April 13, 2024

Perhaps the single best lesson on politics

Published June 11, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

Perhaps the best quote about politics from the great Billy Connolly - from Head of the Class S5E5 "Getting Personal"

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samosa called himself president

the sandinistas called him a dictator

they called themselves freedom fighters

he called them commie terrorists so they

kicked him out then they were in charge

ronald reagan called them comey

oppressors and he sent in the contras

whom he called freedom fighters and they


mercenary terrorists so basically what

you're called depends largely on who's

doing the talking because

hypocrisy is the vaseline of political


they didn't like what they saw so they

changed it to make it sound better

just like in these personal ants

it sounds great but it's all



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