July 14, 2024

Piers Morgan Rages at 'The Most Sexist Man in Politics' (Full Interview) | Good Morning Britain

Published June 11, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

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Insults fly between Piers Morgan and Janusz Korwin-Mikke, a Polish MEP who recently told the European Parliament that women are paid less because they are 'less intelligent' than men.

Broadcast on 08/03/17

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MEP Yanis Colin Colin mix joins us now

live from Warsaw in Poland morning

welcome to you sir can you explain to

people in britain please why you believe

women should be paid less than men

because they're weaker smaller and less

intelligent I I am sorry you are lying I

never said that the women should have

left I only said that because they are

shorter they are weaker they're less

intelligent they are less aggressive and

so on and so on JLS by the way shorter

men are ladies and gentlemen is it

belongs and more than the brunettes

there are differences and the difference

it should not be equalized that's all

can you sorry can I just interrupt can

you get me any closer than men okay can

you just give me an example of where a

short man and less than a tall man yes

of course JLS on the ability of course

also blonde and less a more than

brunette also it is checked

it is proved and women are less because

they are and so on and so on and usually

I deeply a digitally should err okay

mystery marketer duty let me ask you the

deeper I'm Leonardo let me ask you enter

anybody else let me ask you let me ask

you do you personally believe that women

are less intelligent than men yes of

course the way well are you looking

caresses that they are shorter than men

but they are less intelligent both both

statements are - do you understand that

when you say that you're basically

telling the world let me finish let me

finish let me finish

do you understand that when you say that

on International Women's Day what you're

really doing is showing the world that

you are just a horrendous sexist pig

but actually why you are not interested

that the women are shorter or weaker

than men quite intelligence is only one

share of women and of course and so of

course they are less intelligent in this

several poems on IQ scale there is not

that sort of it but but please don't be

such things but it will let me go there

let me are really wise it yes if women

are less conservative let me finish let

me finish

yes surely sure when when you say women

are less intelligent than men I am sorry

I was so happy how can you how can you

say that women are less intelligent and

male when you yourself sounds so

unbelievably stupid I don't have that

this to you we could you see stupid let

me try again

right how can you say that women are

less intelligent than men when you are

saying like incredibly did you big thing

with them why yes how can you say that

when you yourself say such stupid bag

dude first of all say yeah and I shall

tell you okay if you are saying is

stupid you it is scientifically prove

that you say that what is scientists

determines you say it is stupid [ __ ]

