ADC with two a piece a

ypp with one the suit two of those

pending as at this time so clearly you

see that the APC has 176 while the

minority parties all put together have

182 that is six more than what the APC

has but clearly no single party has more


180 that's of course half of the 360

members that make up the House of


so very interesting really and a caucus

called the greater majority has now

emerged with members said to be across

the seven minority parties and they say

that they will contest for the position

of a speaker and give the support of all

of the over 180 members uh to their own

candidate so what's this plan about

really what is this greater majority's

agenda for you and I after all at the

end of the day there are Representatives

let's get into the conversation with Mr

atham ogeneh who's a member elect

representing ovaru Federal constituency

uh in anambra state of the labor party

it was also Deputy chairman media in the

seventh assembly as from 2011 uh to

2015. it could have been honorable thank

you for joining us on politics today

well uh honorable it's quite interesting

what is playing out as we've shown uh

with those figures but

particularly with the greater majority

caucus as it has been called what is

going on because yesterday we saw the

Joint Task that's again another group an

umbrella Group which also says it has

members of the APC and the minority

parties including labor and they say

they have resolved to support you know

the apc's decision so what is playing

out here really

the first kind of day a clarification in

the house we recognize only a majority

party and the minority carcass

The Joint tax that you just mentioned

would at best be a pressure group within

the house so for us in the greater

majority minority what we are is a

statutory body because when we get into

the house the majority party sits on one

side of the aisle and every other person

who is a minority member cues behind the

minority leadership

having said that the greater majority

the greater minority what evolved is

there are three scenarios basically

during which you know you can influence

legislative outcomes especially from the

minority side one of which is

constrained on the supposed majority

party if they do not have an

overwhelming majority as we have in the

current circumstance where the APC as

you read out has 176 members elect it

could be a an opportunity it could give

an opportunity for the minority parties

to try to influence the outcomes in A

legislature in another situation where

there is

cohesiveness of the minority they could

also try to exploit that like we have in

the current situation in the fight for

the speakership and the presiding

officers of the house a third scenario

is if you have sufficient motivation

like we also do there is an opening for

us to also

go for the presiding officer's position

don't forget that section 50 of the

Constitution section 50 B states that

members talking about the House of


that should elect a speaker and a deputy

speaker from among themselves there is

no clear-cut division whether it's

coming from the minority the party with

the largest membership or not he simply

says that who can elect who should

actually elect uh our leadership from

amongst ourselves so these are the

scenarios playing out and uh as

lawmakers we are simply catching in on


well I'm looking at the communique

release uh by this minority caucuses

also called the greater majority and you

see the uh the third the third point in

that communique talked about uh the fact

that you say you will remain one

invisible Coalition during the 10th

National Assembly earlier said that

you'll feel the candidate or you know

someone to run for that position but

that particular point about remaining

one indivisible Coalition well you might

say that the uh The Joint Task does not

have that statutory backing but in any

case there are members who are there and

I'm sure you probably saw that event

where you had members of different

political parties right there even

introducing themselves I even saw a

member of the labor party represented so

are you really unified the what over 180

minority parties because we've seen some

of your members as part of the Joint


seriously in a parliament you can have

this back and forth even the APC with

176 members if a vote is called today

you and I know that not all 176 members

will vote for the APC candidate whoever

might emerge from the APC as a top

aspirant so also with the greater

majority we are not deleting ourselves

that we must remain 182 members but with

the number that we have and the greater

majority of that Minority carcass

deciding that if we band together we

will be able to make a Headway I'm sure

that we can also push some people from

the all progressives Congress to allow

us achieve our goals for the 10th

National Assembly I'm looking at the

names of the uh co-convenience and

members that are said to have signed

that communique and I see honorable

abdomenjibrin's name there for example

of the nnpp and I mean he's been at the

residence of the president-elect so what

exactly is going on there

and the president elect for now belongs

to everybody and uh however Abdul

movement is a free citizen he can he can

visit but I should also let you know

that uh two days two nights ago when we

