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Politics of Rome (HBO) | The Senate Part II

Published June 11, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles


Was pompey right? Did the Republic die when caesar won?

As always this is for educational/entertainment purposes in line with Fair Use. So feel free to leave feedback, discuss, and debate in the comment section!

Watch in HD! This computer is 10yrs old (my love) and it's still pushing out videos. With that being said, the video quality isn't the best. Until I get a newer system, this is what I'll be working with - but I hope my trusty potato doesn't stop you from enjoying the video.

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This video was difficult to say the least. All the footage you see comes from season 1 of *hbo's rome*, episodes 3-7! Lots of hours dedicated to it to make sure it flowed together. THIS SHOW IS INCREDIBLE and I recommend it to any fan of history. Shame that it ended in 2 seasons. Hours of episodes stuffed into 18 minutes, so there is no bonus clip :( super bummed about that but, I didn't want it to drag along.


This is Part II, and if hbo doesn't take it down (fingers crossed) I hope you all enjoy it! You've waited long enough. I do not own any images or sounds. All ownership of images goes to the creative minds at hbo and, of course, to Jack Van Dyck, whose music is displayed here.


Music is from the video game "rome: Total War" developed by Creative Assembly and composed by Jack Van Dyck.

Tracks Used:

"Journey to rome" - 0:07

"Carthage Intro" - 1:10

"Drums of Doom" - 2:35

"Death Approaches" - 3:05

"Arabic Summer" - 9:21

"Eastern Intro" - 10:47

"Lonely Strategos" - 14:51

Some of the scenes shown had their own background music that I tried to find tracks that went along with, and I really didn't want to get hit with a copyright by having that music in it. It may sound muddled here and there.


I really appreciate you all for your patience! You're all incredible. Special shout out to apoc who is the first viewer of Part II as I'm typing this right now! And my other subscribers that have been around since Day One. Whether it's 100 or 100mill, I truly appreciate the positivity you all give. Keep spreading it. Editing is a really cool hobby and you've all made it worthwhile.

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Life has been crazy for all of us :(.

I wanted to give this my full attention and not feel rushed. *Cue quarantine*, and lots of time away from textbooks.



Please please please stay safe and stay alive. You're all needed.

If you watched the full video and read this far down, I can't wait to get to octavian!