not well it only shows so that that you

are idiots who don't believe in science

that's all and please don't don't mix up

those mixing up the women are less

intelligent than men but nobody said

that the men are wiser than women oh no

I think this is the opposite just tell

me the example a 15 year boy is usually

much intelligence much much more

intelligence than his mother but her


his mother is more white than chase is

it to be white differencing intelligence

is a pickle to enable you to solve the

crosswords to invent the atomic bomb

pairs on its own and it is quite

different thing doesn't have to to be


another would you like to speak to the

chaplain he thinks and women

any less intelligent like I just been

really we have you know a quite short

lady I think might take exception to

almost everything you've just said so

okay I find it absolutely fascinating

can I just establish your credentials

you you're a member of the European

Parliament that's right yes but but it

makes any difference member of European

Parliament or not well it does because

you have a very powerful voice and I'm

and I'm sort of astonished by what

you're saying because I mean it's

fantastic that you think the women are

wiser than men but to argue that there

is a scientific basis for women being

less intelligent as men

sounds like utter nonsense frankly and

what I don't understand while I would

agree that in cases that women are

physically weaker than men I don't

understand how you can possibly justify

a pay gap on the fact that women are

shorter than men because whatever your

argument that is just complete rubbish

how tall you slice at four right there

we go quotes about this I'm sorry you'll

still be dating stereotypes but no it's

very foggy line shows forget it is right

the jawline you've got some front we

wanted to be in an area size you call

women hurt you fish short not deserving

of gender first let me ask you this let

me ask you live you've seen married

you'd be married it is a belief

surprising facts about you second day

you can marry fruit it you've been

married three times you have eight

children by four different women allows

you if you think your special brand of

the celebration of of women is is

struggling a bit given your

extraordinary private life we're eight

children by four different women yes yes

eighty-eight and I don't think that it's

nothing fantastic is it but is nothing

wrong you said but please you can said

is I here because because I not give you

well that I said that women are stupid I

hadn't said that is intelligence

intelligence is very specific procedure

if intelligence is very easily measured

and as we know by scientific methods

that women are less intelligent but it

doesn't mean that they are stupid does

it means that they are less wise it is

quite a different thing I say the

religious merit are obviously on the

empty side obviously on the track

obviously on the side obviously I'm

shaping Jorge so let me stop now you saw

no no you stop talking because obviously

I'm being very stupid here because no I

thought I sort of assumed when you say a

little bit when you think you have

should purchase when you say to the

world women are less intelligent I take

that to mean that you believe women are

more stupid because stupidity are done

if you're aware of this because you're

incredibly Superman is linked to

intelligence you see it you see how it

works no I know some men who are very

wise as they are looking jeddah terms

they don't add that sense dogs for

example understanding to dog is just the

intelligence that you you cannot and you

can not understand Cheetos and still

these that you wise man okay

are you robbing me I don't think you

bundle joke here you already it is are

the most interesting interviews I think

I've ever witnessed actually and I do

you feel like I sat on the sidelines

while two men discuss the intelligence

of women I'm not sure we ever got to the

bottom of why a shorter man should learn

less than a taller man even if we're

going to get into the issue of gender

equality and the pay gap but thank you

very much

yes sorry yeah go on

but please said let me say something I

don't I never said that women should

earn less

I am only explaining to this video

feminists because they say Oh women are

earning class quite so I'm explaining

quite right if you are yeah that we can

do you have a final you mother and let

not see you we know that maybe otherwise

my job give me a shorter men you're

right a shorter men in NBA American

Basketball League oh sorry it's okay

it's shorter man yeah the less in NBA

yeah it means we get to be a basketball

er how do you how do you hollow it now

I'm sorry that there are two voices how

to on how tall are you absolutely in

English I don't know but when one

reaches 8089 but bad thanks for okay

it's quite extraordinary to have a guy

always less intimate it's unbelievably

dim and you have a final message for the

women of the world on International

Women's Day that you can talk to them


what would you like to say well

important it is generally regarded

International Women's Day is a communist

invention because you must understand

the left wants to promote women because

the women like to be protected is women

think that the men should protect them

and the states protect them and then

they would vote for the nanny state for

for a welfare state is meeting with me

with me here a woman in the first role

at all it's fantastic that the state

ordered me to wear a seatbelt because

the state loves me

it takes kato okay okay now we're going

to have to leave it there this way we're

going to have to leave it I'm afraid

thank you very much indeed I got to say

you are the greatest adverts of Britain

leaving the European Union I think I've

ever encountered so as somebody who

voted remain you could have

single-handedly persuaded me to vote


thank you very much indeed for joining

us my god

I think women ever are grateful that

janusz korwin Mika is in the role of

protector frankly this morning I'm sorry

statistics for this guy as a member of

the European Parliament what I wanted to

establish and know you said he was

brimming exactly ever heard a politician

being so brazen really I just noticed I

found it absolutely extraordinary

cool helling jaw-dropping I felt like we

didn't actually need to say anything at

all it's vote for himself if you are

shorter you will be paid less so I mean

you know forgive me five foot four never

got a chance of earning any decent money

where are you what are you six foot one

you're a lot more intelligent than

Susanna because that's all yeah and you

should be a pay paid more and Peter

obviously should be paid more than any

of us yeah because you're a member he

wasn't saying you all this intelligent

therefore should get less money he was

explaining why women get less money

because they're less intelligent and

because they saw actually say a

sixteen-year-old boy or already more

intelligent than his mother no no I ran

quietly in my family that's probably

true jilsuk on the money the most

extraordinary interview we've ever done

enjoyed it




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