held that meeting at the TransCore

Hilton uh honorable Abdul mumini was

also in that meeting and he signed into

what we are doing

so there are those who naturally think


well maybe this is actually also working

together for the APC maybe all of these

groups springing up would eventually do

the bidding of the APC can you can you

vouch for Nigerians that

well you will not do the bidding of the


we don't need to do the bidding of the

APC when I thought about scenarios under

which the minority can bind together to

achieve a predetermined outcome if we

cast our minds back to the 2015 scenario

somebody from the minority

people's Democratic party uh at the time

emerged as Deputy Senate President

talking about a distinguished Senator

AKA Korea

under an APC

president of the Senate so everything is

fluid we are we are not working for the

APC we are working for the minority and

distant National Assembly is one that is

going to come with a whole lot of

difference look at the labor party with

35 members and you know what the labor

party stands for for the good of the

ordinary Nigerian so it's not going to

be business as usual instead is business

unusual and that is why from day one we

are putting even the supposed majority

on these tools so we are not going to do

the building of any political party we

are doing the bidding of the minority

carcasses as

the Constitution expects us to hold the

government to account

well when you say things are fluid I

just want Nigerians to maybe understand

what's going on behind the scenes you

are originally in apka am I correct when

you were in the seventh house am I


yeah and then you move to the APC if I'm

correct as well

yes and now you are in labor party so I

mean wouldn't you move back to the APC

that's always the question a lot of

people ask that things are really just

fluid as you said so I mean maybe the

lines are blurred are you saying that

you will not eventually personally move

back to the APC

oh yeah I stayed in APC for almost eight

years there is nothing to look for in

the APC in the APC we thought that we

could give the apca landing spot in the

Southeast but that's it where you saw

that during the whole of the eight years

the my region of the South is held the

shutter end of this stick and even when

it came to the issue of the presidency

all other positions we have been micro

zoomed to specific regions but in that

instance nobody from uh the southeast

was considered what the and the thing

was thrown open to the South and so if

he's thrown open to the South just like

the DP did you can see the way the

southeast has rewarded both the pdpa and

the APC in terms of

the the vote catch from that area so

there is no motivation for me to go back

to Egypt

okay well it's interesting you describe

that as agent but speak to us what

factors then uh will determine who the

greater majority will throw up as a

candidate for speakership as some have

said that well don't look at Region too

much look at competence some have said

just how many bills as that person put

up for example how many bills have been

successful have really impacted people

so what factors would you be you know

using to pick that your candidate

well one of the major factors for me is

independence of the legislature

if I were to give the APC free

consultancy they better not go the route

of zoning because when you try to

pigeonhole people to a certain region

that is when the legislature as it will

reacts members are expected to choose

his own leaders and if you allow the

field open there are a whole lot of

factors the way you relate with your

colleagues somebody who promotes

National Unity who has respect he's just

first among sequels but when we see or

sense the fingers of the executive in

choosing our leadership

recent history dictates that members

will revote and not go for such a

candidate because the whole idea of

democracy is about separation of powers

checks and balances and all of that so

those are part of the considerations for

us we must be able to be allowed to make

our own choices and of leadership and

presiding officers

ultimately I mean democracy has a major

role for opposition especially in

providing alternative ideas putting

pressure on the ruling party and all of

that is there a philosophy that binds

this greater majority together

especially for Nigerians whom you

represent is a philosophy that binds you


the philosophy basically is taken from

Lord action where the British historian

who said that power corrupts and the

absolute power corrupts absolutely there

is no way we are going to allow one man

or one political party have dominance

over the system especially an important

branch of government and part-time of

government are like the legislature the

decent he does not necessarily mean

disagreement it's just a living in the

development process it helps unlike what

we have in the current situation where a

certain presiding officer is widely

acclaimed to have said that whatever

comes from the executive is going to

sail through willy-nilly nobody wants

that kind of parliament we want a

parliament that will speak for the

Nigerian people that will interrogate

every every action of the executive who

would also interrogate his own policies

his own motions and his own bills that

is the kind of Parliament that we want

and that is The Binding philosophy that

