April 12, 2024

Meghan Markle SPEAKS OUT About Tabloids and Politics

Published June 11, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

Meghan Markle spoke out against tabloid journalism, saying it’s ‘not healthy for anyone.’ On Tuesday, the Duchess of Sussex opened up about her portrayal in the media during a conversation that was part of ‘The New York Times’ DealBook Online Summit. The discussion included details about Markle’s political efforts as an advocate for paid family leave for all Americans. Markle also reacted to the ‘Mail on Sunday’ appealing her court win from earlier this year.

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well firstly i would urge you not to

read tabloids hopefully one day that

they come with a warning label like

cigarettes do like this is toxic for

your mental health meghan markle's

speaking out against tabloid culture and

sharing her reaction to tuesday's

important court ruling you know in terms

of this

the appeal i won the case megan took

part in the new york times deal book

summit a conversation focused on

bridging the gap in the workplace for

women and so i've been gone from the u.s

for a really long time and to come back

and now be a mother of two

and to see that the u.s is one of only

six countries in the entire world that

doesn't offer any form of national paid


just didn't make sense discussion later

turned to how the duchess of sussex is

portrayed in the media leading to this

candid comment about tabloid journalism

i've read great things about you as a

boss and if you read the tabloids you

can read all sorts of crazy things about

it being a boss well first i would urge

you not to read tabloids

because i don't think that's healthy for

anyone hopefully one day they come with

a warning label like cigarettes do like

this is toxic for your mental health i

mean let's not forget the sussex said

they wanted to leave the uk to avoid the

intrusion of the british media megan

heads up her and husband prince harry's

charity the archwell foundation

according to the duchess she and her

husband always come back to the golden

rule we're just doing it the same way


that we would want if we were employees

of it right so to treat people the way

you want to be treated that is always

how i've moved my husband has always

said with great privilege comes great

responsibility and a responsibility

megan said that extends to their work in

politics i think this is one of those

issues that is not

red or blue we can all agree that people

need support megan has personally

reached out to senators and companies

advocating for paid family leave for all

americans and i think if this entire

country if you know if we valued

american families in that way as we


it sets us up for economic growth and

success but it also just really allows

people to have that very sacred time as

a family before anyone thinks the royal

couple might become more political megan

set the record straight i don't see this

as a political issue frankly

look there's certainly a precedent

amongst my husband's family and the

royal family of not having any

involvement in politics but i think this

is i mean paid leave from my standpoint

is just a humanitarian issue megan also

reacted to the latest development in her

court battle with the mail on sunday a

press outlet that published a private

letter she sent to her father thomas

markle in 2018. yeah well you know in

terms of this

the appeal i won the case and this issue

frankly has been going on

when i had no children at all so it's an

arduous process earlier this year a high

court judge in london ruled that

associated newspaper limited the british

tabloid's parent company invaded megan's

privacy she'd been

through a high court case against the

mail on sunday she won that privacy

court case so a big victory for megan

but on tuesday the publisher launched an

official challenge against that verdict

at the uk's court of appeal as for what

comes next in the court saga megan said

she will continue following her moral

compass but again it's just me standing

up for what's right which i think is

important across the board across the

board be it in this case or in the other

things we've been talking about today at

a certain point no matter how difficult

it is you know the difference between

right and wrong you must stand up for

what's right and that's what i'm doing




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