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when confronted

by a hungry wolf it is unwise to gold

the beast

as cato would have us do he wants to

destroy the republic

and rule rome as a bloody tyrant

but it is equally unwise

to imagine the snarling animal a friend

and offer your hand pompey does

i've only to stamp my free squash caesar

this assembly will declare him a public

enemy of the cities and people i'm wrong

people's tribune mark anthony and fifty


on the 13th were assaulted by a thousand

head of pompeian scum

come this spring he will cross the alps

with his legions

and march on rome


she'll have to leave rome he had no

choice had he pompet didn't try to kill

mark anthony after all

caesar had crossed the rubicon he's on

italian soil under arms

it's an act of gross treason with a

single legion if you please

they're not merely treason but suicidal


now you heard strange

a foolish thing to do one legion

i don't know what he's thinking and

you'll crush him yeah

for that question poor man is dead

discard all roles in defense of strong

points between here and the city

advanced until resistance is met even

when civilians who encounter delivered

the enclosed proclamation

if you encounter no resistance go

directly to the forum

and nail it to the senate door this

suicidal rebellion has turned everyone

against us

the crime if we lose we win

it isn't i'm merely pursuing my

legitimate rights anthony of course

bumpies outriders he's ruined us i'm not

so sure of that

i think pompey's position is deceptively


caesar's scouts

are only 30 miles from rome 30 miles

his speed is uncanny of course he has

only a very

few men which makes a fast pace easier

surely he does not think to attack rome

directly i think that is exactly what he

will do how can he hope to succeed

the problem is at this moment we have


three legions in arms for the defense of

the city most of the men are raw

recruits like those who fled from the

scouts the rest

of veterans of gold seizes men we must


a tactical retreat to the south a

tactical retreat mind you leave the city

juno's [ __ ] run mad

we shall withdraw to colphinium and

rally my legions there

once they are gathered and in good order

we will simply retake the city

we must stereo as much of the treasury

gold as possible

caesar has no hope of reinforcement

until spring

the towns of italy will close their

gates to him

we will have an unassailable advantage

in men and resources in fact this is not

a humiliating defeat at all

but a rare species of victory i'm

yourself cato you lack understanding of

things military else you would see

but my actions have been perfectly

correct at all times

i would not credit it if i had not seen

it myself pompey's men

deserting the city deserting rome half

the senate a horse

you've lost rome without unsheathing

your sword you have lost

wrong we

are in a damned awkward position

if we stay we are declaring for caesar

for rebellion

if we go we we are with pompey in the


there is no middle ground so what is the


pompe then we must go with pompe the

republic is more important than any


do you agree it's your decision

pompe then these are the words of gaius

julius caesar

direct descendant of venus pro-council

of gaul

citizens i have returned to italy with

the sole intention of claiming my legal

and moral rights

i will name no man an enemy who does not

so declare himself

to any man that has taken arms against

me and now regrets it

i gladly offer total amnesty however

those that continue to use violence

to oppose my legal rights they shall

receive that which they seek to give

these are the words of gaius julius


you're about to enter rome as a

bloodstained conqueror and yet you look

as calm as a cup of water

here we are refugees in our own land

we're not

refugees we are maneuvering

as you say here we are maneuvering

while the tyrant sits in rome 50 000 to

each of the magistrates clerks

so much i wish to buy the allegiance

outright not

lease it a hundred thousand sistershi

say oh that's very kind have you

i'm afraid my wife is a woman of

expensive tastes

best women often are we understand each


he killed durio then they took the gold


and slack into caesar's scouts

go find these scouts i will now

princes welcome

how good to see you sir the people will

turn on him with a vengeance

this one come to find the gold that

pompey's boys stole from the treasury

long live general gaius julius caesar

savior of our republic

without the people he has nothing

your life is yours still i'm sending you

back to your father with an offer of


if violence continues it will not be my

doing but that of your father

and his allies the gods know my

intentions are peaceful

the people must know it also all girls

will be taken

let the birds fly where they may

two full moons will see you on a spike

in the floor

where is the gold it's all safe sir i

buried it

the organs are good



true snow does not seem tactically


depends on terms ah in the interests

of peace and equity

ah you offer terms that pompe cannot


but cicero and the senate can swift

the senate and people of rome have

authorized me to accept

a cessation of hostilities

on the terms offered in your last letter

i await your answer judicious use of

mercy's worth ten thousand men and if my


coin buys me a throne it's a fair price


poetic license for sad wretch gives

everything you asked for

the senate will ratify your status you

get your triumph

stand for consul and pompe shall

withdraw to spain

we're not men we're worms worms cannot

run away as speedly as we do pumpy

magnus does not


i need time they have made the shameful

surrender public it will be read all

over italy

but now that he has offered truce i will

look like the worst

kind of tyrant if i attack him what

refuses truth what now

we go south tomorrow excellent we move

fast pomp you'll be eating dust by the


you said he'll be in your charge i need

posca to assist you

that's ridiculous i'm a soldier not a


you will follow orders damn you

forgive me if i talk business with your

husband of course

pretend i'm not here impossible

but i shall try i'm sure you're aware

that caesar has left me in charge whilst

he is in greece

i am determined to make the most of it i

shall be a good politician

even if it kills me or if it kills

anyone else for that matter

i ask you honored

conscript funds to support me in this


and patriotic

legislation which will um

does anyone wish to speak against the


no opposition voiced no division


motion carried

my dear mark anthony i hope this finds

you in better health than my hopes for


i chased pompeii from one end of greece

to the other and he resolutely refused

to fight

i thought this was his usual obtuseness

but the old man has some sense left in

him yet

i ask you to bring the 13th here as

speedily as you are able

damnation pompey has gathered 10 men for

every one of seasons

arithmetic has no mercy no

wait i'ma think on this

speed caesar is doomed and you with him

unless you make a separate piece and

if you do pompey will be merciful and

generous oh

he will give you your life a province

money enough to preserve your dignity

if caesar is defeated then i will be

defeated also

only if you join him in greece but if

you stay in rome

you'll be very well situated you have

the the people with you you have

possession of the city

delight with my house you'd have both

coin and ability to make yourself king

if you wished it so

what makes him think i value my life so


why have you not left for grace do not

smile at me only if i were willing to

desert a friend

return tomorrow i'll give pompey's

answer then

tribune what shall i tell pump

oh of course

excuse me i'd forgot you

a fleet of ships has set sail for greece

carrying the army of general mark



but then what did he give levianis

macedonia ethenia

macedonian bithynia are not yet hours to


you are cooking rabbits that have not

been caught our particular rabbit is


starving that's lost near 2000

no caesar's defeat is a glory we cannot


tyrants but i cannot celebrate it

because that's my father to me when do

we strike the final blow there will not

be one

when we simply keep him bottled up a

month or so more

the remains of his army will

disintegrate and disappear

no cost to us is that honorable caesar

has given us from rome

chased us out of italy killed our


usurped our republic surely dignity and

honor demands we walk in his blood

he has sense it will look better at home

if we win by force

we should just have to fight the

wretches here where we stand

and beat them oh we shall crush them

dinner for worms you are pompey magnus

conquer and crush you enemies as if they

were insects

people will be disappointed by anything


send to rome tell them

the decisive battle begins today

we are outnumbered

three to one unfortunately five to one

of course

what uninjured men we have are scared

and hungry and desperate

that is the advantage we must press home

i was not aware irony had military usage

we must win or die pompei's men

have other options

said to rome tell them caesar has won


you must rally the cities of africa uh


dear guys we are first running out of

continents and coin

we have taxed every last coin from

greece and spend it all

what should we use to buy africa's

loyalty see cells

we need by nothing we are the senate of

rome we are old men with mother in our


i will go from here and surrender myself

to caesar my feelings exact

who are you what's your purpose we are

own boy

what's left of it come to surrender

if i had known or an old fool is pompey

i would never have left rome

how happy i am to see you

i thought you were dead

sir i as this we have no talk

of surrender we've merely quarreled a

little now we are friends again

hey i am so sorry

it is i i'm sorry i presented you an

impossible dilemma

you did only what you thought honorable

i'm sure

it does not plan to surrender

that's insane we make for amphibole

have men and money there we can go by

sea to egypt

ptolemy's children are loyal friends of


perhaps it's better we do not

travel together if he is still living he

will be a standard

around which our enemies will gather

all will be well how did he come to this


surely pompey had caesar at greater


the battlefield was on a plane

by a river at the foot of some

low hills like this you see

the lions met here my men held their

ground well

so i sent my horses at his right flank

which is perfectly incorrect you'd agree

i do

only the cowards were repulsed repulsed

by a single

cohort of reserves turned and fled 200


crashed directly into my left flank

rolled up my line like a carpet

that's how pompe magnus was defeated

it's how the republic died

sorry sir




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