brought us together under the greater

minority and I think that's a great

place to live it would like to thank you

so much

member elect for the 10th assembly thank

you for your time and we'll definitely

be watching to see how things play out

my pleasure thank you for having me

so the big question is what is the game

plan of the ruling all progressives

Congress but they had an NWC meeting

recently and the outcome of it

a lot of people are wondering what came

out of that meeting would it be

consensus would it be zoning what

happens to that Rift it was seen between

the national chairman and the deputy

National chairman these are the issues

will be taken up in a moment plus core

governance related matters so don't go

away stay with us

hey welcome back let's get into the

ruling APC now they had the NWC meeting

well a lot of people were looking

forward to that one and afterwards the

national chairman of the party Senator

Abdullah adamu said that they're

embarking on persuasive means of

reaching some level of consensus on the

next leadership of the 10th National

Assembly I was speaking in Abuja after

that meeting where he explained that the

party will consult widely especially

with the president-elect we'll take a


when we do the zoning meeting and we

don't just go alone as a party the

zoning is to take along the person who

has the Mandate of this country


the series Ahmed Bola tinubu I have to

take him along he traveled

after the elections and he came back

only last week

and we're about to carry him along

and we cannot stop those who are

ambitious or zonal interests or every

individual interest in social interest

we cannot deny them and for as long as

that is there we have to find a way

persuasive way versus manner of getting

some level of consensus and that's what

we are working on it's not a one-day


declined questions on the outcome of a

meeting which lasted over uh four hours

but then he also said that the party

remains United so let's get deep into

the political Affairs of the ruling APC

Mr Felix morka as a national publicity

Secretary of a party he joins us live

from our budget Studio Cleveland and

thank you for joining us on the program

well I hear that I hear a barrister that

he was a very heated meeting of the NWC

especially with that lingering issue

with a national Vice chairman for

Northwest malam Salu lookman the case in

court uh him saying that he's trying to

stop the party from heading towards

Anarchy that wasn't talked about so what

exactly uh how are you able to solve

that issue if it has been solved that is

uh thank you so much for having me okay

yes that issue has been put to rest

uh at yesterday's meeting we did

uh consider the some of the issues

raised by my dear friend and colleague

uh lukeman

um Sally who lookman

and we did you know look into it and a

committee was put in place to further

delve into the details


um his consent which he has expressed


at the end of that conversation uh I

think he he realized that some of the


that he has raised

even when they are very

uh relevant and important

uh we're not meant for the public space

this uh housekeeping matters matters are

about the party that needed to be

discussed by the Party by the organs of

the party


I think he came to that realization at

the end of all of the deliberations and

at the back and forth that

um you know the better option

was for him to you know follow our

internal mechanisms and you know um

Express himself which he has every right

and even duty to do

about to do so using our internal

mechanisms rather than uh you know

resort to public you know the public

forum if you will to converse some of

those concerns so

um at the end of the meeting we we are


uh we have resolved that uh lukeman has

offered to withdraw some of the I mean

the case he has found in court and also

to refrain from you know further public

engagements on this matter because this

internal matters to the party I mean

some of the matters that he's raised you

know whether there is about you know

convening the next meeting

or about you know some of the activity

reports he he says should be uh

presented uh to neck these are important

things which the party will

get up to and actually deliver on

now Katie let me remind us that this NWC

was elected you know uh back in March

last year

and since the day of our inauguration we

have not had a moment

of you know rest we went from the

convention to you know they build up the


to the actual primaries and then the

campaigns and then the election we have

not had any time

to do a lot of those other important

things that we know we have a duty to do

and now that the elections are over

especially after the inauguration you

know be rest assured I'm not exactly I

think where he came to the realization

that internal engagement was preferred

it preferred

to dealing with this matter rather than

uh escalating it needlessly you know

some of the points he raised uh I mean

some will say they're really very

germane points one I mean he had called

for the resignation of the national

chairman uh to give way for Christian

chair because well the president-elect

the vice president-elect are Muslims uh

he's also I mean that court case

essentially part of it is for bridge of

party Constitution uh regarding the

national chairman uh Senator Abdullahi

and and the national Secretary of the

party he's also talked about the

finances of your party so those are

German issues and are you saying that

your party what would listen to those

issues or or not those are I think

that's a question that Germans want to



gender of the party to deal with and it

is a routine administrative matters that

the party has a duty to do as a party

you know we have a constitution and we

have things that are mandated by the

Constitution we have others that are

merely administrative

but make no mistake we are all about you

know delivering on all of those aspects

of our commitment as a party

now the question of the relevance or

validity of you know some of those uh

suggestions have never been in doubt we

haven't disagreed on whether or not we

should do a neck meeting of course we

should do a neck meeting

I think that you know

there are other issues that arise for

consideration when you want to you know

call a neck meeting the leader of the

party is Mr President Mr President has

to be available his schedule his

availability is critical to that

decision and the actual convening of neg

meetings so there's so many things and

like I said we have been very busy in

the throes of Elections or primaries

before that and you know now waiting on

the inauguration but I think that once

the inauguration is done some of these

housekeeping matters I am convinced and

I believe as we also deliberated


uh will be uh you know allotted their

their priority and given at the time of

day to to discussing them so are you

saying there's a possibility that

Senator Abdullah adamu May resign

no no I've not said why would I say that

I mean look


one of the issues that Senator adamu uh

Abdullahi you know a national chairman

raised with uh the media who were

present after the NWC meeting

was the fact that the the on this

question of zoning we haven't done

zoning yet because

uh we you know deemed necessary to

engage in extensive consultations with

you know all of the key stakeholders

whether it's the president-elect and

other leaders of the party and for that

matter even the aspirants themselves uh

to this National Assembly leadership


now I think that part of the reason this

is important is that we're also very


to the sensibilities of the moment and

ensuring but some of the important

leadership positions are properly

managed in a way that produces the best

outcomes for the unity of this country

so those are the issues you know on the

table the question of you know our

chairman resigning for whatever reason

is not on the table he is the national

chairman of the party and yesterday at

the meeting we all uh you know uh

concluded that the party was was safe

and strong under his leadership so

that's not on the table it's not even a

question but we are prepared as a party

to consult widely and ensure that in

making decisions about where our leaders

of the National Assembly tent assembly

where they come from but we actually pay

attention to the need to ensure you know

as much inclusiveness as possible uh so

that every section of this country will

find some representation and ultimately

will also agree that uh we have done

well uh for the unity of this country

that I think is uh of importance to us

you know a lot of people will cast their

minds back to you know the events that

played out before the primaries and you

know build up to the party trying to

select a candidate for this presidential

election and you know with that you know

perceived support that the chairman had

for another candidate decides the

president's elect now well the

perception is that they might not be

able to work together because they'll

look back and say well it didn't look

like you wanted me in in the first place

so we can't work together so that's the

belief a lot of people have that well

they might have to give way added to the

fact that the you know the national Vice

chairman had raised the issues about

religion and all of that

that belief coyote is absolutely


untenable and you know completely not an

apt thing to believe at this time you

know politics is about about that

once the party's primaries are over

every loyal responsible member of the


has a singular commitment to electing

whoever it is that has immense as a

candidate of the party

now that is a normal thing during the

primaries it's an internal system for

selecting those who represent the party

you cannot have any sort of

um you know monolithic

situation where everyone subscribes to

the preference of one individual are

alone especially when you have multiple

people who are competing

what happened during our primaries was

normal politics but that is in the past

we have put that behind us and because

we succeeded we won this election

it is because we put all of that behind

us that we were able to actually build a

kind of team and cohesion that enabled

us to win

now Bola Ahmed tinubu the

president-elect was our candidate and

today he is the president-elect awaiting

inauguration on May 29th so there's no

question that this party the all

progressives Congress is suddenly United

National chairman and with you know

president-electinubu as the next

president of the federal republic we are

united you know uh solidly behind that

and there's no uh crack uh as you know

people would like to speculate we're

good well an obvious one is the one I

just mentioned with the national Vice

chairman in fact the legal advisor of

the party had written some sort of Open

document you know uh saying that what

maybe he should actually disciplinary

action should be taking on him so I mean

those are issues that are out there but

I speak to this point uh Barrister

marker in selecting or at least choosing

which way to go for the 10th assembly


is a party or will the party be supreme

or the president-elect's choice be


well I don't think it's about the

supremacy of the party of the

president-elect the president-elect is a

member of the party

once he's inaugurated he becomes the

leader of the party so we're talking

about one holistic body one cohesive

body of the all progressives congress

with all of the different sections of

its leadership uh the president-elect we

have a president by the way don't forget

that who is are still in office and who

stem comes to an end on the 29th of May

but all of these leaders together with

the party form a holistic

uh you know platform if you will of

leadership of the party so every

discussion every decision that is to be

made with respect to zoning ensuring

that you know the leadership of the

assembly I best reflects

uh the the the best potential

to Foster the unity of this country

each one of these sections of our

leadership from the president to the

president's elect to the you know uh

National working committee as led by a

national chairman we are all

United behind this idea that we must do

the best all right that we can for our

country and I think that uh once the

inauguration you know comes and goes I

have no doubt that we are in for a very

you know uh I think fantastic ride to

really I think strengthen our governance

uh in our country and producing the

benefits of the emergency

the national publicity Secretary of the

old progressives Congress thank you so

much for your time on the program this


thank you for having me

well so much talk about the

president-elect so let's check in with

him he actually ended his two-day visit

to River status since departed uh River

State on invitation of Governor yes he

was there to uh you know commission some

projects and he spoke about the unity of

Nigeria today saying it is


this is the way to write corruption


you don't expect your judges

and you have been contributing very well

to this

you don't expect your judges to live in


to operate in school

to defend Justice

and squalor

this is part of the changes that is


if you don't want

your judges to be corrupt

you got to pay attention to their



if once

fear this person of Justice

you don't want them to


on others

condition in hazardous conditions

we don't want our judges

to play foul

to compromise


not just the books

but do something

um I promise you

we are going to review all of these

in a policy Think Tank

the unity of this country

is not negotiable


well the president is like speaking

there while he was in River State and

now to the final leg of a conversation

learning on the job is good but it's not

for every job you wouldn't hop on a

plane for example with a trainee pilot

in the cockpit and it's the same for

governance as well learning on the job

can be costly especially because the

decisions of political office holders

affects millions of lives and just

recently the Bureau of Public Service

reforms in partnership with unilag

consults developed a training program

sort of like an induction for Governor's

elect and their deputies to ensure that

newly elected officers are properly

prepared for Assumption of office why is

this important well 18 of the 28

Governors elect are first-time Governors

while 10 are second timer so that gives

you a sense while there needs to be that

conversation it's one that I'm

particularly excited about we have

joining us Mr desuki Arabi who is the

director general of the Bureau of Public

Service reforms at bpsr joining us from

our Abuja Studio good evening Sarah

thank you for your time on the program

this is something we were meant to do uh

thank you especially for having us right

uh thank you especially because this was

meant to have started what in the first

week of May which is some days ago and

I'm sure a lot of Nigerians will be

interested in hearing what this training

is about for Governor's elect and the

rest I mean what will they be learning

it's quite rare to see them in that

classroom setting so talk us through

but thank you very much I want to just

draw us back to the reason why Bureau

Public Service reforms was created uh

it's uh to provide information

to lead uh in governance to have the

best skill officers driving government


now what we have seen over the time is a

lot of the trainings and the engagements

that have taken place have been within

the executive arms of government

and we know that governance cannot

happen in a political atmosphere like

this with the best coming from the

executive arm

for us to get a bridge that will build

this uh relationship and to get the best

of officers number one elected and be

able to deliver on the Mandate vis-a-vis

the calls and the expectations of the

citizens we came up with this idea of a

conference and a retreat on governance

and Leadership for all elected officers

uh Senators members of House of

Representatives Governors State

assemblies and we are even extending

that to local government level what do

you want to see we want to give them a

hamper of Welcome in public service

delivery and in governance for them to

understand what is leadership

what are the best practices in terms of

Expectations by the International

Community and citizens you understand

that because of the numerous

developmental issues around US citizens

are now more enlightened they are now

more engaged they are expecting

political leadership to deliver on their

promises and by extension improve the

quality of the life of the citizens of

the Country Now by that extension we

have engaged with the University of

Lagos consult a London Business School

to run a two-day program for this uh

very important Nigerians that have been

elected and are expected to assume Duty

on the 29th of May this year we want to

bring resource persons from different

stresses of the of the economy from

within and outside the country

tell them what is best practice

respect to them to to do let me paint

that by the time they go

you can learn at that point by the time

they go uh before I bring in my next

question by the time they go they go

through that with that hamper that they

will be thrown in and assuming Duty with

the best of governance will be in place

because by our side we have been

building a public service that will give

21st century service to citizens of this

country you know this this looks good on

paper I mean the sound of it sounds good

yes we can hope for that but we've seen

scenarios the public service we know is

the engine room I mean if governance

essentially fails or succeeds uh from

that point the the public service but

you still see Public Service you hear

stories of some of them Scotland the

efforts of government in fact some of

them were taking Kickbacks trying to

fleece you know citizens who are trying

to get service delivery essentially and

it's been said that it's because you

know some of these offices are

essentially political okay it is not as

a result of people that actually deserve

to be in those offices it's just to

reward them so how do we get that

balance really to ensure that the right

people are there such that they can

ensure effective Service delivery

well thank you very much those that have

been elected were going to induct and

train are the products of the society

they've been elected by their own

communities while on the side of of

government we have this confidence that

only the best will continue to perform

and deliver vis-a-vis the Mandate uh

given to them we are developing what we

call standard operating procedures

key performance indicators

and by extension

institutionalizing Performance

Management in the entire Federal public

service so as you come in you know what

is expected of you you have targets you

are the the results that you expected to

uh to produce and deliver once you are

not able to do that of course you know

uh you'll be telling yourself that I'm

not supposed to be uh in in that place

so we will continue to uh Enlighten to

educate to provide all the needed

technical support for government

appointees and employees and the entire

public service to deliver on their on

their mandate and that is why you are

seeing us leading this uh capacity

development program for the elected

officers and and within the public

service or the Civil Service a lot of

resources time and energy is being spent

to upskill the performance and reskill

the performance of public servants so

that we have a meeting point between

executive and legislature to deliver on

mandate and by extension deliver by

improving the quality of life of the

Common Man on the street let's wind down

on this one less than a minute to go

what are those kpis for Nigerians as

well so they can note it and look at

their Governor's elects even as high as

it goes so they know what to expect And

when they see the ball is being dropped

there is the alarm

yes now what you are looking at we are

going to reintroduce or get them to

understand their inspector to be honest

to be transparent to deliver on their

their targets and objectives of setting

of their their organizations

transparency is Paramount and very

important but most importantly producing

results that will improve the quality of

life on the common man on the uh on the

street now we have been leading the

transformation of the public service

since 2004 and the Baseline of that is

for us to have a world-class public

service that will deliver the best of

Public Service I'm very happy and

excited today if you remember in 2022

April we had an engagement with NCC and

other partners with them being digital

space and public service where we held a

conference on a blockchain technology

and its uh importance to public service

and only this week Federal Executive

Council approved that and there is now a

digital uh there is a blockchain place

style conversation because I know a lot

of people will be asking about

cryptocurrency and all of that but we

have to wind down now really I wish you

the very best and the work you're doing

would like to thank you so much Mr

desert the director general of BPS thank

you very much on the program

thank you very much for having us thank

you well that's a package for tonight

everyone thank you for watching




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